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Dear Parents

Please pay attention to the following points :-
1. Please check your ward's note books everyday. 2017-18
2. Check the Almanac daily.
3. Please send a water bottle and nutritious food in
the tiffin.
4. Please send your child in proper uniform.
5. Please see to it that your child is punctual and
regular to school.
6. Please clear your dues on time.
7. Encourage your child to take part in the co-
curricular activities.
8. Encourage your child to speak in English at home
and check her/him from using bad language.
9. Maintain a good rapport with all the subject
10. Co-operate with teachers for the overall
development of your child
Thanks !

Name ........................................................
Class Teacher
Class .........................................................
Subject - Hindi
Syllabus for Half yearly Exam
Lit. ikB & 1 ge lc lqeu ,d miou ds] ikB& 2 lkglh :ik] ikB&3 Jh uxj ds
ckx] ikB&5 thou ,d >juk] ikB & 6 vyknhu dk fpjkx] ikB&7 iznw"k.k
jk{kl] ikB & 8 ckck vkeVs] ikB&9 dyaxh dk dksV] ikB&10 o"kkZ ½rq]
ikB&11 nhuca/kq ,aMª;wt
Lang. ikB&1 Hkk"kk] ikB&2] O;kdj.k] ikB&3 o.kZ] ikB&5 laKk] ikB&6 loZuke

foykse 'kCn] i;kZ;okph 'kCn] eqgkojs] vusd 'kCnksa ds fy, ,d 'kCn] vad
Kku] i= ys[ku] fuca/k ys[ku] vifBr xn~;ka'k

Syllabus for Final Exam

Lit. ikB&10 o"kkZ ½rq] ikB&12 nkuo dk cxhpk] ikB&13 bZekunkjh dk Qy] ikB&15 psrd]
ikB&16 tSls dks rSlk] ikB&17 rsukyh jkeu] ikB&18 o`{k gekjs fe=] ikB&19 esjh
vfHkyk"kk] ikB&20 gkFkh rkSyk x;k
Lang. ikB&3 o.kZ] ikB&7 fo'ks"k.k] ikB&8 fØ;k] ikB&9 fyax] ikB&10 opu] ikB&11 okD;
foykse 'kCn] i;kZ;okph 'kCn] vusd 'kCnksa ds fy, ,d 'kCn] eqgkojs] vad Kku] i=
ys[ku] fuca/k ys[ku] vifBr xn~;ka'k
fØ;k dyki (Activity)
Jqrys[k] lqys[k] dfork & ikB] iBu&ikBu

Subject - English
Syllabus for Half Yearly Examination
literature Fiction
L-1 Padmini the Princess
(1) (10)
Subject- E.V.E L-2 Hundreds & Hundreds of wages
Syllabus for Half Yearly Examination L-3 Safe Again
L-1 Living and Non-living things L-4 A wonderful Gift
L-2 Similarities and differences L-5 The Golden Bird
L-3 Our Body L-6 The storm
L-4 Institutions in the Neighbourhood L-7 Mothers of the wild
L-6 The Food We Eat Poem
L-7 Water
A frog in the well
L-8 Air Around US
Tall Trees
L-9 Shelter
Tiptoe Night
L-10 Clothing
The wind
L-11 Celebration and Recreation
Syllabus for Final Examination
L- The sentence
L-12 Keeping Healthy
L-2 Subject & Predicate
L-13 Means of Transport
L-3 The Noun- kinds of Nouns
L-14 Means of Communication
L-15 Safety Rules and First Aid L-4 The verb

