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Roadways were the lifeblood of Ancient Roads were critical to the lifestyle of Roads
Rome. Romans. tory/ancient-roman-inv``entions-us

The revolutionary concrete developed Romans created concrete to build stronger Construction
by the Romans inhibited an impeccable buildings. m/rome-history/top-10-ancient-rom
built and lasting formation playing a an-inventions/#5_Roman_numeral
huge part in the architectural accession s
of ancient Rome.

None of these marine innovations would Roman aqueducts affected a lot of the Water Transportation
have been possible without the Romans architecture and requirements y-lists/10-innovations-that-built-anc
presence of Roman aqueduct. Initially (such as: running water) ient-rome
created in 312 B.C., these building
miracles applied gravitation to move
water through stone and turn the solid
pipelines into the central areas.

The popular Gregorian calendar was The Gregorian calendar was originally Calendar
made carefully on a Roman form that crafted by Romans. ncient-rome-inventions-still-used-t
goes back over 2,000 years. oday/?view=all

The Romans however streamlined the The Romans made the first BOUND book, Books
whole process by making the codex, a which could be said to be the first actual m/rome-history/top-10-ancient-rom
pile of bound pages, which in overall book. an-inventions/
was regarded as the original
embodiment of the book.

The Romans used newspapers as a form Newspapers http://www.ancientcivilizationslist.c

Known as Acta Diurna, or daily acts, of notice and events around Rome. om/roman-civilization/12-roman-in
these initial newspapers were made on ventions-innovations/
metal or stone and after that posted in
intensely populated territories such as
the Roman Forum.

Romans created a number system Roman numbers. Numbers http://www.ancientcivilizationslist.c

known as the Roman Numerals. om/roman-civilization/12-roman-in

In Rome, wide containers were usually Romans used a crude method of filtering Sewers http://www.ancientcivilizationslist.c
placed on the side of the roads for waste for cleanliness. om/roman-civilization/12-roman-in
people to urinate in order for the liquid ventions-innovations/
to be gathered and put to use as a part
of animal tanning and cleaning.

The Ancient Romans created various The Ancient Romans have made many Medicinal Tools http://www.ancientcivilizationslist.c
surgical instruments and techniques that important tools in medicine. om/roman-civilization/12-roman-in
initiated succeeding improvements in ventions-innovations/
the field of treatments and surgical

Be that as it may, it was the Romans The Romans have grasped the idea of Grid-Based Cities http://www.ancientcivilizationslist.c
who grasped this idea, added another gridded cities and used it, causing a chain om/roman-civilization/12-roman-in
concept to it and actualized it on such a of similar cities. ventions-innovations/
vast scale, to the point that grid based
settlements got to be well known in the

The most straightforward theory for The Romans were struggling because they Military Losses
Western Romes collapse pins the fall were losing military forces y-lists/8-reasons-why-rome-fell
on a string of military losses sustained
against outside forces.

Even as Rome was under attack from Rome was also struggling with an Financial Crisis
outside forces, it was also crumbling economic collapse, weakening it further. y-lists/8-reasons-why-rome-fell
from within thanks to a severe financial

If Romes sheer size made it difficult to Besides Romes massive size, which was Leadership and Control
govern, ineffective and inconsistent hard to control, the leaders themselves y-lists/8-reasons-why-rome-fell
leadership only served to magnify the were insufficient.

East and West failed to adequately work When Rome was split in two, this leaded Rise of the Eastern Empire
together to combat outside threats, and to arguments and conflict, as well as an y-lists/8-reasons-why-rome-fell
the two often squabbled over resources uneven balance between resources and
and military aid. As the gulf widened, the state of each side (flourishing, failing)
the largely Greek-speaking Eastern
Empire grew in wealth while the
Latin-speaking West descended into
economic crisis.

The Barbarian attacks on Rome partially More and more people began to migrate to Migration of tribes
stemmed from a mass migration caused Rome, causing a revolt after mistreatment.
by the Huns invasion of Europe in the y-lists/8-reasons-why-rome-fell
late fourth century. When these
Eurasian warriors rampaged through
northern Europe, they drove many
Germanic tribes to the borders of the
Roman Empire.

The decline of Rome dovetailed with the Some think that the rise of Christianity led Christianity and Faith
spread of Christianity, and some have to the fall of Rome.
argued that the rise of a new faith y-lists/8-reasons-why-rome-fell
helped contribute to the empires fall.

Unable to recruit enough soldiers from When the Romans were devoted to hiring Soldiers
the Roman citizenry, emperors like people from different areas, but since the y-lists/8-reasons-why-rome-fell
Diocletian and Constantine began hiring people werent really allies so they would
foreign mercenaries to prop up their attack them.
armies. The ranks of the legions
eventually swelled with Germanic Goths
and other barbarians, so much so that
Romans began using the Latin word
barbarus in place of soldier. While
these Germanic soldiers of fortune
proved to be fierce warriors, they also
had little or no loyalty to the empire, and
their power-hungry officers often turned
against their Roman employers.

At its height, the Roman Empire The Roman Empire faced a massive
stretched from the Atlantic Ocean all the problem, which was figuring out how to y-lists/8-reasons-why-rome-fell
way to the Euphrates River in the control all of Romes sheer size. Size
Middle East, but its grandeur may have
also been its downfall. With such a vast
territory to govern, the empire faced an
administrative and logistical nightmare.
At the same time, the empire was rocked by a Depended on slaves to do work for them
labor deficit. Romes economy depended on
but the amount of slaves left were low. y-lists/8-reasons-why-rome-fell
slaves to till its fields and work as craftsmen, and overreliance on slave labor
its military might had traditionally provided a fresh
influx of conquered peoples to put to work.

Lead poisoning is often dismissed as a major Many people of Rome died from lead Poisoning
cause for the decline of Rome, but the theory does poisoning, which is one of the main factors ancient-history/4-reasons-rome-fell
have some merit. The Romans used lead in a on why Rome fell. -ever-fall.html
variety of ways, many involving food and water.

Roman Contribution
1. Sewers
2. Numbers
3. Newspaper
4. Books
5. Calendar
6. Water Transportation
7. Construction
8. Roads

Romans Fall
1. Financial Crisis
2. Leadership and Control Issues
3. Rise of the Eastern Empire
4. Migration of tribes
5. Military Losses
6. Christianity and Division over Faith
7. Soldiers from Different Areas
8. Size of Empire
9. Lack of slaves
10. Poisoning