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Ciclo de Sesiones On-Line: Gestione eficientemente la operacin logstica Q&A

1. El TM 8.0 tambin aplica para operadores logsticos?

The TM 8.0 release is focused on shippers but represents also a good foundation for LSPs. For Logistics
Service Providers, nowadays solution coverage and fit needs to be assessed on a customer project basis,
and important is to consider that there is a development roadmap to cover all main LSPs requirements in
the next releases:

2. Al realizar la operacion por SAP TM y crear un documento de transporte, dicho documento se

observara en el antiguo LE-TRA como un documento de transporte a pesar que fue creado por

Yes, the image of the printed document will be retained in the Document Management System (DMS)
which can be accesses from ERP or TM. What needs to be designed is what key is to be used to access DMS
from ERP, it may be appropriate to create an LES Shipment document that is a mirror of the TM Freight
Order to allow easy links to documents from either system. When a document has been archived in TM,
then there is the choice to leave the printed image in DMS or to also archive it and to access the images via

3. Qu otros componentes SAP se requieren para poder contar con la solucin TM 8.0? ej nosotros
tenemos ERP, BW y CRM. Se requiere sumar APO? EM? EWM

SAP TM is able to work as a stand-alone system to manage the tranportation process. However, it gives its
best when integrated with SAP ERP, due to the powerful and native integration with SD and MM for
tranportation requirements, and with FI for invoice and billing process. SAP TM includes basic functions of
Event Management too. It is not mandatory to run APO or EWM to exploit full functionalities of SAP TM.
4. Las licencias de los mapas estn includos en las del aplicativo?

Map licenses are not included in the TM licence price. SAP provides the capability to link to many GIS
providers and would expect the customer to select a service provider appropriate to their region and
requirements. For example Navteq provide base maps with a number of overlays that can be selected. If
you run a fleet of vans, then you wouldnt need to select the Heavy Goods Vehicle overlay. Allowing our
customers to select a map service at a level that is appropriate for their needs, we believe is the most cost
effective solution.

5. Cul es el tiempo de implementacin de la herramienta TM 8.0?

It depends on the scope of the Project, on the amount of Resources dedicated by the consulting, the
business users and the internal IT. As evidence of the already live customers, projects vary from 4 to 8
months, but as said this depends on several factors and cant be estiamted without more information.

6. SAP TM permite rutear manejando los criterios regulatorios legales sean pesos y medidas,
horarios de acceso u otras restricciones?

Merged with question n. 7.

7. La herramienta TM me permite consolidar las cargas con dos variables o mas, como el volumen y
el peso?

During the Transportation Planning Optimization run, several criteria can be taken into account at the same
time to generate an optimal planning:

Vehicle Capacity and Load Level, Fixed costs per vehicle, Freight cost elements, like distance, volume,
weight, pallets, Duration costs, Stopovers costs, Limits on Distance, Duration, Stopovers, Compartment,
Handling Resources, Opening Hours, Time specific costs, Max number of Hubs per shipment, Decreasing
Capacities, Loading/ Unloading Durations, (In-)Compatibilities, Min / Maximum Storage Time at Hub, Depot
Location, Wait and Stay Time, Schedules of Vehicle Types, Truck and Trailer, Early and late and non delivery
costs, Pickup / Delivery Time Windows.

8. Cul es el camino de migracin de SAP 6.0 para migrar a SAP TM Transportation Management

SAP ERP 6.0 and SAP TM 8.0 are two separated and natively integrated systems, so there is no need for a
migration path. Customers using the LES module of SAP ERP can decide to enhance their solution by
implementing SAP TM.
9. Esta aplicacin permite manejar medios de transporte multiples?, como por ej tramos de
transporte terrestre combinados con transporte areo o martimo

SAP TM was designed to support all modes (ocean, air, land and rail) and span execution, planning,
settlement, visibility and performance management in a single product. SAP is also using TM to extend its
reach beyond traditional shippers to include LSPs by adding features such as buy- and sell-side
transportation costing and billing. For example in the International Outbound, a combination of
truck/rail/ship or air can be executed for a single transportation, with the logic of pre-carriage, main
carriage and on-carriage.

