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Dear Parents

Please pay attention to the following points :-
1. Please check your ward's note books everyday. 2017-18
2. Check the Almanac daily.
3. Please send a water bottle and nutritious food in
the tiffin.
4. Please send your child in proper uniform.
5. Please see to it that your child is punctual and
regular to school.
6. Please clear your dues on time.
7. Encourage your child to take part in the co-
curricular activities.
8. Encourage your child to speak in English at home
and check her/him from using bad language.
9. Maintain a good rapport with all the subject
10. Co-operate with teachers for the overall
development of your child
Thanks !

Name ........................................................
Class Teacher
Class .........................................................
Subject - Hindi Unit-7 Chapters : 45, 46, 47, 48
v¼Zokf"kZd ijh{kk Unit-8 Chapters : 50, 51, 52, 53
Lit. ikB & 1 vkRe=k.k] ikB&2 cky&et+nwjh % ,d vfHk'kki] ikB&3 dkyZ Unit-9 Chapters : 54, 55, 56
ekDlZ] ikB&4 xkSjk] ikB&5 dchj ds nksgs] ikB&7 [kku&iku dh cnyrh Unit-10 Chapters : 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64
laLd`fr] ikB&9 r{kf'kyk dk oSHko] ikB&11 esjh rfeyukMq ;k=k] ikB&12
ehjk ds in Subject E.V.E.
Lang. ikB&2 o.kZ&foU;kl] ikB&3 laf/k]ikB&4 'kCn&jpuk] ikB& 5 milxZ& Half Yearly Syllabus
izR;;] ikB&7 laKk] ikB&8 laKk ds fodkj] ikB&9 opu] ikB&10 dkjd]
ikB&11 loZuke] ikB&12 fo'ks"k.k Ch-1 Environment and Natural Resources
'kCn&HkaMkj (vusdkFkhZ 'kCn & vis{kk & Jh) Ch-2 Water
(i;kZ;okph 'kCn & vacj & es?k) Ch-3 Sources of water
(foykse 'kCn & vFkZ & vekoL;k) Ch-4 Air
Ch-5 Soil
(leJqr & le:ih fHkUukFkZd & 1 & 25)
Ch-6 Forest
(lewgokph 'kCn & 1& 12)
eqgkojs] 'kq¼ @ v'kq¼ 'kCn Annual Syllabus
i= & (vkSipkfjd) fuca/k] vifBr x|ka'k
okf"kZd ijh{kk Ch-7 Environment and Adaptation
Lit. ikB&13 Hkkjr ds vkfnoklh] ikB&14 cgw dh fonk] ikB&15 lPpk Hkkjr] Ch-8 Man and Environment
ikB&16 Hkkjr dk Lora=rk&laxzke % ,d >k¡dh] ikB&17 fe=rk] ikB&18 Ch-9 Social Behaviour and Environment
ufpdsrk] ikB&20 Hkkjrh; laLd`fr] ikB&11 esjh rfeyukMq ;k=k] ikB&12 Ch-10 Role of Individuals in Maintaining the environment +
ehjk ds in Ch-4 Air (Half Yearly)
Lang. ikB&13 fØ;k] ikB&14 dky] ikB&15 okP;] ikB&16 vO;; ;k vfodkjh
'kCn] ikB^19 okD; fopkj] ikB&20 fojke fpg~u] ikB&5 milxZ vkSj izR;;]
ikB&10 dkjd
'kCn & HkaMkj (vusdkFkhZ 'kCn & uy & gkj)
(i;kZ;okph 'kCn & ?keaM & lsuk)
foykse 'kCn & fujkfe"k & ukjhRo)
(1) (10)
Powers (okD;ka'k ds fy, ,d 'kCn & 26&50)
Algebraic Expressions (leJqr & le:ih fHkUukFkZd 26&50)
Understanding Elementary Shapes yksdksfDr;k¡ 1& 15
Properties of triangle 'kq¼ @ v'kq¼ okD;] i= & vukSipkfjd] fuca/k @ vifBr x|ka'k
Congruence fØ;k dyki (Activity)
Jqrys[k] dfork&okpu] vuqPNsn & ys[ku (Paragraph)
Lab Activities
Subject - Sanskrit
Simple Equations
v/kZokf"kZd ijh{kk
Comparing Quantities
ikB & 1 Hkkjrns'k%] ikB&2 ee fo|ky;%] ikB&3 xkslsok] ikB&4
Representation of 3D in 2D
czkã.k&liZdFkk] ikB&5 ijksidkj%] ikB&8 flagdkjd ew[kZ] czã.k dFkk]
ikB&9 efg"kZ n;kuUn%] ikB&10 vH;kl% ije% xq:%] ikB&11
Mensuration lqHkkf"krkfu
Data Handling
O;kdj.k /kkrq:i & yV~ vkSj y`V~ ydkj esa
'kCn:i & ckyd vkSj Qy dsA
Fraction and Decimal (Half Yearly chapter)
laLd`r vuqokn & yV~ vkSj y`V~ydkj ds vk/kkj ijA
Lab Activities
Subject- G.K. okf"kZd ijh{kk
Half Yearly ikB&1 Hkkjrns'k%] ikB&10 vH;kl% ije% xq:%] ikB&13 pUæ'ks[kj
Unit-1 Chapters : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 vktkn%] ikB&12 vuq'kklu egRoe~] ikB&14 fo|k efgek] ikB&15
Unit-2 Chapters : 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 + Brain Buster Quiz -1 ½rqjkt olUr%] ikB&16 nhikoyh] ikB&17 foKkuL; peRdkj%
Unit-3 Chapters : 23, 24, 25 O;kdj.k & /kkrq:i & yV~-] y`V~ yM~+-ydkj esa
Unit-4 Chapters : 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33 'kCn:i& ckyd] Qy vkSj yrk dsA
Final Syllabus
laLd`r vuqokn & ydkjksa ds vk/kkj ijA
Unit-5 Chapters : 35, 36, 37, 39, 40
Unit-6 Chapters : 41, 42, 43 + Brain Buster Quiz -2

