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1 Architecture David 1/24/17

1 Interface Pruna GEOG/MAPM

1 Project Admin David B GEOG/? 1/23/17

1 TM Kene MAPM/GEOG 1/23/17

1 TM Kene Vipin 1/24/17

1 TM dbrown MAPM/GEOG

2 Enablement David and Dinesh MAPM/GEOG 1/24/17

2 RBI Team 1/24/17

2 RBI David Usha/Kene

2 RBI Usha and/or Scot 1/24/17

2 TM Vipin GE Team 12/18/16 12/18/16

2 TM dbrown GE Team 12/18/16

2 TM dbrown GE Team 12/19/16 1/25/17

2 TM Dinesh & David Usha/Kene 1/24/17 1/24/17

3 Enablement David 1/24/17

3 Enablement Dinesh & David 1/24/17

99 Comment dbrown GE Team 12/19/16

99 Discussion Team 1/24/17

99 RBI Unknown

99 Team Discussion 1/24/17
Issue or Question

The solution will require Meridium to support one customer per APM database as well as multiple customers in the
meridium database based on request and price of support. This has implications on how Meridium can sustain a larg
base using dedicated APM database vs. the scalability and load of multiple customers in the same database.
Data loader - discussion around whether we want the initial load to be automated or manual. Strong position from P
manual is desired

Create a Box account for team artifacts and provide access

Discuss/Determine Pipeline support as a requirement

Use of Pipeline. Talk of using Pipeline however there's no requirement. Team discussion implied it would be easy to
because it is largely part of the existing TM functionality. However,there was no discussion on configuring and loadin
differences between pipeline and other calculations, etc. NOT in current requirements. Need to close out on this exp
How much data (volume, frequency, duration of storage) do you need to store in Merid
TMLs or piping etc.?

How do we engage with existing customers who want to leverage Digital Inspection; Pre existing RBI customer, comp
other damage mechanisms on it, you should return only the CoF from the internal, Number of inspections, Inspectio
Inspection confidence - i.e. how much did they actually inspect, goes into the full details of inspection

RBI analysis approach

Refreshed RBI Analysis data

How do we map the RBI

Are there formulas currently used to do corrosion rates? Answer: Looking to APM for this.
How does temperature factor into the equation, or what data should be retrieved from extern
Need to establish mapping documents that define the data that will be transferred. For example, will temperatrure
transferred and if so, will it be in Farenheit or Celsius, etc.?

What happens when you receive the Consequence of Failure (CoF) back?
What are the prerequisites for Onboarding? Onboarding is considered all data loading, configurations (interfaces and
and security required to allow users to access the system and execute the runtime workflow

Explore onboarding for existing customers;

Note that Meridium RBI components may or may not not support railway network components. An SME should alig
the corresponding components currently supported by RBI.

Customized widgets

How are you planning to support Big Data and the need to import all dashboards that are relevant; Need to import h
manager dashboards

Place holder Resolution

Pipeline: (capability) BUSINESS story around Pipeline: 1. A story that Kene can give us

Get the data into time series; how that data gets into current Meridium API

We have to track the history of recommendations right through the analysis but only the last set of
recommendations will be relevant however open up each set of recommendations because that’s essentially the
mitigation. Recommendations for risk mitigation will be sent to Digital Inspection for storage and visualization.
Recommendation will be shown based on risk level received from Meridium
analysis, PoF/CoF.. IF I HAVEN’T DONE A FULL ANALYSIS, I could get really bad results. So where in the process does
the user update the analysis? Do a fresh RB analysis? Alerts should prompt the user to open up Meridium and do
UX designer Williams will work with Meridium to understand how you do configuration

Vipin returned some information relating to TM and RBI. Needs review in context if workflows and reporting.


Will be adressed in the Level zero codesign between MAPM and GE DI resources

When the CoF comes back, that will determin the risk value recommendation. It has to be timestamped, even
though data may be unstructured; Next step: have the alerts, or alerts from CoF alert, TM alert, up to customer to
know what they want to do, a full RBI inspection etc. User goes into DI, call team members to confirm whether to
do full RBI, then it’s in their workflow. Analysis should be in a completed state; Take the next action which is the
mitigation piece, has to be finalized, have to interact with Meridium UI.
Whenever we do our initial customer engagement, we work with them to generate an initial RBI

We'll have to do some mapping, we'll do some POCs at the beginning for the final aim to be end to end
automation; Prerequisites for Onboarding: Whenever we do our initial customer engagement, we work with them
to generate an initial RBI. Priority to understand requirements, user preference

Limitations because 580 calculator only produces 5 x 5; Stakeholders agreed this was fine for delivery

RBI profile; Asset information and Time Series information that comes into the system; GOAL IS TO GET alerts in
the time series data that we're sending to the Meridium system; Based on user interaction we'd like to get the RBI
computed, on demand basis.

Speak to GM Eddie Amos about different dashboards. Meridium already has the data we're getting now, we will
need to add to that.
dbrown: High level design agreed to during
workshop. Detailed mappings and interface still

Resolved Reference workflow

Resolved 24th