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BIM Services

We deliver BIM services that gradually progress building designs, construction, and
maintenance from 2D drafts to data-rich intelligent 3D models.

We are a 3D BIM modeling and BIM consulting Company based in India, delivering Revit
BIM modeling services for architectural, structural, MEPF and mechanical disciplines.

We specialize in BIM outsourcing services for engineers, architects, contractors,

surveyors, consultants and engineering design firms by delivering informative 3D models,
2D drafts and construction documents.

Our Presence through BIM Solutions

We as a full-scale BIM services provider company; deliver Revit BIM drafting and 3D
modeling services along with MEP content creation for building products to align BIM
workflows for manufacturers and suppliers. Our Revit BIM services are dedicated to all
types of building construction projects including residential, commercial, industrial,
mixed-use buildings, educational buildings and many more.

We partner with our clients located in USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia and the
Middle East for valuable inputs and BIM consulting insights.

Our BIM services encompass the following:

a. Developing 3D models for infrastructure, healthcare, and recreational construction

b. BIM architectural and structural services for Revit design coordination

c. Clash detection and resolution with building conflicting reports using Navisworks

d. Construction scheduling and building simulations with 4D BIM modeling

e. Cost estimates, BOMs and other RFIs with 5D BIM modeling

f. BIM content creation for architectural and structural metal products

g. Revit libraries creation for MEP and HVAC equipment

Our teams work with your designers to develop 3D BIM models with required details
following LOD standards ranging from LOD 100 to LOD 500 – as needed. We develop
3D models with the higher level of details to help project managers make informed
decisions and facilitate quick modeling by accessing Revit Families of mechanical
equipment, electrical cables, trays, switches etc., plumbing fit- outs and firefighting

We aid architects and engineers extract shop drawings and 2D elevation plans from as-
built models and deliver expert BIM modeling services to achieve expert building designs
and maximum operational efficiency.

Our Expertise in BIM Consulting Services

As a reliable BIM partner for your construction firm, we provide guidance for strategic
construction and BIM execution plans, help you follow BIM protocols, and aid in settling
BIM implementation across building design and construction projects.

Our BIM managers collaborate with your design teams for BIM consulting and
implementation services for hands-on mega construction assignments to understand and
analyze the requirements closely for quality outputs. We help construction firms to
transform their projects to BIM environment and empower site managers for risk
mitigation and cost reduction for entire construction project life-cycle.

Benefits of Outsourcing BIM Projects to TrueCADD:

a. On-time project delivery adhering to regional and international design standards.

b. Precise and authentic consulting for BIM needs with 20+ years of experience.

c. Offshore/Onshore dedicated resources for overall BIM solutions.

d. Scalable technology infrastructure with licenses of all leading software.

e. Cost effective solutions for every building construction project.

f. Strict confidentiality of designs and client identity privacy.

MEP BIM Services

TrueCADD helps MEP consultants and engineers, EPC firms and MEP component
manufacturers maximize their efficiency by deploying the fastest and safest path to
integrated construction processes.

We specialize in delivering virtual design and construction solutions for MEP system
design, analysis and validation. Our MEP BIM services is developed from a range of
inputs inkling contract documents, design documents, specification sheets, MEP
coordination drawings and equipment submittals.

We develop 3D MEP models in accordance with international codes and standards of

building construction and safety. Our MEP services are aimed at enabling construction
firms and MEP contractors to design and install MEP systems with strategic planning for
project’s sustainability requirements.

Our MEP BIM services include:

a. 3D modeling and rendering for MEP layout.

b. 2D to 3D conversion and 3D modeling from point could data.

c. Shop Drawings, fabrication and spool drawings.

d. MEP design coordination with architecture and structure.

e. Clash detection and resolution.

f. Isometric installation drawings.

g. As-Built drawings.

h. Quantity take-off and BOMs.

i. MEP content creation for HVAC and MEP components.

