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Sheridan, Wyoming


Permit No. 68


Sheridan, Wyoming

Volume 70, No. 43

April 2010

Greetings Nobles, Ladies & Friends
Members, members, members! I am asking all of our Nobles for their help in bringing our numbers back up. Four years ago, Kalif Temple’s membership was at 1,000. Currently we are around 870 members. In order to keep our temple strong, we need to continuously work on our membership. I am challenging all of you to get together with your clubs, units and fellow nobles, to find ways to increase our membership. A good friend and fellow noble talked to me the other day about our suggestion box. It is in the card room beside the fez display. We would rather hear your suggestions personally at our stated meetings, however, if you can not attend, the suggestion box is there for you. Drop your suggestion in the box, with your name and phone number on it so that we may follow up on your ideas. March Stag Night was a full house. We had a great turnout and the Kan-a-bulls served up a great meal as always. We presented a plaque to Fran Wells for his years of service as bar manager and Dennis Vik presented a check to Kalif Temple from his Super Bowl Fund Raiser. Stag Night is the first Friday of every month starting at 6:00 PM. Grab a fellow noble or grab a guest, load up the vehicle and come to stag night for great fellowship and a great meal. At the May 7th Stag Night we are honoring the Shrine Bowl’s players, cheerleaders, coaches and their families. It is also ladies appreciation night. Grab your lady and come out and show your support. Please call in and let us know you are coming. Lady Heidi and I along with the Divan and their ladies have been busy attending visitations, potentate’s balls and other events. It makes me so proud to see the number of nobles and their ladies attending these events. Thank you to all the clubs and units who have paid for my lady’s and my meals & drinks, and also for the wonderful gifts we have received. Thank you Thermopolis Shrine Club for the $1000 given to the potentate’s discretionary fund. It does get expensive being Potentate and I appreciate your help. Naja and Al Bedoo Potentate’s Balls were attended by the Divan and their Ladies. Gifts were presented with good tidings for their up coming year. At the stated meeting in March our sidelines were full. This was our first meeting for 2010 and we did have a lot of business to cover. Motions were made to replace the roller chairs in the temple and to allow smoking in the lower bar at stag and at special events with the permission of the Potentate or bar manager. Both motions passed. After our stated meeting, our Divan went to the Daughters of the Nile meeting to present them with a check for $600 for helping with our Potentate’s Ball. The ladies did a great job cooking and serving the meal. Thank-you Ladies! Saturday was our St. Patty’s Day party. What a great showing! Thank you to Norm and his crew for all their hard work. Norm Spangler was awarded a plaque, Potentate’s cap and tie for his years of service to this fun event. Daughter’s of the Nile installation was Sunday. Our Divan escorted the new officers in and presented the new queen a gift and wished her good tidings for the up coming year. 2010 Shriner Year Book is the next project. Nobles and Ladies, get your smiles ready. They will begin taking pictures soon. Clubs and Units, please consider purchasing a full page in the year book to promote your selves. This is a great way to entice new members. God Bless and Yours in Faith Kelly D. Wood, Kalif Potentate

Heed the proclamation of the Illustrious Potentate Kelly D. Wood A pilgrimage caravan is being formed in the Fire Hall in the desert of Wyoming to cross the hot sands at Newcastle, Wyoming, Saturday April 24, 2010. It is the decree, therefore, that the faithful assemble, comb the desert for the unregenerate seeking admission to our goodly center. Gather them in and let none escape. Have those that are found worthy and of good reputation travel with us and at journey’s end they will join the benevolent brotherhood accorded to all tried and true members of the Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. Let them abide by our ancient traditions and rites, and prove themselves worthy. God is merciful and compassionate and will preserve and protect them. Salamu Es Aleikum

May 7, 2010 • Kalif Temple To Honor Our Wonderful Shrine Ladies And to recognize our area Shrine Bowl Football Players Dinner: $12 per person Reservations: 674-7110 or 674-4815

Ladies Appreciation Dinner

Chicken Fried Steak Dinner • April 17, 2010
5:30 pm No-host Cocktails • 6:30 pm Dinner Shriners, Ladies and Guests Welcome. $12 per person – Reservations 674-7110 or 674-4815

Kalif Buckskin Horse Patrol

Worland Chief Washakie Shrine Club / Divan Visitation
Saturday, May 1, 2010 At Past Potentate Dub Maxwell's – 1345 Airport Road Oasis – 6:00 pm

Friday, April 9, 2010 At Sec. Riley Cooke's – 29 Teesdale Lane, Bridger, MT Oasis – 6:00 pm • RSVP 406/662-5252 •

