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STT Idiom/Word Ngha ting vit

1 bimbo

a bridal/baby/wedding ba tic tng qu cho c du,

shower ngi m

3 to go into overdrive tr nn qu nhit

c quan im khc vi ngi

4 out on a limb
khc, ko c ng h

qu tp trung nhng vic

5 to split hairs khng quan trng trong mt

6 dorky d hi

7 to be strung out qu mt, cng thng

8 euphemism cch ni gim ni trnh

9 deprave smb lm ai h hng

10 under the wire pht cht

11 once and for all mt ln v mi mi

chin thng, c li th so vi
12 to one up smb
13 budge

thuyt phc ai tin vo ci

14 to pitch smth

mt phng hng trong

15 adrift
cuc sng

16 perky

17 to make landfall h cnh??

18 weep a khc (for/ with smt)

19 hot off the press tin nng hi trn bo

ma to gi ln
20 blizzard
ma to gi ln

21 curse smb chi ai

22 shove it ln i

23 cluttered with smth

24 be a revelation to smb mt s ngc nhin th v

25 to cast smb as smb chn ai lm din vin

26 to come off c th xa i

ngi thch mc ca gii

27 a cross-dresser
tnh kia
28 to spank smb pht vo mng

27 to sugercoat smth

28 to pull the plug on smb/smth

29 sociopath thng in

30 lean nc

in the throes of smt/of doing ngp trong ci g rt kh

smt chu

32 a liability cc n, gnh n

34 to rave about smth ni say sa v ci g

35 to strike out on your own t thn vn ng

qu formal n mc ko t
36 stilted
37 to smother smb lm ai ngp th

38 to spill the beans tit l b mt

Ngha ting anh
a young woman considered
to be attractive but not

to become very active or

excited, usually more than
is necessary or healthy

to try to persuade smb to

buy smt, to give you smt, or
to make a business deal
with you

full of energy

a situation in which smb or

smt reaches land after
being at sea
cancel the project, plan

He picked up some bimbo at the club.

There are stories about him turning up at parties with various bimbos on his arm
She plays an apparent bimbo who manages to outwit her boss.
He went out with a succession of blonde bimbos.
He's going out with an empty-headed bimbo half his age.
We didn't play any of the usual games at the baby shower.
What did you give Chris for her wedding shower?
A bridal shower is usually organized by the bridesmaids.
We went to my cousin's bridal shower yesterday.

Her career has gone into overdrive.

The shows cast went into overdrive to prepare for the first performance.
As the wedding approached, the whole family went into overdrive.

All the other countries signed the agreement, leaving Britain out on a limb.

She's going out on a limb in criticizing her own party leadership.

The only way you're going to fail is if you get out on a limb.
His controversial stance has left him out on a limb.
Hed gone out on a limb (=taken a risk) to help us.

To argue about whether they arrived at two o'clock or at 2:01 is just splitting hairs.

Let's stop splitting hairs and get back to the main issu
Batard is a little sweeter than Chevalier but perhaps that's splitting hairs; both these wines are excellent.
He was a dorky kid.
I dont want any of this dorky food!
By the end of the week I was completely strung out.By the end of the week I was completely strung out.
Everyone was so strung out last night at the concert.
Pass away is a euphemism for die.
The phrase left to pursue other interests is a euphemism for fired.
he term 'early retirement' is nearly always a euphemism for redundancy nowadays
User fees is just a politician's euphemism for taxes.
In my view this book would deprave young children.
Do we see ourselves as totally depraved?
The files arrived just under the wire and we made the deadline.
We got in under the wire.
They got in under the wire just before the entry requirements for the training program changed.
Lets settle this matter once and for all.
We have to decide, once and for all, whether we want to ask Dad for money.
This was supposed to be her final victory over him, supposed to establish her rule once and for all.
Jackson proved once and for all he was no longer the kid star of the Jackson Five days.
Once and for all, will you switch off that television!
They one-upped the competition.
The horse refused to budge an inch.
Will hasnt budged from his room all day.
She leaned on the door, but it wouldnt budge.

Representatives went to Japan to pitch the company's newest products.

The resort is being pitched as a conference venue.