We provide 3D MEP modeling services to all major engineering domains to meet the
demands of effective MEP system design, installation and equipment selection for
construction projects across oil and gas, healthcare, recreation retail, education and real
estate industry. Our team serves as an extension to the in-house team of our customers
and supports them in the virtual construction models.

We deliver furniture design support requirement in accordance with MEP layout for
framing and installation of components across the facilities. Apart from that we also

deliver MEP design support for HVAC ducts and other HVAC components to facilitate
HVAC contractors in associating with MEP requirements.

BIM Clash Detection & Coordination

A lot of time, money and resources are spent in the designing state of art buildings.
However, imagine the amount of losses that may incur because a lot of unaccounted
clashes and collisions go unidentified during design phase and are detected only when
the project goes on-site.

TrueCADD, helps companies and contractors apply BIM for clash detection and reduce
the risk of human errors during model inspections - thus reducing amount of change
orders during construction. This also serves as an important medium to save a lot of
time, money and resources.

We extend BIM support for:

a. Detection of hard and soft clashes within MEP systems

b. Listing the identified Clashes for action

c. Modification of 3D models to comply with conflict free designs

d. Clash free and streamlined installation of MEP systems

Ideally Clash detection should also be the first step for a remodeling or expansion
project. Our 3D clash detection reports with detailed mapping of every part of the current
structure, allows engineers to design additions and improvements around the existing
structure, and handover work to contractors.

Identification; inspection and reporting of clashes across architectural, structural and

MEP disciplines enables efficient execution of both new and as built construction
projects. As a standard practice we conduct the required quality checks at every level of
detail, and across all trades. For ease of use, clashes are represented and reported
visually. A 2D conflict identification report or a BCF file can also be created to analyze
and resolve clashes.

Our Clash detection service experience spans over a wide range of projects including
bridges and infrastructures, commercial facilities, industrial units, residential, retail and
institutional buildings, hospitals, airports, schools and universities etc.

To sum it up, clash detection helps you:

a. Identify and resolve clashes in a model and hence minimize the design conflicts
when project goes on site

b. Review models and also satisfy the visualization demands of clients, thus also
differentiate yourself as a professional firm

c. Add value to your projects and gain better returns on investment

4D BIM - Construction Simulation

TrueCADD is a one-stop solution for architectural and engineering outsourcing and

provides best BIM 4D simulation services. When it comes to BIM 4D simulation,
TrueCADD uses cost cutting technologies for most of the architectural requirements.

We use software tools such as Building Design Suite (BDS), Revit, AutoCAD,
Navisworks etc. and are competent in creating cost effective 4D BIM simulation solutions
for all kinds of firms.

Our 4D BIM services includes:

a. 3D to 4D BIM conversion.

b. Conflict detection and resolutions.

c. Visual validation for payment approval.

d. Time management and construction scheduling.

e. construction sequence simulations realtime with logistical & phasing


Using our 4D BIM services, our clients are able to maintain a better control over their
changing worksite and are able to have their entire team (architects, constructors,
engineers, manufacturers, designers, etc.) to have a view of the project in real time.

Advantages with TrueCADD:

a. Critical Path Analysis.

b. Multiple baselines that help compare actual performance against the plan.

c. Progress Tracking.

d. Resource Management.

e. Task Sequencing Options.

BIM 4D simulations is interoperable and can also be used by any member of a project

TrueCADD promotes project planning by amalgamating design and construction skillfully,
which is the backbone and core of building design.

5D BIM - Cost Estimating

Predicting the most realistic figure at different - or any given stage in a project is an
important aspect, as it helps evaluate the design and construction process based on
budgeting constraints.

At TrueCADD , we assist engineers and contractors to integrate cost estimates with BIM
along with time and schedule data in IFC (open standard) format to be used in any BIM
visualizing or authoring system (Revit, Navisworks, BDS, Archicad, Tekla etc).