Cody Kefar Shrine Club Divan Visitation

T Circus The Kalif Shrine Circus will be in he Circus The Gillette – April 13, 2010 is is Riverton – June 23, 2010 Comin g! g! Sheridan – June 27, 2010 Comin
Upcoming Imperial Session Sites and Web Links
July 4 – 8, 2010: Toronto, Ontario Canada July 3 – 7, 2011: Denver, Colorado July 1 – 5, 2012: Charlotte, North Carolina Special Events for the Public
There will be opportunities for the public to join the Shriners in several events, including the public opening ceremonies during which fraternal leadership, convention attendees and local dignitaries kick off the week’s events. Families can count on having a great time at the unit competitions where Shriners from clown groups, motor patrols, horse patrols and band units compete for honors. Of course, there’s the annual Shriners parade – a Shriners’ specialty. Hundreds of Shriners from all over North America will participate in this fun-filled event. Summer PNSA in Spokane, Washington hosted by El Katif Temple July 28th-31st, 2010. Please make an event to attend, call (509) 624-2762 or get online at

Kalif Shrine’s Spring Ceremonial April 23rd & 24th, 2010
Newcastle, WY.
Corner Stone at Newcastle Masonic Hall. 3:00-5:00 pm – Registration 6:30 pm – BBQ Social • 7:30 pm – Minnow Races All at Newcastle Fire Hall. Clean up to follow. Bloody Mary Breakfast at the Newcastle Fire Hall 8:30 am – Registration 9:00 am – 1st and 3rd Sections at the Masonic Lodge 11:00 am – Parade 12:00 noon – Lady's Luncheon at Masonic Lodge. Men's Lunch and 2nd Section at Fire Hall. 3:00 pm – Decorate Fire Hall for Banquet 5:00 pm – Social • 6:00 pm – Meal • 6:45 pm – Fezing 7:00 pm – Special Guest Darla Miller • 8:00 pm – Dance Clean up to follow. NOTE: Kalif Temple will mail out to all members the Registration Forms, lists of events, motel info and message from your Potentate.

Spring Ceremonial
Friday, April 23rd – 4:00 pm

Saturday, April 24th – 7:00 am

Inyan Kara Shrine Club Annual Golf Tournament Newcastle Country Club Sunday, June 6, 2010
Get your teams together!

Monthly Stag Dates
April 2, 2010 • May 7, 2010

Potluck Schedule
April 26, 2010 • Oriental Band May 24, 2010 • Uniformed Units

Recorder’s Ramblings By “JJ” Dunlap
All roads will be leading to Newcastle, Wyoming on April 23rd for the 2010 Spring Ceremonial of Kalif Temple. We have had some great ceremonials in Newcastle and with all the advanced planning being done by Potentate Kelly Wood this should be another outstanding one. Who will ever forget the great ceremonial horse race 38 years ago that Past Potentate Earl Christensen still insists he won even if he did cross the finish line in the dark! Then Past Potentate Jim Dixon had a great ceremonial even if we did get smoked out of the Newcastle Fire Hall when the wind shifted and all the bar-b-q smoke filled the building! Then Past Potentate Walt Christensen held his ceremonial out at the Flying V and the designated drivers were kept busy getting all of us back to Newcastle when all the festivities were over. Yes, I sure have some fond memories of Newcastle and sure hope all the Nobles and their ladies are planning to head that way come April. Load up all of your Parade Units and lets show Newcastle how Shriner’s have fun! On Friday afternoon, before Saturdays Ceremonial, the Grand Lodge of Wyoming A.F. & A.M. will be laying the Cornerstone of the new Masonic lodge building just completed by the Freemasons of Newcastle. The placing of a cornerstone is an impressive ceremony and if my count is correct there should be seven of us area Past Grand Masters either participating or looking on. The ceremony will take place at 4:00 p.m., so if you have arrived in Newcastle for the weekends activities by that time come on out to the new lodge building. The St. Patrick’s Party and dance was another huge success and Noble Norm Spangler did his usual great job (with help from daughter Sharon!) in organizing the whole affair. He insists that this was his last time as Chairman. Pushing 90 years young who can blame him for wanting someone to step up to the plate and take over the planning and organization. By the size of the crowd at this year’s party it is evident that this is one event that everyone enjoys and one that needs to be continued. The Kalif House Committee needs to be commended for the outstanding job done in overseeing the refurbishing of the Kalif Oasis. The new wallpaper is up and the wood on the bar has been refinished and new Formica has been installed on the top of the bar and back bar. A new flat screen television has been purchased for the patrons enjoyment, so if you have not stopped in for a while come on in and enjoy. The current project of the house committee is the cleaning out of the old brass band room and converting it into a Potentates office. The room was cleaned out by Nobles Stan Bohnsack, Charlie Guilford, and Justin Busch and then painted by Noble Stu Peterson. New electrical wiring is being installed along with new lighting, blinds, drapes and carpeting. This will be a very nice place for the out of town Kalif Potentates to have a place to conduct business with small groups or individuals and a place to change clothes or just relax before temple events. It has been twelve years since Kalif published a yearbook that contains all the pictures of Kalif Nobles and their ladies. Potentate Kelly has contracted to have a yearbook published during his term and the project will start in the very near future. When you are contacted please make every effort to make an appointment and get your pictures taken. Photographers will be visiting each area in Kalif territory and the yearbook will be coming out next fall. The other project of Potentate Kelly is bringing back the Shrine Circus to Sheridan. It has been years since we have had a Shrine Circus in the Sheridan area and the Kalif Uniformed Units have voted to support Kelly in this project. At the Emergency Room, Noble Mo Schwartz explained to the ER Dr. why his brother Rob shot him in the rear with a load of buckshot. "Well," Mo began, "We wuz havin' a good time drinking, when my brother Rob picked up his shotgun and said, 'Hey, der ya fellows wanna go a huntin'?'" "And then what happened?" the Dr. interrupted. "From what I remember," Mo said, "I stood up and said, 'Sure, I'm game!'" " Them Schwartz boy’s sure know how to keep things exciting! – (Warning! Don’t believe everything you read in this column and you should have learned that by now!!) April Fools.

