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literature and technology. a passion for turning ideas into reality. It reflects culture and actively participates in shaping it. the ability to think critically and understand the relevance of history. and if you are intrigued by the revelations offered by works of art—then the study of architecture may well be the right choice for you. you will be prepared for a career in the profession of architecture. music. The Carleton advantage exCellenT prepArATIon At Carleton. Do you hAve whAT IT TAkes? Successful architects have a deep concern about society. CArleTon unIversITy . culture and the urban environment. visible art.Architecture is society’s most public. You will also acquire an extraordinary foundation for many interdisciplinary and related design fields. and a strong sense of vision and compassion. an intuitive understanding of the aesthetic. The study of architecture If you are someone who aspires to be a professional with a social mission. if you appreciate the value of science and technology. philosophical and structural issues embodied in works of art. social.

drawing. imagination through drawing and other media arts. From the beginning. model making. your imaginative abilities will be developed as you learn to balance the craft of imagemaking with the ability “to see” and “to see into” the images that you construct. As a Carleton Architectural Studies student. explore ideas through making think creatively with your hands and mind evaluate ideas within the context of the human experience „ „ an assembly room for projects and models. discipline through craft. photography. conviction through writing and advocacy through public presentations. Azrieli Gallery for architectural exhibits the Carleton Solids and Light Tectonics Laboratory „ „ „ knowleDge AnD experIenCe As a result of this “practical art” approach. At Carleton. we emphasize discovery through making. CArleTon unIversITy . video. digital media and oral presentations acquire the knowledge and experience you need for the future ouTsTAnDIng fACIlITIes The school’s facilities are recognized as the finest in Canada and among the best in North America: „ extensive fabrication facilities for woodworking. metal machining and welding „ „ „ sTIMulATIng seTTIng At Carleton. taught by international architects a variety of publications unique workshop courses such as stage design. you will: „ learn to handle the conflicting demands of function. you will have the opportunity to participate in or have access to: „ design studios with personal work space First-year students take a free-hand drawing course and are introduced to various media and techniques through a wide range of studio and outdoor exercises. you will have the opportunity to: „ „ „ a co-op program that offers up to 20 months of real-world experience directed Studies Abroad option and international exchanges an active research centre visiting critics studios and lectures.Your imagination will be your greatest asset as an architect. material studies and real estate development joint programs with other departments „ „ „ „ „ „ „ Carleton has been a leader in the study of architecture since 1968. technology and economy receive training in various means of expression. urbanism. and design-build studios a photographic studio with darkroom and video editing suites extensive computer facilities an electronic resource centre the David J. including writing. aesthetics.

such as: „ National Research Council Canada Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation National Capital Commission The National Arts Centre The National Gallery of Canada The Canadian Museums of Civilization.” The capital advantage Carleton students benefit from the proximity of organizations situated in the National Capital Region. and Science and Technology „ „ „ „ „ CArleTon unIversITy . Marco Frascari Internationally recognized professor and architect Marco Frascari joined Carleton’s faculty as the Director of the Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism in June 2005. Aviation. Frascari chose to come to Carleton because of its renowned reputation. Nature. “I believe the role of the architect is to make visible what is invisible and what particularly fascinates me about the Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism is that students here are already involved in this magic act. Contemporary Photography.The National Gallery of Canada's extensive collection and visiting exhibits serve as sources of research and inspiration for Carleton students.

history/theory. multimedia. urbanism. you must have an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent with an average of 74–76 per cent. including a minimum of six 4 U/M courses. They then prepare and serve dinner to faculty and invited guests on University Day. Azrieli Institute of Graduate Studies and Research in Architecture. Your 4 U/M credits for out-of-class co-op work experience will not be considered as part of the six courses. Please visit admissions. A portfolio is required and must be submitted by April 1. you will select one of four majors allowing you to specialize in a particular aspect of the architectural profession. and technology. Your six 4 U/M courses must include: „ „ „ „ A major in Design will appeal to those interested primarily in a professional career in architecture with an emphasis on design. 4U English 4U Physics 4U Advanced Functions 3 additional credits (Calculus and Vectors strongly recommended) „ Equivalent courses may be substituted between the old and new Ontario mathematics curriculum. The CurrICuluM The program’s common first-year core courses consist of drawing. After your first year of studies. architecture students design and build outdoor dinner pavilions. It is Carleton University policy to consider your best performance in any eligible course in the admissions assessment. „ „ In third-year. A major in Conservation and sustainability is offered to students interested in the conservation of historical architecture and the principles of sustainable design of buildings as well as the urban fabric. you can then apply to continue into a professional Master of Architecture (MArch) program offered by the David J. If you intend to enter the profession. Core courses are supplemented by electives drawn from other disciplines. Our BAS program has been designed to accommodate students entering directly from high school as well as those with previous post-secondary qualifications. you will take courses in professional practice. A major in philosophy and Criticism emphasizes artistic and scientific theory in architecture and allows students to specialize in historical and contemporary architectural theories and principles. The application deadline is February 1. Since the number of qualified applicants may be greater than the number of available spaces. urban geography and engineering. and electives in conservation and sustainability. industrial design. studio design. philosophy and criticism. A major in urbanism explores architecture in the larger context of the city and raises awareness and promotes stewardship of the built environment through an examination of mass urbanization in the 20th requirements for more details.The program You will begin your studies in a four-year pre-professional Bachelor of Architectural Studies (BAS) program. such as art history. cut-off averages and required marks may vary. . The BAS program offers students the opportunity to complete a major in an area of particular interest: „ Making the grade For admission to the program.carleton. In subsequent years.

