July 2010

Summer dilemma: swimsuit or sweets?
There’s nothing like ice cream or popsicles on a hot summer day. Americans love sweets so much that they are less than resolute when it comes to passing them up, despite the potential toll on their summer swimsuit look. One in five Americans call themselves “failures” when it comes to sweet temptations, according to a survey conducted by the Corn Refiners Association (CRA). In fact, 28 percent refuse to choose between looking trim in a swimsuit and enjoying their favorite foods, according to the study. And 40 percent of the women questioned would opt for less revealing swimsuits rather than give up sweets, while just 35 percent said they would try to cut back on summer treats. Fortunately, there is a simpler, healthier solution: maintain a healthy lifestyle and enjoy sweets in moderation. “You can enjoy sweets if you consider your total calorie picture for the day. Think about what you’re choosing to eat based on how much physical activity you’ll be getting” says Kristine Clark, Ph.D., R.D., and Director of Sports Nutrition at Penn State University. “Try hard to eat well balanced meals and exercise 30 minutes a day. Then if you feel like a sweet, enjoy it!” Here are some tips from Dr. Clark on how to have your popsicle and your swimsuit, too:


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July 21, 2010

* Calories always count. Don’t think a bite here or there doesn’t matter. The calories in “itty bitty bites” could add up to 500 or more, depending on their frequency. * Sugar is sugar. Since calories count, when you want something sweet, budget for it and enjoy. But remember, no matter where sugar comes from -- corn, cane, beets or bees -- the calories are the same and the It’s all about moderation when it comes body handles these sugars the same. to fun in the sun and icy summer treats. * Pretend saving calories is saving For more tips and information on the You don’t have to eliminate sweet money. If you don’t go out for lunch today new CRA survey visit SweetSurprise.com. treats to manage your weight. you might save money and 500-700 calories. By bringing lunch instead, you control calories, can add more fruits and veggies, and save cash. You don’t have to be a corporate executive “We’re a society that is swimming in anger, * Think of calories in exercise equiva- or firefighter to get stressed. Stress accumu- always about to snap,” says Leonard Scheff, lents. For example, if you know eating a lates from situations at work and home and can whose new book, “The Cow in the Parking

second serving of pasta is 400 calories and you also know 400 calories can be burned by walking or jogging four miles, then you might decide not to have the extra serving. You might opt for an extra serving of salad for an exercise cost of only 150 calories or 1.5 miles of walking or jogging. * Don’t starve yourself or under-eat to the point you’re grouchy. Eating is important, even when losing weight. Eat sensibly in the morning, allowing for a mid-morning veggie snack. Then eat a real lunch, such as a sandwich, fruit, and a cup of low fat yogurt. Allow for an afternoon fruit snack and always eat dinner.

Simple tips to reduce stress

lead to destructive behaviors if not recognized and addressed. Taking the right steps to cut stress can help you navigate life with a more-relaxed bounce in your step. Recognize Symptoms Many people don’t know how to identify stress, which makes it difficult to start the battle against it. Fatigue, loss of appetite and anxiety over social situations are common symptoms that should be noted. If not handled properly, they can potentially lead to compulsive behaviors, including drug and alcohol abuse.

Lot: A Zen Approach to Overcoming Anger,” addresses the issues of stress and anger. “Once we identify our unmet demands, we can dissolve the anger. Once we understand our ‘buttons,’ we can change what happens when they’re pushed.” Take Control One of the troubling aspects of stress is how it can make people feel helpless and beat down. In many cases, mustering the energy to combat stress is the hardest part. But there are little things people can do to take greater control of their lives and leave stress behind, say experts. Stress can be caused by being overwhelmed by daily tasks. By approaching these tasks in an organized way, you can feel more relaxed. Keep a daily calendar or use lists to jot down tasks and deadlines. Referencing these lists and avoiding procrastination will make getting through the day easier. Once you’re motivated, you also can start exercising during your down time, another positive way to combat stress. Prioritizing your goals can help keep you from getting lost in life’s small, nagging details. With your goals clearly in sight, you’ll be able to shake off the small stuff and use your free time to pursue more relaxing and fulfilling activities, like soaking in the tub or watching the big game with friends.