Disability Awareness: Words Matter
Children with disabilities, like all children, will learn or absorb what they are taught and react to the way they are treated. Every staff member at Shriners Hospitals for Children works hard to build confidence and self-esteem in their patients, and to help them discover and pursue their dreams, despite their disabilities. In working with kids toward that goal, it’s important to remember how language can affect a positive attitude. Words to avoid include “crippled” and “handicapped.” Instead of using these words, which can be considered negative, experts suggest using “disability” or the actual term involved, such as “cerebral palsy” or “muscular dystrophy.” When speaking about people with disabilities, clear, direct words are most positively accepted. For example, say, “Johnny uses a wheelchair,” instead of “Johnny is wheelchairbound,” or, “Johnny is confined to a wheelchair.” Wheelchairs allow mobility from place to place, which is the opposite of confining. Words and tone-of-voice can clearly indicate values, and using positive, affirmative words can make a big difference. Practice care when using value-laden words like courageous, inspiration, pity, suffer, tragic, tragedy, afflicted or victim. While courageous and inspirational may seem positive, being labeled as such can be burdensome to a child. It is also important to use “people-first language.” For example, saying, “Johnny is a child with a disability,” is preferred over saying, Johnny is a disabled child.” People with disabilities sometimes feel isolated from those without disabilities and left out of activities. People-first language is an attempt to encourage understanding that people with disabilities are people first, and to help alleviate fear and encourage inclusion.

