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Upper Bugey

We offer a very warm welcome to all of you
preparing for a journey of discovery along the
circuits of the Upper Bugey Route.
The Upper Bugey Route comprises more than 260km
of signposted paths, weaving their way through the
Jura landscape at altitudes that vary between 250m
and 1200m, interspersed with magnificent views
bathed in pure mountain air.
This guide has been designed so that you can discover
the area circuit by circuit, depending on your interests.
Four discovery trails . . . From south to north, there are four circuits from which
to choose:
We recommend: Hauteville-Lompnes, from the health resort to
1 circuit = 1 day (by car,
motorcycle or camper-van) the winter sports resort,
During the winter, certain Nantua, with its history, architecture and lakes,
mountain passes may be Izernore, from the Gallo-Roman town to the
closed. Thank you for your Ainriver,
understanding. Oyonnax, where sport and outdoor activities
find their place alongside industrial expertise,
particularly in plastics.
This route travels through a rich and well-conserved
natural environment, where immense forests
reign supreme and great fir trees hold court. We
invite you to come and share our natural, cultural
and gastronomic heritage... Enjoy our history and
sporting activities, and above all, meet the people
who are full of life and passionate about their land!
Choose your circuit and, through this guide, we will
show you the way. We wish you an enjoyable stay...

Thank you for your visit,

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4 History and heritage
6 A sporting hotspot
8 It's in our nature
10 Gastronomy

12 Dark blue route:
Plateau dHauteville
ap len ty !
19 Purple route: iti es an d wa lks
Sp or tin g ac tiv
Nantua and surrounding area
26 Light blue route:
Monts Berthiand
29 Green route:
Oyonnax and surrounding area

33 Useful addresses
34 About the route
35 Removable map How to use
your guide:
Read this like a Guide Book
and it will unlock all of Upper Bugey's characteristic
charm, making you want to wend your way along its
tourist paths and meet the people who make the
area so special. There is a removable map at the
back of the guide.
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It is one of the last bastions of the Jura, hosting
several plant species that are notable for their
scarcity in France. Mountain fauna, although
not as diverse as in higher mountain ranges, is
nonetheless well represented, with ungulates
such as chamois and roe deer, as well as
History and heritage predators such as lynx, fox and buzzards.
The area is bordered by transverse valleys,
including that of Nantua, which, despite
The Bugey noir or "dark Bugey"... the major transport routes passing through
Perhaps you've never heard of it. And it, still maintains its natural interest and
what's so dark about it? Where is it? spectacular views. Its backdrop of cliffs, which
Who is it? Where to find it? Located at offer a habitat for rock-dwelling birds, are
complemented by natural lakes.
the western end of the Jura mountains,
Karstic activity, which was very developed
this area spans great altitudes and is in this area, has created a world apart, an
home to some of the highest peaks and adventure land of caves, sinkholes and
ridges in the Jura. concretions to be explored by potholing
These contrasting environments interact
closely with one another, often creating
Upper Bugey, or "dark Bugey", is primarily
complex ecological systems of wetlands,
a landscape of forests, made up notably of
woods and cliffs.
spruce and silver fir. This natural environment
includes wooded areas, rocky expanses and It is important to note the vulnerability of
open valleys of pastureland. The remarkably these areas, whose principal natural and
well-conserved wetlands play an important local function is to regulate water levels. They
role. also provide an environment where delicate
species can feed and reproduce.
From the Hauteville plateau to the Orvaz
valleys, from the banks of the Ain river to
the Retord plateau, you will discover, as you
travel along the Upper Bugey Route, these
exceptional landscapes with an astonishing
range of views to enjoy.

Up pe r
op en sp ac es of
En jo y th e wi deer an d in wi nt er
Bu ge y in su mm

Find out all about the rich
local environment with the One forest with many faces...
booklet published by the CREN
(regional organisation for the
... The forests are not all the same and do not all
conservation of the natural
environment) for sale in all
have the same role to play. Find out about their
Tourist Offices. functions through this guide.

Each forest fulfils its ecological and economic role:

th e fo re st s to
Fr om fe llin g in t he forest for production, where wood is
wm ills
pr oc es si ng in sa harvested through regular and organised felling

t he forest for conservation, listed by decree in

order to preserve sites subject to natural risks

t he forest for leisure activities, intended for the

enjoyment of nature-lovers

Set out to explore the forests, and meet their

inhabitants who are part of the wealth and
happiness of the land.

A technical note...
High altitude forests are made up of at least 75%
conifer coverage (fir and spruce), with leafy tree
coverage of no more than 25%. To be classed as a
high altitude spruce forest, spruce must account
for at least 75% of the canopy and the altitude
must be greater than 1,100m. On the Upper Bugey
Route, this represents approximately 14% of the
department's surface area. This type of forest can
be seen around Cormaranche en Bugey (90%),
Corcelles, Champdor (90%), Outriaz (88%), Saint
Germain de Joux (85%), and Bellignat (85%).

Fir, spruce, and pine are all resinous conifers

with needles. Along the Upper Bugey Route,
mixed forests of tall trees account for 17% of
the department's surface area. What is classed
Timber in the Ain as a mixed forest of tall resinous and leafy trees?
Mixed forests of tall trees are defined as having
Timber accounts for 180,000 hectares (i.e.31% between 25% and 75% of conifer coverage. These
of the surface area), 900 companies and 5,700 can be found around Belleydoux, Lalleyriat, and
employees. It is therefore a significant sector Le Poizat. By inference, coverage of leafy trees
of the department's economy, both on the is between 75% and 25%. Here, firs and spruce
plains and in the mountains. Demand for account for the most significant proportion of
timber is increasing, but the annual harvest the forest. Note that there are no mixed forests
has remained relatively stable since 1954, at of pines and leafy trees along the Upper Bugey
around 350,000m3). Only 60% of the forest's Route.
biological growth is harvested. Upper Bugey
has a surface area of 15,972 hectares, of which
11,227 hectares, or 70.3%, are woodland
(source: IFN).

Su gge sted
A sporting hotspot iti n era ry
Genuine mountain forests provide the
setting for a range of activities in all For road bikes
seasons. The mountain landscape lends The Monts Berthiand circuit offers you an
itself, of course, to outdoor sports. attractive break in Izernore, with its Gallo-Roman
The most athletic among you can do remains and its museum, and in Nbois, where you
must stop at the cheese dairy to discover Comt,
the rounds of eleven mountain passes, Bleu de Gex and other locally produced cheeses.
or let loose on the first mountain biking
Head towards Matafelon-Granges to discover
area to receive accreditation from the
the lake and dam at Charmine, where there is
French cycling federation. This area also a campsite. Then cross the Matafelon
boasts top-quality sporting facilities mountain pass to reach Thoirette, on the banks
to provide high-altitude training for of the river Ain, where the celebrated doctor
top level athletes, amateur clubs and and biologist Xavier Bichat was born in 1771.
enthusiasts. Those of you who enjoy To make the most of the Ain's peaceful
fishing and water-based activities riverbanks and cool water, head to the typical
will find our water courses to be the stone village of Bolozon. Here you can see the
village vineyard and the spectacular viaduct
perfect setting for your favourite
of Cize-Bolozon, built in 1875 and part of the
pastimes. famous Ligne des Carpates railway line. This
viaduct allows the simultaneous passage of
cars, on the lower level, and trains, on the upper
level, 73 metres above the river.
The difficult bit: Berthiand mountain pass at
an altitude of 780m with an average incline of
7%, and the villages of Sonthonnax-la-Montagne,
Heyriat (with characteristic Haut-Bugey stone
architecture), Mornay (with its chapel and
unique viewpoint over the transverse valley of
Nantua), Nurieux-Volognat, Montral la Cluse,
and Bard-Govreissiat.

For mountain bikes

On the Hauteville plateau, the Bugey cycling
federation offers you 25 signposted and
interlinked routes, between 5km and 26km
in length, with eight starting points spread
throughout several villages.

ing tr ail s!
of mo un ta in bik
M ak e th e mo st

Five fruit and veg per day:
here, it's five different sports
per day! ...

Skiing on the plains

More than 280km of cross-country skiing
routes weave their way through the various
villages on the Upper Bugey Route. There is a Always on the go and keen to try new disciplines?
wide range of runs, from green to black, through a Professional instructors will guide you in your
well-conserved natural setting, making the most discovery of biathlon, hiking with the help of sled
of unadulterated open spaces, interspersed with dogs, alpine skiing, and more. Enjoy sledging and
dark coniferous forests that are reminiscent of the many other activities with your family, and let
mysterious and mystical Great North. the joy of winter fun take you back to your own
For the ultimate in cross-country skiing, the
plateaux at Retord and Hauteville await you!
Less than an hour from Lyon and Geneva, the
The Plateau de Retord, classed as level3 under
Upper Bugey Route is an opportunity to relax
the Nordique France classification system,
or to enjoy winter sports, as you prefer.
has three points of entry (Cuvry, La Chapelle,
and Les Plans dHotonnes) and 13 runs of
varying difficulty, totalling more than 150km
of signposted routes. There is something for
everyone, from beginners to experts, from classic
skiing to ice-skating. The Plateau dHauteville PLEASE NOTE
has Village Niege and Nordique France level2 Snowshoeing, which is available
classifications. It offers a cross-country skiing in a number of areas, is an ideal way to
resort at La Praille at La Rochette pass (above explore the rich forests in winter. However,
Hauteville-Lompnes), with seven signposted winter is a difficult season for the wildlife, as
cross-country runs totalling 50km. food is scarce. Although the animals will usually
Simple routes not far from the villages, including have a store of fat to help see them through, their
Apremont, Brnod and Belleydoux, allow you lives take on a slower pace than during the summer in
to get your skis on right from your doorstep. order to conserve their energy. Please do not scare
These activities give you the opportunity to the wildlife by making lots of noise. Do not chase the
enjoy the gentle and varied landscape of the animals, as every escape causes them to consume
plateaux, along with the magical beauty of the energy, which may eventually result in the animal
surrounding countryside. dying of exhaustion.

Nordique France classification is a sign of quality and professional expertise in cross-country skiing, offering
you the very best at all times. This classification is intended to inform you of the level of quality (1, 2, 3 or 4 pine
trees) and any specialities of the cross-country skiing resort in question, based on an excellence rating system.
Factors such as the environment, services provided, quality of the cross-country skiing resort and the diversity
of the activities available are taken into account.