Ann Lumbrezer
RN, LMT Healing Message by a Holistic Nurse Located in Saxon Square, Suite 280 419-344-6157 www.annlumbrezer.com

July 21, 2010

‘Gut check’ time: Tips for digestive health
You can follow your heart or do what your brain tells you to do -- but how often do you pay attention to your gut? Good digestive health is a key foundation for good overall health, yet we often ignore or misunderstand the importance of that “gut instinct” from inside. Approximately one in four people experience occasional digestive upsets, according to a recent GfK Roper “Gut Check” digestive health survey of online Americans. The survey also revealed that many have some common misconceptions about the digestive system. “I see the frustration occasional digestive upsets cause my patients,” said Dr. Roshini Rajapaksa, a gastroenterologist at NYU Langone Medical Center and spokesperson for Align. “The first step to building a stronger inside is to better understand how your digestive system works and what you can do to keep it healthy.” Dr. Rajapaksa offers the following tips for maintaining good digestive health: * Do Your Homework: Be proactive! Develop an understanding of your digestive system and how to keep it healthy. Take action: speak to a doctor about digestive health and how you feel, research credible Web sites and books, or keep a log of food and activity triggers to identify the source of your occasional digestive upsets. Do you know about probiotics? Read up on these little bugs and find out if they are right for you. * Trust Your Gut Instinct: You are the best judge of how you feel, as everyone is unique. The recent Gut Check Survey found that one in five survey participants who experience occasional digestive upsets say others have told them their attitude or emotions are causing their digestive upsets. Listen to your body and determine what remedies work best for you. Changes in your routine, diet, stress and travel can cause an imbalance, which can lead to occasional digestive upsets. Take time to de-stress, exercise, or keep a food diary. * Do a Gut Check on Your Priorities: If occasional digestive upsets impact your life, pay attention to them! Your body is telling you something, and ignoring upsets won’t make you feel better. Make digestive health a priority -- it’s key to your overall health. Challenge yourself to learn more about your digestive system and the science behind it. * Feel Good -- Inside and Out: More than half of those surveyed in the Gut Check Survey who experience occasional digestive upsets feel their upsets have some impact on their self confidence. Restore your natural digestive balance with healthy bacteria, or probiotics, like Align probiotic supplement. Align helps to build and maintain a healthy digestive system and protect against occasional digestive upsets, when used daily as directed. The Food and Drug Administration hasn’t evaluated such statements regarding this product, and it is not

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Practicing what they teach
At Sylvania Family Physicians, Drs. Marilyn Agee and Bina Laungani strive to teach and show their patients the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. They would like to see their patients investing in healthy food and exercise instead of prescription drugs to manage and prevent disease processes. They believe that the choices one makes can provide for a healthy, longer life. Dr. Laungani has a strong interest in preparing and eating healthy foods. She advises her patients to choose whole foods including more fruits, vegetables and grains instead of high fat, processed foods. Although she chooses to be vegetarian herself, she respects her patients’ choices and encourages low fat versions of meat such as fish, turkey and chicken. Other protein alternatives are beans, legumes, nuts and soy which are plant based instead of animal products. Having grown up in India, she takes advantage of her native country’s spices to flavor foods. Curry, pepper, tarragon and turmeric are some of her favorites which can easily replace salt, sugar and fat to enhance natural food flavors. Research has shown time and again that a diet such as Dr. Laungani advocates can reduce blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and weight. As for Dr. Marilyn (Lindy) Agee, she endorses a lifestyle of a daily activity that includes running, swimming, biking and weight training. She started running by signing up for Race for the Cure. This is a great way to get and stay motivated by having a goal and benefiting a charity.

intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Interestingly, probiotics are strain specific, and therefore different probiotics may have unique benefits. Different strains may differ in a number of ways but what matters most to you is how well the bacteria strain works for you. According to a 2009 Wolters Kluwer survey of gastroenterologists who recommend probiotic supplements, Align is the number one recommended probiotic supplement. It’s also the only one containing Bifantis (Bifidobacterium infantis 35624). Bifantis is a unique patented probiotic that you take just once a day, every day, to help restore natural balance to your digestive system. The Food and Drug Administration hasn’t evaluated such statements regarding this product, and it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. For more advice on keeping your digestive system healthy and to learn more about probiotics, visit AlignGI.com.

Belonging to a group that has the same goals, such as Team Toledo Triathlon Club, inspires her to stay active. She loves seeing lots of other women and many of her patients involved in these sports. She has heard every excuse there is from patients not to exercise and she promises she can counter each one with a reason to exercise and a way to overcome obstacles. As a role model, she can point out that she works full-time and has a family but still manages to make time to exercise. Even in northwest Ohio, one can get outside all year round. The Metro Parks are a wonderful place to walk or run, even in February. Both of them agree that they would love to see their patients taking fewer medications and managing chronic diseases such

BELLY DANCING for Every Woman Located at the Martin School, Holland Sylvania at Hill Ave. www.aegela.com aegela@mindspring.com (517) 918-9547

90-Day Challenge—Before

Check Out s! Our Facilitie No No enrollment h enrollment Talk witfee until our alfirst 100 Personfee for our members first 100 at Trainers!our new members!

