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Competent Person
The Competent Person responsible for the technical information contained in this presentation is Mr James Hogg, Addison Mining Services, a Member of the Australian Institute of Geoscientists
and a Competent Person as defined under JORC 2012 rules.
All market capitalisation figures in this presentation date from 20 November 2017
The Competent Person has not been able to verify the results of historical data from soil sampling, rock sampling and drilling described in this report. Although the Authors have no reason to doubt
the results described, they should be considered as indications of the presence of mineralisation only and may not accurately reflect true metal concentrations and mineralized thicknesses.


Create shareholder value through early generative exploration and discovery

Accelerate upside through JV partnerships
Experienced team with proven track record of discovery and value creation


Cornerstone (19.9%) shareholder Osisko Gold Royalties (Mkt Cap C$2.4bn)

Joint venture in Sweden with Centerra Gold (Mkt Cap C$2.2bn)


Sweden: 7 Gold Project Areas (18 licences), JV drilling started on two projects in 2017
Ireland: advanced zinc prospect with regional potential
Multiple drill programmes in both countries for 2018

Value Through Discovery
Discoveries result in return multiples even during commodity price downturns.
Exploration success is a key point of value creation in the mining cycle

Sirius Resources
Drill-ready projects
A$0.09 to A$1.78
Nickel Sulphide
Solgold Sold for $1.4Bn
1.3p to 26.7p
Mkt Cap $533m
C$0.65 to C$9.40
Timok JV
Sold for $365m

$9m mkt cap post-IPO

A team with deep technical expertise as well as
extensive corporate and capital markets experience
Non-Executive Director, Graham Brown
Non-Executive Chairman, Jeremy Martin
Co-Winner of the PDAC Thayer Lindsley Award in
Founding director of Erris Resources, Medgold,
2011, past councillor of the SEG and current British
Rathdowney Resources and Horizonte Minerals. Over 18
Geological Survey industry advisor and Natural
years of technical and capital markets expertise, currently
History Museum honorary research fellow. Past
CEO of Horizonte Minerals. BSc (Hons), MSc, ACSM,
Group Head of Geosciences for the Anglo American

CEO, Director, Merlin Marr-Johnson Non-Exec. Director, Andrew Partington

Over 22 years of technical and capital markets expertise Partner with Paradigm Capital Inc. specialising in
including: geologist for Rio Tinto, analyst at HSBC for 6 resources corporate advisory, M&A, and equity
years, CEO of exploration companies 8 years, fund manager raising. Previously mining analyst with Deutsche
for 5 years. BSc (Hons), MSc, DIC, FGS Bank and Newcrest Capital. B.Sc. (Hons) Engineering
Geology, MBA
CFO, Director, Cherif Rifaat Non-Exec. Director, Jeremy Taylor-Firth
UK Chartered Account with over 20 years of Venture Jeremy has 19 years of experience in investment
Capital, Corporate Finance, Operational Turnaround and management. He has worked at Singer & Friedlander
Investor Relations experience since his qualification with Investment Management Williams de Broe. Jeremy is
KPMG. Corporate and financial adviser to the Lithium currently an Investment Manager with Hanson Asset
mining company, Bacanora Minerals, since it listed on AIM Management, where he has worked for the last 5
in 2014. years.

COO, Aiden Lavelle Technical Advisor, David Hall

Experienced exploration manager played a key role in Founding director of Erris Resources, Horizonte
discovery of the Pandora prospect in Djibouti. International Minerals, GoldQuest Mining Corp, Medgold, Thani-
work includes target generation, project management, Stratex Resources and Stratex International having
resource definition. BSc (Hons), MSc, MIGI, P.Geo previously worked with Minorco and Anglogold.
Currently CEO of Thani-Stratex and non-executive
Chairman of Horizonte Minerals. BA (Hons), MSc,
Track Record
Strong track record of discovery, resource
delineation, joint ventures and trade sale