Dortan, the "martyred town"
The 20th century was of particular note for
Dortan, owing to the two world wars. The First
World War had little impact on the village, but
this was far from the case during the Second
It's in our nature! World War. On 21 July 1944, Dortan was
pillaged and torched, with the sole exception
of the chteau. Despite numerous human and
material losses, life went on.
We love our land; please help us
conserve it. Peaceful sites, a A media event
vulnerable environment, and a The parade on 11 November 1943 in
history that is anchored in the Oyonnax was one of never-before-seen
audacity, with around 150 members of the
landscape. Ain Maquis emerging from their hideouts in
the Bugey mountains to drive their trucks
through the village, in broad daylight and
right under the noses of the Nazis, during the
In the highlands of Oyonnax, great forests occupation of France.
of resinous trees reach 1000m in altitude,
including, for example, the forest of This coup so appealed to Churchill and
Belleydoux. Majestic sites such as the valley of Roosevelt that they released the much
Orvaz, the corrie at La Roche Fauconnire and, awaited parachutes carrying containers full
further afield between forest and glade, the of arms and provisions.
meadow at Echallon (see following paragraph)
are the opportunity to see the strength and
history of nature, via simple walking routes. monuments have been erected in memory
of the Resistance fighters and the deported,
As a place of refuge for the Resistance including the monument to the Maquis and
movement during the Second World War, Resistance of the Ain by Charles Machet in
Upper Bugey was the site of a number of Cerdon, the monument in memory of the
paramilitary Resistance operations. It was Allies at Echallon, the commemorative stele at
an important location for the Resistance, Izernore and the Gisant (recumbent statue),
providing somewhere for the Maquis to meet the departmental monument for the deported,
and hide, as well as stock up on supplies in Nantua, sculpted by Louis Leygue.
and food. Today, the memory of this tragic
period in the area's history lives on. Several n
lie s at Ec ha llo
um en t in me mo ry of th e Al
M on

Cluny's inspiration and protg;
a marvel of Romanesque art! A monk sculpted
The abbey church of Saint Michel of Nantua
from a tree trunk at the
is the largest Romanesque building in the Ain Meyriat Charterhouse
department (11th century). It is home to a number
of treasures...
The French forestry office, in collaboration with
The organ and the painting the Upper Bugey Route, commissioned the
sculpture of a monk from the trunk of a tree that
An oil painting by the French Romanticist master, had to be felled for safety reasons. It is a way of
Eugne Delacroix, entitled Saint Sebastian tended paying homage to the monastic past of the site.
to by Holy Women and commonly known as This sculpture is well worth making a detour.
The Martyr of Saint Sebastian, was nearly lost to There are numerous walking trails around the
Charterhouse ruins.
Nantua for ever. This masterpiece was once sold
in order to finish paying for the organ! Today, this
legendary painting can be seen in the chancel of the
abbey church.

As for the organ, this beautiful and very expensive

instrument, comprising 2883 pipes and weighing
15 tonnes, was manufactured by organ-maker
Nicolas-Antoine Lt from the Vosges. It was listed
as a Historic Monument in 1976. It bears witness
to a transitional period between the Classic and
Romantic eras. This organ has 42 stops distributed
over three keyboards and one pedalboard.

r of
Ab be y be ll to we si gn
Ro ma ne sq ue de


(see user guide on page 25)

On the D31, take the exit for Brnod, following signs for Saint-Martin-du-Fresne. Approximately 3km from Brnod,
take the forest road on the left, signposted sapin Prsident. On either side of the road, the ruins of two tanneries and
a large building stand in the Charterhouse enclosure. In 1116, Ponce du Balmay, canon of Lyon and son of the lord
of Balmay, gave the entire valley of Meyriat to the order of the Carthusian monks, on the condition that they founded
a Charterhouse there. Only ruins remain: a few steps leading up to the building and a stone orientation table (or
sundial) on its pedestal, with a fleur-de-lys engraved upon it. Thanks to the remains of pillars, the location of the
chapel and several other buildings can be discerned. The meadow in the centre of the clearing would have been the
monks' cemetery. A perfect location for a family visit.

It's all put to good use! There is no one
recipe that is more elaborate than the
others, nor one product that stands
out above the rest. Here, we are proud
to put Mother Nature's bounty to good
use in our cuisine. Comt cheese
Comt was the first cheese to receive AOC
(controlled designation of origin) status, and
later AOP (protected designation of origin)
Here are a few status. This cheese came into being back
local specialities when farmers decided to think collectively
to ensure their livelihood, by creating
cooperative cheese dairies. Comt is a hard,
Nantua sauce and "quenelles" pressed cheese made exclusively from
the milk produced by Montbliarde and
Quenelle dumplings are made from simple Simmental cattle, which graze in meadows
ingredients: milk, eggs, flour and fat. It where the natural flora is conserved,
is an ancient product to which reference allowing at least one hectare per head.
was made as early as the 1st century, in The unpasteurised milk is collected daily
L'Art Culinaire by the famous Roman and processed using traditional methods
gastronome, Apicius. Considered to be and natural fermenting agents, within
a "refined delicacy" at the court of King 24hours in a cheese dairy located no more
LouisXV, quenelles were enjoyed by his than 25km away. Following a number of
courtesans during the "Grand Suppers" meticulous operations, a mould measuring
hosted in the royal chteaux. The chefs of 65cm in diameter and weighing around
the time had the idea of making quenelles 40kg is filled with almost 450litres of good
into a "dish fit for a king" by adding a quality milk, ready to be matured for 4 to
stuffing made from chicken, fish, and even 12months or, in some cases, even longer.
game. In Bugey, the "panade" (the dough
of the quenelle) is mixed with pike fished in
the lakes of Nantua and Sylans, and served
with the famous Nantua crayfish sauce.
Plain quenelles appeared during the Second
World War, when meat and fish shortages
began to take effect. The "quenelle de
brochet" made in Nantua must contain at
least 22% top quality cuts of pike.

To you r ove n s
Ramequin de Nantua
You may come across melted cheese dishes
in Switzerland or Savoie going by the name
of Ramequin, but these pale imitations of
Ramequin de Nantua tend to be mere fondues.
Here is the authentic way of preparing a
Ramequin de Nantua, as it has traditionally
always been done.
You will need a good fatty beef stock made
Bleu de Gex cheese from real meat (not a weak imitation stock):
half a litre for four people, a large glass
The king of any Bugey cheeseboard. This of dry white wine, a knob of butter, lots of
mild blue cheese, which benefits from AOP garlic, some pepper, mustard and salt to
(protected designation of origin) status, taste. An earthenware pot is essential: in
comes in the form of a 7.5kg round with some households, there is one such pot that
"Gex" marked on the rind: both visually is used exclusively for this dish. Put all the
and in terms of taste, it is impossible to ingredients in the pot together and simmer
mistakeit! so that the flavours are well blended.
When your guests are all gathered, cut lots
of bread into large chunks for the bread
basket on the table. Throw 200g of Comt
and 125g of flavoursome Bleu de Gex into
the pot.
Echatout la It is the custom to invite the most senior
mani re de Port, guest to sniff the contents of the pot,
and then to taste the first mouthful while
We simply cannot keep quiet about our it is on the stove. If everything is as it
nationally renowned fried "chatout", or should be and there is nothing more to
roach, which is best eaten fresh from the add, the pot is transferred to the table,
lake. Its firm flesh lends itself beautifully where it is placed on a hotplate to keep
to the cooking method used in the lakeside warm. Everyone puts a mouthful of bread
village of Port, whereby the fish is pan-fried on their fork and the feast begins. A true
until crispy, then removed from the pan, into culinary masterpiece!
which is then thrown a handful of chopped A good ramequin should be a lively and
onions with a knob of butter and dash convivial event. It is well suited to
of vinegar. Bugey wines, which are an essential
accompaniment to bring out the local
flavours. And you can always tell a good
ramequin, as your guests will fight for
the last mouthful and the pot will be
wiped clean!

Hauteville-Lompnes F6

Church at Hauteville Church at

Circuit 1 Longecombe with Gothic chevet Chapel of
St Pierre of Lompnes Chapel at Mazires
Plateau dHauteville Chteau at Angeville Village and Virgin
of Lacoux Oven with lauze tiles Sundial
trail Charabotte waterfalls Viewpoint at
4 6
Le Curnillion Lzines pond (fishing) Rocher
du Grand Sangle Stone quarries LaRagiaz
site (orienteering course) Climbing
5 Canyoning in Chaley Mountain biking area
3 Footpaths (guidebook of maps for 19 routes
7 on sale at the Tourist Office) Snowshoeing
9 trails La Praille cross-country skiing centre
LOMPNES Alpine skiing resort European centre for
85 km from the 1 sporting activities and holidays Swimming
pool Health and fitness centre Ptanque
health resort pitch Lacoux comtemporary arts centre
to the winter Lbe Observatory Casino Cinema
sports resort Wood-fuelled district heating station
Theatre festival Country festival Festival
de lEphmre Exhibitions Guided visits
13 Health resort.


To fi nd ou t m or
the signs
15 rue Nationale
Tel.: 0474353973 Fax: 0474352468
Ke y

This mid-altitude mountain plateau offers

Tourist "Station Museum Historic Bluetooth exceptional quality of life, with pure air, abundant
Office Verte" Exhibition Monument transmitter nature, pleasant weather, varied landscapes and
destination astonishingly well conserved vegetation... Come and
discover it for yourself!

