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You are aware of the Asian Citrus Psyllid (ACP) and Huanglongbing Bacteria (HLB/Citrus Greening
Disease) problem devastating the citrus industry. Agricultural Technologies Foundation (AgTech) is
the non-profit entity founded to provide a proven solution to this global problem.
In cooperation with an R&D Lab, GenX Waveform R&D Lab (
AgTech has a technology under development that is, as you will see, a nearly perfect solution to the
Greening disease and it’s vector, the Asian Citrus Psyllid

AgTech – The Solution to ACP/HLB

It has long been scientifically established that “all form and matter is reducible to energy.” This is
to say, all material forms are based in and can be reduced to a fundamental structure of energy.
Energy is basically understood and described as vibrations (oscillations) in a repeating pattern
termed “frequency”. Virtually every form in the physical universe - from complex biological
organisms to atoms – can be understood, identified and measured as vibratory wavelengths
moving or oscillating in a specific and unique frequency pattern.
It is Natural Law that everything in the physical universe - including the ACP and HLB bacteria - has its
own natural frequency pattern or ‘energy signature’ unique to itself and not shared by any other organism
or form. Nature sets the laws and boundaries for the actions of energy and provides the ability to disrupt
an organism or form simply by exposing it to its own energy. This is well established scientific fact.
To illustrate this phenomenon, most people are aware certain sound waves will shatter glass. The Note
of High C (550 MHz) at sufficient amplitude (power/100db+) and duration (time) will invariably shatter
leaded crystal glass. Singers like Roy Orbison, Ella Fitzgerald etc. are known for their ability to shatter
glass with their voice, but any focused audio system or frequency generator will accomplish the same. It
is simply a matter of matching vibrations or, “resonance”. (See www.frequencyshattersglass)
Resonant energy is simply “matching” energy. All organisms/forms resonate. When you “feed” a form its
own unique energy signature, “resonance” occurs. Resonating energy is disruptive to an organism when
the energy applied exceeds the organism’s natural energy emission.
Typically, energy passes through or around an object, but when
resonance occurs energy is absorbed, vibration (oscillation) increases
and a “standing wave of energy” is created. Natural Law dictates a
standing wave of energy cannot form indefinitely. As energy builds, the
standing wave begins to reach a point where the energy must disperse
and, in the above example, the glass shatters. Natural Law dictates any
increasing standing wave of energy must disperse and the dispersal is
invariably disruptive to the form. This is termed “disastrous resonance.”
No form or organism can withstand too much energy matching its own and this is an inviolate law of
Nature. When applying this Natural Law to a biological organism, the point of disruption is called the
Mortal Oscillatory Rate (MOR). At a point determined solely by Nature, a dispersal of the energy must
occur which is invariably disruptive to the form whether it be bacteria, insect or a wine glass.
Since Natural Law is universal, every organism in the universe has a Mortal Oscillatory Rate (MOR).
Agricultural Technologies Foundation - Innovative Holistic Agricultural Solutions
Eradication of ACP/HLB & Citrus Greening Disease. To bring this back to our subject, these same
Natural Laws apply to the Asian Citrus Psyllid and HLB bacteria. Each have their own unique energy
signature. When we feed the ACP and/or the HLB bacteria its own energy at sufficient amplitude and
duration, the Mortal Oscillatory Rate (MOR) is reached and the disruptive energy dispersal effect occurs.
This dispersal invariably results in the “devitalization” of the organism - it is killed. Because we are
dealing with inviolate universal Natural Law, the disruption and this technology is 100% effective 100% of
the time. There is no escape or exception from this phenomenon and technology.
This technology only affects the psyllid and the HLB bacteria. No other organism is touched or affected.
Since we are utilizing pure Natural Law, this
technology is “organic” and holistic in nature and
presents no detrimental side effects or
environmental concerns – other than the complete
eradication of the ACP and HLB bacteria in a
determined geography. There is no effect on any
other species or humans as only the specific
frequency of the ACP and HLB bacteria is utilized.
The core technology does not and will not operate
in the human or pet range. It is important to
understand, there is absolutely no effect upon
any organism, structure or life form existing
outside the specific targeted energy signature.
Non-resonant energies simply pass through or
around other forms and the disastrous resonance
effect only occurs at a precise energy signature
match. This is as precise and perfect an ecologically
friendly solution as current science can offer.
ABOVE is an image of the effect on a microbe
when the Mortal Oscillatory Rate (MOR) of its
energy harmonic is reached – the natural and
inevitable energy dispersal causes the microbes’
cellular walls to rupture and eject its contents, very
similar to what will happen to the HLB bacteria. AT
LEFT we see two similar organisms being fed their
own energy harmonic and rupturing simultaneously.
Because we are dealing with micro-organisms, the
power necessary for devitalization is very low and
the duration of exposure to the frequency is very
short - in terms of a few minutes or even seconds.
Since the genome of the Asian Citrus Psyllid and
the HLB bacteria has been mapped, we can target
these organisms at their specific and unique DNA
level i.e., we are able to identify the MOR of the
actual DNA of the Asian Citrus Psyllid and the HLB
bacteria, which is as perfectly focused as one can get.
What you are witnessing in the above photos is a Natural, long understood and scientifically proven
technology for the safe and complete eradication of the Asian Citrus Psyllid, HLB bacteria and citrus
greening disease utilizing 100% Natural Law and phenomenon. There are no toxins or negative
byproducts or side-effects to this solution.
This is the only currently available solution to eradicating the ACP and HLB bacteria. Nature itself
provides this solution. We can systematically target and kill the ACP in any specified geography and also
the HLB bacteria within the tree with 100% efficiency.

