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GRAMMAR – Make Me Right


Stage Learning Standards: Lexical Sets: (Action Verbs)

5.1.3 Able to use verb correctly and Clean, eat, throw, collect, plant, hold
word appropriately
c) present continuous tense
Learning Outcomes: Materials:

Sentence Able to rearrange the strips given Sentence strips.

into meaningful sentences.
Able to construct sentences with
Whole text guidance.


Task Procedures:

1. Teacher recalls previous lessons – verbs.

2. Teacher demonstrates what is present continuous tense (teacher does not state)
- I am standing up.
- You are sitting down.
- I am writing on the board.
- He is walking.
- She is drinking water.
- They are talking.
- *use the pupils as a teaching aids
- Teacher writes the sentences on the board.
3. Teacher then illicit pupils’ response. Ask the pupils what are the sentence describing.
4. Pupils will respond – predicted response: the sentences describe what is happening now.
5. Pupils then get into groups (4-5 in a group). Teacher gives each group an A3 race track, some tokens and
dice (appendix 6.6.1)
6. Teacher demonstrates the game –
-throw the dice and move the token according to the number on the dice.
-construct a sentence using the same sentence structure with picture or word in the square.

Daniel is throwing the paper in the dustbin.

collect They are collecting seashells by the sea.

-if the player is unable to construct the sentence, then she/he loses a turn.
-the first person who reaches the ‘Finish’ line wins the game.

7. Pupils get into their groups and play the game.

8. The teacher monitors their progress.
Classroom Management
- Pupils are divided into groups.
- The group that finishes first must put up their hands and remain silent till the teacher checks their
- The group that makes a lot of unnecessary noise will be given a minute penalty.

Managing Mistakes and Errors

- Peer to peer correction
- Teacher helps pupils while monitoring the activity.