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ans- dnt u wry.. u jus ve to b thorugh in C... de remainin u can pick up as dey train u... dey ll train u up on RDBMS,SQL...
4 passing every test dey give u 3 attempts...need nt get tensed.. u can cope up... Start Readin now... or full have Sleeples
Nights durin ur Training.


a. wont teach u nething although they will try hard to make u know every subject within 2 days... which is not feasible at
all.......... all objective questions that comes in several company offcampus test ... try to solve yesvant kanetkar's TEST UR
SKILL .. that may help u... rest try to find as many online questions on c as possible........ dont learn nething u r never sure
in wat platform u will be put in....


a. Accy HRs will intimate u thru mail as to when ur trainings would start. So don't bother!
You must have given them a preference list as to the order of the locations u prefer. However, before this "Preference List"
come a few other priorities. I'll just list them for you.

1. The first priority is based on requirement. If you've opted for Banglore, but there is a requirement in Mumbai(and none
in Banglore), you're preference list is gonna be chucked out through the window!

2. If you're preference says Pune, but there are no fresher training facilities in Pune! So you'll be posted to a training
facility(say in Mumbai as that's the closest to Pune and also if Mumbai can accomodate you). They may contemplate a
transfer later in your career.

Now, if you do get posted to a location you didn't actually picture yourself, you could always request for a transfer.

Your trainings can be anywhere in Mumbai, Hyd, Chennai or B'lore. The location MAY also depend on ur preference sheet
which u gave while u successfully cleared the interview. Once ur trainings are over, the HR MAY post u to a different
location. But it depende stotally on ur luck wheter u get ur preferred location..u may or may nt


a. u guys are gonna get royal accomodation during the first 2 weeks. After that u better fend for urself. And yeah...when I
mean royal... i mean ROYAL!!! Enjoy while it lasts! Officially...accy wouldn't provide u any help with the accomodation.
However, u could speak to the training co-ordinators here and they'll help u to get a house on RENT.. yeah... its kinda
good that we become independend soon! In my case, we enjoyed the first week... come back from office and use the
swimming pools and gyms of the places where we stayed, roamed around, made new friends, got dropped by the
company bus right in front of our places,etc! After the first week, u'll fell comfy with a few ppl and will start hunting for
houses after training! Now, these brokers here know that we're laden with money (IT industry has that kinda reputation),
so they make maximum use of it! Finally most of us found houses...
the trainin period is usually for 2 months...

.]??? a. AGREEMENT ?? a. DBMS theory .. 5k is ur own expense. Thats all time bound and prj specific.000/.. Now. getting technology of your choice. If the prj is into its final phases.I MEAN EVRYBDY WILL GET THT OR DO WE NEED 2 SHOW R EXPENSES WHICH WE MADE 4 RELOCATION N WE'LL GET THT AMOUNT ONLY [OFCRSE UP2 10000. UR asked to sign a bond only when u nearly complete the training. streams are most of the time decided on random basis.. Q. practicals .whereas that for a hot skill like Peoplesoft. zero days. data structures. then the HRs would have no other job than to keep evaluating We've those kind of appraisals once in six months! Q.Q. However.???? a. BENCH PERIOD ?? a. if she agrees thats fine. IN R OFFER LETTR IT'S MENTIONED THT WE'LL B GETTIN 10. Q. If u produce bills for 8k u'll only be given 8k. it's 1..?? a. i guess u meant weekly reviews of what u've done..000/-. they'll put u in Java rather than .SDLC etc ..C. Q. and they've not enough ppl for Java... I hope I've clarified this.WEEKLY APPRAISALS. only 10k will be reimbursed. How long will u be on bench if u get there??? As long as some prj needs ur services Q. Bond is an agreement between u and the company stating that you'd work with Accy for a minimum period or else pay compensation to the company towards your training and allied expenditure. You could get locked onto a prj as soon as u exit training.. depends upon the requirement at the moment. Hope i've answered this? . at the end of the first month of training.. For example the bond amount for Java is 50. three-four streams. All ur expenses will be reimbursed subject to a MAXIMUM of 10k. If ur comfy with Java. while in training and you mite end up.well for swappig.00.000 FOR RELOCATION.?? IS IT FIXED. depends upon the hr. will ask u which technology ur most comfy in.. u may have a daily review... The bond duration is for one year. Now on minimum bench period.NET where they've a greater requirement. WAT R THE SUB TAUGHT IN TRNG?? a. CAN WE CHOSE THE TECHONOLOGY IN TH 2ND MONTH F TRAININ? OR WE'LL BE ALLOTTED ONE BASED ONE SOME CONDITIONS. Depending on your technology. the bond amout may vary. anything which will contain ur relocation within 10k! And this could also include ur parents flight charge. then they'll put u in something they feel best. Now. else it could be a weekly or a monthly review. if u actually did mean appraisals as in evaluating ur performance in accy. even if u produce bills for 15k. The HRs. If ur comfy with nothing. but chances are bright that you can choose between. in Accy.