Towns and Monastic Leisure "Village Love it

villages sites centre de neige"
recognised winter
for floral resort
Sporting types of every
level will find the means to
enjoy their chosen activity
on the Hauteville plateau.

ou p ac ti vi ti es A ct iv it ie s
S pe ci al is t in gr
HAUTEVILLE 3S BUGEY (adventure trail)
STAGES SPORT SANT Terre Ronde tang dAngeville
(sport and health Route du Col de Valorse
courses) Information and reservations:
The creation of the Hauteville 3S association Coordinates for sat-nav.: 4598805 N 561933 E
was closely related to the history and economic On the Hauteville plateau, at an altitude of 1,000metres
development of the Hauteville plateau. Following a and therefore in thin air, the Bugey adventure trail offers
downturn in the hospitality industry on the plateau, families and groups of friends the opportunity to enjoy
local officials decided to develop sport-related
sporting and relaxation activities in a stunning natural
tourism, and the Hauteville 3S association was
thus created in 1986. Who are our customers? Our environment. Green, blue, red and black trails. Climb up
principal activity is the provision of high-altitude towards the peaks, pass from one tree to the next, then
training for both amateur and professional sports take flight across the Angeville lake on a zipwire. 450m of
clubs, accounting for more than half of our 20,000 zip wires above the water = the ONLY one in the Ain!
annual overnight stays. From football to swimming Extreme sensations guaranteed, in complete safety!
to gymnastics, we organise and host customised Under their parents' supervision, little ones (aged from
courses to meet the specific needs of all sporting 3years) can take their first steps out on to the mini-kids
disciplines. We also host school trips, from primary trail, which is reserved just for them.
to higher education, for countryside or winter Spend a whole day at this mountain adventure land:
outings as well as integration courses. Hauteville3S Tree-climbing: join the squirrels and climb up a 20m tree
also works with companies to organise and provide trunk, with an automatic safety system. From 8 years old.
seminars, incentives, team building and activity days. Sat-nav games: this is the only place in France that you
We are proud to have worked with: APRR, SIGMA, can play Treasure Hunt, Secret Message and Mission GptO.
ZOLPAN, Lyon Saint Exupery airport, Laboratoire Suitable for all ages.
MATEIS, and many more. We organise major Downhill biking: a ski lift will take you to the top of the
sporting events such as the France UNSS Football
slopes, and you can let loose on your way down on the
championship, cross-country skiing, and the national
UFOLEP multi-sport competitions. Many prestigious special downhill bikes provided. From 12years old. July
customers have made use of our services, including and August.
France de Boxe, the acrobatic rock'n'roll world Educational golf: real 6-hole golf, but in an easy and fun
championship finalists and the winning couple, USO format. Equipment provided. From 7 years old. Afternoons
rugby club, the football clubs of Louhans Cuiseaux, in July and August, at weekends or by reservation in June,
Istres and Besanon, Lyon Gym gymnastics club, and September and October.
more. Plus lots more sports and nature activitiesstarting from
Hauteville: canyoning, climbing, via ferrata, walking, a
Every year, hundreds of trainees come to take part sensory trail, a trapper's trail, orienteering trail, mountain
in the Olympique Lyonnais course, which we have biking (bikes available for rent), and more.
organised and run for the past 23 years. These On-site: picnic area, drinks, snacks, path around the pond.
courses are intended for children from 10 to 17 years Open from 7 April to the end of October 2012, every day in
old, seeking to perfect their footballing technique July and August, weekends and public holidays in the other
and tactics. A course aimed specially at goalkeepers months. Reservations obligatory.
is run during the Easter holidays and courses open
to players in all positions are available during the SERVICES FOR CHILDREN
summer holidays.
Children love an adventure! Littles ones love the
mini-kids trail, reserved just for them, starting from
More information on our website: 3years old. Children from 6 to 9 years old have the
choice of two trails, shared with older children, plus
Contacts: OL courses: a tree house up in the spruce trees! Children over 1.40m in height are free to enjoy the Blue trails, and
Tel.: 0474400043 might even like to try the Red ones.
Group courses and services:
Other activities are designed specially with children in
Tel.: 0474400613 mind: tree-climbing, Sat-Nav games (Treasure Hunt and
Mission GptO), downhill biking, educational golf and, for
groups (birthday parties, holiday and leisure centres):
asensory trail, orienteering trail, trapper's trail, mountain
biking, and more.

an d sl ee p? Ca si no
W he re to ea t
Le Provenal CASINO
Hotel-restaurant 380 rue Frdric Dumarest
305, rue de la Rpublique Tel.: 0474400707
Tel.: +33 (0) 4 74 35 30 43 Fax: 0474351142
Fax: +33 (0) 4 74 35 10 27 Slot machine - Boule 2000 - Bar - Restaurant Open every day. From 1 November to 30 April: from Monday
to Thursday from 2pm to 11pm; Friday and on the eve of
Le Provenal in Bugey opens its doors to you, in fete days: from 2pm to 2 am; Saturday: from 11pm to 2am;
the heart of the village of Hauteville, a well-known Sunday and public holidays: from 11am to midnight. From
health resort. You can savour the chef's gastronomic 1 May to 31 October: from Monday to Thursday from 3pm
creations, which combine traditional flavours to midnight; Friday and on the eve of fete days: from 3pm
(quenelle dumplings in Nantua sauce, frogs' legs, to 2am; Saturday: from 12noon to 3am; Sunday and public
seasonal menu) with new and refined tastes and well holidays: from 11am to midnight.
thought-out presentation. 2
Advantages: families welcome, interconnecting
rooms available. English and French spoken. Open
Aranc F5
from Tuesday to Saturday: from 10am to 12 noon and
from 7pm to 10pm, Sunday from 10am to 5pm. Church (13th century nave.)
Church at Rsinand
Colognat mill Aranc cheese
Cr af ts m an dairy, find out about Comt
BOSTEELS CHOCOLATERIE cheese via an accessible and
Emmanuel and Marie Bosteels fun visit that will appeal to all your senses La
Rue de la Rpublique Mandorne valley Signposted mountain
Tel.: 0474352363 bike trails.
Fax: 0474353424 an d sl ee p?
Home-made chocolates using traditional W he re to ea t
methods. Shop and tea room. Groups welcome by
appointment, free of charge. Open from Tuesday to
Aranc Evasion
Sunday inclusive, from 9am to 12noon and from 2pm
Place du Lavoir
to 6:30pm. Closed from late June to early July. Tel.: 0474385779
Fax: 0474385920
A rt is t
Artist's workshop Aranc Evasion is at the heart of a small Bugey village that
Eric Levy will welcome you for a stopover or a longer visit.
Lacoux village Try its specialities (menus based on frogs' legs, grenaillade
Tel.: 0474351509
(a local dish containing potatoes, onions and bacon) or
0671234400 steak) or let yourself be tempted by its classic dishes.
Whether for one night or a longer stay, enjoy the peaceful
Bugey nights in this 10-room hotel.
Specialities: Paintings, photos and a new take on Restaurant open every day except Sunday evening: From
classic objects. Visits to the workshop are free of Monday to Friday: 12noon to 1:30pm and 7:30pm to 9pm;
charge by appointment. Open: by reservation. Saturday: 12noon to 1:30pm and 7:30pm to 10pm; Sunday
12 noon to 2pm. Closed from 21 to 31 December.
W he re to sl ee
Ma n me ets sto

La maison de Pain
Countryside gte
Rated 2 pis by Gtes de
Brangre and Laurent Neufcoeur
Tel. / Fax: 0474385699

Our 68m gte sleeps 5/6 people. It has two
bedrooms, one kitchen, one living room and a
terrace, so you can relax in comfort. Available by the Vieu dIzenave (01430)
week, weekend, mid-week, etc. Latitude: 46.0011222;
Longitude: 5.5262222 Please see our website for prices Rivoire Services 48, Rivoire
and availability. Tel.: 0474767218
Lo ca l pr od uc e Open all year round
Laurent Neufcoeur
Beekeeper in Rougemont
Tel.: 0474385699 5 Corcelles F5
At this small beekeeping farm tucked away in the Medieval fortified village 16th century church
heart of the Bugey mountains, you will find the Belvedere near the cross Village oven
flavours of your childhood: honey, soft gingerbread,
delicious nougat and fondant sweets. From the
Basins and fountains Crte de la Chandelire
flower to the harvest, discover the secrets of honey Le Cruchon and Pisseloup mountain passes
through the explanations and anecdotes that Mountain biking and snowshoeing trails
Laurent will share with you as you pass through Grande Randonne long distance hiking route
the shop or enjoy a guided visit in July and August Woodcutters' fete (August) Sundial trail.
in a convivial atmosphere. Participant in the De
Ferme en Ferme discovery initiative during the last 6
weekend of April. Latitude: 46.0011222; Longitude: Brnod F5
5.5262222 Open Friday from 5pm to 7pm, Sunday
from 4pm to 7pm, or by appointment. Comt cheese dairy (visiting gallery)
Marron ponds (created in 1120 by the monks
3 of Meyriat abbey to raise fish) Fountains
Corlier F5 Troughs and washhouses Marais des Loups
Footpaths (including a circuit with three
Church with 12th century fresco Altiport waterfalls) and mountain biking trails
(Introductions, demonsrations, rallies) Le Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing
Cendrier mountain pass La Fouge waterfall routes Fun circuit for children and families.

A ct iv it ie s W he re to ea t?
Haut-Bugey aeroclub 01110 BRENOD
Corlier town hall - BP 63
Tel.: 0474365202
Tel.: 0474385585
Chairman: Claude Mougin Traditional cuisine
Open from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4pm.
Recreational aviation. Altiport open all year round.
Activities available by reservation. On-site orientation
table. Lo ca l pr od uc e
Brnod cheese dairy
4 60 place de lglise
Outriaz F5 01110 BRENOD
Tel. / Fax: 0474360124
Monnet-Sve sawmill and joinery La
Moulaz site Village hostel Hauteville's Production and sale of Comt, an AOC (controlled
former stone cheese dairy Two octagonal designation of origin) cheese. Visits to the cheese
basins hewn from a single block of stone. dairy are free of charge, no appointment necessary.
Group visits (12 persons) are guided, so incur a fee
and are by appointment.
Open every morning from 8:45am to 12:15pm.
Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30pm to 6:45pm, Friday
and Saturday from 2:30pm to 6:45pm.
ur fe ed ba ck at
W e w el co m e yo is ti q ue s- ai n. co m Mondays during school holidays: 3:30pm to 6:45pm
w w w .r ou te s- to
Closed on Wednesday and Sunday afternoons and
Monday afternoons outside of school holidays.
Museu m pass:
Welcome to the it's just the ticket!
For only 5, this ticket gives
Bugey-Valromey you free and unlimited access
Museu m to permanent and temporary
exhibitions in the four museums
Located between the Hauteville plateau in the department, plus the
and the top of Grand Colombier mountain Soieries Bonnet.
(1534m), the village of Lochieu is home to
the Bugey-Valromey Museum.
Dating back to 1561, this Renaissance building
contains permanent collections and boasts a
number of period features: bread oven, spiral n" fo r th e
"M us eu m fuily
staircase, stone basin, dovecote, and more. fa m ! an d to vie w
Faced with variable and difficult soils and ly ad ve nt ur e
Fo r a re al fa mi ct ion s in an en te rt ain ing
se um co lle kit (a ga me s
climate, the people of Bugey have drawn on th e mu
e "m us eu m fu n"
their ingenuity and determination to show wa y, as k fo r th er siz ed wo od en ga me s)
bo ok let , ov
off the best of their area, with its timber,
stone, wine, tourism and nature environment. th e ar ea
The museum's situation offers an exceptional A m us t- se e in
view across Valromey. The Soieries Bonnet silkworks museum
Temporary exhibition "Silk me back, a shuttle for Japan"
2011-2012 Exhibition: Gertrude Stein from 1 June to 16 September 2012
Built in 1835, the Soieries Bonnet silkwork factory and
and Bugey, 1924-1944 boarding house in Jujurieux is one of the largest silk
Gertrude Stein, friend and patron of artists such production establishments of the 19th and 20th centuries.
as Picasso and Matisse, discovered Bugey in 1924, With an estimated 300,000 objects and documents, the
returning every year thereafter and spending museum's collections bear witness to Maison Bonnet's epic
the Second World War here. Her gastronomic industrial history. Rich, unique and iconographic collections
discoveries and friendships in the area, as comprising weaving looms, fabric patterns, fabrics and
well as from various artists and international archives.
intellectuals, had a profound effect on the Discover this exceptional heritage through a guided visit
life and works of this avant-garde writer. This of the exhibits and the factory, which has been kept in its
exhibition pays homage to a leading figure of the original state: learn about the workers' lives and know-how,
20thcentury, whose influence in the history of art the weaving looms, silkworms, sumptuous haute-couture
and literature remains strong even today. fabrics, and much more.
Soieries Bonnet
12, cte Levet 01640 Jujurieux 0474368665

