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Zypper Cheat Sheet More Information: or type m an zypper on a term inal

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For Zypper version 1.0.9

Package Locks
Distribution Upgrade
Querying Lock Packages zypper dist-upgrade or zypper dup
Searching Packages zypper addlock or zypper al Note:
Examples: When doing a distribution update, the best is to
zypper search or zypper se
zypper al 'yast2*' #lock all packages starting with 'yast2' work only with the repositories of the distribution
you want to install.
zypper se -dC --match-words RSI #look for RSI acronym
(case-sensitively), also in summaries and descriptions Remove Locks
zypper se 'yast*' #show all packages starting with 'yast' zypper removelock or zypper rl
zypper se -r upd #list all packages from 'upd' repository Examples: Vocabulary
zypper se -i sqlite #show all 'sqlite' installed packages zypper rl 'yast2*' #remove locks to all packages starting
zypper se -t pattern -r upd #list all patterns available in with 'yast2' Repositories
the 'upd' repository HTTP or FTP server, DVD, or a folder on a local disc.
where a group or set of packages are located.
List Locks Resource Identfiers (URI)
Getting Information about Packages zypper locks or zypper ll To specify locations of repositories or other
resources (RPM files, .repo files) you can use
zypper info or zypper if
any type of URIs supported by libzypp. See
Examples: for a complete
zypper info amarok Update Management list and usage examples.
zypper info -t patch amarok #show info for 'amarok' patch Refresh
zypper patch-info amarok #same as above Listing Needed Patches Refreshing a repository means downloading metadata
zypper info -t pattern lamp_server #info 'lamp_server' of packages from the medium (if needed), storing it in
zypper list-patches or zypper lp local cache (typically under
/var/cache/zypp/raw/<alias> directory) and preparsing
Applying Patches the metadata into .solv files (building the solv cache),
Getting Information about Dependencies typically under /var/cache/zypp/solv/<alias>.
zypper patch
zypper what-provides or zypper wp Services are one level above repositories and serve to
Examples: Listing All Patches manage repositories or to do some special tasks.
zypper wp firefox zypper patches Libzypp currently supports only one type of services,
the Repository Index Service (RIS).
Package Types
Checking Patches zypper works with several types of resource objects,
Utilities zypper patch-check or zypper pchk called resolvables. A resolvable is a package, patch,
pattern, or a product.
Verify Dependencies package - an ordinary RPM package
Getting Information About Patches patch - update of one or more packages.
zypper verify or zypper ve zypper patch-info pattern - group of packages required or recommended
Note: to install some functionality
zypper info -t patch
This is useful in cases of a broken system product - group of packages which are necessary to
install a product
Packages Updates
Install New Recommended Packages
zypper list-updates or zypper lu
zypper install-new-recommends or zypper inr
zypper update or zypper up