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Aqueducts helped the romans move water Roman Contributors Andrews, Evan. 10 Innovations
Aqueducts liberated Roman cities from to their city without having to send people (Aqueducts) That Built Ancient Rome.
a reliance on nearby water supplies and to do it., A&E Television
proved priceless in promoting public Networks, 20 Nov. 2012,
health and sanitation.

These Roman roadsmany of which This means that the Romans gave us our Roads and Highways Andrews, Evan. 10 Innovations
are still in use todaywere way of building roads. They also That Built Ancient Rome.
constructed with a combination of contributed, A&E Television
dirt, gravel and bricks made from into our way of building highways. Networks, 20 Nov. 2012,
granite or hardened volcanic lava.
Roman engineers adhered to strict ts/10-innovations-that-built-ancie
standards when designing their nt-rome.
highways, creating arrow-straight
roads that curved to allow for water

According to Time and Date, the Julian This means that Julius Caesar invented Calendar Stilos, Aelius. The Julian
Calendar was introduced by Julius the calendar in 45 BCE. Calendar . The Julian
Caesar in 45 BCE and this replaced the Calendar,
Roman Calendar. This calendar
consists of 365 days in a regular year
which are divided into 12 months with
a leap day added to the month of
February every 4 years.

The Romans invented many surgical If it wasnt for some of the medicine and Roman Contributors Andrews, Evan. 10 Innovations
tools and pioneered the use of the surgical tools the Romans made, some (Roman Surgical Tools) That Built Ancient Rome.
cesarean section, but their most people wouldve probably died a lot more, A&E Television
valuable contributions to medicine in Rome. Networks, 20 Nov. 2012,
came on the battlefield.
This means that we would soon be able to Cement 5 Things the Romans Gave
Although concrete was used for many build many structures with ease. Us. History TV,
things (roads included), one of the
most impressive applications was the t-impossible/articles/5-things-the
construction of the 4535 metric ton, -romans-gave-us.
21 foot (6.4 metre) thick dome at the
Pantheon in Rome, which can still be

the Romans built large and magnificent Romans contributed into building bridges Bridges Labate, Victor. Roman
stone bridges such as the 135 meter (443 ft) out of stone, which we use the idea but we Engineering. Ancient History
long Pons Aemilius in Rome. The first stone use better materials because we transport Encyclopedia, 1 Mar. 2016,
bridges used stone blocks held together with heavier materials.
iron clamps. ering/.

Acta are believed to have first Romans contributed newspapers long ago Newspapers \Andrews, Evan. 10 Innovations
appeared around 131 B.C. and which historians put down victories and That Built Ancient Rome.
typically included details of Roman games and stuff and now we use them, A&E Television
military victories, lists of games and today to get news around. Networks, 20 Nov. 2012,
gladiatorial bouts, birth and death
notices and even human interest sts/10-innovations-that-built-anci
stories. ent-rome.

Many board and ball games including The Romans invented games like Jacks Games Roman Achievements&
knuckleball (jacks) and hoops. and hula hoops. Inventions. Roman
Achievements & Inventions -
Ancient Rome for Kids,

10 Causes For The Fall Of Rome

Even as Rome was under attack from With Rome being under attack by the Economic Destruction \Andrews, Evan. 10 Innovations
outside forces, it was also crumbling barbarians, economy was becoming a That Built Ancient Rome.
from within thanks to a severe problem and they just couldnt keep up, A&E Television
financial crisis. with finances. Networks, 20 Nov. 2012,

Rome had tangled with Germanic tribes for One of the reasons rome fell is because of Barbarians \Andrews, Evan. 10 Innovations
centuries, but by the 300s barbarian the barbarians who attacked rome That Built Ancient Rome.
groups like the Goths had encroached because of the losses of roman military., A&E Television
beyond the Empires borders. Networks, 20 Nov. 2012,

At its height, the Roman Empire Romans military expanded which meant Expansions \Andrews, Evan. 10 Innovations
stretched from the Atlantic Ocean all that other empires could attack That Built Ancient Rome.
the way to the Euphrates River in the, A&E Television
Middle East, but its grandeur may Networks, 20 Nov. 2012,
have also been its downfall. With such
a vast territory to govern, the empire sts/10-innovations-that-built-anci
faced an administrative and logistical ent-rome.

The invading army reached the Rome got attacked and then the rome Invading armies \Andrews, Evan. 10 Innovations
outskirts of Rome, which had been left army decreased. That Built Ancient Rome.
totally undefended. In 410 C.E., the
Visigoths, led by Alaric, breached the, A&E Television
walls of Rome and sacked the capital Networks, 20 Nov. 2012,
of the Roman Empire.

Even with their excellent road Since the Romans expanded so much, Romans Overextending \Andrews, Evan. 10 Innovations
systems, the Romans were unable communication got very hard and they That Built Ancient Rome.
to communicate quickly or couldnt communicate that well because of, A&E Television
how much land they had. Networks, 20 Nov. 2012,
effectively enough to manage their
holdings. Rome struggled to
marshal enough troops and sts/10-innovations-that-built-anci
resources to defend its frontiers ent-rome.
from local rebellions and outside
attacks, and by the second century
the Emperor Hadrian was forced
to build his famous wall in Britain
just to keep the enemy at bay.
Christianity made the emperor credibility Christianity Independence Hall. The Fall of
fall which made rome not have anyone to the Roman Empire.
By approving Christianity, the Roman rule over them., Independence
state directly undermined its religious
Hall Association,
traditions. Finally, by this time,
Romans considered their emperor a
god. But the Christian belief in one god
who was not the emperor
weakened the authority and credibility
of the emperor.

Lead poisoning is often dismissed Lead poisoning made many roman citizens Lead poisoning Mclaughlin, William. 4 Reasons
as a major cause for the decline of die because they used lead in food and Why Rome Fell (Or Did It Ever
Rome, but the theory does have water. Fall?). WAR HISTORY
some merit. The Romans used lead ONLINE, 23 May 2017,
in a variety of ways, many involving
food and water. nt-history/4-reasons-rome-fell-ev

It is agreed that depopulation of the A big disease had to attack rome because Huge disease Mclaughlin, William. 4 Reasons
West was a major occurrence, the roman empire was way to weak when Why Rome Fell (Or Did It Ever
though how severe it was is still the barbarians attacked rome. Fall?). WAR HISTORY
debated. It has been argued that ONLINE, 23 May 2017,
sustained disease hit the Roman
population hard enough to allow the nt-history/4-reasons-rome-fell-ev
barbarians to invade. er-fall.html.

he Western part was centered in

T The roman empire was divided into two The Rise of the Byzantine Empire Why Did Ancient Rome Fall?
Milan while the Eastern part in pieces and when one piece over rules the History TV,
Byzantium. Originally, this was created other it causes rome to fall.
by the Roman Emperor Diocletian to ans-rising/articles/why-did-ancie
make the magnitude that was now the nt-rome-fall.
Roman Empire easier to govern.

However, it actually led to both sides

gradually drifting apart and forming their
own entities. While the west began to
decline economically and territory wise,
the eastern section (later known as the
Byzantine Empire) went from strength to
strength in wealth and expansion.

An additional theory is that land The roman land was over farmed which Crop decline in rome Why Did Ancient Rome Fall?
across the Empire was over farmed, lead to crops dying and people dying too History TV,
causing it to become unusable and because of no food.
resulting in major crop decline. For ans-rising/articles/why-did-ancie
example salinization occurred, nt-rome-fall.
particularly in the North African
territories, which essentially made
the land impossible to grow crop on.