Sahida Temple #86 Daughters of the Nile
To the Illustrious Potentate Kelly Wood, the Kalif Divan, and Nobles of the Kalif Shrine: Thank you for the honor you showed me, my officers and our Sahida Temple #86 Daughters of the Nile. Your willingness to participate in the 63rd annual Installation of Officers was one of the highlights of a very special day. I sincerely hope that we continue to work together in the spirit of harmony and good will, especially when we know the result benefits the “kids.” Thank you, as well, for including our meetings in the 2010 Calendar and Directory. We are making preparations to attend the Spring Ceremonial in Newcastle, and look forward to doing what we can to make the upcoming Shrine Circus an event to remember. Nobles, I would ask that if your ladies are not yet a part of Daughters of the Nile, please encourage them to ask one of us how to join our wonderful organization. Sincerely, Sharon Bedard, Queen Begorrah! Another year, and another St. Pat’s Party has come and gone. Thank you for all the support we received from everyone. Total receipts this year were $3,029.25 for the dinner and the raffle. 123 books of raffle tickets were sold, which brought in $1,229.00. After expenses, which included the band and Job’s Daughters, we cleared $704.25. 186 tickets were sold for the dinner for a total of $2,325.00. The cost of the dinner was $1,149.49. These funds will be used for various projects of the Uniformed Units during the year. Thanks to all of you participating in this event. We thank the cooks for a wonderful corned beef dinner; especial thanks to Dave and Vonnie Coleman, Mo Schwartz, Shari Verley, Bette Hess, Don Wood, and Gene and Janis Shannon. And thanks to Mary Peterson for the wonderful corn bread. And what is a meal without dessert? Thanks to all who donated those awesome desserts! Thanks to the servers who kept the line moving, so everyone was fed in a timely manner. Our dishwashers, Pete and Carol Clark and Parke Davis, were a great help. A special thanks to the Job’s Daughters who served coffee and cleared the tables, so that the dancing could begin. We sincerely thank all those who generously donated to both the raffle and the door prizes. The raffle prizes included: 1st prize, a Deacon’s Bench donated by Norm Spangler, 2nd prize, a hand-crafted, king-sized quilt created by Kay Bohnsack, 3rd prize, an area rug donated by Ron Wood of The Woods, and 4th prize was a $100.00 Chamber of Commerce gift certificate donated by the Uniformed Units. Congratulations to Fr. Stuart Crawshaw who won the Deacon’s Bench, Heidi Wood who won the quilt, Sherley Clark who won the area rug, and Handy Levi who won the gift certificate. We gratefully acknowledge the following who donated door prizes: Chuck and Donna Lee; Fred and Doris Case; Evelyn Shelton; Jim and Sharon Bedard; Joan and Hal Harrington; Mary and Fran Wells; Vonnie and Dave Coleman; Billie Bethurem; Mary and John Peterson; Jean and Dave Stevenson; Kalif; Roger and Jeanette Smith; Justin Busch; Janis and Gene Shannon; Rose Steel; Mel and Viki Clark; Jack and Connie Wilson; Rob and Julie Schwartz; Joyce and Tony Pelesky; Lloyd an Vernice Richmond; Skip and Ruth Johnson; Steve Schlenker; Jerry and Judi Jacobson and Mr. or Mrs. Unknown. (If I have missed anyone, please let me know, so I can make it right in the next issue of the Kall.) As always, thank you Donna Lee and Sharon Bedard for your humor and persistence as you used the microphone to confirm, once again for those of us who are perennial losers, that no, we did not win a door prize or a raffle item. To all of you who sold raffle tickets, thank you, especially “Arm Twister Doris” Case, Sharon Bedard and Jean Stevenson. And to Doris Case and Judi Jacobsen, thanks for handling the sale of dinner tickets at the door. Last, but not in any way least, we want to thank those who set up for the party Saturday morning and to those who came out Sunday morning to finish the cleanup. You are appreciated. We know everyone enjoyed dancing to the music of “Boot Hill.” I believe they get better each year. I also want to take this opportunity to thank all who have made the last 11 years of the annual St. Pat’s Party such an outstanding success. While it has been an honor to serve as chairman of this event, it is time for me to step down. Your support of this project each year has made a huge impact on the work the Uniformed Units is able to perform for Kalif Shrine Center. Norm Spangler, Chairman

St. Patrick's Party 2010

A Special Thank You!
Mary and I wish to thank all of you for my retirement party. The turnout was terrific, food great and everyone enjoyed themselves. I also thank you for my many "useful" gifts – they were very appropriate and of course, sincerely appreciated. Noble Fran Wells – Big Horn, WY

If You Find Mistakes...
In this publication, please consider that they are there for a purpose. We publish something for everyone and some people are always looking for mistakes!

Articles for the Kalif Kall
To All Clubs and Units:
The deadline for all articles is the 15th of each month for the subsequent month. (i.e. April 15 for the May issue). For the proper formatting, please do not hand-write or fax your articles. Email is the best and most expeditious way to submit them. You should consider writing about upcoming events, not past events.

Memorials are the Lifeblood of Childrens Travel Fund and Shriners Hospitals
Memorials given to honor the passing of loved ones are the lifeblood of the Kalif Children’s Travel Fund and Shriners Hospitals for Children. A letter and a receipt to the donor and a letter to the family of the deceased acknowledge every donation. All donations are tax deductible. Both the Children’s Travel Fund and Shriners Hospitals for Children are 501 (c) (3) charities. Kalif members and their families are urged to consider either of the funds as memorials when making final funeral arrangements. Memorials to either of the funds can be sent to Recorder’s Office, Kalif Shrine Center, P. O. Box K, Sheridan, WY 82801. Listed below are the names of those who have made donations as memorials to deceased members and loved ones received since the March Kall 2010: Barbara J. Hampton – Sheriday, WY Ronald L. Dailey – Sheridan, WY Mr. & Mrs. Dennis O. Wilson – Thermopolis, WY Mrs. Ada L. Smith – Sheridan, WY Ms. Virginia E. Smith – Cary, NC