Mkt Cap Mkt Cap

C$14M C$24M Sakatti magmatic Cu-Ni-PGE
Los Sulfatos discovery 2009
TSXV 2012 TSXV 2011 deposit, greenfields exploration
1.2Bt @ 1.5% Cu, 0.02% Mo
Europe Europe discovery in 2009, Finland
22,000m drilled, Chile

Mkt Cap C$77M, TSXV Sale of 30% & 1% NSR

C$23m from Agnico-Eagle of Öksüt for $24.5m to
Equity stake Centerra Gold
Dominican Republic Turkey

Mkt Cap £50M

AIM 2010
Major nickel laterite discovery
Brazil Major REE discovery,
Nolans Bore, Australia
Valentines iron ore
discovery Tulu Kapi gold Gold discoveries in Egypt
Uruguay discovery and Djibouti

Operating Countries
Ireland and Sweden have low sovereign risk, favourable mining codes, active
mines, a skilled workforce, support industries and bulk commodity infrastructure

Corporate tax rate 25% Corporate tax rate 22%

Discretionary royalty rate Mineral production tax
typically on a sliding scale rate 0.2%
from 1.5% in early years to
#8 ranked in 2016 Fraser
3.5-3.75% for later years
Institute Mining report
#9 ranked in 2016 Fraser
(#2/17 in Europe)
Institute Mining report
(#3/17 in Europe) 17 operating mines in
Sweden, 5 in Skellefteå
Tara Mine (New Boliden), district
Europe’s Largest Zinc Mine

Mining Journal, World Risk Report 2017 - Ireland WRR Score 73, Sweden WRR Score 81

“Sweden was the only non-North America jurisdiction to register a AAA rating”

“Worthy of individual mentions for the welcoming nature of fiscal policy and overall
economic environment are Sweden (81) and Ireland (80)”

Abbeytown District
100% Erris Resources. Project Area 159km2. 4 prospects:
Abbeytown, Skreen, Lugawarry, Streamstown

Proven mineral


Shallow and
high grade

>8Mt at ~12%


Mineralisation Partially mined for lead

(1951-1961) in open pit, then
from surface

Pillar samples averaged
underground 9.2% Zn, 2.8% Pb, 91g/t Ag

Erris drilling 400m

Open at
south of mine
depth and Chevron
down plunge 5m @ 6.4% Zn, 3.4% Channel Sample*
Pb, 72g/t Ag 26m @ 20.8% Zn,
5.6% Pb &
223ppm Ag

Industrial Active quarry extending west

setting Road, power, rail, port all local

Untested copper potential at

Structurally controlled
replacement breccias

*Source: historic third party sampling data. Not true thickness; channel sub-parallel to mineralised structure

Abbeytown: Exploration Drilling and Truck in Quarry

Erris drill programme in Sweden

8 Erris geologists pillar sampling

Gold Portfolio
A portfolio built up by direct application in the heart of a mineral-
rich mining district. Multiple targets, good historic grades

Work funded
by JV partner
Centerra Gold

Existing mines



Brännberg (100% Erris Resources)

High 2018 work programme to confirm and extend

mineralised zones: Geophysics and Drilling

High 21 shallow holes drilled, all core extant, 17

success assayed, of which 14 have >1g/t Au >1m

Open at Results include 28m @ 2.0 g/t Au and

depth and 33m @ 1.8 g/t Au, both from top of
along strike bedrock in holes ~100m apart

Strong Gold associated with sheeted quartz-arsenopyrite

alteration +/- chalcopyrite veinlets and a separate magnetite-
system quartz-carbonate-epidote +/- sulphides
(pyrrhotite/pyrite) phase


2 Year JV to spend $1m

1980s to earn 51%
discovery Large system limited follow up work
(bottom till
Historic 124 Diamond & 371 percussion holes,
database max depth 83m

Gold results Drill: 20m @ 2.5 g/t Au inc. 5m @ 5.6 g/t Au

along 11km Bottom Till / Top of Bedrock: 13 g/t Au
strike Trench: 20m @ 2.3 g/t Au inc. 5m @ 6.4 g/t Au & 1% Cu