Now. does accy give lesser oportunities to go onsite. maybe 1-2 yrs! Or else if there a kinda training which the prj wants u to do and if this training's only available onsite. just like we have sessionals during our college..I KNW IT CNT BE TRUE LUKIN AT THE STRATURE OF THE COMPANY. Coz you will be working on a domestic on site format and its challenging to satisfy the clients and its good experience.. lol. So u may feel they send ppl onsite more too often.. Will scrub shoulders with many Tech savvy guys.BUT STILL WANTD TO CONFIRM IT WID U.. could led to termination. but i believe i'm not wrong either Q... IS THE SALARY GOING TO BE REVISED BEFORE WE JOIN?? a. you are given two more attempts to secure 60 %. I'm not saying I'm right. WILL THERE B ANY MEDICAL TEST BEFORE JOINING??????? a. Work is as hectic as the prj demands. Accenture is Technology. But the only difference is.. Q.. sal will increase after u join. Oh yeah. well Acy has a presence of abt 1. confirmd.which are taught during the training. . failing to achieve this.. Outsourcing and Consulting company and can expect all types of work in India. u'll have to take periodical exams during ur training..CAN U TELL ME THE WORK PATTERN IS IT HECTIC OR SO?? a.Q. cheerz. all u need to do here is pass and this performance wouldn't be considered in ur accy career again.BUT NO CORE TECHNICAL WORK IS UNDERTAKN. tests are taken of only those subjects... If you in to Solution then the nature of work will be technology. a. A. It also make you understand how other company works and at the same time how accenture functions its operation. I HAVE A DOUBT. and yes if you fail.. If the prj feels u've worked long enuf and that the onsite team could do with u.. 1yr after u join dat is.. well. Q. HEY. And technology in accenture is par from many other companies. u'll be there! How long. they'll send u .5lac employees worlwide! Whom all will they give an onsite opportunity? Infy (at max)has only half accys strength.. no… Q. TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT ON-SITE OPPURTUNITIES IN ACCY.. If ur into a maintenance prj. TEST DURING TRAINING ??? a. As everyone knows Accenture is the No.. THERE ARE A LOT OF RUMOURS THAT IN INDIA ACCENTURE ONLY HAS OUTSOURCIN N CONSULTANCY.1 Consulting company in the world.. Working on a outsourcing way is not easy need to come across lots of challenges.. in all probability ur work is pretty chill. This is my personal opinion.. If u get into development. in training.. IT IS OFTEN SAID THAT SINCE THERE IS ENOUGH WORKSPACE IN OTHER COUNTIES FOR ACCY THERE IS NOT ENOUGH ON-SITE OPPURTUNITES WHEN COMPARED TO OTHER INDIAN COMPANIES WHICH HAVE LESSER PRESENCE IN OTHER COUNTRIES. Lots of scope to learn new techonology. in all probability the pressure depends on how fast u move things! Q. onsite opportunities are again prj dependend..