With this technology utilizing this natural phenomenon, greening disease is now 100% solved.
Agricultural Technologies Foundation - Innovative Holistic Agricultural Solutions
We know precisely how to accomplish the complete eradication of the ACP and greening disease. We
can guarantee the observable devitalization of these pests to any third party in a controlled environment.
We can kill the psyllid and the HLB bacteria in a lab or on a single tree, no problem. What we don’t know
is how well these energy patterns will penetrate a large grove of trees in a real world environment. It is
likely there will be no problems at all, but is also possible there may exist some environmental factor that
may interfere with the wave pattern or the penetration of the wave pattern. Such issues are easily
resolved, but before we can claim a finished market-ready product, we must ascertain if any such
interference exists. To establish the efficiency of this technology for real world applications, we need to
test and validate the technology in a representative grove of trees. In order to develop this technology for
actual grower use then, we have 3 Phases.
Phase 1: Construct a prototype device that will devitalize the ACP and HLB in a controlled
environment to demonstrate Proof of Concept. Validate the technology through an independent
research lab and release/publish the successful results. (90 days - $150k)
Phase 2: Finalize design and construction of the system device and incorporate the necessary
wave harmonic technologies to efficiently operate at optimum range and distance suitable for the
vast acreages of orange groves. (90 days - $500k)
Phase 3: Apply and test the technology in a real world application. Analyze results and modify
the system technology as/if necessary for full and successful market use in large and/or specified
geographies. (60 – 180 days $350k)
The total time involved for a market ready system device and network then is approximately 8-12 months.
This technology is accomplished through the installation and use of custom built specially configured
radios assembled as an interconnected network. The radios will be owned by the grower, paid for out of
ACP/HLP remediation savings and programmed to operate at specific intervals sufficient for the
continuous elimination of all ACP’s and the HLB bacteria within the effective radio coverage area.
Preliminarily, it is envisioned there will be a radio system installed not less than one each per square mile
of land however, real world trials will determine the effective range of each radio/system.
Cost This technology will replace the need for ACP/HLB remediation/treatments. The savings to the
grower from these treatments will pay for the technology over a reasonable amount of time expected to
be from 1-3 years. Preliminarily, we estimate the cost of a permanent system to be factored at a one-time
cost-basis of approximately $500 per acre of land with one radio covering minimally one square mile, or
better depending on final field results.
The lab has agreed to finalize this solution to the point of market readiness for no profit to itself. The
technicians are paid a reasonable “living wage” to work on this Project and the lab has agreed to waive
its usual fees and provide the ACP/HLB technology at actual cost.