Useful information/ Opening hours

Open from 1 April to 1 November 2012, every day except Tuesday, from 10 am to 6 pm.
Open on public holidays: open on Tuesdays 1 and 8 May 2012.
Groups: open all year by prior reservation and according to staff availability.
Prices: Adults: 4 (free for young people aged up to 26 years)
Museum pass: 5 (personalised ticket giving unlimited access for the
entire season)
Free entry for individuals on the first Sunday of the month
Group visits and prices: to find out more
Bugey-Valromey Museum | 01260 Lochieu
Tel.: 0479875223 Fax: 0479875643

7 8
Champdor F5 Les Plans dHotonnes G5
18-19th century chteau (available for rent) One of three points of entry to the Retord plateau
Church with listed alter (Caristia) Stone quarries e
Monument to the village's dead made from To fi nd ou t m or
Champdor stone (except the black granite pillars) Plateau de Retord GIP
Fountain of St Victor Swimming (July to August) (public authority)
Campsite Fishing pond. Le Refuge - 01260 Les Plans dHotonnes
Tel.: 0479875967 0669143665
Fax: 0981703709
The chteau of Champdor
With its imposing bulk streamlined by four
corner towers and its tall turret overlooking the Plateau de Retord alpine and cross-country skiing
whole village, it creates a striking first impression resorts. This resort offers 150km of prepared cross-
for every visitor. The chteau of Champdor was country skiing runs, 75km of snowshoeing trails,
completed in 1743 and has never undergone the 15km of downhill skiing slopes and nine ski-lifts.
slightest alteration that might change its impressive At the home of Olympic champions, discover the
appearance. It was inhabited by a private family resort's biathlon stadium (with numerous activities
until recently, and became the property of the local on offer) and its array of walking routes.
authorities in 1995. The tower, which was added in
1851, is in the original architectural style and adds 9
a lighthearted aspect thanks to the wall-walk that Hotonnes G5
encircles the top floor. The observatory, at the top
of the building, offers an exceptional view over the Village recognised for its floral beauty, 1-flower
surrounding area. The facade of the chteau has rating, situated at an altitude of 740m An
remained intact thanks to its facing made of white outstanding family-oriented village.
Champdor stone, which is known worldwide for its 22
es se s on pa ge
Fi nd us ef ul ad dr

A ct iv it ie s Champagne en Valromey G6
Bugey Vision Nature
A creative company seeking to show nature at To fi nd ou t m or
its best Valromey-Retord Tourist Office
Agns George and Jol Brunet, two filmmakers and 3 place Brillat Savarin - Maison de Pays
photographers who are passionate wildlife specialists. Tel.:0479875104 (all year)
Tel.: 0628600869 Tourist Office / Maison des Plans dHotonnes Tel.:0479876514 (winter)
Production of films: Nature and wildlife,
documentaries, reports, weddings, websites and For all tourist information regarding the Valromey-
events, in HD quality. Retord area and its surroundings. Information on
Showings: Films, photograph slideshows, sporting, cultural and artistic activities, natural sites,
conferences. tourist maps, etc. Special "Tantts du lundi" session
Themes: Bugey nature and wildlife. for visitors in summer and "Bienvenus aux Plans"
Discovery outings: Nature observation, discovery session in winter.
outing to find animal
tracks, introduction to 10
photography and video. Cormaranche en Bugey F6
Graphic artists: Creation of
logos, flyers, brochures, etc. Church with octagonal belfry Virgin of
Servoin Fresne wash-trough Planachat
tourist spot (summit at 1234 m above the Hauteville
plateau, with orientation table) Regional timber
centre (two training centres) Sawmill Wood-
turning Lime tree planted by Sully (first
minister under King HenriIV) Pierre lOurs
rock Trees and shrubs trail Trou de la Marmite
waterfalls Marais de Vaux (nature reserve)
Walking circuits Alpine ski resort Snowshoeing
Mountain bike trails.

A ct iv it ie s A ct iv it ie s
Jean-Baptiste Lecuelle Western M
Tel.: 0662205215 Accredited by Cheval Plaisir
0479873546 Marie Eliane Miguet La Plaine de Lavant Tel.: 0667909611
Countryside activities: visit to the teaching kennels, Activities: Bivouac camping, sleeping in teepees.
half- and full-day dog-sled trips, trapper camp with Group stays; stopovers for walkers. Activities
"nomad" accommodation equipped with toilets and available every day by reservation. Fee payable.
showers. Open from early June to the end of October.
Winter activities: visit to the teaching kennels,
dog-sledding, driving the team, nightwatch, themed 12
conferences. Prmillieu F6
Located on the Guichard farm site; Activities depart
from the kennels and/or several locations close to Church with furnishings listed as Historic
the Hauteville-Lompnes resort.
Contact us for information or reservations. Monuments Stained glass window of the effigy
of Saint Marie Madeleine on the pediment of the
church Ovens and washhouses in the village
and in the hamlet of Tare.
Hostiaz F6
 Observatory at the Lbe
mountain pass (Sutrieu) At St Sulpice le Vieux: Information panel on the
history of the area Viewpoint over the Cluse
At the Lbe Observatory, you can view des Hpitaux Two orientation tables (at the
the sun through a special telescope and, coal oven and on the hillside) Via ferrata.
in the evening, you will see planets, stars
and galaxies in all their splendour. From
Monday to Friday from 2 pm to 5 pm all year Ever wondered what it's
round and from 2 pm to 6 pm in July and like to be Spiderman???
August. Closed during Christmas holidays.
Open on Saturdays14 April, 19 May, 16 June,
La Guinguette via ferrata at Hostiaz.
22 September and 13 October from 2 pm to The course offers sporting types the
5 pm and at night. Open all Saturdays in July opportunity to overcome vertiginous drops
and August from 2 pm to 6 pm, except 14 July. and difficult overhangs, with spectacular
Closed on Sunday (open by views of the Albarine valley and the village
appointment). of Tenay. The course is in a quiet spot on the
Coordinates for sat-nav.: cliffs, between the woodland and open sky.
455468 N - 53735 E Equipment available for hire in the village.
ADVANTAGES: For thrill-seekers, another
Tel.: 0479876731 via ferrata available free of charge (at lieu- dit Fort l'Ecluse).
Get your fill of fresh air at the
mountain peaks... Climb from tree to
tree, passing from branch to branch.
11 Whatever your level - Accrobranche,
Thzillieu F6 Parcours Aventure - there are lots of
activities and lots of reasons for a stay in the
Church Ruins of the ancient Cistercian countryside.
abbey of Saint Sulpice Ovens and
fountains Genevray ponds (fishing)
Viewpoint and orientation table at
Srmont Walking trails.

Nantua F4
Abbey of Saint Michel, dating from the
12thcentury and listed as a Historic Monument
Circuit 2 (Romanesque door, painting by Eugne Delacroix,
Nantua and organ by Nicolas-Antoine Lt) Museum of the
history of the Resistance and deportation in the
surrounding area Ain and Haut-Jurat departments The "Gisant"
(recumbent statue), departmental monument
for the deported Heritage trail Pike quenelles
80km around the lakes in Nantua sauce Nantua, listed as a protected
to soak up the history 2 area in terms of urban and rural architectural
and architecture heritage in 1994 Lake originating from glaciers,
3 listed as a protected natural site in 1935
The transverse valley of Nantua (noteworthy
13 NANTUA 4 geological formation) Rocher de la Colonne
11 1 5 rock View over the lake and town from the
6 Apremont road Water-based activities (sailing,
canoeing, swimming, fishing, water-skiing, and
10 more.) Panoramic footpath Themed walking
9 trail to learn to recognise different tree species
Climbing on the cliffs Summer events

To fi nd ou t m or
Tourist Office
Tel.: 0474750005

A small area with a lot to offer

Three lakes to explore via the Upper Bugey Route,
Follow the signs 7 three different histories (see also pages 22 and 31)

1 - Nantua lake: More than 400,000 years

Ke y ago, there was a glacier in place of this rocky
and irregular valley. The valley was formed
by the erosive action of the glacier and its
Tourist "Station Museum Historic Bluetooth watercourses. Its development was halted by
Office Verte" Exhibition Monument transmitter in a moraine (a layer of hard rock that withstands
holiday operation from
destination June 2012 erosion) and an impermeable surface. This
basin enabled a new lake to form. Today, the
lake has a surface area of 147 hectares and a
circumference of 7km, with a maximum depth
Towns and Monastic Leisure "Village Love it
villages sites centre de neige" of 45m.
recognised winter
for floral resort
l an d di sc ov er
Ri se ab ov e it al d m ou nt ai ns !
wo rld of la ke s