L-17 Care of Surroundings L-5 The Adjective-kinds of Adjectives

L-18 Care of Plants and Animals + L-6 Articles

L-3 Our Body (Half Yearly) L-7 The adverb - kinds of adverb
L-8 The pronoun-kinds of pronoun
L-9 The preposition
L-10 The conjunction
L-11 Number of Nouns
L-12 Gender of Nouns
(9) (2)
Writing Part Ch-2 How does a computer work
1. Story writing (Sequencing The Story) Ch-3 The Keyboard
2. Writing Birthday Invitation Ch-4 Operating a computer
3. Application Writing (Formal) Ch-5 Introduction to word pad
Class Activities 1 & 2 Lab Activities 1 & 2
Syllabus for Final Examination
Ch-7 More about word pad
literature Fiction
Ch-8 Working with paint
L-8 The Grey stone
Ch-9 Introduction to MSW logo +
L-9 Helen Killer Learns to speak
Ch-3 The keyboard (Half Yearly)
L-10 Day for Night in Ultapur
Lab Activities 1 & 2
L-11 The seven snowmen
Subject G.K
L-12 Mouse
Syllabus for Half Yearly Examination
Poem Unit-1 1, 2, 3, 4
City At Night Unit-2 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, Chain of facts
The Sounds Collector Unit-3 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 + Chain of facts and Rapid fire quiz I
Cradle Song Unit-4 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24
L-4 A wonderful Gift (Fiction) (Half Yearly) Syllabus for Final Examination
Tall Trees (Poem) (Half Yearly) Unit-5 26, 27, 28, 29 + Tickle your Brain
Grammar Unit-6 30, 31, 32, 33
L-13 Possessive Pronouns Unit-7 34, 35, 36, 37
L-14 Comparison Unit-8 38, 39, 40, 41 + Rapid fire quiz 2
L-15 Agreement of the verb with the subject Unit-9 42, 43, 44

L-16 The Tense Unit-10, 47, 50, 51

(3) (8)
Subject - Mathematics L-17 Simple Present Tense and Present Continuous Tense

Half Yearly Examination L-18 Negative Sentences
Revision L-19 Interrogative Sentences
Number and Number Names L-20 Questions & Answers
Roman Numerals L-9 The preposition (Half Yearly)
L-10 The Conjunction (Half Yearly)
Writing Part
1. Story writing
2. Letter Writing (Informal)
Symmetry 3. Paragraph writing

Money 4. Composition (Picture)
Lab Activities Class Activities 1 & 2
Annual Examination Subject - Science
Measurement of length Half Yearly
Measurement of weight
Ch-1 Animals- Food and Feeding Habits
Data Handling
Ch-2 Soil
Measurement of capacity
Ch-3 Safety and First Aid
Ch-4 Housing and clothing
Ch-5 Birds
Division (Half yearly chapter)
Ch-6 Parts of plant
Lab Activities
Ch-7 Living and Non living
Subject Computer
Ch-8 Our Body
Syllabus for Half Yearly Examination
Ch-9 Light
Ch-1 Know about the computer
(7) (4)
Final Ch-6 Taking care of our environment

Ch-10 Sound Ch-7 Our country : India
Ch-11 Force
Ch-8 Metropolitan cities of India-Delhi and Mumbai
Ch-12 Measurement
Ch-11 Neighbourhood and country
Ch-13 Air
Ch-14 Water Ch-12 Why do we need rules ?

Ch-15 Weather and Seasons Ch-17 Occupations
Ch-6 Parts of a plant + Activity 1 and Activity 2
Activities For Half Yearly Exams
Final Syllabus
1. Make a chart of animals depend on their food habits
2. Collect different type of soil
3. Make a first aid box Ch-3 Early Civilisations
4. Viva (Explain different parts of a leaf) Ch-9 Metropolition cities of India - Kolkata and Chennai
Activities for Final Exams
Ch-10 Transportation and communication +
1. Seed germination
Ch-13 Our Government
2. Paragraph on save electricity
3. Identify soluble and insoluble substance Ch-14 National Symbols

4. Different unit, instrument for measurement Ch-15 Food and clothes
Subject- Social Science Ch-16 Festival of India
Half Yearly Syllabus
Ch-18 Money & Markets
Ch-1 Studying the past
Ch-6 Taking care of our environment (Half Yearly)
Ch-2 Early humans
Ch-8 Metropolition cities of India - Delhi and Mumbai (Half
Ch-4 Our Universe
Ch-5 Planet Earth
Activity 1 and Activity 2
(5) (6)