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Understanding the Problem Rubric

CATEGORY 5 4 3 2 1 0
Key Concepts Addresses Addresses Addresses Partially Mentions at No
both key both key both key addresses at least one key effort
concepts fully concepts, but concepts, least one key concept, but
and some details but many concept, but doesn’t cover
completely. could be details need information is it or is largely
added. to be added. largely incomplete.
Content Covers topic Includes Includes Includes very Information No
in-depth with essential some little barely relates effort
details and knowledge information information to the topics/
examples. about the about the about the topic, prompts.
Subject topic. Subject topic, with with minimal
knowledge is knowledge some subject subject
excellent. appears to be knowledge. knowledge.
Accuracy All content Most of the The content The content is Content is No
throughout the content is is generally generally confusing or effort
product is accurate but accurate, but accurate, but contains
accurate. there is one one piece of some more than
There are no piece of information information is one factual
factual errors. information is clearly clearly flawed or error.
that might be flawed or inaccurate.
inaccurate. inaccurate.
Graphics and All graphics are All graphics All graphics All graphics Graphics do No
Attractiveness related to the are related to relate to the relate to the not relate to effort
topic and the topic, topic, but topic, but make the topic. Use
Images look make it easier most make it may not it harder to of font, color,
amazing, but to understand. easier to clarify understand. graphics,
the text Makes understand. meaning. Makes use of effects etc.
without excellent use Makes good Makes some font, color, but these
background is of font, color, use of font, use of font, graphics, often distract
hard to read. graphics, color, color, effects, etc. but from the
Infograph text effects, etc. to graphics, graphics, occasionally content.
were in large enhance the effects, etc. to effects, etc. these detract
chunks, could product. enhance the to enhance from the
have been in product. the product. content.
bullets or a
larger font to
make it easier
to read.
Mechanics No Two or fewer Three Four or more Several No
and Citations misspellings or misspellings misspellings spelling or spelling or effort
Sentence grammatical and/or and/or grammar errors. grammar
structure errors. All mechanical grammatical Good faith errors.
sources are errors. All errors. Good effort was made Citations are
Poor use of cited correctly. sources are faith effort to most cite very poor.
vocabulary to cited correctly. sources.
develop was made to
sentences/ cite sources.
sentences and
overuse of