It is pitched as a cheaper alternative to other workstations.
She felt cast adrift in a vulgar, materialistic society.
Too many children seem adrift in society.
I thought he looked adrift in a place where nobody recognised him, apart from me.
Amy had the growing sense that she was adrift and isolated.
When I arrived in the country, I found myself cast adrift in a city I didn't know.
Kimberly burst in with a crowd of perky teenagers.
He couldn't stand Margaret when she was in one of her perky moods.
You're awfully perky this morning, Debbie.
She had a perky, independent spirit.
Then, once we got to McDougal Road, he was perky and wanted to talk.
She hasnt been her usual perky self lately.

After three weeks they made landfall on the coast of Ireland.

Hurricane Katrina roared across the Gulf of Mexico before making landfall.
This storm was forecast in minute detail days before it made landfall.
The typhoon has also made landfall in Britain.
James broke down and wept.
He wept bitterly (=cried a lot) when it was time for us to leave.
She almost wept with happiness.
People were queuing up for the new Harry Potter book to arrive - hot off the press.
Weve just received a copy of her latest book, hot off the press.
We got stuck in a blizzard.
Over two fatal days, eight climbers died after a fierce blizzard hit the peak.
Overnight the rain turns to snow, which turns into heavy blizzards.
The blizzard struck while we were still on the mountain.
She curses Alan, and she waits.
Grandma protested, but he cursed her and rudely pushed her aside
Silently she cursed herself for being such a damned fool.
They can take their three cents an hour raise and shove it.
If they want me to do the same job for less money, they can shove it.
The desk was cluttered with files, but the chair behind it was vacant.
Their apartment was cluttered with photographs and books.
Alice Walkers novel was a real revelation to me.
His work had been a revelation to her.
Coppola cast him as Sodapop in The Outsiders.
He has cast her as an ambitious lawyer in his latest movie.
The label had come off, so there was no way of knowing what was on the disk.
That mark won't come off.
My son is a cross-dresser, he likes to borrow his girlfriend's skirts.
Many parents no longer spank their kids as a form of discipline.
The two boys were spanked and sent to bed without their supper.
Theres no way of sugar-coating itthe report predicts a grim future for the industry.
No one tried to sugarcoat it: bronze wasn't the medal the US team had come for.
The television company pulled the plug on the series after only five episodes.
The Swiss entrepreneur has pulled the plug on any further investment in the firm.
The firm pulled the plug on the scheme last week, leaving McAlpine fuming.
Unfortunately for her, he turns out to be a sociopath.
I'm telling you he's a complete/total sociopath.
One of the qualities of a sociopath is that they are very good mimics.
He's a very handsome man: tall, lean and tanned with thick blond hair.
At seventy-two my grandfather was lean and strong and I expected him to live forever.
Like most athletes, she was lean and muscular.
It is a beautiful meat, very lean and tender.
At the time, Liberia was still in the throes of a civil war.
The country was in the throes of revolutionary change.
Were in the throes of moving to a new office, so the place is in chaos at the moment.
He was in the throes of despair after losing his job.
Since his injury, Jones has become more of a liability than an asset to the team.
A kid like Tom would be a liability in any classroom.
The outspoken minister has become a liability to the government.
Now I understand why travelers rave about Lapland.
The critics raved about his performance in Hamlet.
Everyone is raving about that new Vietnamese restaurant.
I was beginning to feel I wanted to strike out on my own.
The time was finally ripe, they decided, to strike out on their own.
It feels great to strike out on your own and find a job and a place to live.
He left the family business and struck out on his own.
Conversation seemed rather stilted and for some time Charlie himself seemed unable to speak at all.
The dialogue was stilted and robotlike.
We made stilted conversation for a few moments.
Legal language tends to be very stilted.
A teenage mother was accused of smothering her 3-month-old daughter.
She smothered him with kisses.
He smothered the baby with a pillow.
The class managed to keep the party a secret until Lorraine, unable to control herself any longer, spilled th
Someone spilled the beans about Rick's surprise party.
He gave me a look which made me wonder whether Mavis hadn't, after all, spilled the beans.
Well all be there at 6 for the surprise party now dont spill the beans!