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A Complete this questionnaire about where you live, and find your score below. » How many "Yes" = ansiets doyou Waves 3 Arethesidewalks clean? 16-20- 2 © 4. Are there good restaurants inthe whe iesoundsiume 2 bis, ‘dream hornet 1415 Tk Great! All you ao ; need now is 4 a4 oe Does the outside of your nome look goods iL swimming pooil: a a Be eae a ‘ 3 +10 | x Welly at east there enough bedrooms? quests won't ~ 11, istthere enough closet space? LJ want to stay | 12, Isthe bathroom modern: / CJ _ teotong: Fae thdsthere a weshingmahiic = 2= | Claes 14. Is there enough space in the kitchen? 1 Siena tectoak “15: Do the stove and refrigerator work well? - O foranetter ¥ 16. rs Hoe ea anteaters? Ol pet At, DS ther C H B Write two short paragraphs about where you live. In the first paragraph desrrihe you neighhorhaad, and in the second paragraph describe your home. Use the information in part A or your own information. Time for a changel = 15 www. — gr A Which words or phrases often go with which verbs? Complete the chart. ria 1. Lwish | were heathy. Pa Vo sUnits - www. = Choose the correct respurise>. . A: Lwish | had an easier life. B: Aye, * Why? © [don't like my job, elther. : Iwish I could retire, # | dont like it anymore. know what you mean, 3. A: Where do you want to move? Bo » Somewhere else, © Something else. 4, A; Iwish | could find a bigger apartment. Is ittoo large? ‘Its very nice, though. Rewrite these sentences. Find another way to say each sentence using the words given. 1. There should be more bedrooms in my apartment. (enough) There aren't oncugh bedrooms in ty agarement. 2. This neighborhood is safe enough. (dangerous) 3, My apartment doesn’t have enough privacy. (private) 4, Our house has the same number of bedrooms as yours. (just as many) 5, don't have enough closet space. (wish) 6, We wish we could move to 2 new place. (somewhere else) 7. That apartment is too small. 8, | wish housework were easy, (not difficult) Time fora changel = 17 — 8 Best wishes A Scan the article about making wishes. Which three countries does it refer to? AG aves the world, people have always wished for things, such as peace, love, good health, and money. sunrises and sunsets. That's why people think itis a ‘rer hundreds Or years, people iu diferat oussles recy romantic place, Couples go tore to male wish have found different ways to make wishes. Here are that they will stay ier forever, Each couple huys Sonne interesting examples 2 "lve lock,” or pack. with ake. Nex, they lock ae . theiepalocito a chat a the top of he mountain ost Funan omg tap anaes vhe ‘Tn om eb ow mewn it Tout flows into large pool of water belay, To ‘el lock ean never be opened ‘make a wish, visitors stand facing away from the ‘In Turkey and some neighboring countries, May > Fiaitae Tuc, they use their ight and io throw a aepetl day or making wishes Beople helio ‘a onin into the pool over their left shoulder. They ‘that each year on that day two wise men return to believe this will bring them luck and being them earth. They come to help people aad give them good ack some one day Th coi iu the fovataie, haul. In Ue evening, thee are stot fal markets sevecal thousand curos each day, ae given to poor different kinds of seasonal food and. pennle. nnusilans paving tractuonal musi. reople write ‘Adsery diferent way of making wishes happensin_ ‘eit wishes on ploos nf paper an shen attach the ee ee ne eee eMhien Paper 10a tet. Nowadays however, sme people gp fob rons io in. Tanane> ae be woh spc Yen wae 1. People make wishes only once a year. 8 8 2. You nood @ lock and a 8 3. You put your wish on o tree. 6 8 4. You need a coin fo make your wish, 8 a} 5. Wish-making is only for couples. ® ® 4, The money from the wishes gos to poor pooplo. 2 Bg 7. Some people make their wishes on the liternet, 8 a 18 # units 7 . r anguage www. aneeoiiclee