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Dear Parents

Please pay attention to the following points :-
1. Please check your ward's note books everyday. 2017-18
2. Check the Almanac daily.
3. Please send a water bottle and nutritious food in
the tiffin.
4. Please send your child in proper uniform.
5. Please see to it that your child is punctual and
regular to school.
6. Please clear your dues on time.
7. Encourage your child to take part in the co-
curricular activities.
8. Encourage your child to speak in English at home
and check her/him from using bad language.
9. Maintain a good rapport with all the subject
10. Co-operate with teachers for the overall
development of your child
Thanks !

Name ........................................................
Class Teacher
Class .........................................................
Subject - Hindi Subject E.V.E.
v¼Zokf"kZd ijh{kk Half Yearly Syllabus
Lit. ikB & 1 fpj egku] ikB&2 ykyk th] ikB&3 Hkkjr jRu% mLrkn fcfLeyk [kk¡]
ikB&4 vijkftrk] ikB&5 jghe ds nksgs] ikB&7 rkjksa dh nqfu;k esa] ikB&9
Ch-1 Environment
v'kksd dk ân; ifjorZu] ikB&10 esjh HkfDr & ;k=k] ikB&11 xq: & f'k";
laca/k Ch-2 Human Dependence of the Environment

Lang. ikB&1 Hkk"kk fyfi vkSj O;kdj.k] ikB&2 o.kZ&foU;kl] ikB&3 'kCn jpuk] Ch-3 Interdependence of Plants and Animals
ikB&4 laf/k] ikB&5 milxZ ,oa izO;;] ikB&8 laKk] ikB&9 dkjd Ch-4 Natural Resources
'kCn&HkaMkj (i;kZ;okph 'kCn& va/ksjk & fnu) Ch-5 Utilization of Resources
(foykse 'kCn & Kku &vkfLrd) Ch-6 Overulilization and consevation of Resource
(vusdkFkhZ 'kCn & 1& 20) Annual Syllabus
(leJqr fHkUukFkZd 'kCn & 1 & 16)
(vusd 'kCnksa ds fy, ,d 'kCn & 1 & 15) Ch-7 Waste Generation

eqgkojs (36&50)] 'kq¼ @ v'kq¼ 'kCn] i= (vkSipkfjd)] fuca/k] vifBr Ch-8 Hazards of Waste Accumulation
x|ka'k Ch-9 Waste Management

okf"kZd ijh{kk Ch-10 Waste Management and Community support +

Lit. ikB&5 jghe ds nksgs] ikB&12 cgrh unh] ikB&14 rc ;kn rqEgkjh vkrh gS] Ch-4 Natural Resources ( Half Yearly )
ikB&15 dgkuh gekjs jk"Vªh; /ot dh] ikB&16 Bsl] ikB & 17 vehj [kqljks]
ikB&18 iknqdk iqtu] ikB&19 vkt+knh
Lang. ikB&10 loZuke] 11 fo'ks"k.k] ikB&12 fØ;k] ikB&13 dky] ikB&16
okD;] ikB&17 fojke & fpg~u] ikB&4 laf/k] ikB&9 dkjd
'kCn HkaMkj & (i;kZ;okph 'kCn& nw/k & fgeky;] foykse & lkdkj & ;ksX;]
vusdkFkhZ 'kCn & 21 & 43] leJqrfHkUukFkZd & 17 & 32] vusd 'kCnksa ds
fy, ,d 'kCn & 16&30)
'kq¼ @ v'kq¼ okD;] yksdksfDr & 1 & 10] i= (vukSipkfjd)] fuca/k]
vifBr x|ka'k
fØ;k dyki (Activity)
Jqrys[k] dfork&okpu] vuqPNsn & ys[ku (Paragraph)
(1) (10)
Introduction to Algebra Subject - Sanskrit

Basic Geometrical Ideas v/kZokf"kZd ijh{kk
Understanding Elementary shapes ikB & 1 laLd`r&o.kZekyk] ikB&2 'kCn rFkk /kkrq ifjp;] ikB&3 bne~]
Symmetry nr~] rr~] fde~] ikB&4 dkjd ifjp;] ikB&5 vge~ iqLrd iBkfe]
ikB&6 ckyd% dUnqdsu ØhMfr] ikB&7 fo|k Kkuk; HkforA
Lab Activities
Annual O;kdj.k &loZuke 'kCn & l% rkS] rs dh tkudkjh] /kkrq:i & yV~ydkj esa
Decimals laLd`r esa i'kq & if{k;ksa rFkk Qyksa ds ukeA
Ratio and Proportion okf"kZd ijh{kk
Practical Geometry ikB&2 'kCn rFkk /kkrq ifjp;] ikB&8 Kkukr~ fouk 'kkfUr dqr%] ikB&9 ,"k%
Mensuration ee fo|ky;%] ikB&10 rM+kxs deykfu fodlfUr] ikB&12 y`V~ydkj]
Data Handling ikB&15 lqHkkf"krkfuA
Fraction (Half yearly chapter) O;kdj.k& /kkrq :i yV~ydkj vkSj y`V~ydkj esaA] laLd`r vuqoknA] la[;k
Lab Activities & ,d ls chl rd] foykse 'kCn & ,d ls iUæ g (1 &15)
Subject- G.K. Subject - English
Half Yearly Syllabus for Half Yearly Examination
Unit-1 Chapters : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 Literature - Fiction