In Memoriam
“God rested them in Peace” To the land of promised rest, Their work is done and the setting sun has sealed their life’s request. They have left this earthly strand For the house beyond the sea, Though the past is gone, They will live on To us all-Sweet is our memory.
Nobles Mounting the Black Camel
Donald William Campbell – Laramie, WY William B. Carroll – Sheridan, WY

Don't stand on te sidelines waiting for things to happen, be active, our shrines need you. Step up and ask what can be done.

Winner of Horse Patrol Raffle
Dear Fellow Nobles, and most especially the Horse patrol: I wish to express my gratitude to you for the trip I won in the Horse Patrol Raffle to the Jackson Hole Shrine Club Cutter Races. This was not only my first experience with cutter racing, but also my first trip to Jackson Hole. As those who went can attest, weatherwise we enjoyed two of the finest days God every graced Wyoming with. I had a great time due to the friendship and gracious hospitality of the Horse Patrol and the work Al Thomas put into setting up the trip. Again, thank you, and I look forward to next year’s trip! Floyd Huckins – Big Horn, WY SUNDAY MONDAY

April 2010


Stag 6:00 pm



Candidate for Imperial Outer Guard
Dear Illustrious Sir Kelly, I would like to take this opportunity to commend you and your officers on a very successful PNSA midwinter session. I had a great time and it was unfortunate that I had to leave early. The associations are the heart and soul of the Shrine – giving us the opportunity to have fun, exchange ideas, renew old friendships and make new ones. Your association certainly met those expectations. The Divan Days at Portland Shrine Hospital were outstanding. I think everyone left with a better understanding and a renewed enthusiasm for our Hospital System. I was very impressed with the construction and with Portland’s future plans. The cooperation of all involved is one example of how we can work together to promote membership and retention, leadership development, and fiscal responsibility. I feel with my Fraternal, Hospital, and business experience, I can be a valuable member of that team. I am humbly asking for your vote for Imperial Outer Guard in Toronto. Wayne Lachut, PP – Candidate for Imperial Outer Guard Home: 716-839-1297 • Office: 716-837-3943 Cell: 716-861-5229 •

House Committee 5:00 pm Oriental Band 7:00 pm Kalif Klowns 6:00 pm Uniformed Units 7:00 pm


Koffee Klatch 6:30-9:30 am



Potentate's Visitation Kefar – Cody




Koffee Klatch 6:30-9:30 am



Horse Patrol 5:30 pm Daughters of the Nile Stated Meeting 7:30 pm



Horse Patrol Chicken Fried Steak Dinner 5:30 pm



Koffee Klatch 6:30-9:30 am





Spring Ceremonial Spring Ceremonial Newcastle Newcastle


Potluck 6:30 pm Hosted by Uniformed Units


Koffee Klatch 6:30-9:30 am




Thank You...
Dear Kalif Shriners, Thank you for your help in obtaining financial assistance with our travel expenses to Philadelphia for our daughter’s medical care. We received a check from Mr. Locker in Powell this week. We appreciate all you have done to help our family. We have met many families who have been touched by your organization. We thank you for all you do! The Needles Family
Potentate Kelly Wood took the opportunity of the March Kalif Stag to honor Noble Fran Wells for years of service to the Kalif Oasis. Noble Wells served as a bartender in the Oasis for over seven years and was Bar Manager for over half of those years. Noble Fran has now retired and was presented a plaque for his many years of devotion to Kalif activities.

Oriental Band News
The Booze Basket is back. The basket has over 20 bottles and is growing. Tickets are $5 and the drawing will be held on April 24, 2010, at the Spring Ceremonial in Newcastle. (Need not be present to win.) Since it is spring time, we have had a lot of inquiries about the Vidalia Onions. The Vidalia Onions are expected to arrive the 1st of May. We will have tickets available in April for those that want to secure their onions early. The next Oriental Band meeting and practice is Monday, April 5th at 7 p.m.

Attention Clubs and Units
Please assign an individual as your Kalif Kall writer. Many organizations in our Shrine have activities which deserve attention, but go unnoticed. If you had a designated writer, he could put together an article on your activities that can be shared via Kalif Kall. Photos would also be appreciated. Please submit your articles/photos to Kalif@actaccess. net or drop them off at the Recorder’s Office. Try your best to get them to me by the 15th of each month.

