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Beaman’s accusation that I did not help her to go to school is fouls:

1st. In 2013 Beaman enrolled English language class at Roseville adult education programs. Since the class size is
limited it is based on first come first bases. As a result I went at 5am early morning for the 8 am registration. I then
bought the books and computer for the class. She attended the class, Wednesday, January 6, 2014 9:00 am but after
a month she refused to go. The reason she said is that there are too many students (20) and they regrouped based on
their ethnics, but I don’t have students from my country, therefore she don’t want to go back to school (attached).

2nd. I enrolled her in Sierra Joint Consortium for Adult Education (SJCAE) Program

The SJCAE is a regional alliance of adult education providers in Placer and Nevada counties who are lead to
seamless transitions into the workforce or postsecondary education. I prepared her resume and applied for jobs with
the school instructions and their help. However, after a month she again decided she don’t want to continue the job
orientation and interview techniques. The reason she blame the instructor that he don’t help her as he helped others,
therefore she don’t want to go back to school (see attached).

3rd. then I took her to Sacramento Work job training program in Sacramento.

This program is a federal and state funded program. She enrolled to the program for one month and decided to quite.
Reason she wants to go to CNA nursing training school. I discussed with the manager of Sacramento Work
regarding her interest and he recommends that since he is her assigned councilor when she finished this program he
will enroll her in the local nursing school. However, she refused to complete the program (see attached)

Then I searched CNA training School and found SacMed CNA training school in south Sacramento. On 2/3/2014 I
paid $985 bought the books and other learning material for the training. However, after attending two day class she
refused to attend. The reason she said that in the class there are to many students and I don’t fill good. She wants to
sit outside the class. Though her reason does not make sense I asked the manager and the instructor to let her sit
outside the class room next to the door and take the training. Even though students complained that the door has to
be closed the instructor accommodates her and she completed the class work. After that the school sends her to
nursing home for on job training for two weeks. The training is for preparation to take the state sponsored written
and practice test through Red Cross. She took the test but she fell both the written and practice test. Red Cross
examiner told her she have two more chance to take it and gave her to study the chapters. However, she insisted and
argued with me that SacMed nursing School conspired with Red Cross against her not to pass the exam (see the
letter from the school).

Beaman accused me I did not help her to find a job: That is fails.

In fact after all these effort in time and money I did not stop helping her. I decided to apply for jobs from the list I
got from Sierra Joint Consortium and Sacramento Work programs. The companies I applyed invite her to apply for -
-----jobs in 2014 and ------ jobs in 2015. Some of the employers contacted her to inform her that it does not required
experience and are willing to train her for part time or full time jobs. She refused to take advantage of all these jobs,
she have several excuses (see all employers contact letter).

Beaman accused me that I controlled her and restricted her to call her families:

Beaman accusstion is baseless and does not make sense: If I control her not to talk to her families how can she send
money every month through Money Gram to her families. In order her families to get the money she has to call her
families and give the secrete number to receive the money. She do this every month and in 2014 she sent a total of

$00.00 and in 2015 $00.00 to Ethiopia (attached are the receipt). If I control her as she alleged how did she get the
money to send for her families? And how did they get the number to receive the money?


Beaman Worke accused me that I did not help her to learn driving.

That is not true; I helped her to study the driving test book for two three month but she fail the exam. As a result I
went to Roseville DMV office to request if she take the test in Ethiopian language. The management agreed and
found from San José DMV office the exam that was prepared in her language and she passed the written text
(attached is the test). Since I was teaching her using my car and rental car I enrolled her GEICO auto insurance in
September 30, 2013 before she has a permit and a car. If I don’t want her to learn driving, why I spend money to
rent a car to teach her driving and paid GEICO auto insurance every month? In 2014 I bought ACURA car for her
but she have days she is willing to learn and other days she don’t. She have driving permit, driving test
appointment, auto insurance and a car (see attached).

Motivation to Fabricate:

Her motive to accuse me with erroneous reasons is for the purpose of prenuptial agreement:

First of all Beaman reads and understands English very well. However, for some unknown reason she likes to
pretend she dot know the language. She accused me that I destroyed the prenuptial and the Engagement agreement
that was signed while we were in Ethiopia. On October 25/2011 (Ethiopian October 14/2004)-we agreed to prepare
a prenuptial agreement by a lawyer in Ethiopian language. Since the Ethiopian prenuptial does not legally
enforceable in California we also agreed to prepare another prenuptial in English in California. I have my lawyer
and she had hers. Before she signed her lawyer through interpreter explained to her the prenuptial content and what
it means. After she understood the contract she signed on the prenuptial agreement.

The prenuptial prepared in Ethiopian language is the same as the prenuptial prepared in California in English. The
difference is the law is based on Ethiopian family code, while the California is based on California family law. We
signed the document before three years ago and it was never an issue between us since.

The second agreement we signed in Ethiopia is Engagement Agreement (Attached):

She is trying to falsify the Immigration & Naturalization Service testimony: Upon arrival at Dallas/Fort Worth
International Airport she has been interviewed by U.S. Customs, Border Protection and INS. She testified that she
came to visit her fancy. In Ethiopia we signed Engagement Agreement in the presence of witness on Ethiopian
calendar September 28/2004 or US October 9/2011 (attached). We then submitted this Agreement to US Embassy at
Addis Ababa to request a visitor visit for Baman Worke. Based upon this evidence the US consulate at Addis Ababa
approved for her a two years visa. Upon arrival at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport she was interviewed by
immigration officers and she confirmed that she came to US to visit her fancy. In addition, I have been contacted by
INS at that morning to conform her testimony. In addition, her passport shows a two years visiting visa, and the INS
Arrival/Departure Record (I-94) 368-83068025 shows date arrived 10/28/20011, date authorized stay in the US
expired 04/26/2012 and status visitor. If now she denied this statement then she lied to INS and falsified for the
purpose of interring in the US. This carries heavy penalty under INS.

Inconsistencies: it may be critical to point out that her allegations are inconsistent and does not make sense. How
much time elapsed between the alleged incidents of abuse and the Roseville 911 call? After she send me to buy
grocery she called to Roseville police 911. When I came home the police asked me to wait outside until they
finished the investigation. They have been interviewed through interpreter for 45 minutes, but no evidence no charge
or arrest was made. In fact the police asked me to take her to the nearest hospital but she refused to go. The alleged
victim stayed with me two days friendly after Roseville 911 has been called. She did not contact the police, contact
friends to call 911 or any other individuals at that time or shortly after the alleged incident investigation is occurred.

Her allegations of abuse are often rambling and generalized no specific dates, how many times 911 called for the
last three years, eye witness, injuries, medical record, Dr. Statement are not included. In fact after she had a thyroid
surgery at UCD in October 2015 I brought her at home cooked foods, washes her cloth and provides good care of
her for a week and then took her back for checkup at UCD.

Her allegation that I prevented her to call her families is falls:

If she releases the telephone record from Metro it will show that she called every day to her families in Ethiopia and
her friends in the US. In addition, 2013 we went to Ethiopia and stayed with her family for three month and we
came together back to California. During that time she has her “Green Card, Social Security, and her ID” she could
go and live any state if I would have been an abuser.