Unit-2 Chapters : 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 + Chain of facts L-1 Down The Rabbit - hole
L-2 The starting Point
Unit-3 Chapters : 22 + Knowledge blast - 1
L-3 Wild Duck
Unit-4 Chapters : 24, 25, 26, 27, 28
L-4 Tabby's Tablecloth
Unit-5 Chapters : 30, 31, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37
L-5 Brown Wolf
Final Syllabus
L-6 Arthur and the sward
Unit-6 Chapters : 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43 L-7 The village school
Unit-7 Chapters : 45, 46, 47 Poetry
Unit-8 Chapters : 49, 51 * The Lotus
Unit-9 Chapters : 52, 53 * After the storm
Unit-10 Chapters : 54, 55, 56, 57, 59, 60, 61 * Her Head
(9) (2)
Grammar Ch-25 Democratic Government and
L-1 The sentence Activity 1 and Activities 2
L-2 Nouns - kinds of Nouns Final Syllabus
L-3 Pronouns - kinds of pronouns Ch-7 New Ideas and Religions

L-4 Adjectives - Kinds of Adjectives Ch-8 The First empire
Ch-9 Life in towns and villages
L-5 Verbs - Kinds of verbs
Ch-11 Political development
L-6 Adverbs - Kinds of Adverbs
Ch-17 The Four Realms of the earth
L-7 Preposition
Ch-18 Continents and Oceans
L-8 Conjunction - Kinds of conjunctions
Ch-19 Relief features of the Continents
L-9 Interjections
Ch-20 India : Physical features
L-10 Nouns : Number
Ch-21 India-Climate, Vegetation and wildlife
L-11 Nouns : Gender
Ch-26 Local self government and Rural administration
L-12 Nouns : Case Ch-27 Urban administration
L-13 Pronouns - Number, Gender & Case Ch-28 Rural and Urban livelihood +
L-15 Use of Articles Ch-15 Rotation and Revolution (Half Yearly)
L-16 Tenses Ch-22 Understanding Diversity and (Half Yearly)
L-17 The uses of Tenses (simple present tense ) Activity 1 and Activities 2
L-18 Simple Past Tense
L-22 Active & Passive voice
Writing Part Subject - Mathematics

1. Factual Description Half Yearly
Knowing our numbers
2. Letter writing (Informal)
Playing with numbers
3. Notice writing &
Whole numbers
4. Message writing
Negative and Integers
Activities 1 & 2
Ch-6 Changes Around us Syllabus for Final Examination
Activities For Half Yearly Exams
L-8 Resting Hill
1. Separation sand from a mixture of sand and water L-9 The Mask
2. Structure of a typical flower L-10 Brighter Still
3. Chart of different unit of measurement L-11 Saving the Tiger
4. G.D. (Adaptation of living organism in various habitats L-12 The Canterville Ghost
Activities for Final Exams Poetry
1. To understand the process of condensation * The Fog
2. To show the presence of air in an empty glass * Vacation
3. To show that like poles of magnet repel and unlike poles attract * Caws as the Beach
each other
from Half Yearly Syllabus
4. To show physical and chemical changes
L-6 Arthur and the sword
Subject- Social Science
Poem After the storm
Half Yearly Syllabus
Ch.-1 History when, where and how
L-19 Simple future Tense
Ch-2 The earliest societies
L-20 The present, Past & Future continues Tenses
Ch-3 The first farmers and herders
L-21 The perfect tenses
Ch-4 Civilisations and Cities
L-23 Agreement of the verb with the subject
Ch-5 The Vedic Age
L-24 Comparison of Adv.
Ch-12 Culture & Science
L-25 More about preposition
Ch-13 The Planet Earth
L-26 Punctuation and capital letter
Ch-14 Globe, Latitudes and longitudes
L-27 Direct & Underact speech
Ch-15 Rotation and Revolution
L-28 Words often confused
Ch-16 Maps and Map Reading
Ch-22 Understanding diversity L-29 Synonym & Antonym

Ch-23 Prejudice, Discrimination and Inequality L-30 Idioms & verbal Phrases
Ch-24 Government L-14 Comparison of Adjectives

From Half Yearly Ch-5 Tables in MS word 2010
L-27 Direct & Indirect speech Lab Activities 1 & 2
L-23 Agreement of the verb with subject
Writing Part Subject - Science
1. Diary writing Total Chapters -16
2. Story writing Physics - Ch-10, 11, 12, 13
3. Letter writing Chemistry- Ch-3, 4, 5, 6
4. Article writing Biology - 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16
Activities 1 & 2 Half Yearly Syllabus

Subject - Computer Ch-1 Sources of Food

Half Yearly Ch-2 Components of Food
Ch-3 Separation of substance
Ch-1 More about computers
Ch-4 Clothing Material
Ch-2 Making a Powerful Presentation
Ch-7 Things Around us
Ch-3 More on formatting in MS Word 2010
Ch-8 Getting to know plants
Ch-4 Mail Merge
Ch-9 Movement in Animals
Ch-5 Tables in MS word 2010
Ch-10 Measurement and Motion
Ch-6 Excel in MS Excel 2010
Ch-11 Light, Shadows and Reflection
Lab Activities 1 & 2
Final Syllabus
Final Ch-12 Electricity and Circuits
Ch-7 More on MS Excel 2010 Ch-13 Dun with Magnets
Ch-8 Learn Basic Quickly Ch-14 Water
Ch-9 Storing data in the commuter's memory Ch-15 Air
Ch-10 More on Internet Ch-16 Disposal of waste Materials
Ch-11 You've got mail Ch-5 Different Kinds of Materials +
Ch-12 Netiquette and safety Ch-1 Source of food
(5) (6)