DO WE GET TO CHOOSE THE DOMAIN (TECHNOLOGY) WE WANT TO WORK ON . Testing or Mainframes. Why do I think so??? Bcoz. i believe training should always be domain specific. Thats all. Apart from that accenture is a cool place to work and it has a very very unique working culture and also the training in accenture is second to none.SQL. Three tests there will be 1. OR THE HRS DECIDE IT FOR US ?? a.NET.RDBMS.S/W engineering etc..well. really don't think ur training performance is of any importance for future prjs. if we were left to decide for ourself. so we wil be given specific n exclusive training for that Q. so I would recommend u try to avoid that. And JAVA is evergreen and u can never go obsolete with Java (at least not so for the next 10 yrs)! So now its ur pick. Training. Q. Mainframes seem to be in the obsolence mode..C++. in soft skills . The only thing accenture wont encourage is faking them and violating the policy. ERP. we wil learn communication skills. Microsoft is currently giving a big boost to . thats all! Q.. we wil learn C. databases. there wouldn't be any guy in mainframes U can work broadly on Java. . GROWTH IN ACC ? . IS ACCENTURE HIRE N FIRE COMPANY ?? A. it can be java. SAP etc. first month of training is common for all. developing. In domain specific training. Testing is fine and experienced testers are in great demand too! Peoplesoft is an ERP and it also seems to have regular client bonuses. in technical. The HRs decide bro. domain specific 1. Soft skills 3. DOES OUR PERFORMANCE IN THE TRAINING PERIOD HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE ALLOTMENT OF DOMAIN AND IDC (IF WE PERFORM WELL WILL OUR HRS ALLOW US SELECT THE DOMAIL AND IDC) ? a. WHAT WILL BE THE DIFFICULTY OF THE THREE TESTS IN THE GREENFIELD TRAINING?. Q. right?!! However.. rating can be 4 2.Q. Which is with every company. Technical 2... So thats why i thing training performance isn't all that important.. rating again 4 3. The answer to your question is Accenture is not a hire and fire company..NET by introducing the Avanarde prj. they will put us in specific domain or project . data mining. Its just impreative u pass. ur IN. No use teaching u all the domains when u'll work just in one.LIKE IF U RATE IT OUT OF 5? A.. Peoplesoft. the topper of training batch as well as ppl who did below avg are posted in the same prj. how to deal with clients and overall personality development. Its just like once u get placed from coll ur % no longer matters at office! Once ur in... If they find that some of them doing then they will immediately sack them.

u'll have to get one made if u want to go onsite.) Q TRANSPORT ??? a.100/. The appraisal cycle happens during the August end and the new revised salary will be given on Sept salary. The countersigning is b'coz if u dont't cough up the cash. Growth rate in accenture IS very good only if you are very good As far as growth is concerned its high at accenture if you performing beyond expectation not just in your project but other activities aswell like attending training and completing certifications on testing etc.A.. hand sal cme to 17-18k depends hw u design ur sal.7 PA? a. REGARDING BANK GUARANTEE. SALARY HIKE ?? A. this would just amt upto Rs. Q. Q. Services. They've buses running from one corner of mumbai to the next. Thats all!!! Q. I DID NOT GET MY OFFER LETTER STILL???? a. Q.. right?!! Q. Enterprise etc). WATS IDC ? A.per month.(yes we get to design our sal. However. One of the best in the software industry. Absolutely NO!!! All u've to do is sign a guarantee saying u wouldn't leave accy for at least one yr. This shoudl be countersigned by one blood relative and another not necessarily blood relative. A passport in simple words just says ur ready to go onsite if the company wants u to. The min hike during appraisal will be 20%. ur TA is subject to tax. They provide FREE EXTENSIVE Transport facilities. accy would be legally entitled to extract the money from ur blood relative! There is absolutely nothing else to it!!! Q. If u get an onsite opportunity and u don't have a passport then. ??? a. while hiring they give you less but on the subsequent yr appraisal they will put you on the industry standard (from 30- 50% hike) i think thats a lot. ARE WEEKENDS OFF ??? . AND I WANTED TO KNOW HOW MUCH ON HAND SALARY WIL WE GET IF OUR PACKAGE IS 2. IS IT COMPULSORY TO SUBMIT PASSPORT AT THE TIME OF JOINING?IS THERE ANY RELAXATION BECAUSE IT'S NOT POSSIBLE FOR ME TO GET IT BEFORE JULY. its Indian Delivery Center(Solutions. Thats chill. PS: If u use company transport. I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHETHER WE HAVE TO PAY ANY AMOUNT INITIALLY FORM OUR POCKETS AS BANK GUARANTEE OR THINGS OF THAT SORT.