Museu m
Welcome to the museu m on it's just the ticket!
the history of the Resistance For only 5, this ticket gives
and deportation in the Ain and you free and unlimited access
HautJura departments to permanent and temporary
exhibitions in four museums
Armed resistance by the people, Maquis, in the department, plus the
sabotage, secret services and allies, Soieries Bonnet.
deportation... Soak in the atmosphere of
Nantua's former prison, where the museum
offers a glimpse of life during the war.
It also reveals the lives of the Maquis
Resistance fighters and the dedication
of all those who stood against the Nazi
regime. With a wealth of testimony from
local former Resistance fighters and an
exceptional collection of everyday items, n fo r th e
M us eu m fu
posters, equipment and military uniforms, fa m ily ! d to vie w
the museum invites you to take a look ly ad ve nt ur e an
at this difficult period from another Fo r a re al fa mi ct ion s in an en te rt ain ing
co lle
th e mu se um e "m us eu m fu n" kit (g am es
perspective. wa y, as k fo r th L on , an d lig ht , so un d an d
Visitors will make their way through a bo ok let wi th Pre co ns tr uc tio ns )
series of reconstructions with an audio
guide, to discover the human side of this
war and the local stories that form part of
this period of international history.

th e ar ea
A m us t- se e in
Bugey-Valromey Museum
Temporary exhibition
Gertrude Stein and Bugey, 1924-1944
01260 Lochieu
Tel.: 0479875223

Practical information/ Opening times

From 1 May to 1 October 2012: every day except Tuesdays, from 10am to 1pm and from 2pm to 6pm.
Open on public holidays; special opening on Tuesdays 1 and 8 May 2012. Groups: open all year by prior
reservation and according to staff availability.
Adult entry: 4 Museum pass: 5. Free under 26 years and for visitors to the Maison d'Izieu on
presentation of an individual ticket dated the current year Free entry for individuals on the first Sunday of
the month.
Muse dpartemental dHistoire de la Rsistance et de la Dportation de
lAin et du Haut-Jura | 3 monte de labbaye 01130 NANTUA
Tel.: 0474750750

La Colonne, a fragile structure
2 Apremont F4
In 1973, the monolith known as La Colonne
rolled down the slope to the town. The rock A small heritage that has recently been
is part of the Barres des Fcles cliffs that restored: no fewer than 17 basins and
overlook Nantua. The cliffs are a colossus with fountains, communal oven in each of the four
feet of clay: they are one of the most high-risk hamlets (in La Gotette, the oven has a basin
geological sites in France and are therefore on the outside in which to wet the brushes to
one of the most closely monitored. A fragment clean the floor of the oven) Walking trails
of the rock is exhibited at the lakeside. Cross-country skiing.
Who am I? Charix G4
A French singer-songwriter, born on
Main streets bordered with old deep
12April1955, I am an author, composer,
terraced houses Virgin on the hillside at
performer, singer, guitarist and producer. A
Chauffon Washhouses Fountains Ovens
legendary figurehead in French rock music, as
Stone bridges Lake at Genin (fishing,
part of the group Tlphone. Asurefire success
swimming) Viewpoint at Leyamont
in the French music world as a solo artist.
Numerous waterfalls including La Fronde and
Pissevache (at Moulin de Charix) Walking
Jean-Louis Aubert.

W he re to ea t?
W he re to ea t? Auberge du Lac Genin
LE BISTROT restaurant Mr Denis Godet
5 Rue de la Rsidence Tel.: 0474755250
Tel.: O4 74 75 04 31 Fax: 0474751255 Fax: 0474755115
Specialities: quenelles in Nantua sauce, fresh frogs'
legs, pierrade (food cooked on a stone grill), chicken A natural environment in the middle of which is
wishbones, Saint Jacques scallops, fish, salads. Closed nestled a warm and welcoming inn.
on Tuesday evenings and Wednesday. Open every day Specialities: Meat dishes grilled on a wood fire,
during July and August. sausages cooked in wine, fillet of perch, morel
mushroom tournedos. Open: from Tuesday to
Belle Rive restaurant Saturday, lunchtimes and evenings; Sunday lunchtimes
23 route de la Cluse only. Closed: from mid-October to the beginning of
Tel.: +33 (0)4 74 75 16 60 December.
Fax: +33 (0)4 74 75 00 88 4 Moulin de Charix G4
Situated facing the lake at Nantua, this an d sl ee p?
restaurant offers lunch and dinner on the terrace in W he re to ea t
good weather. Alternatively, there are three rooms
inside the restaurant, including two wood-panelled
Goiffon hotel-restaurant
Commune de Lalleyriat
verandas with bay windows offering a beautiful view Tel.: 0474755246 Fax: 0474755327
over one of the most attractive listed sites in France. Culinary specialities: quenelles in Nantua sauce;
Specialities: pike quenelles in Nantua sauce, farmed trout. Open from Monday to Saturday,
whitebait, fillet of perch, frogs' legs, seasonal menu. lunchtimes and evenings. Closed on Sunday.
Winner of the first prize in 2008 in a competition for
the most attractive quenelle-themed dish, the Belle
Rive restaurant also won the second and third prizes
in 2009. Closed for refurbishment until June. Coral on the Upper Bugey Route!
As you approach the village of Lalleyriat, you will see a
coral colony revealed by erosion. It is all that remains of
a lagoon, with turquoise water and white sand, home
to tropical fish 130 million years ago.

ur fe ed ba ck at
W e w el co m e yo is ti q ue s- ai n. co m
w w w .r ou te s- to 21
A small area with a lot to offer Les Plans dHotonnes G5
Three lakes to explore via the Upper Bugey Route,
One of three points of entry to the Retord
three different histories (see also pages 19 and 31)
plateau with its 150km of cross-country
2 - Lake at Sylans: skiing runs Discover the resort's biathlon
Situated in the valley of Nantua, the lake at stadium(with numerous activities of offer) and
Sylans was formed by a natural dam caused its array of walking routes. Find all you need
by a landslide. It is 2km long and 250m wide, to know about the Plateau de Retord on page 17.
with a depth of 22m. Its banks are rocky
almost all the way around the lake, except
for the "tail" at the eastern end, where there Hotonnes G5
is a large shore platform. The lake is fed by a
number of streams and drains, notably, into an Village recognised for its floral beauty, 1-flower
underground stream that goes on to form the rating, situated at an altitude of 740m An
source of the Doye river. outstanding family-oriented village.
The valley is closed
an d sl ee p?
off to the west by the W he re to ea t
collapse of part of the Le CoqAin
mountain. Caf-restaurant-
8 rue du Crt
01260 Hotonnes
Tel. : 0479877203
For information, please see our blog at
Lalleyriat G4 Traditional and convivial cuisine, daily set menu or
choice of dishes: melted cheese in its box, "planchetta"
Old Bovie fountain Fountain and covered and "bruschetta", either in a cosy corner by the fire in
washhouse in the square Three Virgins winter or on the shaded terrace in summer.
(1878-1982) Crt de Beauregard (viewpoint) Open every lunchtime, takeaways, special events, meals
Artificial fishing lake Paragliding site for groups, evenings and weekends by reservation.
Walking and mountain biking trails. Guest rooms for six people. Just the night, with breakfast,
half or full board... a warm welcome is guaranteed.
6 8
Le Poizat G4 Brnod F5
Renaissance-style cross at Replat Individual
Comt cheese dairy (visiting gallery)
houses in a boxy architectural style Fountains
Marron ponds (created in 1120 by the monks
and washhouses Virgin of Le Peney at the
of Meyriat abbey to raise fish) Fountains
entrance to the tunnel Church built on the
Troughs and washhouses Marais des Loups
highest point in the village Wood-fuelled district
Footpaths (including a circuit with three
heating station Lake at Sylans (fishing) Brentin
waterfalls) and mountain biking
mountain pass Point of entry to the Retord
trails Cross-country skiing and
plateau Footpaths Mountain biking trails
snowshoeing routes Fun circuit for
Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and sledging.
children and families.

Brnod cheese dairy

es se s on pa ge
Fi nd us ef ul ad dr

am pio ns ...
in th e tr ac ks of ou r Ol ym pic ch
Fo llo wi ng

Maillat F4
Bistie the witch...
Octagonal chapel of Saint-Clair (thought to up on the Chamoise plateau
date from the 13th century) Communal oven Legend has it that Bistie, a cloth seller
with lauze tiled roof Countryside walk at from Nantua, enjoyed playing tricks on the
Oisselaz Footpath. shepherdess Sinette, including driving all
her goats into a bottomless well located in
W he re to sl ee Chamoise.
Relax-Hotel One stormy day, she came across Sinette
D 1084 Le Clou taking shelter under a fir tree and threatened
Tel.: 0474756479 Fax: 0474756478 her. Alas, lightning struck and killed Bistie. The fir tree was unscathed and was left standing by
Family-friendly hotel offering a warm welcome. loggers until the forestry inspector ordered it
35fully equipped rooms (shower, toilet, free WiFi, to be felled in 1861.
TV/satellite TV), with two family rooms for 4 to 5
people. Enjoy the peace and quiet of the riverside As for the bottomless well, which still exists, it
garden terrace. Open: From Monday to Friday from is said that large pike from the lake hide there,
6am to 12noon and from 5pm to midnight, Saturday and that the inhabitants of Chamoise used it to
from 7:30am to 11:30am and from 5pm to 11:30pm, dispose of their sick or dead livestock (as told
Sunday from 7:30am to 11:30pm. Closed: Sunday by Auguste Arne).

Saint Martin du Fresne F4 11
Port F4
13th century tower of the chteau des
Terreaux (viewpoint) Comt cheese dairy Ancient church from the 12th century
(visiting gallery) Fountain in the square (original southern buttresses, walls and
(octagonal basin) Isolated hamlets around arched vaults) with belfry porch to one side
the old farms on the Chamoise plateau Two pillars at the entrance, originally
Chamoise plateau (footpaths) Le Signal from the abbey of Meyriat (at No. 3, Rue du
des Monts dAin (viewpoint over the Alps and Lac) Old village behind the church, with
Mont Blanc) Sbastien Chteillon, born in deep terraced houses Nantua lakeside
1515 at Saint-Martin-du-Fresne was a French (fishing) Paragliding site Starting point
Protestant theologian, humanist and bible for footpaths to the Chamoise plateau, with
scholar, better known as Sbastien Castellion. views over the lake.

re st au ra nt
Ca m ps it e an d
Le Lac campsite and restaurant
ur de s Te rre au Mrs Mireille Dunoyer
Ru ins of th e To ion 5 route de Lyon.
pri or to re st or
Tel. / Fax: 0474760163
Campsite and restaurant on the edges of the lake at
Nantua. Open from early May to the end of October.
Lo ca l pr od uc e
Motorhomes accepted.

