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IringranT Prncriw ‘Some priests and religious scholars spend their whole lives, never leaving the safety and comfort oftheir temples, others take their faith on the road, seeking out famed or fost holy sites while spreading the message of their dety to travelers and foreign peoples. As an itinerant pilgrim, you are a religious devotee who is undertaking a spiritual journey, both, ‘mentally and physically, as you embark on a mission of faith to distant lands, ‘Skill Proficiencies: Religion, plus your choice of one from among Athletics, Survival or Nature. ‘Tool Proficiencies: Cartographer's tools or navigator's tools Languages: Choose one from Dwarven, Elven, Gnomish ot Halling, Equipment: A holy symbol (a gift to you when you took your vows) a prayer book or prayer wheel, 5 days of trail rations, vestments, a get of traveler's clothes, and a belt pouch containing 15 gp. Fearure: MISSIONARY ‘Asa pilgrim, you have built relationships with those you have ‘met on your holy journey, and you can perform the religious ceremonies of your deity. You and your adventuring companions can expect to receive ad from well-meaning, travelers on the road, and receive rations and supplies from those who share your faith when in town. Those who share your religion will support you (but only you) at a modest lifestse. You can also spread the word and faith of your chosen deity while amongst foreign civilizations that are not hostile to your proselytizing, and you can establish a presence for your religious order there. This could be any building or residence the locals allow you to use. While near your mission, you can perform religious ceremonies, convert locals into followers of ‘your deity, and receive alms from the faithful to sustain you Sucozsrzp CHARACTERISTICS Pilgrims are heavily influenced by their time on the road and among foreign peoples. Their isolation from their home temple and city can lead some to become introspective and reserved and others to embrace more liberal interpretations of their own faith. Their laws might be some hidden conflict or resentment towards their journey, or their attitude towards those they meet. 8 Personality Trait 1 I seek to become exalted among those of my faith through my actions. | will rest at nothing until | have completed my journey 2 I can find common ground with people of different faiths or societies, Ouilding alliances and points of, Understanding between our ideals, 3 | treasure the serenity of nature and am calmest when outside of civilization. 4 1 always reflect inward on my personal experiences when exposed tonew situations. 5 lam often lost in wonder when exposed to anew civilization. | seek to learn all can about theit history, culture, and language. 6 1am willing (or unwilling) to adjust my previous lifestyle to'a new living situation 7 Ltolerate or despise) those who will not share in the fathotmy del 8 I've spent so long in the outside world that | find it difficult to relate to those who spend ther lives in my deity's temple 6 Ideal 1 Understanding. | seek to educate others about ry faith without forcing it upon them. (Good) 2 Respect. am a stranger in this land, and | must cemain in the good graces of its laws and custorns (Lawful) 3 Prosebizing. My faith will bring about a beter life for Ths anda ust ploy ry pet to spread (Cote) 4 Wisdom. | hope to learn from my experiences, and use the knowledge! gain in my journey. (Neutral 5 Power. alone represent my faith in this land, and no cone else shall dictate how Its taught or spread. (Evil) 6 Devotion | sek o follow my deity’ teachings andthe pilgrims who came before me as best as | can. (Any) d6Bond 1 shall one day bul a cormanity of my dey’ faith ima faraway land that shall stand the test of time. 2 Iwill do anything to help 2 fellow traveler on the road, despite their intentions or motives, 3 | devote my entire being to my deity, and | seek to understand therm on a personal level 4 My converts and followers are my family, | will strive to protect therm, no matter the cost, 5 | will do all | can to arrive at a distant holy site and prove myself to my order 6 An iter carey is my reminder ofthe horne | have lft behind, I must not lose ft d6 Flaw 1 trust those | meet on my journey too quickly and do not realize ther illintentions 2 I view the people I meet on my journey as beneath me so lng as they deny tne teachings of ry Fath, 3 Ihave become too accustomed to the culture and ideals of another faith or land, 4 | am too willing to sacrifice ry well-being or 2 relationship with another to complete my journey. 5 tailor my eligious teachings to how | think they should be, rather than how they actually are, 6 | earnestly believe | must share my faith with everyone, including those not interested.” ai Art Crepit