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Webpage: December 22, 2017
Reading/Language Arts
Our learning targets for reading this week have included:
*long i vowel sound made by the CVCe pattern
*digraphs wh, ch, tch, and ph
*blending words.
Dates to Remember *rhyming words
*understanding syllables
Dec. 22 – Jan. 3 Winter Break *understanding author’s pourpose in our reading
Jan. 4 School Resumes *learning new vocabulary.
*being able to identify special titles & capitalize/punctuate
*reading just right books

What’s New: Our Writing learning targets have focused on:

On the website: *writing an explanation! As we looked at community jobs this week we
*This week’s newsletter focused our writing on writing about a person who teaches us to do
*Volunteer Calendar something. We have written about parents, coaches, and teachers who
*Winter Workshop Photos teach us to do different things. We have worked on using special titles
correctly in our writing and on conventions! Special note: We did days 1-3
*Meijers Shopping Photos
of our work this week and took 2 days for some holiday learning!
*Christmas Party Photos
In our holiday learning we read both a fiction and non-fiction piece on
*Christmas in the Gym Photos reindeer! We read A Wild Christmas Reindeer by Jan Brett and a mini-book
Reindeer. We made reindeer antlers and wrote about reindeer too!
Special Notes:
*Ear Buds: We will be using our
grade level Chromebooks more
after the holiday break. You may
want to purchase some Ear Buds
for your students stocking to send This week’s math learning
so they have their own. I have targets have focused on:
several pair we share but if you prefer *addition number stories with
your student have their own you teen totals
may want to do this! *making new tens
Christmas Party – A big THANK YOU *adding doubles, doubles +1,
to Mrs. Vosburg and all the parents doubles +2, doubles -1, doubles -
who helped at or with supplies for Christmas Party Fun! 2
our party. We had a great time! *representing 2-digit numbers as
tens and ones (with sticks &
Vacation/Extended Time: If you Mid-Year Testing/Holiday Break
circles, and equations)
are pulling your kids early for
Important: Everyone should have Special Note: Many students
break or not returning on time
please let me know! It helps me received an email from me this week want to stop doing the dots,
to plan and know who is missing letting you know how your student making a new ten, and using the
what! WE will be learning NEW did on our 1 minute timed reading 10 + __ equation to help them,
material Jan. 4 & 5 and preparing test. The test checked to see if they BUT they are making many,
for our mid-year testing! are prepared for the 23 wpm bench
many errors because they don’t
mark goal we are all hoping to make in
get the concept. It is important
January. If you did not get one please
let me know! PLEASE keep your we not skip that step for further
children reading for F U N over the learning purposes!