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Dear Parents

Please pay attention to the following points :-
1. Please check your ward's note books everyday. 2017-18
2. Check the Almanac daily.
3. Please send a water bottle and nutritious food in
the tiffin.
4. Please send your child in proper uniform.
5. Please see to it that your child is punctual and
regular to school.
6. Please clear your dues on time.
7. Encourage your child to take part in the co-
curricular activities.
8. Encourage your child to speak in English at home
and check her/him from using bad language.
9. Maintain a good rapport with all the subject
10. Co-operate with teachers for the overall
development of your child
Thanks !

Name ........................................................
Class Teacher
Class .........................................................
Syllabus for I-Term Ch-12 Measures of Capacity
Subject - English Ch-13 Measures of Time
Ch-15 Data Handling
Dodging Tables 2 to 15, sums of Addition, Subtraction,
Ch-1 Fun with Friends Multiplication and Division , Roman Numbers - 1 to 50
Ch-2 The Balloon Race All the work done in book and notebook
Ch-3 Vir, The Hero Subject - M. Science
Ch-4 Out with father Ch-1 On Time
Ch-5 The Man Cub Ch-5 Greedy Crave
Ch-6 Making a house Ch-6 Sam the little boy
Ch-7 Crock with Qucaky and Queeky
Ch-8 Little Teena
(i) O, Look at the Moon
Subject - E.V.S
(ii) Six Little Mice Sat Down to spin Ch-1 Living & non living things
(iii) Tumbling Ch-8 My Home
English Language Ch-9 Seasons
Ch-1 A Peep into Alphabet Land Ch-10 Clothes People wear
Ch-2 Alphabetical Order Ch-11 Good Habits
Ch-3 Vowels and Consonants Ch-12 Safety
Ch-13 The Sky
Ch-4 Word Building
Ch-14 Air and water
Ch-5 Joint Letters
Subject - G.K.
Ch-6 Riddles Ch-1 & 2, Ch- 19 to 37
Ch-7 Part of Speech Subject - Computer
Ch-8 Naming Words : Nouns Ch-1 The Computer
Ch-9 Countable and Uncountable Ch-4 The keyboard and its keys
Ch-10 Singular and Plural Nouns Ch-5 Using a Mouse
Ch-11 Words used in Pairs Ch-6 Storage Devices
Ch-7 Let's color Picture on the computer
Ch-12 Word Game
Subject - Drawing
Days of the week, Month of the year, Synonyms, Antonyms,
Rhyming Words, Paragraph Writing Cat, Honey Bee, Christmas Bells, Tortoise , Lotus

(1) (6)
Subject - Hindi Subject - Hindi
Literature Literature
ikB&3 tknqbZ isfUly Page no. 9 to 47
ikB&1 fourh
ikB&9 ehBs cksy
ikB&2 xqByh
ikB&10 eksrh tSls nk¡r
ikB&3 tknqbZ isafly
ikB&11 vkvks feydj jsy cuk,¡
ikB&4 fcYyh dks tqdke
ikB&12 nks cdfj;k¡
ikB&5 xqfM+;k dk C;kg
ikB&14 dks;y
ikB&6 Hkkyw pdjk x;k
ikB&15 n'kgjs dk esy ikB&7 lc djrs gSa viuk dke
ikB&16 vkvks isM+ yxk,¡ ikB&8 ?kaeMh ckjg flaxk
dfork &ehBs cksy] dks;y (Oral) dfork &fourh] fcYyh dks tqdke (Oral)
Language - Language -
ikB&4 laKk ikB&1 Hkk"kk
ikB&7 fØ;k ikB&2 o.kZ
ikB&8 fyax ikB&3 'kCn vkSj okD;
ikB&9 opu ikB&4 laKk
ikB&10 foykse 'kCn ikB&5 loZuke

ikB&13 fnu] lIrkg] eghus] o"kZ ikB&6 fo'ks"k.k
ifjHkk"kk 'kCn] okD;] laKk] dh ifjHkk"kk] fnukas ds uke] fucU/k (fjDr LFkku)
fxurh 1&20 ifjHkk"kk ]loZuke&fØ;k rFkk fo'ks"k.k] vusd 'kCnksa ds fy, ,d 'kCn]
foykse 'kCn] fyax cnyks] opu cnyks] fxurh 1 ls 10
fuca/k&2] eghuksa ds uke] dgkuh (fjDr LFkku)] fp= o.kZu] i'kq if{k;ksa dh
Subject - Maths
Ch-1 Revision
Subject - Maths Ch-2 Numbers upto one Thousand
Ch-3 Addition Ch-3 Addition
Ch-7 Fractional Number Ch-4 Subtraction
Ch-9 Money Ch-5 Multiplication
Ch-10 Measures of Length
Ch-6 Division
Ch-11 Measures of Weight
(5) (2)
Ch-8 Shapes Around us Syllabus for II-Term
Ch-14 Patters Subject - English
Dodging Table 2 to 10, Sums of Addition, Subtraction, Literature
Multiplication, Roman no. 1 to 30 Ch-7 Fun with Friends
All the work done in book and notebook Ch-7 On the Beach
Subject - M. Science Ch-8 Mother Crab's Plan
Ch-1 On time Ch-9 How to do it !
Ch-10 Be careful
Ch-2 My Chocolate
Ch-11 Helping Trixie
Ch-3 Reema's shopping
Ch-12 A New Home
Ch-4 Dipu's joy
Subject - E.V.S (i) At the Seaside
Ch-1 Living and Non - living things (ii) Jungle Parade
Ch-2 Plants Around us (iii) Tell me Why ?
Ch-3 Parts of plant Language
Ch-4 Animals Around us Ch-3 Vowels and consonants
Ch-5 Animal Homes Ch-13 Doing Words : Verbs
Ch-6 My Body Ch-14 Verbs Through Pictures
Ch-15 Words Used in place of Noun : Pronoun
Ch-7 Food I Eat
Ch-16 Describing Words : Adjectives
Subject - G.K.
Ch-17 Is, Are, Am
Ch- 1 to 18
Ch-18 This, That, These, Those
Subject - Computer Ch-19 Nouns and Verbs
Ch-1 The computer Ch-20 How Many and How Much
Ch-2 Parts of a computer Ch-21 Has and Have
Ch-3 Uses of Computer Ch-22 Vocabulary Development
Subject - Drawing Ch-23 Composition
Fruits, Boat, City (Colour concept), Cat Comprehension, Singular-Plural, Masculine- Feminine, Animals
babies and their sound , Paragraph Writing
Book work pg 3 - 21
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