Our BIM 5D solutions help you keep track of the cost incurred at every stage of
construction and deliver substantial benefits in terms of cost estimation to several large
scale construction projects.

We extend BIM support for:

a. Accurate quantity take offs and hence realistic material cost estimates

b. Prediction of the most accurate cost estimates

We develop BIM models at any level of detail LOD (100, 200, 300, 350, 400, 500), to be
used for cost estimations and value engineered decisions.

Our experienced engineers have delivered substantial benefits in terms of accurate cost
estimations to several large scale construction projects for aviation, heavy engineering,
health care, retail, real estate, oil & gas and educational sectors.

Our cost estimation or BIM 5D modeling services allow architects, operators,

constructors, owners, engineers, manufacturers, materials suppliers and subcontractors
to share a single view of the entire project in real time.

Level of Development (LOD)

Our BIM deliverables conform to Level of Development (LOD – 100 to 500), that are
purpose built to solve design complexity challenges as per the needs of architects and

Our BIM modelers and CAD drafters enable construction firms, structural engineers,
MEP engineers and architects to efficiently plan and comprehend design development
for construction projects. Our BIM specialists thus help in streamlining construction
project activities and increase the efficiency.

Our LOD models aren’t just models; they are charts of keeping the contractors updated
about the progress that is planned VS actual construction done on site. Adherence to
strict standards and client’s need, we bring models that bind contractors and building
products fabricators together.

Point Cloud to BIM Services

For complex expansion projects, restoration of heritage buildings and for phased
retrofitting projects we deliver prudent approach of point cloud to BIM 3D modeling

At TrueCADD; we help surveyors, architects, retailers and contractors to convert point

cloud and laser survey data into data rich 3D BIM models for turning it to downstream
construction processes. We use Revit Architecture and Revit MEP for creating BIM
models. Millions of data points compiled together and relevant images from the site are
what we put at task to manage our Scan to BIM process.

We have also expertise in Scan to BIM 3D modeling services for all types of
architectural, structural and MEP elements and thereby help contractors stay profitable.
Our point cloud to BIM solutions prove pivotal in enabling coordination of existing
structure with a new one or to create a topographic map of the data for the retrofitting of

With the expert team of qualified architects & engineers, we deliver point cloud to BIM
services including:

a. Tracing and surface reconstruction from point cloud data by efficient management
of high volumes of scanned data

b. Point cloud to BIM solutions and 3D model development

c. Laser scan to BIM 3D information rich 3D models for architectural, structural and
MEP requirements

d. 3D BIM Models from 3D point cloud captured by a drone

e. 2D floor plans, elevation and sections from scanned data

f. Reconstructing the scanned geometry by surface tracing into BIM models with
NURBS and polygons

We have managed several large scale point cloud to BIM projects for renovation, retrofit
and building restoration projects for industries like aviation, automotive, heavy
engineering, oil & gas, education, healthcare etc.

Whether you use Kubit, Leica CloudWorx or any other laser survey tool to collect point
cloud data, we accept all type of inputs and execute point cloud processing to deliver
highly refined building information models.

Revit Family Creation Services

TrueCADD is a leading Revit Family Creation Services provider company in India;

delivering architectural, structural and MEP BIM content creation at cost effective rates.

We provide accurate Revit family creation outsourcing services for product

manufacturers, contractors, retailers, etc. We deliver fast and veritable Revit Family
Creation Services for various projects such as commercial buildings, residential units,
substations, hospitals, educational buildings, electrical rooms and industrial facilities.

We provide Revit Family Creation Services include:

a. Architecture Family Creation

b. Structure Family Creation

c. MEP Family Creation

d. Mechanical Revit Families

e. Structural Components

f. Building System Components

g. Fixtures & Custom Applications

h. Partitions, Walls, Windows and Doors

At TrueCADD, we have a highly skilled dynamic team of Revit family designers having
several years of experience in Revit Family Creation Services.

