Circuit Training Workout # 54 Bad Ass Workout

Need: Kettlebell, Resistance Band Super Plank with Climbers 1m (push up, lower onto forearms, do 4 count mountain climbers) TO Kettlebell Rows 1m TO Alternating Leg Cross/Touchdown Abs 1m (reverse crunch with
legs crossed , lower and touch heel to floor, lift and switch legs at top in reverse crunch)

Dynamic Squats 1m 30s (30s plyo speed, 30s Slow, 30s plyo speed, 10s) TO KB Bent Press 1m Each Side TO Single Leg V Touch Ups 1m Each Side (lower leg and arms, raise to touch)

TO 8-Count Body Builders 1m TO Kettlebell Clean & Press 1m Each Side TO Diagonal Crunch Cross 1m Each Side (leg starts out wide, lift & cross leg over & crunch up)

Star Touchdown Jacks 1m (switch front leg on squat) TO One Arm Side Push Ups RIGHT Side 30s TO One Arm Down Dog Ups RIGHT Side 30s TO Repeat on LEFT Side

1-Legged Burpee with Reptile Hold at Bottom 30s Each Side TO Open Palm Tension Grip Low Squats 1m TO Alternating Tricep Leg Lifts 30s (lower into tricep alternate leg lifts)

Kick Ups to Climbers 1m (10 Kick -Ups, 10 Mt. Climbers) KB Halos 30s Each Direction TO Held Bridge Leg Lifts 1m Each Side (lift & lower leg in raised bridge hold)

Walkouts into Tricep Push Up Jump at Top 1m TO Walk Over Push Ups 1m (3 “steps” each direction) TO Reverse Push Ups 1m

Down Dog Power Knee Drives 1m Each Side TO Alternating Kettlebell Swings 1m TO Kettlebell Triangle Leg Sweeps 1m (alternate lead leg, sweep out & tuck in, KB on stomach)

Kettlebell Jump Squats 30s TO Kettlebell Lift & Lowers (KB on stomach) TO Seated Press 30s Each Side

Burpee Dive Bombers 1m TO Tripod Kettlebell Press 1m (30s Held 30s Lift & Lower Each Side) TO Flowing Side to Side Side Planks 1m

Side to Side Jump Lunges 30s- 1m TO Bench Core Lifts & Press Outs 1m (lift into high reverse tuck, lower and press legs out straight) TO 1-Arm Kettlebell Rows 1 Each Side

Jumping Split Squats 30s Each Side TO High to Low Plank Kettlebell Taps 1m (tap on each level) TO Side Plank & Rows 1m Each Side

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