ca. Special group visits have also been arranged to India. and to examine how components and materials come together. He was immediately attracted by a program that could appeal to his creative. Spain. „ future opportunities professIonAl MAsTer of ArChITeCTure The professional MArch is accredited by the Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB).Directed studies Abroad (DsA) and international exchanges Our DSA and international exchanges are popular options for students in both the BAS program and the MArch program. you will develop a thesis under the supervision of a faculty advisor. Tom Svilans Tom Svilans originally thought he was destined for a career in music until he was introduced to Architectural Studies at Carleton. The program offers studio options.carleton. expressive side. while others go on to graduate work and teaching.” says Tom. environmental design and project management. the Czech Republic.” „ „ CArleTon unIversITy . Carleton students have studied around the world in Italy. Typically. to construct models and details. “In Architecture. The Canadian context is emphasized. „ You will consider the patterns and interrelationships of cultural issues and processes as they are manifested in built form and as they inform architectural design. For more information on both graduate programs. non-professional degree. Most graduates choose to practise in the field. You will concentrate on the need to engage technically advanced tools within the discipline of architecture. „ Students applying to the professional MArch must hold a BAS from Carleton University or an equivalent degree. while providing him with a strong technical education.dai. you learn by making. Topics related to the history. Egypt and Thailand. Studio investigations are supplemented by core history/ theory seminars and requisite courses in integrated building systems and professional practice. In the final year. France. posT-professIonAl MAsTer of ArChITeCTure The post-professional MArch is „ a four-term. Mexico. The workplACe Carleton graduates work around the globe in traditional and nontraditional architectural practices. there is the option of developing a thesis or participating in a Directed Research Studio. After two terms of core seminars and electives. Azrieli Institute of Graduate Studies and Research in Architecture website at www. design and manufacturing. Others are the founders of design/build firms who specialize in crafting their own designs. „ Immersive technologies Carleton students have access to the most advanced immersive and digital technologies available to architecture. building science. visit the David J. two of these studios are offered as part of the Directed Studies Abroad program. as well as in disciplines ranging from filmmaking and fashion design to highly technical fields such as computer animation. “You are constantly encouraged to push yourself beyond the theory. China. Turkey. theory and construction of Canadian architecture are encouraged. Zambia and the United States. Germany.

. day or night. UndergrAdUATe AdmiSSionS WeBSiTe Everything a new student needs to know about Carleton University. and reserve your tour spot at carleton. scholarships and awards can be found here. philosophical and structural issues embodied in Connect with Carleton Come and visit Carleton Book A CAMpus Tour Tours of our beautiful riverside campus. By email Drop us a line at tours@carleton. admission requirements. carleton. and find out for yourself what the city and campus look like. see some of our students and professors in action.why Architecture? If you aspire to be a professional with a social eleCTroniC neWSleTTer Receive up-to-date news about Carleton University’s undergraduate academic programs. carleton.. whAT ChArACTerIzes A gooD ArChITeCT? A deep concern about society. To view our video.. offer you the chance to visit our residences and facilities. You will get to peek in on a class or two. go to admissions. including programs. ASk CArleTon You have questions and we have the answers online anytime. social. If you appreciate the value of science and technology. ask.carleton. and the transition from high school to university. By telephone Call us at 1-888-354-4414 (toll-free in Canada) or 613-520-3663. campus life.. the study of architecture may well be the field for you. carleton. and upcoming STUdenT BlogS Students share their thoughts about campus off-campus recruitment events. You can book your tour: Online Select a date and watch our video Discover even more about Carleton by watching our “Choose Carleton” video.. CArleTon unIversITy .ca/tours. scholarships and financial aid. Register for our monthly electronic newsletter Insight@Carleton. led by our own students. co-op opportunities. their professors and programs. If you are intrigued by the revelations offered by works of art. culture and the urban environment An intuitive understanding of the aesthetic.

ca Website: Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism Carleton University 202 Architecture Building 1125 Colonel By Drive Ottawa ON K1S 5B6 Canada Tel: 613-520-2855 Fax: 613-520-2849 Email: Website: 421-08 2M 10 .carleton.Do you want more information? Please write. call or email us at: Undergraduate Recruitment Office Carleton University 315 Robertson Hall 1125 Colonel By Drive Ottawa ON K1S 5B6 Canada Tel: 613-520-3663 Toll-free in Canada: 1-888-354-4414 Fax: 613-520-3847 Email: liaison@carleton.

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