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karen elaine spencer 1/3

2001 m.f.a. universit du qubec montral.
1986 b.f.a. nova scotia college of art and design.

2009 centre sagamie, alma, qubec.
2009 bureau dinvestigation darchives(bia)/the office for archival review(oar), centre
des arts actuels skol, montral, qubec. coordinators: sabrina russo and karen zalamea.
2009 dream letters for granby, 3e imperial art actuel, grandby, qubec.
2008 i dreamt i ran away from home, visualeyez, latitude 53, edmonton, alberta. curator:
todd janes.
2007 dream listener, white water gallery, north bay, ontario.
2006 votre rve dans mon oreille, le lobe, chicoutimi, saguenay, qubec.
2005 bread-bed, la cit internationale des arts, paris, france.
2002 bread-bed, the new gallery, calgary, alberta.

solo exhibitions
2008 writing with water, galerie espace, festival voix damriques, montral, qubec.
2007 dream listener, dare-dare centre de diffusion, montral, qubec.
2005 metro rider, la centrale, montral, qubec.
2003 bread-bed, eastern edge, st. johns, newfoundland.
2003 tit sucker, gallery 44, toronto, ontario.
2003 bread-bed, galerie verticale, laval, qubec.
2002 tit sucker, bread-bed, eyelevel gallery, halifax, nova scotia.
2002 expect nothing, dare-dare centre de diffusion, montral, qubec.
2000 vrifiez que, centre des arts actuels skol, montral, qubec.

group exhibitions
2009 what happens when nothing happens: unrealised ideas from montreal, gallery
rotor, valand school of art, gothenburg, sweden. travels to fofa gallery, montral,
qubec. curator: veronique malo and emily mennerdahl, the independant study group.
2008 carte postale, atsa, ltat durgence, montral, qubec.
2008 la rue des rves, (with loeil dans lfront) prix du jury, paysages phmres,
montral, qubec.
2007 dream listener, atsa, ltat durgence, montral, qubec.

spoken word performance

2007 score for a voice studying lamentation, for catcall, montral, qubec.
2007 beautiful dreamers, for text-perplexed, voix damriques,
montral, qubec. curator: victoria stanton.
2005 things that go down, for la centrale, montral, qubec.
karen elaine spencer 2/3

2009 never happened (lets pretend it), for what happens when nothing happens, fofa
gallery, montral, qubec. curator: veronique malo and emily mennerdahl, the
independant study group (isg).
2008 intimate/transparent, for grace exhibition space, brooklyn, new york.
2005 lit de pain, for multiprises 2, la cit internationale des arts, paris, france.
2004 bread-bed, for anti-contemporary art festival, kuopio, finland.
2004 facing the lost, for la lumire comme surmoi, performance + photographie,
dazibao, montral, qubec. curator: france choinire and michle thriault.
2003 partager, for prescription, folie/culture, qubec, qubec. curator: denis simard.
2003 onion peeler and play group, for interazioni performance festival, sardinia, italy.
2003 american can(t), for espaces mergents, coup de ds dterritorialit, montral,
qubec. curator: guy sioui durand.
2002 toast maker, for un cri vers lternit/shout at eternity, montral, qubec.
2001 ramblin man, for articule special projects, montral, qubec.
2000 tu me brles, for les yeux rouges, 24 heures de performance et dart action,
rouyan-noranda, qubec. curator: sylvie cotton.

2007 dream listener, an audiobook in three movements, (with crum) dare-dare centre
de diffusion, montral, qubec.
2002 swims walk, shout at eternity, montral, qubec.
2002 karens bread shoes, d2d, 7a*11d, toronto, ontario.
2002 karens bread shoes, 4th international multimedia art festival (imaf,)
performance art today, odzaci, yugoslavia.

2009 viva! art action, centre des arts actuels skol, montral, qubec.
2004 she came to my house, she knocked upon my door, the new gallery, calgary,
2002 3plus3, change san francisco/montral, la centrale, montral, qubec.

conseil des arts et des lettres du qubec 2007, 2003, 2002, 2001, 1997, 1995
conseil des arts et des lettres du qubec, studio du qubec paris 2005
the canada council 2005, 2003, 1991, 1989

air canada
the richmond art gallery
the canada council art bank
bibliotheque nationale du qubec
richmond womens resource centre association
the art gallery, mount saint vincent university
karen elaine spencer 3/3

inter art actuel, hiver 2008-2009, 101, voix de femmes, voix des amriques. pp. 74-76.
letarte, genevive.
the edmonton journal, july 19, 2008. at visualeyez fest, its all about the art. bouchard,
spirale, no. 219, mars/avril 2008. karen elaine spencer, dream listener/porteur de
rves/portador de suenos: nous sommes tous de beaux rveurs. trans. colette tougas. pp.
35-38. tayler, felicity
the north bay nugget, september 17, 2007. montreal artist takes her dreams to the
streets. dubois, denis.
the gazette, montral, october 13, 2007. blogosphere: scattered cardboard signs have a
dreamlike quality. faguy, steve.
the gazette, montral, nov. 29, 2007. taking it to the streets, dewolfe. christopher.
, (saguenay), 2 novembre, 2006. rver mieux. caron, jean-franois.
cv variable, no. 65: portraits, september 2004. photographic memory: the experience of
performance. p. 29. mcleod, dayna.
the telegram, st. johns newfoundland, vol. 125, no. 108, july 22, 2003. artist making an
impression: bread-lined installation creating a controversy. bradburry bennet, tara.
mirror, vol. 18, #32, january 23 - 29, 2003. bread and bed. p. 41. redfern, christine.
mirror, vol. 17, #16, september 20 - 27, 2001. ramble on. p. 43. redfern, christine.
montral campus, vol. xxi, no. 8, 06, decembre 2000. lart qui se mange: hors-doeuvre.
p. 13. gervais, lisa-marie.

catalogues, brochures, books

what happens when nothing happens. malo, vronique, mennerdahl, emily, independent
study group, stockholm, sweden. (2009) 52p. isbn 978 91 633 4838 9. 14 x 9 cm. booklet.
orange 2006, como como. babin,sylvette, et al. st-hyacinthe, qubec. : orange,
lvenment dart actuel de saint-hyacinthe, et expression, centre dexposition de saint-
hyacinthe, (2008) 159p. isbn 9 782922 326581. hard cover book.
lobe rsidence programmation 2006 - 2007. bouchard, carl, bouchard, claude, caron,
jean-franois, therrien, genevive. chicoutimi, qubec. : le lobe, (2007) exhibition
micheline durocher/karen spencer: tit sucker. bourgeois, gail. toronto, ontario. : gallery
44. (2003) 2p. : 4 ill. , 21 x 14 cm. exhibition pamphlet.
articule : 2001-2000. balcaen, jo-anne; brewer, allan; brewer william. montral, qubec. :
articule, (2002) 25p. : 17 ill., 23 x 19 cm + 5 livrets. exhibition catalogue.
skol 1999 - 2000. trahan, carl; nincas, anne-marie. karen spencer vrifiez que, texte de
alexandria pierce. montral, qubec. : centre des arts actuels skol, (2003) 13 vol., 4p.
chacun : 33 ill. ; 23 x 22 cm. exhibition brochures.
ace art inc. : programming. woodbury, jennifer. winnipeg, manitoba. : ace art (1997) 38.
p. : 35 ill. ; 23 x 10 cm. exhibition catalogue.
fertile ground. allen, jan; spencer, karen; reid, leslie. kingston, ontario. agnes ethrington
art centre, (1966) 24. p. : 11 ill. (1o col.) 26 x 21 cm. isbn 0 88911 7365. exhibition
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