I GAVE DURING OUR PLACMNT TIME HAS SOME PROBLM N M NOT ABLE TO ACCESS IT. ) VARIABLE PAY ?? a.. running around (rarely... in my career till now. cheerz. Its a total fundu place and may remind u of college sometimes.. joking. they will do the rest. TEA COFFEE ?? a. However. hwever donot change the phonenumber u gave them...5k of ur salary per month is allotted to buying stating ur date & place & batch of recruitment. Q.quries@accenture. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES THAT ACCENTURE WILL SPONSOR YOU 2 TO DO MBA AT IIM-B OR XLRI ?? A. why not the FREE HOT CHOCOLATE our machine vends for u guyz?!! Q. but no one stops u). I've never worked on weekends!!! Q. Hell yeah!!! But that is unless ur prj doesn't want u to specifically work on weekends. pulling legs. right?!! Only thing is that it comes ones in six months or in other words is bi-annual! Its kinda ur one month salary in advance every year! Do u know anybody who hasn't received their variable pay in accy? Q. but if u really want to carry something to ur desk.a. AFTER ONE JOINS THE COMPANY WAT R THE EFFORTS ONE NEEDS TO PUT IN SO AS TO GET GOOD RATINGS AND B CONSISTENT?? A. accy does have ESPP (Employee Share Purchase Plans) wherein 2.. WORK CULTURE ?? a...?? a. I personally dn't drink coffee and tea.. simply write them a mail at campus.. DRESS CODE. In friday you can wear any damn thing u want provided it has a collar(for men) and it doesn't expose tooooo much skin(for women & men)! Q. etc!!! In fact there have also been scenes where we've organized a tug of war within a bay! Now beat that! Q. You always get ur variable pay. Q. ESPP ??? a.. The utmost criteria to be among the top to push for a good ratings are ... laughing out loud. Business Formals for men (without the tie) and women from Monday thru Thursday. The good thing abt this is u incur no brokerage fees on this purchase... The chances are there to be part of MBA programe only for those guys whose designation are TL and above and consistently getting a good ratings Q. chatting.. THE EMAIL ID .. Hell yeah.. why coffee.?? a. The team lunching together.

Digicams. If you late if you on going on leave you should communicate in advance to your supervisor. CAN ANY1 TELL ME WTS D BASIC PER MONTH THEY PROVIDE TO A FRESHER????? N WTS THE PERCENTAGE THEY ALLOW IN PF N HRA???? a. HOW WILL I GET JOINING INFO ?? a. Also helping your peer 5) Good Communication Skill ( This simple word has got big definition).. the company will chip in with 5% too. WHAT IS THE POLICY ON USE OF GADGETS INSIDE THE COMPANY PREMISES? CELL. u need a valid email id first so that the HRs can send you the jng letter. Now on Swapping... record videos. I guess thats how it works. AS ACCY DEVIDES OUR CTC IN NET SAL.. So its quite obvious that walkmans are against policy... etc. ? a. but it is somewhere between 1. Q.. So if u put in 5%. LAPTOPS. And finally ur . I'm not really sure how muchur basic will be. Q. the HRs should be able to sort it out from there! PS: Agar HRs ka bas chalta. Later when u approach ur jng date. IPODS. WHAT CAN U TALK ABOUT THAT EXTENSION. DIGICAMS. pen drives and ipods are a strict NO-NO.. PEN DRIVES ETC? a. HOW MANY PEOPLE GET INTO IT . WALKMANS.LTL. they'd given everyone their preferred location! Q. I really don't know the %. On ur HRA. They'll do the rest. SWAPPING TRNG OR JOINING LOCATION ?? a.. ur mobile phones are exempt from policy as long as u don't take pics. u can put in upto 12% of ur basic sal and the company will put in the same amt too. N ALSO HEARD THT THEY ALLOW EMPLOYEES TO CONFIGURE IT. 4) Need to deliver your modules on time and also it should be a quality deliverables. It doesnt mean just speaking ability it also means how good a communicator you are amongst the team......5-3k. Guyz.. PF% is self decided. Q. the HRs will give u a call to know if u'll join or not Q. however. Extension is something which u can avail if u will are unable to join accy on the specified date due to personal or what so ever reasons! All u gotta do is write a mail to the HR (call her up first to confirm the mail id u gotta send it to) and ask for an extension.1) Good work atitude 2) Visibility among the Team 3) Good rapport with all the team members and most importantly with your superiors. there are strings attached to the swap! The person with whom u intend to swap must be acceptable to ur prj too (huge hurdle here as the prj will have to train these ppl and this means waste of precious time)! If this is ok and ur prj mates are chill with a new person coming into it. I CAN SEE IN MY OFFER LETTER SOME EXTENSION OF 90 DAYS PERIOD .. it should be something between 9&11k.VAR PAY... listen to mp3s and allied stuff.