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as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, obesity and chronic pain by making healthy lifestyle changes. It is possible to prevent and treat many conditions with diet, exercise, stress reduction and good sleep. When they see a patient over 90 years old they always ask about their lifestyle over the years. They have let them in on the secret of longevity. The answer, according to their poll, is: daily activity, healthy diet, no smoking and lots of friends. They hope you can accomplish these goals too. As they like to point out, they only get one chance at this life. Why not live a healthier and longer one? Here’s hoping to see you in the produce aisle and at the park!
another gym? (Free No problem! memberships and freeess Work out for fitn training pa with our quickckages) switch program!

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School lunches improving nationwide
The government is about to invest a lot of money in school lunches nationwide. With an investment of $10 billion over ten years starting next year, President Obama’s reauthorization of the Child Nutrition Act seeks to improve the nutritional content of school lunches. “We need parents, educators, nutrition experts, and community leaders


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July 21, 2010

to be engaged in improving school meals and the health and nutrition of our children,” said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack during a recent visit to an elementary school. Some children struggle with hunger daily while others aren’t meeting certain nutritional standards with the food they do eat. The new initiative is aimed at feeding hungry kids and improving eating habits.

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You need SuperMed One® It’s the personal, flexible, . affordable health insurance plan from Medical Mutual® for individuals like you.

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AA Career WorthSmiling About Career Worth Smiling About
Dental best smile forward Put yourAssisting is one of the fastest growing Put your best smile forward with a new career in Dental occupations in the country! with a newat Toledo months Assisting in only in Dental Get a career career 3 Dental AssistingDental Academy. at Toledo at ToledoAcademy Dental A Career Worth Smiling About 94-07-1402-T Academy 94-07-1402-T
Classes now! 94-07-1402-T 419-841-1292 • 1-800-720-7005 Put your best 1-800-720-7005 419-841-1292 • smile forward 4352 Sylvania Ave. with a new career Ave. 4352 Sylvania in Dental

A Career Worth Smiling About

Rodney W. Owen, D.D.S., M.S. Joe F. Inman, D.D.S. Philip R. Sprague, D.D.S. Jason L. Richards, D.D.S. Courtney Greenwood, D.D.S.

New Patients Welcome
Members of American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

882-7187 • info@sylvaniakidsdental.com

MARILYN J. AGEE, MD and BINA LAUNGANI, MD are now accepting new patients at
(Just off Holland Sylvania Road Between Sylvania Avenue and Brint Road)

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ours is a “Paperless” office using electronic medical records


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July 21, 2010

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Toledo Orthopaedic Surgeons
Stephen R. Saddemi, M.D. Anthony D. Frogameni, M.D. Paul J. Fenton, M.D. Thomas G Padanilam, M.D. Luke M. Ragan, M.D. David C. Ervin, M.D.
Are pleased to announce and welcome to our practice on August 1, 2010

HCG is the key. Our clients have lost up to 5LBS a Day!
Our clients have experienced: • Lower blood pressure • Decreased Cholesterol • No Hunger • Better Control of Blood Sugars • Special Diabetic Programs Call for specials!

Are You Overweight? Hypertensive? On Too Many Medications?

Only Advanced HCG Weight Loss Clinic in OH & MI

Sandy before…
Ashok Biyani, M.D. Board Certified Spine Surgeon
For an appointment, please call: 419-578-7200 Wildwood Medical Center 2865 N. Reynolds Rd. • Bldg A

106 W. Front St. Suite A, Findlay, Ohio

New Michigan Location

1020 E. Michigan Ave. Suite H&I, Saline, MI





Results may vary with different individuals. HCG has not been approved for weight loss by the FDA.

It is Effective Instead Senior Care CAREGiver Home is 52? Compare this to the industry chieve positive resultsaverage age of 35. who have in people Because of our mature workers, Home Instead is betat other interventions, ter able to connect with the seniors we including traditional care for; our workers are more reliable; and most have “been and al therapy, chiropractic adjustmentsthere own and done that” – having raised their families and most having cared for al injections. their own parents.
Third, Home Instead Senior Care’s is reliable. In over 10 years of service to thousands of families, Home Instead Senior Care has staffed every single assignment scheduled. This means that our clients don’t have to worry whether or not someone will be there. Someone will always be there when scheduled. This means peaceof-mind! For even more reasons to choose Home Instead Senior Care for your inhome care needs, call 419.472.8181. Make sure to ask about our moneyback guarantee.