La Combe du Val cheese dairy

ZA les Pellants 01430 Saint-Martin-du-Fresne
Tel.: 0474757037
Production and sale of Comt cheese. Visiting room.
Free visits for individuals, no appointment necessary.
Group visits are free of charge, by reservation. Open
every day from 8:30 am to 12:15pm and from 4:30 pm
to 7 pm. Sunday and public holidays: from 8:30am to
12 noon.

Fancy taking flight?
Take to the skies in a tandem paraglider. Available
immediately, following a short initiation before taking
off. Fly in complete safety with professional instructors,
from sites varying between 200m and 700m in altitude,
depending on weather conditions. Once in the air, your
flight will be powered by upward air currents, offering
you a unique opportunity to see panoramic views of
the landscape. Port is a particularly picturesque site and
is easy accessible (half an hour's walk), with flights over
Nantua lake or, for those who prefer to keep their feet on
the ground, a magnificent viewpoint.
Advantages: In summer, either before or after your
flight, relax beside the lake and enjoy a range of water-
based activities.

W he re to ea t?
W he re to ea t? Restaurant
La Matinire restaurant Bernard CHARPY
Marc Ganglion 1 rue de la Croix Chalon
1 rue du 11 Novembre Tel.: 0474762415
Tel. / Fax: 0474766090
Culinary specialities: Saltwater fish, local produce.
Specialities: Traditional local cuisine: frogs' legs, Open: Tuesday to Friday lunchtimes and evenings,
pike quenelles in Nantua sauce, chicken wishbones. Saturday evenings, Sunday by reservation. Closed in
Shaded terrace close to Nantua lake. August.
Closed on Wednesday evening, Saturday lunchtime
and on Sunday. Closed over the Christmas holidays and
from 6to 28 August 2012. Bard-Govreissiat F4
Old village 13th century chapel, integrated
Lingot Martin wine cellar into the church and restored in 1930 Oven
01450 Poncin At the bottom of the Mnestruel hills 13
Tel.: 0474399777 Fax: 0474399455
Montral la Cluse F4
Vintages: Bugey Cerdon (ancestral method).
Open Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 12noon and
The town of Montral-la-Cluse came into
from 1:30pm to 6pm. Saturday, Sunday and public being in 400 BC, and has developed and kept
holidays: from 10am to 12noon and from 2pm to up with the times. For a long time, it was
6pm. considered as two separate villages, Montral
Closed on and La Cluse. It was united to form one single
Christmas Day and town, Montral-la-Cluse, on 1 January 1980 by
New Year's Day. State Council decree.
To see: The church of St Maurice, from the
13th century Ruins of the feudal chteau
12 of the lords of Thoires and Villars (with a
Brion F4 panoramic view over the village and the lake
at Nantua) Chteau De Douglas Fountain
Double bridge at Molard Village oven with basin (behind the town hall) Tomb of
covered with lauze tiles Church Old J.D. Delilia (behind the church), a deputy of
farms in a boxy architectural style (dating the Tiers government alongside Brillat-Savarin.
from 1632, rue du Chteau) Overflow To visit: Old Montral and its old terraced
channel of the Oignin river Viewpoint buildings and fountains (octagonal,
from the site of the former chteau (near the rectangular, etc.) Roman road also known as
church). the "la route des carrosses"(the coach road)
Waterfalls, footpaths, the Nantua lakeside.

Do you like
the great outdoors, rivers,
lakes and fish?
The route... Fishing is a head-to-head between two predators,
separated by the water's surface and joined by a
and so much more! single line... It is the hope of winning out against the
prize specimen, dreamt about since that very first
fishing trip. It is the disappointment of a broken line
A rare occurrence... or leaving empty-handed, when the satisfaction of
the struggle and victory are not to be had.
the river flows due north
And there is plenty of variety to enjoy! Spin
The source of the Oignin river is above St Martin fishing for the adventurous, going hunting for
du Fresne: this waterway is formed from the your catch. Dead-fish bait for efficiency and
confluence at Maillat of the Borrey (which starts precision. Watching the lure, and feeling the
at 850m in altitude in the marshes of Aranc) adrenalin when you get a bite.
and the Doye des Condamines (whose source is
the Marron pond, at an altitude of 890 m). The Looking for more information about fishing?
Oignin flows in an almost straight line, from south The "Guide de la Pche" (fishing guide) is
to north, for approximately 55km. It then crosses available from all Ain Tourist Offices. Two
a series of plains and passes through a number classified mountain lakes.
of dams before joining the river Ain downstream
from the reservoir at Coiselet, at an altitude of
280m. Imagine the scene... you are making your way along one of the
circuits on the Upper Bugey Route. Your mobile phone starts
It is worth noting that the Oignin's drainage basin vibrating. Without even knowing it, your are in the vicinity of a
is also fed by several streams (seven in total), which Bluetooth transmitter. In no time at all, your phone will ask whether you
are known locally as "ruisseaux ppinires" (nursery wish to access information. At a simple touch of a button to accept the
content, your telephone will switch into loudspeaker mode. A voice will
streams). These offer an excellent location for tell you all about a point of touristic interest.
reproduction, in particular for the brown trout. You can choose whether to accept the content or save it. You do not have
to be a technological whizz-kid to benefit from this system. Your mobile
The Oignin contains a wealth of fish life, including phone will communicate independently with the transmitter to offer you
brown trout, grayling, stone loach, minnow and audio and video content... a link with the area that you are exploring.
There is no need for a special telephone to benefit from this service: it is
sculpin, and is classified as a category1 fishing compatible with any mobile phone with Bluetooth technolology.
river along its entire length. This project to provide tourist information via Bluetooth
transmitters is run in partnership with AINTourisme and is
cofunded by the European Union. The EU is investing in the Rhne
Alpes region through the European Regional Development Fund.


In order to conserve our waterways and environment in a sustainable manner, please respect the
following principles:
>C  lose all gates after you and do not in any way damage fencing, crops, trees and
>W  hen parking your car, please ensure that it does not inconvenience others,
particularly farm vehicles.
>B  e polite and courteous towards local residents: it is thanks to them that you are able
to enjoy fishing in these waterways.
>K  eep to the footpaths along the riverside.
>N  ever discard items which could be harmful to people or animals and always leave the
site where you and your family have fished and picnicked clean and free of litter.
> F or reasons related to health and genetics, do not transfer your catch (fish, crayfish,
etc.) from one waterway to another.
> At the end of your trip, do not dispose of your remaining bait or lures in the water.
> Comply with the prevailing fishing rules and regulations.

If you are not sure, Ain federation for fishing and the aquatic environment
ask for information! 25 0474223838
Izernore F4
Remains of a Gallo-Roman temple
The "sentier des pierres" (path of
stones) Archeological museum Semi-
Circuit 3 circular stone dam at Intriat, constructed
in 1913 (5 m high, 100 m long) Ruins of
Monts Berthiand the electrical power station at Le Torrey,
built between 1895 and 1902 Ruins of
the Russes dam, which gave way when
2 impounded in 1917 Church Fountain/
75km passing watering trough from 1850 Old buildings
from Gallo- with historical porches The district of
Roman 4 Izernore also comprises seven other
town to hamlets Saut du Torrey waterfalls Bridge
1 at Intriat: entrance to the Oignin river gorges
the river IZERNORE Bridge at La Vorle: made of dry stones, with
Ain large stones at each end Footpaths
To fi nd ou t m or
3 5


Tourist Office
Tel.: 0474765130

an d sl ee p?
W he re to ea t
the signs
Tel.: 0469204004
Fax: 0974442674
Ke y
The Au Moulin du Pont hotel-restaurant in Samognat
is open from Tuesday to Sunday. Located next to the
Tourist "Station Museum Historic Bluetooth lake at Samognat and close to the plastic valley golf
Office Verte" Exhibition Monument transmitter
holiday course. Michle and Guy Gindre offer menus ranging
destination from 13 to 30.
Specialities: fresh frogs' legs and fillet of perch.
Rooms from 35 to 70 euros, breakfast: 6, free Wifi.
At the foot of the walking trail that goes around the
Towns and Monastic Leisure "Village de Love it lake on the river Oignin.
villages sites centre neige"
recognised winter resort
for floral
beauty an d ca ny on !
Ai n: a gr ee n gr

2 4
Matafelon-Granges F3 Sonthonnax La Montagne F4
District comprising 11 hamlets Former lands Heyriat chteau (private) Shoeing trevis
of the lords of Thoire (feudal family that reigned in Napt Ovens Fountains Old fountain
locally from the Middle Ages to the 17th century) covered with a lauze tiled roof Hunters'
Granges chapel Cheese dairy Village oven in chapel
Bombois Many fountains, watering troughs,
washhouses and ovens can still be seen in the 5
hamlets Reservoir on the Oignon in Matafelon Nurieux-Volognat F4
Dam at Moux Saut de Charmine waterfalls
Pierre-qui-vire (tilted stone) Matafelon District comprising the hamlets of Crpiat,
mountain pass. Mornay and Vers Mornay chapel and wine cellar
(12th century) listed as a historic monument
Ca m ps it e Fountains and ovens in Mornay, Vers, Nurieux-
Les Gorges de lOIGNIN Volognat (old fountain), Crpiat (covered fountain)
3* CAMPSITE Private chteau in Volognat (visits not permitted)
Olivier Balluais
Rue du Lac
Old houses with wooden porches over the
Tel. / Fax: 0474768097 barns Shoeing trevis in Volognat Viewpoint
near the chapel at Mornay, with a view over the transverse valley and the lake at Nantua The
Oignin river banks Viewpoint at Vers
Open daily during the summer season from 8am to 8pm.
Closed from 25 September to 15 April.
3* campsite located in a natural setting beside
the lake on the river Oignin. Rental of chalets and
Peyriat F4
mobile homes. Entertainment for children during
peak season. Heated pools. Accredited by the
Village oven at Giriat Old well at Peyriat
"Campingqualit" and "Clef verte" organisations.
Coordinates for sat-nav.: 461519'' N; 53325'' E 7
Services for children: kids' club during July and August Ceignes F4
3 Fountains Marais des Lches footpath in Etable
Bolozon E4
Bolozon viaduct, built in 1875: 52 m high, Leyssard E4
269 m long, with 11 arches; Road traffic and
rail tracks at mid-height Group of wine- Leyssard church Chapel of St Madeleine in
growing estates Dam at Cize The source Solomiat (16th century) Oven in Ecuvillon
of the Serra "Route de la Serra", listed as Washhouses and village ovens in Mens
a tourist route Waterfalls from the sub- and Leyssard Shoeing trevis or cattle
reach stream Viewpoint over the Ain river crush Viewpoint at Balvay overlooking the
Boat rides on the Ain river Footpaths meandering river Ain Panorama at Mens:
Paragliding view from Revermont to Dombes Footpaths