Gold in quartz veins and silicified volcanics

Volcanics &
Gold with sulphide replacement and quartz+/-
sulphides veins and veinlets in granodiorite
Associated As-Cu-Ag-Bi-Sb anomalies

Klippen Drilling September 2017

Erris drill programme in Sweden

12 Erris geologists pillar sampling


Previous Operator - Boliden, limited work completed discovery

Adak, Rudtjebacken, Brannmyran deposits (<10km to Mineral

NW) mined 1940-1976 for Cu, Ag, Au, Zn rich area

Silica-pyrite core, localised massive

sulphide replacement and pyrite veins
(1.1 g/t Au & 1.1% Cu)

Drilling focused on alteration and grade 1,600m

anomalies in shallow-dipping volcanics drilled 2017

2 Year JV to spend $1m

to earn 51%

Industry Backing
Strong partners at both the Corporate and the Project level

▪ Holder of 1% royalty on Abbeytown, Ireland

▪ Holder of 1% royalty on DPAs in Sweden

▪ Stated intention to invest in IPO, to be 19.9% shareholder

Mkt Cap C$2.4bn

▪ Strategic Alliance over Swedish Joint Area of Interest (65,796km2)

▪ Erris Resources fully carried and earns a 10% management fee

▪ Centerra holds an option per project to earn 70% by spending $3m

Mkt Cap C$2.2bn

Work Programme
Multiple drill-programmes, >7,000m of diamond drilling scheduled for 2018
Establish regular news flow, batch reporting, rolling results

November 2017, Marketing

Corporate December 2017, Admission to AIM

January 2018, Regular corporate reporting

Abbeytown, Skreen, Lugawarry, Streamstown

H1 2018 Starter 5,000m diamond drill programme
(funded by Erris
Resources) H2 2018 Phase 2 drilling programme results dependent

Sweden Klippen, Käringberget, Brännberg, project pipeline, generative exploration

H1 2018, Klippen 3,000m drilling,

(funded by Käringberget geophysics and 2,000m drilling
Centerra JV)
Klippen & Käringberget review, interpretation, plan

(funded by Erris Brännberg geophysics

H2 2018 Brännberg 2,000m drilling

Peer Table
IPO valuation at bottom end of peer group range

Company Ticker Mkt Cap Project Name Location Notes


Mirasol JV & project generator specialist, Cu-Au-Ag

CVE:MRZ $64 Various Chile
Resources assets

Oman, Finland,
LON:SAV $56 Cu-Zn, Li, TiO2 Mozambique, Multi-commodity company, Africa and Europe

CVE:MAW $31 Rompas-Rapajalot Finland Nordic gold exploration

Longford Maiden Resource 6.9Mt @ 6.4% Zn+Pb, drilling

ASX:LFR $36 Keel, Longford Ireland
Resources ongoing

Curipamba Cu-Zn-
Adventus Zinc CVE:ADZN $36 Ecuador High grade VMS deposit

Maiden Resource 2.6Mt@ 8.8% Zn+Pb, drilling

Hannan Metals CVE:HAN $9 Kilbricken, Clare Ireland


Erris Brännberg, Shallow & high grade zinc, 100% Erris.
pvt $10 Ireland, Sweden
Resources Klippen, Swedish portfolio funded by Centerra Gold

*all mkt cap figures in presentation as at 20 November 2017

Investment Case
Key components to create value for shareholders

Multiple drill Partnered with

programmes in both Osisko Gold
countries for 2018 Royalties and
Centerra Gold

Portfolio of Zinc and Excellent

Gold assets with Jurisdictions: Ireland
discovery potential and Sweden

Technically Driven Clean capital
Led Team with structure, no debt,
Proven Track no warrants, no
Record convertibles

Targeting new
discoveries in 2018

Contact Details

Merlin Marr-Johnson phone +44 (0)7803 712 280