To us, it’s personal
Home Instead Senior Care is the world’s trusted provider of in-home care, providing services from bathing assistance to transportation for as little as 3 hours up to 24-hours a day. Seeing the challenges his stepfather faced when ill at home, Scott A. Rozanski opened Home Instead in Toledo over 10 years ago. Scott vowed to provide a service with better quality than what was available, yet remain affordable. As a client of Home Instead Senior Care, you can rest assured that you will receive the best home care in the area. Let’s look at 3 reasons why Home Instead is the best choice. First, Home Instead Senior Care believes in consistency. We strive to send the same CAREGiver(s) to each assignment. Our clients never have to explain their daily routines and histories over and over again, as with most home care companies. Second, we believe in sending mature CAREGivers to our clients.


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July 21, 2010 •Without surgery it removes pressure from the nerve that causesPark Physical Rehabilitation Holiday leg symptoms.

Did you know that the average age of a

patients achieve long-lasting results that the need for follow-up treatment.

ve created a new category of spinal rehab that outdates traditional technologies and izes the need for epidural injections, spinal surgery and other invasive techniques.

Holiday Park Physical Rehabilitation has two locations, (one in Toledo, one in Perrysburg), where they offer unique treatments for spinal problems, acute or chronic. Their non-surgical spinal decompression program has been successful in reducing disc bulges & herniations, and handling problems like stenosis without the need for surgery. This revolutionary system is non-invasive and safe. It uses a mechanical

Pictured from left, owners Jon Hegemier, P.T.; Brad Good, P.T.A; Ron Schmidt, P.T.

e from the inventor of the VAX-D machine: “Holiday Park Physical Rehab has more erience in the use of spinal decompression than TRADITIONAL FUNERALentire nation.” anyone else in the

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Tired of restricted hours? Hate waiting in line for your turn? Looking for a place where you feel at home? Then make a change. Join today and get the rest of the Summer free at Anytime Fitness of Sylvania
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approach that actually fixes the problem and does not simply mask symptoms. Hundreds of patients have avoided surgeries by using Holiday Park’s system. Many of these patients had previously tried and failed various other programs and procedures. Even patients who have had previous surgeries benefit by the treatment Holiday Park offers. The protocols for treatment of spinal problems include spinal decompression on the VAX-D or the DRX-9000, aquatic therapy and an exercise program. The aquatic therapy $ Walker......................................................................... 3770 is done in a warm water therapeutic pool (90-92 Reeb ........................................................................... $3545 degrees F). The exercise $ Dowling....................................................................... 1995 program is taught to each Blanchard-Strabler ...........................................$1795 patient so they can continue their spinal care at home. At a point when the patient is ready for discharge he/ she can continue the exercise program at home. This Cremation Society of Toledo .........................................$975 practice helps the patient maintain a healthy spine. Dowling Funeral Home ..................................................$960 Holiday Park’s objective $ Freck.............................................................................. 875 is to have as few people as possible live a lifetime with Blanchard-Strabler ............................................ $775* pain due to spinal problems. Recently Holiday Park *COMPLETE package. No funeral home add ons. began an aquatic exercise Includes crematory fee. program at the Perrysburg “WE operate our own crematory — location. Classes are held Your loved one never leaves our care” on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. One class is geared towards those suffering from arthritis or fibroToledo, Ohio myagia, another is geared (419) 269-1111 • (888) 221-1368 Toll Free towards people wanting a Licensed Ohio and Michigan Directors. cardio/strength workout, and the third class is for Prearrangement Available Prices subject to change without notice. bariatric patients.


Blanchard-Strabler Funeral Home

Breathe easier by cutting down on indoor dust

July 21, 2010

The hospice with hope
Erie West Hospice is a family-owned, community-based hospice serving Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. At Erie West, the staff help the patients and caregivers live through the difficult decisions and uncertainties of the future. Erie West’s interdisciplinary, professional, gentle team of doctors, nurses, social works, chaplains, home health aides, massage therapists, and volunteers work together to provide quality-of-life care. This care brings relief and reassurance in many ways, including: emotional and spiritual support; pain and symptom management; patient and family education; physician house calls; respite care; assistance with daily care needs; complimentary alternative therapies and many more resources. The view of a patient deciding to enter Erie West Hospice care is not a signal that the end of life is close at hand. Rather, this vital life stage is considered an opportunity to pro-

