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Neuroelectrics (NE) sells EEG and tCS personal headset devices. Its product, Enobio, uses EEG
technology to monitor and map brain activity. NE claims Enobio can detect symptoms of dementia
early on, thereby lessening the risks associated with the disease. It is marketed as a simpler and
cheaper alternative to MRI and PET scans.


Starlab Neuroscience (parent company)- Research and development partner

Neurokai (sister company)- Sells analytical services; in charge of the neuromonitoring and neuromodulation
of Neuroelectrics’s EEG and tCS data

University of California, San Francisco and Cornell- Two of several universities that use NE products in their
research; NE also collaborates with 15 hospitals in both the U.S. and Europe


NE’s direct competitors are companies that design and sell wearable EEG devices that record neuro-information
in their respective apps. While these devices are intended to help users understand their brain activity in order
to control stress or stay focused, companies like Emotiv, Interaxon, and Neurosky are exploring ways their
devices can be used to control technology such as TVs, light switches, or cars. Each company’s products are
listed below, along with their intended uses.

Company Products Intended Use

Emotiv “EPOC+” and “Insight” Gaming
Interaxon “Muse” Meditation and relaxation
Neurosky “Mindwave” Meditation and relaxation
Versus “Versus” Athletic peak-performance neurofeedback training
Focusband “iFocusband” sports performance focus training
Personal Neuro Devices “SPARK” concussion symptom treatment and brain recovery tracking
Advanced Brain Monitoring “Stat X24” and “Stat X10” medical research, diagnosis and treatment of cognitive issues

Neuroscape is an industry leader that is both a partner and competitor to Neuroelectrics. It develops software
to pair with EEG, tCS, and tMS devices to improve the cognitive functioning of people living with dementia,
insomnia, epilepsy, ADHD, depression, etc. Some of its notable products are video games that, coupled with a
tCS headset, are said to improve the attention span of someone with ADHD. Neuroscape has also won awards
for its app “Glass Brain,” which superimposes the brain activity read by an EEG headset onto an MRI scan.
Neuroscape has relationships with many big names in tech and medicine. Its sister company, Akili, partners with
Zynga to design video games that have therapeutic and behavior modification properties.

Glossary of Terms:

EEG- electroencephalography
tCS- transcranial current stimulation
tMS- transcranial magnetic stimulation