We have worked on several projects including the below:

a. Building System Families

b. Custom Applications

c. Legends and Titleblocks

d. Structural Components

e. Walls, Doors, and Windows

f. Other Custom and Specialty Content

g. Other Building Components

Some of the input formats that we accept are AutoCAD files, Gif or Jpeg files, PDF files,
pictures, scanned images, hand-drawn sketches, photos and electronic files.

BIM Sectors
BIM for Retailers

TrueCADD, has delivered BIM services to some of the hi-end retail stores and retailers
across the globe. Our BIM services for retailers include retail design and documentation,
3D models and 2D/3D imaging for improved planning, construction work and
management of a retail store design project.

We cater to an array of clients ranging from small retail outlets to international retail
groups, and work out design and construction plans in such a way that our clients stay
updated and have complete control over the project management. With us, it is easier to
cut down project costs drastically and resolve conflicts in record time.

Requirement Analysis and Design for Retail Stores

Our expert team becomes an extension to the client's team and works with them in close
synchronization. We conduct comprehensive concept and layout design and planning for
retail outlets. Our experts extend excellent high standard retail design and outlet
management by conducting a thorough requirement analysis and deep understanding of
the clients brand.

Production Drawing Sets

We design equipment schedules, component and material takeoffs using the latest BIM
technologies. Our comprehensive construction drawings for retailers include floor plans,
building elevations, composite plans, construction plans, lighting and ceiling drawings
etc. For this, we use the latest Autodesk BIM software like Revit and AutoCAD.

Floor Plans for Retail Stores

We design highly aesthetic and detailed floor plans for your retail houses. These plans
can be used in store brochures and websites as well as for presentations. We develop
floor plans for varied formats and include various demarcations, floor plan details,
furniture placement and fitting specifications according to client requirements.

Retail BIM 3D/4D Modeling

We deftly handle BIM projects for the retail sector. For this, our team mainly relies on
Revit architecture and Revit MEP technology to create retail buildings, stores or outlets.
These tools allow creating retail designs on a data base driven application.

Our team makes sure that the BIM models developed using these BIM tools are highly
accurate and enable speedy output, these models are used for creating photorealistic
renderings and visualizations. The resulting 3D output is tested for interferences and
further used as a base for production drawing and material and part scheduling.

Our building information modeling also provides assistance for further achieving energy
efficiency and designing green buildings. We also conduct scan top BIM conversions
services using source from point cloud data.

At TrueCADD, we create detailed assembly and manufacturing drawings replete with

specifications, for furniture and other fittings required at the store.

As mentioned above, our major emphasis is on delivering photorealistic visualizations,

this encourages us to put in dedicated efforts to create highly accurate BIM simulations
and provide a finished output with rendering, photomontages and retail outlet site
animation, as per the client demands.

BIM for Homebuilders

At TrueCADD, we have an expert team dedicatedly extending BIM services for home
builders and residential property owners. Our company offers comprehensive BIM
services including design and planning, documentation, floor plans, BIM 3D modeling
and also extends CGI excellence for construction planning, presentations and marketing

BIM is widely used for the commercial construction projects; however, it is fast gaining
popularity and is being used for residential construction projects as well. We excel in
handling (building information modeling) BIM projects for huge residential societies,
residential complexes, housing schemes, sprawling private properties and palatial
bungalows thus helping homebuilders in their construction process and planning.

We have the best infrastructural facilities, use the latest technologically and the most
advanced BIM tools to ensure that better coordination and higher accuracy is delivered
to clients for an improved construction process. Outsourcing our BIM services can help
our clients avail a plethora of BIM benefits like easy information retrieval, hi-tech
documentation and enhanced productivity.

Our multidimensional BIM capabilities include Revit architecture, BIM for structural
design, MEP BIM along with effective construction scheduling, facilities and asset
management, reduced cost to clients, faster project delivery and most importantly
sustainability optimization and energy efficiency for residential buildings.