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What’s something that can be dust throughout the home. found in just about every house * Make sure the dryer is properly around the world? Dust. vented to the outdoors and that the While decor ideas may vary, one venting is securely connected to the thing all homes have in common is dryer. the presence of dust. Depending on * Consider hardwood flooring inthe steps homeowners take, dust can stead of carpeting, but keep in mind become a nuisance. But it is possible proponents of carpeting admit it can to keep it at bay. trap dust particles rather than blowDust is made of just about ev- ing the dust around like on wood erything in a person’s environment. floors. The decision is up to homInside the home dust can contain eowners. particles of pet dander, skin cells, * Encase bed pillows and matupholstery fibers, dirt, mold, lichen, tresses in special covers if dust allerbits of wood, insect parts, and many gies are a problem in the bedroom. other things. What can be particular* Vacuum frequently, including ly unsavory about dust is its attrac- draperies if this is the type of wintion of dust mites, very small para- dow covering used. sites that feed on items in the dust, * Choose the right vacuum for primarily shed human skin cells. It’s the job. Carpets require a vacuum generally the dust mites that cause with a powerful agitator. Upright dust allergies and not the dust itself. vacuums are usually best for carpetIt can seem like eliminating dust ing, although some canister vacuums is a losing battle. It is impossible to with agitators will work well. When get rid of dust completely. But there it comes to wood, tile or vinyl floorare ways to greatly reduce its pres- ing, choose a canister vacuum withence in the home. out an agitator (or with an agitator * Use heavy-duty door mats in that can be turned off). front of doors used to enter and exit * Plastic and wood blinds tend to the house. This will trap extra par- attract less dust and can be hosed off ticles tracked in on shoes. Also, take or dusted with a static-charged dustoff shoes when entering the home. ing cloth. * Upgrade filters in an HVAC * Brush pets on a weekly basis, dosystem to better filter air circulated ing so outdoors whenever possible. through the system. Check with a * Take throw rugs, pillows and service person for the highest-rated mats outdoors and beat the dust out filter that will be compatible with the of them. furnace. By taking these steps, a home* Reduce the amount of knick- owner can reduce the amount of dust knacks that are on display. These in the home and improve indoor air tend to collect dust and can make quality. cleaning challenging. * Keep the humidity in the home to about 50 percent. This will reduce static electricity, which can make it harder to clean dust from surfaces. * Use an air puri- LOLITA HOSBACH fier in frequently used Independent Consultant • National Recruiter 419-345-5410 rooms. * Seal air leaks that Consultantmyrandf@bex.net LolitaSkinCareConsultant.myrandf.biz can be a source of extra LolitaSkinCareConsultant.myrandf.com

vide quality, comfort, and holistic care that will instill the patient with new hope. To get up every morning and start the day -- irrespective of how many days, months or years lie ahead -- is the goal. Holistic care includes aromatherapy with essential oils as well as massage therapy. Comfort can be brought using a natural approach rather than prescribing another medication. Erie West Hospice is not a place, but a philosophy of care. The team carries that philosophy to the patient’s home or care facility. In addition, a list of facilities that are able to accommodate the patient in the event that the loved ones are unable to manage the situation at home can be provided. Erie West Hospice services are covered in full or part by Medicare, Medicaid, and some insurance plans. No one is ever turned away due to the inability to pay, and no cost is spared in caring for the patient.


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Is Traditional physical therapy Is traditional physical or chiropractic failing to give you the relief you seek for your spinal pain? therapy or chiropractic

July 21, 2010

Take on summer with a fresh new smile!

Try Holiday you failing to givePark the Physical Rehab for relief you seek we use unique 21st century technology to solve your back your spinal pain?
Summer is a great time for relaxation and renewal. There is no better way to refresh your smile this summer than with Invisalign®. Your chance to have a new smile has never been easier with our SUMMER SPECIAL. Call our office today to schedule your complimentary Invisalign consultation.

Try Holiday Park Non-Surgical Spinal Physical Rehab Decompression solve your back problem with Perrysburg: West Toledo: Non-Surgical Spinal 27511 Holiday Lane 3130 Central Park West Decompression. Ste. 105 Ste. C
Website: www.holidayparkphysicalrehab.com
Perrysburg: 27511 Holiday Lane Ste. 105 Perrysburg, OH 43551 Ph# 419 873-3488 West Toledo: 3130 Central Park West Ste. C Toledo, OH 43617 Ph# 419 720-1290
Toledo, OH 43617 Ph# 419 720-1290

problem with


we use unique 21st century technology to

$500 OFF

COMING SOON FALL 2010 Maumee Location

Locations in Sylvania • Lambertville

Perrysburg, OH 43551 Ph# 419 873-3488


Website: www.holidayparkphysicalrehab.com


We bring our care to you.
Professional medical care and pain management Therapy and home health aide services Spiritual and grief support

Serving NW Ohio and SE Michigan

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