Dear Shriners, Traveling to Salt Lake City Shriners Hospital was such an eye opener for me. I had no idea of the magnitude of your benevolent organization. Thank you for all you are doing for my great granddaughter, Lydia Campbell, and all of the children you touch. Thank you, Jimmy, for arranging for my airline flight. It was all very much appreciated. Eunice Drell
The St. Patrick’s Day Party was another huge success due to the outstanding efforts of Noble Norm Spangler. Noble Norm has been the chairman of this event for many years and says this is final year. Pushing 90 years of age, Norm feels it is time to retire from his duties. Potentate Kelly Wood presented a plaque to Norm noting his many years to the annual event and his devotion to Kalif activities for so many years.

Let Us Not Forget Memorial Day
Kalif Shrine will participate in the annual Memorial Day Parade, Monday, May31, 2010. This will be a silent march; please wear your Fez. For the Nobles who are unable to march we will have a float and you can ride. We urge all Nobles to participate to honor those men and women who have made that supreme sacrifice so that we may enjoy Freedom, with Liberty and Justice for all. Our plans are as follows: 1. Nobles and Ladies meet at the Temple starting at 7 a.m. to enjoy coffee and rolls. 2. The staging area will be in the back of Wells Fargo Bank. 3. The parade will start at 10 a.m. 4. Sign-up sheets will be posted throughout the Temple. It is important to the Nobles who are working to know how many will attend. Remember Shriners Care Questions: Contact Noble Bob Gould at 307-674-7270. Noble Bob Gould

Read the Kalif Kall Online

The Kalif Kall is available to you via the miracle of internet. Go to our web site: to read it for updates and articles.

Klaybuster Activities 2010
Shooting at Clear Creek Hunt Club the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of every month at 10 a.m. Cost is $24 per 100 clays. Klaybuster Annual Spring Shoot is the 1st Saturday of June. Raffle tickets for 12 gauge shotguns – SKB Competition shotgun with 28 inch barrel and SKB Competition with 30 inch barrel; deluxe wood stocks. Tickets $10 each (only 1000 printed). One ticket is good for both drawings. Contact Harold Biggerstaff, John Peterson or Mo Schwartz for more information. Drawings will be held June 5, 2010.

Noble Dennis Vik of Newcastle, Wyoming used the event of the March Stag to present a check in the amount of $1,550. To the Kalif Divan to be forwarded to Shriners Hospitals for Children. Dennis and his wife Delores host a Super Bowl Party each year at the West End Lounge in Newcastle. Pies, cakes and numerous other items are raffled off as well to raise money for Shriners Hospitals and the Scottish Rite Language Clinic. A check for $1,550 for the Scottish Rite Language Clinic was also presented to the officers of the Sheridan Scottish Rite Bodies present at the Kalif Stag.

Kalif Shrine Fundraiser for 2010
The holder of the winning ticket will receive a 2010 Polaris RZRS Four-Wheeler. Special Thanks to Frontier Cycle, Laramie, WY. $10 each or 6 for $50. Drawing to be held on or before October 16, 2010. You need not be present to win! Proceeds are for the benefit of Kalif Shrine Center. Payments are not deductible as charitable contributions. Order tickets from Recorder, P. O. Box K, Sheridan, WY 82801. Or, complete the following and mail to the Recorder’s office:

Has been re-scheduled to Saturday, May 15th in Jackson Hole. Will get info on where and when at a later time.

Jackson Hole Visitation

Have You Paid Your 2009 Dues? 2010 Are Also Now Due...
Check the old wallet; is your Kalif dues card there? It should be. If you have not paid your 2010 dues, please do so today. It is important to you, your community and your hospital program. If you have not paid your 2009 dues, please contact the Recorder as soon as possible. 307-674-4815

Name:__________________________________ Address: ________________________________ Telephone: ______________________________ 2010 Raffle

Your Divan
Captain of the Guard James T. Dietz President, Shrine Bowl of Wyoming, Board of Directors
Nobles: As President of the North/South Shrine Bowl, I would like to urge each and every one of you to get out and sell advertising in your communities. Contact your local Shrine Club or me at 307-746-9570 for forms for the advertisements. We need all of you helping to make this a success. Advertisements need to be in to J. Claunch in Casper by April 15. We also need all the units to participate in the parade. Anyone willing to help out at the game would be welcome as well. Let’s join together and make this the best one yet. The parade and football game will be in Casper, June 12, 2010. Hope to see as many of you Nobles there as possible. It is a great game and a great fundraiser. We have already raised about $1,000,000 over the life of the game, so let us continue. Yours in the Faith. Jim Dietz