Bringing This Technology to Market Agricultural Technologies Foundation (AgTech) is the non-profit
organization founded to accept and disburse contributions, monitor and report progress on the Citrus
Greening Project to funders/contributors and place this technology in the hands of growers.
Ag Tech estimates it will take $1 million USD to have this technology fully developed, validated by a third
party lab, field tested proven and ready for grower use.
Eventually, we will need additional funds of up to $2 million USD to manufacture, distribute and deploy
this technology widely. With the first $1M, we can finalize the technology and have it ready for grower
use, but without additional funds there is no manufactured product to provide to growers. If we only
finalize the technology and wait for a grower to purchase it, we then have to go back and order,
manufacture and deploy on a “one-off” basis which is the most costly and inefficient method to provide
any product.
It is clearly much better to have funds sufficient to produce an acceptable quantity of “units” ready for
immediate sales and installation.

Agricultural Technologies Foundation - Innovative Holistic Agricultural Solutions

The ACP/HLB Problem If you are reading this, you are likely aware of the Asian Citrus Psyllid (ACP)
and the Huanglongbing bacteria (HLB) the ACP carries that causes Citrus Greening Disease. If you are
not familiar with this significant global problem, the following information is provided.
Greening disease is caused by a proliferation of the HLB bacteria within the phloem, or vascular system
of citrus trees. The bacteria block water and nutrient flow from the roots to the leaves and fruit causing a
slow starvation of the tree. The citrus fruit stays green and drops off the tree misshapen and unripe.
Infected trees die. There is no cure for greening disease and the disease affects all citrus trees including
grapefruit, lemons, tangerines etc. The Asian citrus psyllid, a small gnat-like fly which is detrimental but
not deadly to citrus, is the host vector for the HLB bacteria and spreads the disease as it migrates.
Greening disease was first reported in China in 1929. It has since spread through China, the Philippines,
Taiwan, India, Africa, Thailand etc. and arrived in the America in Florida in 1998 and Brazil in 2004. In
some small countries and areas, their entire citrus industry has been obliterated.
In Florida, the disease was not identified timely and the entire state is now infected with the ACP and the
HLB bacteria. Florida had a $9B citrus industry and the disease has reduced citrus production by 50%.
With 70,000 remaining jobs at risk, Florida is at the point where production can no longer sustain the
packing houses, juicers, shippers etc., and many of these businesses are beginning to shut down. The
disease has spread to Texas with a 40% HLB infection rate and the disease has just arrived in California.
In spite of the best efforts of chemical and biological engineers with tens of millions of dollars at their
disposal, there is no viable solution or remedy on the market or expected to be on the market for at least
5 years. In any case, the best solution envisioned to date requires the complete replacement of all citrus
groves with disease resistant trees that have not yet been bred or engineered. Without a viable solution,
the entire global citrus industry remains at risk.
The AgTech solution is already proven to work and only needs to be modified for radio transmission
functionality to apply to the vast acreages of citrus trees. We can have this technology ready for and/or
on the market in 12-months or less.

Funding AgTech is a recognized non-profit so funding/contributions for this project are tax
deductible. Contributions for the Citrus Greening Solved Project are completed privately between
AgTech and the contributor via direct deposit or bank to bank transfer. AgTech will provide tax and
account information to contributors at the appropriate time.
In addition to a contribution being tax deductible, for growers we are currently offering to deduct
100% of any contribution made off the final price/cost of the ACP/HLB system. Any contribution from
growers then is treated as a pre-purchase agreement or down payment on a system, so there is no
net loss to a grower/contributor for helping enable this technology.
AgTech is open to investment. All investment/funding ideas are solicited and considered.

We thank you for your help and consideration.

Kind Regards,

Michael Murphy
Managing Director for
Agricultural Technologies Foundation (AgTech)
Michael Murphy:
Telephone: AgTech (507) 723-8324
Mobile: (559) 579-2556

Agricultural Technologies Foundation - Innovative Holistic Agricultural Solutions