(9) (2)
Subject - English Ch-25 Democracy in Action
Syllabus for Half Yearly Examination Ch-26 How do State Governments work ?
Literature - Fiction Ch-28 Media and Democracy +
L-1 The Master Artist Activity 1 and Activity 2
L-2 A secret for Two Final Syllabus
L-3 Maggie cuts her hair Ch-8 Religious beliefs and popular movements
L-4 The whale story Ch-9 Emerging Regional Cultures
L-5 The meeting pool Ch-10 New political formations in the 18th Century
L-6 Sir Isaac newton Ch-14 External process and changing land forms
L-7 Vet in forest
Ch-19 Humans Settlements
Ch-20 Transport and Communication
* Madhobi, the young spring flower
Ch-21 Life in the Desert Communication
* Upon westminster Bridge
Ch-22 Life in Tropical and Sub-Tropical Regions
* friends and flatterers
Ch-23 Life in Temperate Grasslands
* A Narrow fellow in the grass
Ch-27 Role of state government in distribution of resources
Ch-29 Advertising
L-1 The sentence
Ch-30 Role of Gender
L-2 Nouns
Ch-31 Markets around us +
L-3 Pronouns
Ch-4 Mughal Empire (Half Yearly)
L-4 Adjectives
Ch-11 Our Environment (Half Yearly)
L-5 Determiners
Ch-24 Understanding Democracy (Half Yearly)
L-6 Verbs
L-7 The present tense Activity 1 and Activity 2

L-8 The past tense Subject - Mathematics

L-9 The future tense Half Yearly
L-10 Modals Knowing our numbers (integers)
L-11 Verbs - non - finite forms Fraction and Decimals
L-12 Verbs - active & passive voice Rational Numbers

(3) (8)
1. To show that sunlight is necessary for photosynthesis Writing Part
2. To show the effect of saliva on starch 1. Factual Description
3. To know the lower and upper fixed point 2. Diary Entry
4. To study by a convex lens by changing the position of the 3. Letter writing (Informal)
object 4. Story writing
Activities for Final Exams - Before Activities 1 & 2

1. Take a dry cell and bulb fitted in bulb holder
Syllabus for Final Examination
2. To show that acids turn blue litmus red and bases turn red
litmus blue Literature - Fiction
L-8 My unknown friend
3. To study the visible spectrum produced by a prism
L-9 Everest Reactions
4. Take a potato tuber, and cut a piece of it from where do you
observe abn 'eye' L-10 His first fligh
L-11 Zero Hour
L-12 The Play
Subject- Social Science
Half Yearly Syllabus
* Break , Break, Break
Ch-1 History when where and how
* Wandering singers
Ch-2 New kings and kingdoms
* Lobster Quadrille
Ch-3 The Delhi Sultanate
Syllabus from Half yearly
Ch-4 The Mughal Empire
Ch-6 Towns, traders and crafts people
L-3 Maggie cuts her Hair
Ch-11 Our Environment
L-5 The Meeting Pool
Ch-12 Understanding the Earth
Ch-13 Earth's Movements and Major Land forms 1. Madhobi, the young spring flower
Ch-15 The Atmosphere 2. Friends & flatterers
Ch-16 Weather and climate Grammar
Ch-17 The Hydrosphere L-13 Adverbs
Ch-18 Natural Vegetation and wildlife L-14 Preposition
Ch-24 Understanding Democracy L-15 Conjunctions
(7) (4)
L-16 Direct - indirect speech Subject - Science
L-17 Phrases Half Yearly
L-18 Punctuation & Capital Letters
Physics : Ch.-6 Heat and Temperature
L-19 Words often confused
Ch.-12 Time and Speed
L-20 Words followed by prepositions
From Half Yearly Ch.15 Light
L-12 Active & Passive voice Chemistry : Ch.-4 Structure of mater and chemical Reactions
Writing Part Ch.5 Different kinds of substances
1. Formal Letter writing Biology : Ch.-1 Nutrition in plants
2. Story writing
Ch.2 Nutrition in Animals
3. Speech writing / article writing
Ch.-3 Animals Fibres
4. Report writing
Activities 1 & 2 Ch.-8 Respiration in plants and animals
Ch.-9 Transport of food & water in plants
Subject - Computer Final Exam
Half Yearly Syllabus
Physics : Ch.-13 Electric current and circuits + 20% half yearly
Ch-1 Formatting in MS excel 2010
Ch.-12 Time and Speed
Ch-2 Formulas and Functions in MS Excel 2010
Ch-3 More features of MS word 2010 Ch.-5 Different kindly of substances
Ch-4 Introduction to flash Chemistry : Ch.-16 Water
Ch-5 Drawing and painting in flash Ch.5 Different kinds of substances
Ch-6 Language of the web - HTML Biology : Ch.7 Soil
Lab Activities 1 & 2
Ch.-10 Circulatory and Excretory systems in animals
Ch.11 Reproductions in plants
Ch-7 Computer software and languages
Ch-8 Your computer under attack ! Ch.-12 Forests
Ch-9 More on QBASIC Ch.-14 Winds storms and cyclones
Ch-10 QBASIC graphics & sound Ch.-17 Forests
Ch-3 More features of MS word 2010
Lab Activities 1 & 2 Activities For Half Yearly Exams - Before
(5) (6)

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