Shriners Hospital Salt Lake City Board Report
A board teleconference meeting was held on Monday, February 22, 2010. This January, as last January, was a slow start for surgeries, patient days, average census and clinic visits were lower than the hospital likes and needs. The result in low volumes is that the hospital ended the month $92,000 under budget. One indicator is a smaller than normal wait for surgery, especially with patients from the local area, i.e., around Salt Lake City. For reference, surgery numbers were 85 last month, 89 in January 2009, and 126 for January 2008. Staff has appointed a group within the hospital to study the possible causes and solutions, since this impacts scheduling of doctors, nurses, and support staff caring for patients. The number of applications between January 11 through February 19, 2010 were the highest number of applicants in the hospital’s history, which were 178; 9 were denied, so 169 were approved. Staff reported that their return to the Juarez Outreach Clinic went well, considering the drug war issues; 162 patients were scheduled, 120 patients seen, 38 new patients, 37 no shows, and 2 walk-ins. Staff members must volunteer to participate in the Juarez Clinic. At our regular Board meeting in March we will have information on the doctors who will become the Chief of Staff along with the Assistant. The Hospital Administrator is spending a lot of time with headquarters in Tampa exploring the models as to how we move them forward, and to the impact of Dr. Roach leaving the Shriners Hospitals. Wyoming had 10 patient applications. Kalif had 7 approved with 1 denied. Korein had 3 approved with 1 denied. Until the March meeting, Yours in the Faith, Dean S. Lewis, Board member – Jackson, WY

Surgeon Provides International Care
With his shoulder length hair neatly held back in a ponytail, pediatric orthopaedic surgeon and Shriners Hospitals for Children – Greenville Chief of Staff, Jon Davids, M.D. doesn’t fit the stereotype of a Harvardeducated, world recognized expert in pediatric orthopaedic surgery that his resume documents. But that’s just fine with Dr. Davids. He’s quick to note that recognition is far from his mind as he meets one-on-one with patients’ families immediately after their child’s surgery to allay any concerns and to encourage nervous parents that their child is recovering as expected. Parents appreciate his calm, straight-forward explanations that engender comfort in a stressful situation. It’s a gift he has honed in the years he’s been a pediatric orthopaedic surgeon and one his patients’ families are quick to respond to. What these families may not realize is that his gift is supported by a career dedicated to research and sharing his team’s research with the world. His recognized expertise led to Davids presenting as the keynote speaker at a nation-wide conference of pediatric orthopaedic surgeons and other specialists in California, recently. Dr. Davids is frequently requested as a presenter at similarly prestigious conferences in other countries as well. But it is a recent mission trip to Belize that stands out in his mind, perhaps in part because he went to help the children of that country rather than to present at a professional conference. After all, his calling to pediatric orthopaedic surgery is firmly rooted in his dedication to patient care. “I traveled to Belize to help children who otherwise had no options for surgical care,” he said. “The patients I met will remain a part of me forever. The experience was life changing and I plan to return to Belize this year. My work there was just begun.” When asked about the recent Haiti disastrous earthquake, Davids’ usually piercing eyes go slightly soft and he hesitates briefly before answering. “The suffering conveyed through pictures and televised coverage is palpable,” he said. “One of my colleagues who saw the devastation first-hand noted that Haiti is now a nation of amputees. To a pediatric orthopaedic surgeon, those words have particular significance. They become a call to action.”

North/South Shrine Football Coaching Change
The Executive Director and the Board of Directors for the Shrine Bowl of Wyoming announced a coaching change for the South Team. Dale Gilbert of Pine Bluffs is replacing Heath Hayes of Saratoga.

