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"The best way to deal with a controversy is

to bring it out and let it touch the sunlight so
we can all see who is the problem."


A CALL TO VIOLENCE - 6-18-17 "It is past time for the racially
oppressed to do what people who believe themselves to be
white will not do, put end [sic] to the vectors of their
destructive mythology of whiteness and their white supremacy
#LetThemFuckingDie " Williams clearly and empirically links himself to Son of Baldwin's earlier post
despite attempts to rationalize otherwise. His lack of real time clarification or explanation nullifies later
reinvention of intent.

9-5-17 Speech - Rationalizing and normalizing violence

"We talk about the uprising in places like St. Louis and Baltimore and it's what
protesters are supposed to do." Williams conveniently omits any discussion of the 5.7 million
in damages to Ferguson and the horrific images in West Baltimore in which more than a dozen police
officers were injured and many buildings and vehicles were left in flames. In Williams' estimation all of this
is just an "inconvenience" and it comes with the territory and the ends that he wants justifies the
"The fact that some niceties are inconveniencing

and people can't get to work on time...hello...That is what

we are supposed to do."
MONGERING - 6-18-17 "Im fed the fuck up with self identified
whites daily violence directed at immigrants, Muslim and
sexual [sic] and racially oppressed people. The time is now to
confront these inhuman assholes and end this now."
From the speech in McCook Auditorium on 9-5-17
>The words "white supremacists" are used 46 times in this 29 minute
>Williams falsely claims that supports "hot white
>Williams states that "silence and supposed impartiality
and political and social concerns will not protect you." In
Williams' world, if you are not part of his radical thought and action you are an enabler of white

>"They are coming after all of us, not just me." In Williams' world,
the white supremacists,fascists and zionists are everywhere and they can get you and persecute you at

> "Most of the universities in America are complicit in and participating in the
reproduction of white supremacy by not confronting it" Williams' absurd notion that
over 50% of all of our college campuses are actively engaging in the perpetuation of overt racism has not
and can not be supported by data or studies.

>"Racism is not individual." In Williams' world we are all racists if we don't support his agenda.

>"We must dislodge the normalcy and niceties of civility." Williams then tells us how
being civil enables white supremacy. In Williams' world, if you are civil you obstruct or obscure and you
are an enabler of and helping to reproduce systemic economic,political and social advantages for self
identifying whites.
>"This is a life and death flesh and blood struggle for equal access to liberty
and our survival as a species on this planet." For extra emphasis,drama and fear
mongering, Williams conflates life and death and access to liberty which leads him to his next point that...

> "Notice I am saying self identifying whites...There ain't no white you'all

> "You think you're white because I'm black...That's a
problem...let me interrogate that sh_t white people."

Next, Williams assumes mindset and motivation and offers flippant mocking commentary on people's
comments regarding Dr. Martin Luther King and the August 28th , 1963 March On Washington where
over 200,000 were in attendance...

>"Despite the kinda like antiseptic kinda like way people

talk about Dr. King and the dream and all that other
crap...Right...Oh I marched with King...really? Millions of
people marched with King. Get the _______ (out)."

Next Williams says an entire race's identity needs to be denied completely...First Williams quotes Drexel
Professor George Ciccariello-Maher's crazy twitter comment "All I want for Christmas is White
Genocide". Then Williams offers his own special commentary...

>"Whiteness needs to die. It's an ideology. I ain't talking

about white people! Hell...They don't exist!"
>"Race is not a physical fact but a product of systemic
racism...I call it white supremacy straight up...that's what it
>"There can be no race without white supremacy."

As if Williams couldn't outdo himself...he then makes some of his most outlandish and revealing
>"When you all say 'black folks can be racists, you all
better get out of here! Reverse oppression? I ain't never
heard of that before."
>"Hell, as I tell my students, just by the mere fact that you think you are white
means you are participating in white supremacy... You're complicit...Then they
go Oh...(the students say) you're calling me a racist. (Williams responds)
You're damn right I am!"