however... had loads of scans done.. But you also need some ppl who will do all the very basic stuff here.. I recently wanted to claim for my Dad's hospital charges (he was admitted for a couple of days for chest congestion. but amazingly small in size too for a 5000 strong building.. but i believe ACN will remain under marketed in india for some more yrs. Another lack lusture stuff from accy. I WANTED TO KNOW THAT WHAT AALL RECRREATIONAL FACILITIES CAN B AVAILED IN OFFICES. I guess anything which needs a doc! I believe that this is kinda similar to Mediclaim and other insurance. we've only 2TT tables. But do make sure u never do this in front of an evangelic HR!!! Q. However..AND YES CAN WE ENJOY ORKUTING THERE ??? a.3.000.i think its ppl like u and me who will have to do the grass root marketing!!! Q. Q. All Accy employees are covered by medical insurance upto Rs. WATCHING CRICKET ETC.. right? Now these freshers will be trained gradually to match up to their seniors.Whn i ws recruited by ACN most of my relatives said one and the same thing " Why dint u opt for Infosys? " We may make damn good ads. I don't think u'll like the recreation facilities they provide here... Q. And on why no mp3s??? We were told during induction that mp3 mostly contain pirated music. I feel they're pretty creative...00. u shouldn't have a prob. ERP does require domain specialists too. WHAT KIND OF MEDICAL FACILITIES I CAN EXPECT FOR MY PARENTS ??? a.. After this whatever medical bills they incur will be reimbursed. but can't help it. DOESNT ERP NEED DOMAIN SPECIALISTS ??? a. You can cover upto 6 ppl including urself! All u gotta do is put in ur parents names as ur dependants.. Besides.. but unfortunately it fails to reach out to the common mass as to what accy does. hmmm. I've heard ppl saying is accy an internationaly reknown "sports club"??? Man.. JAISE SWIMMING POOL ANY SORT OF SPORTS.. I guess we do have culturals once in a while too! But the final word u can't use wi-fi or any other network to connect ur laptop! this laptop will be monitored by the accy network.. And the final part. These guys can monitor ur lappy online anytime of the clock!So u store anything personal u can rest be assured of a royal screw session! Accy does allow u to use headsets attached to ur PC. All these ppl said was.. bring along the originals of all bills along with the photocopy of the scan reports and they'd reimburse the entire amount.personal laptop will have to be approved by ur manager. that freaked me out. u need to raise a request at some place and they'll give u ur headset. yes.. NO ONE STICKS TO THESE POLICIES!!! ppl do personally listen to mp3s download videos. Well. ... if all companies start looking for experienced guyz.. what'll happen when all these guys buzz off?!! You could think abt it. one pool table and one helluva(a-m-a-z-i-n-g) GYM. take videos & pics thru their cell cams. If he approves it.. bro. WHAT DO I THINK OF ACCY ADS??? a. right? our ads r a bit "tangential" to ordinary ppl. etc).

THE PERMANENT PLACE WHR I WUD BE WORKIN. Q.. Q. 1.?? I MEAN I HAV KNWN GUYS MAKIN A SWITCH FRM INFY BEING PAID ROYALLY IN D NEW FIRM JUS COZ F D KINDA TRAININ THOZ GUYS R IMPARTED... Q. a. ?? a. IS D PLACE WHR I HAV BEEN POSTED FOR TRAINIG. And you'll grow at the rate u perform and keep ur bosses happy. but u can apply for a transfer.Depends on what u call cutting edge technology and what kinda job u'll do later in ur career. I've come across amazingly great ppl (who know the A-Z of the topic) as well as really pathetic ppl (who're just there to get a few brownie points!). a. Q. u can b rest assured it will b more than the sal of the batch tah joins after u...depnding on ur performance hike has no limits.Q. 1yr.DOES ACCY PROVIDE CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY.5ODD YRS IN ACCEN GETS. a. ALSO PLZ LEMME KNW D GROWTH PROSPECTS FR A FRESHER IN ACCEN. Q. mostly ur traing loc is ur joing loc.. WHTS IS D AVG TIME A JSE TAKE TO JUMP TO D NXT HIGHER LEVEL(DUDE U LEFT THS QUERY UNANSWRD IN D PREV POST). thereafter it is agin soley on ur tech skills nd performance.. Q. DO THEY ALLOCATE A FRESHER IN DEVELOPMENT. Ur right! If u work in accy for a couple of yrs..?? a. hike is dependent on ur performance.. u'll be in real hot demand within the market.. WHILE SWITCHING TO ANOTHER CO.OR AFTR THE TRAINING THEY WILL SHIFT US TO ANOTHER PLACE. WHTS D KIND OF SALARY HIKE DOZ A PERSN WHU HS WRKD FR 1. yes they do put freshers on development.. Now trainings depend on the trainers the most. u get a mandatory promotin to the post of SE after an year.. PLZ COMPARE IF POSB. a. WHEN DO THEY GIVE IT AND WHATS THE % OF HIKE. a. By the time u exit accy u'll have good solid fundas and that will make u quite tempting for other softy companies. . WHAT ABOUT THE HIKE IN ACCENTURE. I WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT THE STATE OF DEVELOPEMENT WORK AC ACCY.. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GET THE DESIGNATION OF SOFTWARE ENGG AND THEN SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGG IN ACCY.. Why??? Bcoz accy is the best place to train ur fresh mind.