Serrires sur Ain E4
19th century church Reading "retreat"
(18th century style) Washhouse in Merpuis
Village ovens in Serrires sur Ain,
Sonthonnax-le-Vignoble and Malaval
Rocks at Merpuis: viewpoint overlooking the
river Ain Beaches at Merpuis Boat trips

on vi ad uc t
Th e Ci ze -B ol oz er in g
ov er th e m ea nd
riv er Ai n
Be an eco-walker!
The various natural environments of Upper Bugey
form a valuable and vulnerable ecological capital.
Everyone must take responsibility for conserving
The route... this capital, by respecting the following principles:
and so much more! If you wish to pick flowers or other plants, please
do so in moderation and consider taking photos
as souvenirs instead
Do not make too much noise and keep dogs on
The church of a lead around livestock
Observe the wildlife using binoculars rather than
St Georges of Lavancia approaching the animals
The church is situated in Lavancia, between Keep to the indicated footpaths
StClaude and Oyonnax, a few hundred metres from For all climbing activities, please respect the
the border between the Jura and Ain departments. authorised times
This small village has a big history. It was burnt Essential equipment: camera, binoculars, a knife, a
down and entirely destroyed in July 1944, as were bag for your rubbish, plenty of water.
the neighbouring villages, and was then declared
to be a complete loss on 22 April 1945. The decision When walking in the forests, don't forget that the
to rebuild the village was taken on 17 June 1947. land is either privately or publicly owned. Either way,
During 1951, concerns arose as to where the you are walking through someone else's property!
villagers would be able to worship. Please treat these areas with appropriate respect.
In October 1951 in Lyon, there was an international The forest needs us, and we need the forest. The
wood exhibition. The masterpiece of this exhibition woodland as we see it today is not the result of
was a church made of wood, composed of 16 nature alone. Beautiful timber forests have been
different wood species, including some rare woods. created by foresters and the woodland has been
The church was designed to be dismantled and improved and enriched through their careful efforts.
destroyed at the end of the exhibition. We thank all those working for the forests: nursery
workers, technicians, tree fellers, etc. The forest
The local representative for the Jura (E. Faure) and
offers up its beauty and mystery for our enjoyment.
budget minister arranged for this magnificent
Every step is into the unknown, where just around
church to be given to the martyred village.
the corner, a new landscape is waiting to be
The church was dismantled in Lyon, transported to discovered. With every season, the forest delights us
Lavancia, and rebuilt at the heart of the village that with its changing colours. It is a unique habitat for
was still in the process of being rebuilt. many species.

It is a place of quiet, where we can find a sense of

balance. It is a source of inspiration for poets and
painters alike. It is a treasure trove for scientists.
Although some species are left entirely to their
own devices with a view to the conservation of the
President of the Fir Trees natural way of things, most of the forest must be
Near the Marron ponds, not far from Brnod, managed in order to combine its different functions
the state-owned forest of Meyriat is home to the harmoniously.
President of the Fir Trees. In the late 19th century,
the foresters of the Franche-Comt adopted the Owing to their size, diversity and accessibility,
custom of honouring the most majestic of all the forests of Upper Bugey have an increasingly
the conifers in the forest. The local authorities, important role to play. The objective is clear: to
foresters and inhabitants would gather to decide develop the biodiversity of the forest ecosystem,
which was the tallest tree and to confer upon it the whilst keeping in mind its economic aspects and
title of "Sapin Prsident" (president of the fir trees). conserving the peace and tranquillity sought by
The president is elected for life, and only old age walkers.
or a natural mishap will bring its term to an end. In
this case, the president is felled and everyone has The forest is our heritage, and it invites
a go at estimating its age by us in. Let's ensure that we look after it!
counting its rings.

Oyonnax F3
Museum of combs and
the plastics industry Aragon
cultural centre La Grande
Circuit 4 Vapeur: renovated industrial building dating from
1864 The church of St Lger Impressive door
Oyonnax and (1840) and stairways (1909) Stele at Le Fouget
surrounding area Sculpted sequoiadendron tree trunk (conserved
when the grounds were cleared for Jeantet car
park) Bandstand (1885) in the R.Nicod park
A 70 km route Communal forest of La Brtouze: starting
to discover the point for footpaths and sports, orienteering and
area's technology mountain biking trails Winter festival Spring
festival The Oyonnaxienne fun run Water
and sports
festival Charles Mathon stadium USO rugby
OYONNAX competitions club Sarsouille discovery trail and "Un tour en
1 3 ville" heritage circuit (leaflets available from the
Tourist Office) Robert Sautin water activities
centre ( Factory warehouses
9 Painted walls.
4 To fi nd ou t m or
Tel.: 0474779446
5 Opening hours: From May to September: Monday to
Friday from 10 am to 12:30 pm and from 2 pm to 6 pm.
Follow Saturday from 10 am to 12:30pm and from 2 pm to
5pm. From October to April: Monday to Friday from
the signs 10am to 12:30 pm and from 2 pm to 5 pm. Saturday
from 10 am to 12:30 pm

Ke y

Tourist "Station Museum Historic Bluetooth

ur fe ed ba ck at
Office Verte" Exhibition Monument transmitter
W e w el co m e yo is ti q ue s- ai n. co m
holiday In operation
destination from June 2012
w w w .r ou te s- to

Towns and Monastic Leisure "Village Love it

villages sites centre de neige"
recognised winter e m an y
for floral resort Ju st on e of th
beauty ti vi ti es av ai la bl e
sp or ts ac

an d sl ee p?
To vi si t W he re to ea t
and the plastics industry Place de lEglise
Aragon cultural centre 88 cours de Verdun Tel.: 0474778601 Fax: 0474737768
01100 Oyonnax Tel.: 0474819682 At the heart of the Plastics Valley, we are pleased to welcome you to our family-friendly restaurant in an
The museum of combs and the plastics industry old renovated house. We will be on hand to provide
in Oyonnax is reopening after several months of local knowledge throughout your stay. Traditional
renovation work. Created at the heart of the Plastics cuisine and local produce.
Valley in the Ain, the museum of combs and the plastics
industry has "Muse de France" status. It is primarily
dedicated to the industrial history of the valley, and A small area with a lot to offer
brings together an amazing collection of more than Three lakes to explore via the Upper Bugey Route,
16,000 items related to hair styling and accessories, and three different histories (see also pages 19 and 22)
to the many other different applications of the plastics
industry. The museum was inaugurated in 1977 and has 3 - The lake at Genin: 10km from Oyonnax
been closed for several months for renovation work, in
If you are looking for a calm, peaceful and restful
order to offer an excellent welcome to its visitors and to place to enjoy the unspoilt landscape, you will love
display its collections at their very best. the lake at Genin. Swimming amongst the fir trees,
The space has been reinvented so that visitors can walks around the lake, and culinary specialities
experience an astonishing journey of discovery, to find cooked on a wood fire... you will find it all here!
out about the plastics industry for which this valley has The lake is at an altitude of 850m, with a depth of 18m
been world-renowned for several centuries. and a surface area of approximately 8 hectares. It was
See combs made from Oyonnax boxwood or Brazilian formed in a small depression in the heart of a fir and
cactus spines, necklaces made of galalith, bakelite spruce forest, and is fed by underground springs. As is
telephones, contempory design chairs made of ABS, often the case in the Jura, the water level is regulated
Paco Rabanne haute-couture dresses, bottles made of through water loss into the limestone. This beautiful
biomaterials, and much more. mountain lake is located in a verdant setting, which
The museum invites you on an amazing is well worthy of its nickname "little Canada of Upper
voyage into the plastics industry. Bugey; divers meet at the lake to perform exercises
Practical information: under the ice and, above all, young and old alike come
Opening hours: Tuesday from 2 pm to 7 pm; to share the joys of ice-skating.
Wednesday to Saturday: and the first Sunday During the winter season, the lake becomes
of each month from 2pm to 6pm. a natural winter wonderland. In summer, it is
From 1 July to 31 August, a jewel in the heart of the Upper Bugey forest,
also open on Monday from 2pm to 6pm. with everything a family could need to enjoy their
Closed on Sundays and public holidays holidays. Walks along signposted routes, swimming
Full price: 3.20 Concessions: 2.20 and a supervised beach, picnic area, fishing, and
Free for children under 16 years. mountain biking circuits all contribute to the
Themed workshops, school and excellent reputation of this natural location.
extra-curricular trips Available on request and by
> Access via the D13 from Oyonnax or via the D74 from
reservation for groups. Accessible for persons with
reduced mobility.
Shop: publications, postcards, hair and fashion
accessories, all handmade using plastic.

W he re to ea t?
Richard Soibinet, member of "Club des Toques
Blanches Lyonnaises" (Lyon association of chefs)
11 place Emile Zola
Tel.: 0474734263 Fax: 0474737648
Culinary specialities: Perch in vin jaune; Bresse
chicken with morel mushrooms; Fillet of pike-perch
with vanilla; Catholard-style crayfish gratin. Please
note, closed: Monday, Saturday lunchtime and Sunday
evening. Closed in August.

W he re to ea t? The Roches d'Orvaz
Auberge du Lac Genin
A listed natural heritage site with a fascinating
Mr Denis Godet landscape. The Combe d'Orvaz is a vast natural
Tel.: 0474755250
Fax: 0474755115 amphitheatre with two rocky facades, the Roches d'Orvaz and the Roche Fauconnire, situated opposite one another. The Roches
A natural environment in the middle d'Orvaz create an almost perfect corrie,
of which is nestled a warm and welcoming inn. where rockfalls from the walls cause the cliffs
Equipment for hire (ice-skates, etc.), area for to recede. The Roche Fauconnire is a rocky
motorhomes. outcrop with the wings of a bird of prey, and
Specialities: Meat dishes grilled on a wood fire, its head turned towards the Combe d'Orvaz.
sausages cooked in wine, fillet of perch, morel
mushroom tournedos.
Open: from Tuesday to Saturday, lunchtimes and
evenings; Sunday lunchtimes only. Closed: from mid-
October to the beginning of December.