Construction Drawings for Residential Properties

Our engineers understand the requirements of home owners, occupants as well as home
builders and design accordingly. We provide complete production drawing sets with all
the key features like foundation drawings, elevation plans, sectional drawings, structural
framing, roofing, detailed floor plans etc. these detailed BIM construction drawings
enable clients to handle construction and planning thus effectively manage their
residential building construction projects.

We can also manage construction drawing libraries for retrofits and for revised
construction plans. We stay updated on the local construction code requirement and any
revisions issued for the state or country the project is based in.

Interactive Site and Floor Plans

Our detailed construction site analysis and plotting helps builders get an insight of the
number of buildings that can be included and other factors such as time, costs and
profitability. We further extend detailed 3D floor plans for each building within the plot. We
also introduce animations and interactivity on demand.

BIM Modeling with Advanced Tools and Technologies

We use BIM Revit architecture and Revit MEP for creating highly defined 3D BIM
models. Revit's data base driven design allows higher accuracy and greater hold over
BIM construction project management through several stages of 3D modeling, floor plan
designing and construction scheduling.

We use the best tools for interference analysis and hence resolve clashes effectively.
These tools and software are also pivotal in allowing accurate measurement, material
and quantity take offs.

At TrueCADD we make sure that the output we deliver is extremely appealing and can be
displayed on brochures, websites and marketing materials. Our computer generated
images are realistic; we use the best 3D rendering software and deliver results par

Our company places client's interests to the fore and dedicates efforts towards achieving
client satisfaction. Our construction drawings are completely customized according to
individual client requirements. We also make sure that the BIM construction plans fit into
the sustainability plans for a residential building and also allow maximum energy

BIM for Architects and Building Surveyors

TrueCADD, has worked for several renowned architects, design firms and building
surveyors across the globe, and provided comprehensive BIM services extending
support across the design, 3d modeling and detailing phases.

Our 4D BIM simulation solutions help architects have total control over the project and
view the changing worksite in real time for better management.

Our architectural design and drafting services, BIM models and architectural BIM
coordination services are targeted towards allowing architects manage the construction
projects well, with BIM inputs like clash detection reports and constructability reviews.

We have brought together experts from construction engineering, architecture and

interior design fields to work together for the best results. Our team works with the latest
and the most advanced BIM tools like Revit Architecture, Revit MEP, Revit Structural,
Navisworks and AutoCAD. We thus create BIM 4D simulations using cost cutting
technologies to fulfill comprehensive architectural needs of the BIM project.

BIM for higher sustainability and energy efficiency in architectural building designs

Architects and building surveyors all over the world are highly influenced by green
designs and sustainability solutions for architectural engineering. Our services such as

BIM energy analysis and BIM energy modeling are targeted at fulfilling the sustainability
plans of an architectural design project. Architects can utilize our BIM expertise and
strengths for effectively planning architectural projects for housing plans, retail
showrooms, commercial complexes, office buildings and many more.

At TrueCADD, we have an experienced team of Revit family creation designers offering

expert architecture family creation services. We accept several input formats like
AutoCAD files, Gif or jpeg files, PDFs, scanned images, hand drawn sketches, pictures,
photos and electronic files to get the architectural designs look as real and appealing as

Our capabilities in accurate quantity takeoffs, 3d modeling, clash detection, coordination

and Scan to BIM construction help architects coordinate with team members in a better
manner and achieve increased efficiency with project handling and completion.

Our services enable high sustainability, deliver higher accuracy, cut down project cost,
save time and coordinate building information in a better manner. Architects can stay a
notch above their competitors and capture the increasingly complex market of
architectural services for the building and construction industry.

BIM for Engineers

BIM is a useful technology for civil engineers, structural engineers, mechanical, electrical
and plumbing engineers alike. It gives the engineering team a better insight into the
construction process of a building.