thn degrees certificates(all from 1st year onwards) ... AND WHEN DO WE GET IT. d lab is @ an ext.. CAN U PLZ TELL US WAT ALL DOCUMENTS DO WE NEED TO CARRY AT THE TIME OF JOINING??? a.. u will hav to carry all certificates . 10 .....sick leaves....5 day week Q. but u need to keep ur feet on fire .there's a huuuuuuuuge cafeteria where ya can hav enythin u need ..?? a.. ya'll hav 2 pay either by cash or get it cut in frm ur package via food coupons Q..Q.10 & 12th . nahi ayegi 9 to 5-6 is our schedule ..HOW MANY TIMEZ DO DEY PROVIDE NON-VEG.. 7 . CAN U TELL ME WHAT WILL HAPPEN ABOUT THAT 20K VARIABLE PAY WHICH IS OTHER THAN 2.. isnt much tuff . first installment in sep and next in march Q... being regular n attentive koi prob.. WATS THE SCHEDULE LIKE WAT SORT OF TRAINING ETC IS BEING VIEN CAN U PLZZZ TELL US A MORE BOUT IT !!!! a. a. yes it is classroom teaching only. 20 days of vacation.2 stamp size pics .6paasport size photos .. lazy hue tau gaye kaam as v've 2 keep on givin 2-3 tests every week thruout d 2 months trng .... presently v're undergoing basic trng which comes before domain trng ..3L.. .passport …Pan card . DO WE GET THE FULL AMOUNT OR PART OF IT...DO THEY PROVIDE CANTEEN FACILITY OR DO WE HAV TO PAY??? WAITIN 4 RPLY info:blood grp & alergy if u hav thats it.. ACCY LEAVE POLICY... you get it semi annually..... but in Lab .public holidays in a year... loc. not in Accy office ....i Q. HOW IS THE FOOD AT ACCENTURE...ur offre letter ..

.C++.. when u have come to an accenture community it is obvious that v say Accenture is the best. Oppurtunities compared to Accenture is less in TCS. And among the top 100 in world.... ABROAD CHANCES ?? a.. N TCS as you know its Indian company... Q. so its better you carry books. N in general if u want info Accenture is the worlds highest outsourcing company and one among the top ten in America. u don't have to worry they makecaccomodation arrangements for u 1 day prior to joining so u need not get worried waha ek din pehle se karenge pahucho sab naye hai jaan pehchaan ho jaayegi aur wahan sab settle ho jaayega so chill. well if u waana sighting chances to go abroad as fresher then honestly u have to be exceptional but i would say be grounded build a good conceptual knowledge of ur stream and then may be in ayear or two u will be onsite. i didnt carry n so i had to buy dem. Q. SHOULD I CARRY BOOKS OF C... HOW MANY DAYS BEFORE WE SHOULD REACH TO THE PLACE ? AND THE ACCOMODATION WILL BE GIVEN FROM WHICH DAY ? IS IT FROM THE DATE OF JOINING OR ONE DAY BEFORE THAT.Q. .DBMS. Q. dey provide course material but i guess thts not enough.. OR THEY WILL PROVIDE MATERIAL ?? a.. CN U TELL ME WHICH IS BEST ACCENTURE OR TCS ???? a. a.