Echallon G4
Commemorative monument in the meadow
at Echallon Fountain Apple festival
Two walking trails Caving (at La Semine)
Giron G4
A few hundred metres from the Upper Bugey
Route, you can see large fissures in the rock.
These crevasses can be up to several metres Mountain activity centre
in depth and are the result of acid rain and Holiday and sports activity centre
the acidity of the plant litter (notably conifer 50 Route de La Pesse
needles), which cause the limestone to 01130 Giron
dissolve over time. Tel.: 0450598125 Fax: 0450598461
The mountain activity centre is located in Giron, the
highest village in the Ain at an altitude of 1,000m and
well known for its magnificent sunsets.
The holiday centre is open all year round and has
3 31rooms for 1 to 5 people, with bath, shower and
Belleydoux G3 toilet facilities, and offering local cuisine. The activities
available vary according to the season: cross-country
Chapel of St Anne (1858) (no visits inside) skiing, snowshoeing, dog-sledding, hiking with the help
Former cheese dairy "Borne aux lions" of sled dogs, an introduction to astronomy, archery,
boundary stone (separating the Franche- tree-top adventure course and mountain biking. For
Comt from the kingdom of France in 1613) fitness fans, there is a multi-sports hall with a lit tennis
court, team games, basketball and volleyball. You will
Boundary stones of Beauregard (towards the also find a shop selling craft goods and a cheese shop
Crt de Chalam) and Les Cernoises Member offering local produce.
district of the Upper Jura regional nature Children's activities are available.
park Viewpoint at the Combe dOrvaz At the meeting point of Upper Bugey, the highland
Bridge at dOrvaz (across the Semine river) valleys of the Jura, the Plateau de Retord and the
Four cross-country skiing runs over Monts Jura, you will discover a plateau inhabited by
27km Snowshoeing Sledging Climbing majestic fir trees in the Upper Jura regional nature
Chapeau de Gendarme rock formation park. There is a beautiful 180 viewpoint from the
cross overlooking the village. Let your gaze wander
Signposted footpaths Archery Fishing
along the Semine to the summit of the Roche
Fauconnire, and breathe in the mountain air.

Les Marmites de Gants Les Neyrolles F4
(giants' cauldrons)
After Echallon, take the exit for St Germain de Joux, Channelling and bottling of Neyrolles
signposted Bellegarde and Valserine. spring water Former train station
The action of the waters of the river Semine and "Highway of the Titans" (A40) and
its tributary, the Combet, has created these 2m associated museum (free visit; access via the
to 3m deep circular cavities in the limestone. A40 motorway only) Glacial ruins at Sylans,
We recommend that you do not venture out on at the lakeside.
to the river bed.
Nantua F4

s 19 to 21
es se s on pa ge
Fi nd us ef ul ad dr
de G a nt s
Le s M ar m it es
ul dr on s) ne ar
(g ia nt s' ca Jo ux 7
S t G er m ai n Montral la Cluse F4
The town of Montral-la-Cluse came into being
in 400 BC, and has developed and kept up with
the times. For a long time, it was considered as
two separate villages, Montral and La Cluse. It
was united to form one single town, Montral-
la-cluse, on 1 January 1980 by State Council
decree. The church of St Maurice, from the
13th century Ruins of the feudal chteau
of the lords of Thoires and Villars (with a
panoramic view over the village and the lake
at Nantua) Chteau De Douglas Fountain
4 with basin (behind the town hall) Tomb of
Plagne G4 J.D. Delilia (behind the church), a deputy of
the Tiers government alongside Brillat-Savarin.
Unlike the Ain districts of Hautecourt and Old Montral and its old terraced buildings
Petit Abergement, which have a lesser-known and fountains (octagonal, rectangular, etc.)
history of dinosaurs, Dinoplagne is renowned Roman road also known as the "la route
for its dinosaur-lore, having recorded with the des carrosses"(the coach road) Waterfalls,
longest series of dinosaur footprints (155m) footpaths, the Nantua lakeside.
and the largest Sauropod footprint. Guided
and commented visits every Sunday afternoon 8 Martignat F4
during July, from 2pm to 6pm. Visits are free
of charge.
Church of St Maurice Fountains Ovens
Find out more about Dinoplagne at: Footpaths Fishing.
For information, contact the Bellegarde Area Groissiat F4
Tourist Office on 0450484868 or visit Romanesque church
with lauze tiled roof
from the 13th century
17thcentury convent
Two ovens Walking
routes Tree species
discovery trail in the
ur ch hamlet of Ijean.
Ro m an es qu e ch

Bellignat F3 Matafelon-Granges F3
Old washhouses Communal oven PEP - technical
centre for the plastics industry Ecole Suprieure n an d us ef ul
Fi nd inf or m at io
de Plasturgie (university for plastics-related engineering, pa ge 27
part of the national institute for applied sciences (INSA) ad dr es se s on
in Lyon) Matriautech (information available at the
Tourist Office) Discovery trail to learn to recognise
different tree species Walking and mountain Samognat F3
biking trails Factory warehouses Municipal
mini-golf course "Combe au noir" walking circuit.
c ir c u it .. . n an d us ef ul
To e x t e n d t h e Fi nd inf or m at io
ad dr es se s on
pa ge 26

Arbent F3
Church restored in 1820 Trevis for shoeing oxen Geovreisset F3
Fountain in front of the town hall, decorated
with the escutcheon of Arbent (chisel, gouge, Church and oven (no access to the interior).
calipers and a bobbin) La Forestire competition, Today, the fountains are used to maintain the
the fourth most challenging mountain biking districts' floral displays.
competition in the world, and associated cycle track
Factory warehouses Airfield Arbent fete (end of
August) Merdanon quay in bloom: regional prize
for sustainable development.
Dortan F3
18-19th century chteau (closed to the public)
Church Chapels at Bonaz and Vouay
Chess capital Martyred town: burnt to
the ground in 1944 Member district of the
Upper Jura regional nature park.

Reservoir at Coiselet
The reservoir was first impounded in
1969, after the reservoir at Vouglans. It is the
most southerly lake in the Jura and is fed by
the Bienne and Ain rivers. In the Ain valley, the
shapes and relief of the landscape have been
sculpted by the water. Cliffs encircle the lake on
all sides and offer spectacular landscapes and
viewpoints, particularly at Chancia (Jura).

PE P - te ch nic al
ce nt re fo r th e pla
st ics ind us tr y,
th e je we l in th e
cr ow n of th e loc
al ec on om y

All the useful addresses
for the route

Ac tiv iti es To fin d ou t mo

Parcours Aventure du Bugey p13 Relax-Hotel p23 Plateau dHauteville
Hauteville-Lompnes Maillat Tourist Office p12
Casino p14 Le Lac campsite Hauteville-Lompnes
Hauteville-Lompnes and restaurant p23 Plateau de Retord
Altiport p15 Port GIP (public authority) p17
Corlier La Matinire restaurant p24 Les Plan dHotonnes
Bugey-Valromey Museum p16 Port Valromey-Retord
Lochieu Bernard Charpy restaurant p24 Tourist Office p17
Brion Champagne en Valromey
BugiNomade p18
Cormaranche en Bugey Au Moulin du Pont Nantua - Haut-Bugey
Western M p18 hotel-restaurant p26 Tourist Office p19
Thzillieu Samognat Nantua

Museum of the history Oignin campsite p27 Izernore and

of the Resistance Matafelon-Granges Monts Berthiand
and deportation p20 La Toque Blanche Tourist Office p26
Nantua restaurant p30
Museum of combs and the Oyonnax Oyonnax Inter-district
plastics industry p29 Buffard hotel-restaurant p30 Tourist Office p29
Oyonnax Oyonnax Oyonnax

an d sl ee p? ou p ac tiv iti es
Wh er e to ea t Sp ec ial is t in gr
Le Provenal H3S Stages Sport Sant p13
hotel-restaurant p14 Hauteville-Lompnes
Hauteville-Lompnes Rivoire Services p15
Aranc Evasion Vieu dIzenave
hotel-restaurant p14
al pr od uc e
La Maison de Pain dEpices Cr af ts me n & loc
guesthouse p14 Bosteels Chocolaterie p14
Rougemont - Aranc Hauteville-Lompnes
Caf-Restaurant de la Place p15 Laurent Neufcur p15
Brnod Rougemont - Aranc
Le Bistrot restaurant p21 Brnod cheese dairy p15
Nantua Brnod
La Belle Rive restaurant p21 La Combe du Val
Nantua cheese dairy p23
Auberge du Lac Genin p21 St-Martin-du-Fresne
Goiffon hotel-restaurant p21 Ar tis t
Moulin de Charix
Le CoqAin Eric Lvy p14
guesthouse p22

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Regarding the route

AINTourisme Ain Heritage

Agency for Tourism Development 34, Rue Gnral Delestraint BP 78
in the Ain Department 01002 BOURG EN BRESSE Cedex
34, Rue Gnral Delestraint BP 78 Tel./Fax: 0474320731
Tel.: 0474323130 Fax: 0474214569 Departmental Committee for Hiking in the Ain
34, Rue Gnral Delestraint BP 78
AINTOURISME Reservation Service 01002 BOURG EN BRESSE Cedex
34, Rue Gnral Delestraint BP 78 Tel.: 0474323867 Fax: 0474214569
Tel.: 0474323130 Fax: 0474214569
Upper Jura regional nature park
Conservation of the Ain Maison du Parc
Department Museums 29, Le village
34, rue Gnral Delestraint 39319 LAJOUX
Tel.: 0474321060 Fax: 0474326653

We would like to thank all of our partners

T he Ain department council Participating gastronomic craftsmen
The district councils of LE LAC DE Participating activity centres
NANTUA, LES MONTS BERTHIAND, OYONNAX, Participating accommodation
Participating town councils INTERPROFESSIONAL WOODLAND
Museums and associations FRENCH FORESTRY OFFICE
Volunteers along the route HLIANTHE



34 rue Gnral Delestraint - BP 78 01002 Bourg-en-Bresse cedex Tel.: 0474323130

Discover the three other tourist routes of the Ain.
The Bresse Route offers green hedgerows, heritage sites and its famous poultry.
Take the Dombes Route to see the area's ponds, observe the flowers and wildlife, and savour the cuisine.
The Bugey Route lies at the heart of abundant nature, local villages and vineyards.
Available from all Tourist Offices in the Ain region




Bourg- Genve
en-Bresse PAYS

Nantua DE GEX



Villars 74
les Dombes
BUGEY dAnnecy


u Bo


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34 rue Gnral Delestraint - BP 78 01002 Bourg-en-Bresse cedex
Tel.: 0474323130