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01-02-2018 UNTIL 22-09-2018

Hosting organization: non-governmental kindergarten "Nendre" ( )

Sending organization

Pi Genlik Dernei 1 volunteer



Turkey 275 Eur

Pocket money: 80 Eur/month

Food money: 130 Eur/month (if lunch at Nendre then a bit less)

Accommodation: separate room in flat or in dormitory

About hosting organization:

"Nendre" offers day-care services and non-formal education for children as well as counseling and
support for their parents. "Nendre" admits 30 pre-school children (3-6 years) and 25 school children
(6-18 years) every year. Around half of the children at "Nendre" belong to ethnic minority groups in
Lithuania (Polish, Russian, Belarussian, Roma).

The kindergarden and the daytime center for school children are open on weekdays. School children
receive support with their homework and school assignments, including individual support for
children with reading or/and writing difficulties. In addition, Nendre offers creative, cultural and
physical activities for children of all ages.

Parents of children at "Nendre's" kindergarden and daytime center are invited to participate in
counseling, coaching and non-formal training activities, such as seminars, workshops etc. At
"Nendre" they also receive support in developing new strategies for avoiding social exclusion and
promoting their children's welfare.
TASKS for volunteer:

- Activities at preschool group (assitance for teachers, playing with kids, developing games,
creating bank of ideas, daily clasroom management tasks: assistance in preparing tables,
chairs, helping in kitchen)
- Activities at children day center group (helping to make homeworks, preparing creative
activities for children, creating bank of ideas and so on.)

Please send your CV in Europass Format and Motivation Letter until 27 December 2017 to Subject: AGH- 40 Litvanya