We extend our BIM expertise to engineers working on projects across several residential
buildings, commercial complexes, schools, hospitals and infrastructural developments.

BIM Services for MEP Engineers

Offering Revit MEP BIM services is our core expertise. We provide BIM design, drawings
and 3D models with complete HVAC codes, plumbing, pipe work, fire safety and
electrical plan details to MEP engineers. BIM is an efficient information management
platform; it reflects any construction design changes through all the sections in real time.
This reduces the chances of clashes and keeps all the engineering teams on the same

At TrueCADD, we target our MEP BIM services towards offering engineers a complete
and accurate overview of the project. However, these services can also be extremely
beneficial for MEP designers, contractors and MEP consultants. Engineers can use our
MEP BIM expertise to model, document and coordinate an array of elements like
mechanical, electrical, HVAC and fire protection systems. We convert 2D blueprints into
Revit, and further extend support through the scheduling and costing process.

BIM Services for Structural / Civil Engineers

BIM extends major support to structural / civil engineers involved in a construction project
by providing accurate details about the material and resources required for the
construction. This enables estimation of the required materials and hence allows
accurate cost estimation. Unlike a regular 3D model, BIM is a sophisticated technology
that provides structural engineers with building geometry, building properties and
geographic information.

BIM not only provides a realistic view of a building but also gathers accurate information
pertaining to a building and gives the engineer a clear perspective on the building's
lifespan. Structural engineers can thus easily visualize and plan a building construction
before the building process starts.

BIM for General Contractors

TrueCADD, extends BIM services for general contractors empowering them with better
control over their construction projects. Armed with BIM technology, contractors can
utilize accurate data, deliver better coordination and make better decisions. They can
effectively eliminate inefficiencies and plan their projects well to reduce cost and ensure
better outcomes in less time.

Outsourcing BIM services can generate profits for general contractors; it offers them
higher returns on investments.

General contractors can use the BIM based simulations and renderings for presentation
to their clients, the BIM based thoughtful design approaches can help them bag the best

BIM further enables accurate clash detection, even before the construction process
starts. This drastically improves construction planning and implementation of the project
thus helps complete the project with more efficiency in lesser time.

BIM allows off-site fabrication; this means that on-site fabrication process becomes more
accurate and faster. It also means that there are fewer clashes and hence less iterations
during construction, it saves a lot of expenses and improves yard management activities.

Our BIM expertise includes:

a. 3D BIM Modeling - Our company delivers comprehensive BIM 3D modeling

services for structural elements (steel, concrete, slabs, beams and columns) and
architectural elements (internal walls, stairs, doors and windows). We use Navisworks for
clash detection and iterate the models to eliminate these clashes. Our experts create 4D
BIM simulations that aid the process of MEP validation and BIM coordination.

b. BIM MEP Coordination - General contractors are becoming aware of the benefits
BIM offers. They are increasingly using the BIM MEP coordination services following BIM

3d modeling. At this stage, the clashes between MEP and the building structure can be
detected and eliminated. This thus helps the contractors save costs and manage the
onsite construction process with ease. Our team has expertise in Revit MEP and
AutoCAD MEP, using these they create 3d coordinated MEP models for the construction

c. Green BIM - BIM energy modeling has become immensely popular; the industry
needs to tap its potential to the maximum by introducing sustainability and energy
efficiency in every building erected. It is a promising technology for general contractors,
as it offers them better construction management through lesser energy consumption
and improved use of renewable/natural resources of energy. TrueCADD, believes that
saving energy is saving money, and is the need of the hour. Our company thus has a
dedicated team of environmental engineers and architects who deftly use the technology
for green building design and energy modeling.

We offer BIM as a part of the IPD (integrated project delivery) process hence enabling a
framework that allows reduced wastage and streamlines construction projects.

We have extended BIM services to an array of projects for residential buildings,

infrastructural facilities, commercial complexes, retail stores, housing schemes,
institutional construction for schools, hospitals etc.