>"Right? Why are you getting upset with that. That's the
reality of white supremacy America. Ok? You can't run
from that."
>" Look...hell, there are some black white supremacists
too. There are some Latino white supremacists too. They
hate themselves."

On school administrators Williams had this to say...

>"Some administrators they got their heart in the right

place...that's few and far f_cking between."
Regarding his own standing Williams said...

>"I know...I'm a crazy...I know... As a sociologist thinking

and being I know that people are not the radical that I
am...I'm a radical... period."
>"I love humanity. I'm trying to save you all even though
you're trying to kill me."
Regarding Williams' thoughts about America Williams said...

>"I don't seek to be integrated into a white supremacy

system.This country is my country. This is a country that I
served in the military for 18 damn years. You think I'm
gonna let some people who are chicken hawks tell me
what I should be doing and what my rights are? I applaud
my brother Kapernick. He has the right.We fought for that
right. All of us shouldn't be standing for the American
flag. Hell , I know I don't."
>"We're being betrayed by this country.Right? So we gotta
get together."

Williams about the possibility of reverse discrimination...

>"Fending off white supremacy attacks takes some hard

nosed dedicated organizing by faculty,student and
administrators at this college. One must find the courage
to speak out against the racist perpetrators as victims
sociopathic narrative. These(whites)...oh I'm a victim...Ah people discriminated against me... Really? I got
power? Show me the power that I have and that I have
demonstrated against you guys. ain't
happening...right?" Williams errantly puts forward that without power there can be no
discrimination but as we have seen historically this is a woefully misguided conceptual construct.

Williams then speaks on the silence of respectable people and collaborators and openly mocks the
president of The University of Alabama Dr. Stuart R Bell...Williams reads the August 15th,
2017 statement by the president in the aftermath of Charlottesville in a mock tone.

>" I was deeply saddened by the violence that unfolded over the
weekend in Charlottesville. The images were shocking. Our hearts
are with those impacted by this terrible tragedy.
As we prepare for a new academic year, its important for you, as a
valued member of our campus community, to know that The
University of Alabama does not condone the use of hostile or racist
language, or any threats of violence. We have and will continue to
condemn all statements grounded in bigotry and hate."
At this point Williams criticizes Bell "for reducing white supremacy down to hate." Bell's address
>"We strive to have an inclusive learning, living and working
environment that encourages open and respectful dialogue, and we
value each and every member of our University community."

Williams now keys in on the words "open and respectful dialogue" and Williams goes full bore in a
expletive rant.

>"How the hell am I going to be respectful and

open when someone is trying to kill me? Explain
that to me! Why do I have to sit back and hold my
emotion in check...(play acting the audience voice
) Oh you know...when you say this you offend
me...Hell, you trying to f_cking kill me! What's
wrong with you? I will yell scream and holler...I
ain't gonna be respectful about that.(applause).
This is no time to be respectful. The time now is to
be discomforting and disrespectful. Tell these
people to stop playing with these f_cking white
supremacists! They will kill us. This is life and
death here we're talking about people...Hell I
know...Ask me!"
Williams now rationalizes his radical usage of violence and hatred...

>"We may be called terrorists. We may be called

thugs.Our tactics and strategy may be unpopular
but rather than settle for accommodating white
racists and their white supremacist lackeys, and
the extreme oppression they wield we inspire to
create our beloved community with justice and
equality reigns as normative. That's what we do!
People don't like that because the United States
has never been about justice, right?"
Williams continues venting his disdain for America and white people...

>"The fact is, the US is a country founded on

genocide...with the aim of establishing and
maintaining superiority of one perceived ethnicity."
Williams vows to speak out again on social media...

>"I will not lock down my social media."

Williams final statement indicting a large portion of America as white supremacists ...

>"The push back against the smear campaign

against me and the other critical professors by
white supremacists, social media and news groups
proves one thing beyond question...When we come
together, we reclaim the narrative of truth which
college and university administrators are so quick
to cede to these racists. We are reclaiming and
remaking our cities, our campuses,our parks as we
show the make america great again white
supremacists they and their structural oppression
are no longer viable for the United States. One
love people."