10. Con respecto al monitoreo del transporte, se encuentra contemplado dentro del mdulo de TM
y a partir de que versin?

SAP TM 8.0 offers 3 levels of analytics and reporting:

- Embedded analytics (for operational reporting, like carrier evaluation) via the feature Business
Context Viewer;
- Reporting on TM data via SAP BO (aka Transportation Cockpit in the Netweaver Business
- Standard SAP reporting logic via Business Warehouse (infocubes and Query)

11. El modulo mejora la parte de imputacion contable con Transportes que contienen entregas de
varias sociedades?

SAP TM can be integrated with one or more SAP ERP, and manage full integration with invoice and billing
processes in SAP ERP FI of different legal entities.

12. Es imprescindible que el sistema opere con HU (handling Unit)?

No, this is not mandatory.

13. Que debemos tener configurado en LE-TRA para que se comunique con TM, por ejemplo -
configuracin de las rutas de transporte?

No, it is not mandatory to activate SAP ERP LES, as all Transportation related master data can be configured
directly in SAP TM and integrated with SAP ERP.
14. Qu plataforma de telfono celular usan las aplicaciones de TM mobile?

SAP TM Mobile Applications are fully integrated in the Sybase Unwired Platform:

At the moment SAP is offering two mobile applications:

SAP Transport Tendering (available on iPhone)

SAP Transport Notifier (available on Android-compliant devices)

15. SAP TM tiene una funcionalidad para optimizar la consolidacion de un contenedor o camion en
base a la geometra o restriccin de peso?

For this specific functionality, SAP TM is offering a specific solution created by our partner Ortec, called
ORTEC SAP TM Vehicle Space Optimization.
16. Varios servicios de transporte en TM se pueden convertir en 1 solo requerimiento para ERP, para
evitar la carga operativa al momento de verificar facturas

Yes, there are many different logics to configure the Freigth Unit Building Rules, and they determine the
way in which different transportation requirements are consolidated into Freight Orders and this then
generates the corresponding invoices documents.

17. Puede habilitarse para que el mismo trasportista ingrese su factura a travs de un portal como

Carriers can submit their invoices via the Supply Network Collaboration solution, either electronically or via
a web page. There is also the capability for the TM user to generate self-billing invoices for the carrier and
pay directly, thus reducing administration for the TM user and improving cash flow for the carrier.

18. En el modulo de facturacin, estan cosiderados los conceptos de tarifas de las navieras?

Yes, there is a full-blown spectrum of tariffs and rates, and following process are supported:

Transportation Charge Calculation: Automatic determination of freights for a business

transaction and additionally allow the user to specifically influence these conditions

Selling price

Buying Costs

Internal Costs (own operating costs)

Determination of the transportation profitability (profit margin)

Incoterm split: Ability to invoice different partners according to Incoterm

Maintenance of Freight Agreements (for Customers and Third Parties)

Contractual data

One or multiple Tariffs Pointer to the rates

Maintenance of Rate tables

Basic freight, assessorial charges, other surcharges, discounts or taxes

Multi-dimensional scales (up to 9 dimensions)

Upload / download of external rates

19. Como se obtiene la informacion para hacer tracking de los envios maritimos se integra con los
website de los carriers?

For ocean booking SAP TM offers a complete Track and Trace functionality with:

Track the following events with help of SAP Event Management

Container loaded on vessel

Departure of vessel

Arrival of vessel

Container unloaded from vessel

Track receipts of messages, confirmations or rejections from your trading partner

Track unexpected events, e.g. changes to booking order or shipping instructions by trading partner

Moreover, SAP TM supports integration and partnerships with main Ocean Industry Portals:

And for GIS integration & connectivity (CrossGate), and Freight Rates (SMC3):

20. Quien esta certificado para hacer la implementacin de TM 8.0 en Latin America?

We have evidence that both global partners like IBM, CapGemini and Accenture, and regional partners like
Neoris, GOPA, Quendian (Brazil) are fully supporting the new SAP TM solution.