Independence Rock Commemorative Service
After being forced to close its doors due to Ike, Galveston Hospital is resuming its role. by Harvey Rice – Houston Chronicle GALVESTON – No one thought Kechi Okwuchi could have survived the fiery airplane crash in 2005 that left bodies strewn beside a runway in Nigeria. And few believed that Shriners Hospitals for Children Galveston would survive in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike. But both defied expectations. The hospital’s reopening three months ago made a big difference for Okwuchi, who suffered burns over 65 percent of her body. If its doors had remained shut, as the Shriners national leadership had planned, she likely would have missed surgeries to help her live a normal life. The hospital is at full capacity and is sending overflow burn patients to sister hospitals in Boston, Cincinnati and Sacramento, Calif. “In very short order we were able to bring people back, and I was frankly amazed that people so grievously hurt by the shutdown that occurred after the hurricane came back to us,” said Dr. David Herndon, Shriners Chief of Staff, who also heads the Blocker Burn Unit at the University of Texas Medical Branch. A revolt by Shriners rank-and-file at the national convention in July overturned a decision by the combined boards of the International Shriners and Shriners Hospitals for Children to keep the hospital closed after the Sept. 13, 2008 storm. “It was really amazing,” said Okwuchi, 20, about the world-renowned burn center’s reopening. “I was the first patient treated after it opened.” The Shriners burn center primarily serves burn victims from Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Mexico, but it accepts patients from all over the world like Okwuchi. Okwuchi and 60 other students at the Loyola Jesuit College boarding school in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, boarded a Sosoliso Airlines flight home to Port Harcourt, Nigeria, for the Christmas holiday December 10, 2005. Everything appeared normal on Flight 1145 until it made its final approach. The Aviation Safety Network, an independent organization that focuses on airline safety issues, said the pilots decided too late to abort the landing after losing sight of the ground in a downpour. Okwuchi recalled that the plane appeared to be descending too fast and passengers began to panic. “The last thing I remembered was a sharp, searing sound,” she said. Her mother, Ijeoma Okwuchi, 43, and other parents were waiting at the Port Harcourt airport for the students to arrive. Parents saw emergency vehicles with lights flashing and followed them to the crash site. “There were just bodies strewn as far as the eye could see,” said Ijeoma Okwuchi, who assumed her daughter was dead. Then she got a call on her cell phone. “Your daughter is alive,” a hospital official told her. One of the first officials to the crash site saw Kechi move and put her in an ambulance. At the hospital, she was able to give her mother’s name and cell phone number. The first thing she remembers after the crash is feeling the pain from burns that covered 65 percent of her body. “It felt like my skin was going to explode,” she said. Of the 61 students from her high school, she was the only survivor. Only two of the107 passengers and crew survived.

Conversation Starters
Here are some ways to start a conversation with a person who has a disability: comment on the weather. Find something you might share an interest in – television, music, sports, anything. In short, begin the same way you would if there were no disability. Take a deep breath, look past the obvious difference, and find the person. When you speak to people with disabilities as people, you will find yourself in a conversation with someone who has had different experiences, and the exchange of views could be very enriching for both of you. If you are interested n finding out more about the person’s disability, understand that everyone with a disability reacts to this differently and, like most subjects, there are appropriate and inappropriate ways – and times and places – to ask such questions. Try using words that reflect acceptance and indicate that a person is not defined by their disability – a message that is especially imperative to convey to children with disabilities.

David Ragan Autographed Diecast Car Now Available
NASCAR driver David Ragan is offering a special edition scale model, or diecast car, modeled after his car featuring the special Shriners Hospitals for Children paint scheme. Proceeds from the sales will benefit the nonprofit health care system. The Shriners Hospitals-themed race car was created for Ragan’s participation in the 2008 season finale for the ARCA RE/MAX Series at the Toledo Speedway. The special edition die cast car, created in its likeness, is available for pre-order for $29.95 plus shipping and handling at diecastcars. Only 2,500 of these unique collector’s items, which will be signed by Ragan, will be available. Ragan named Shriners Hospitals for Children his official charity of choice at the annual convention of Shriners International on July 1 in St. Louis. In addition to these unique opportunities to raise funds for Shriners Hospitals, Ragan will visit as many of the 22 hospitals as his busy NASCAR schedule permits. He has also brought national attention to the health care system and the Shriners fraternity through public service announcements. “I look forward to a long and productive relationship with Shriners International and the health care system they help support,” Ragan said. “With the help of NASCAR fans across the nation, I know we can increase donations to their worthwhile cause and ultimately help thousands more children in the future.”

IHOP Fundraiser Helps Man Become a Shriner
When Houston resident Mitchell Wang, owner of two International House of Pancakes (IHOP) restaurants, participated in the Shriners Hospitals for Children fundraiser for national Pancake Day a few years ago, he saw a worthy cause and win-win situation: his customers were getting short stacks of buttermilk pancakes in return for a donation to Shriners Hospitals for Children, which in turn provides expert medical care to children, with no financial obligation to patients or families. Wang was so impressed, that he became a Freemason at Masonic Blue Lodge 1417 in Clear Lake, the first step in becoming a Shriner. Both Masons and Shriners are fraternities, and many members support charitable causes, including Shriners Hospitals for Children. Wang petitioned for membership with Shriners International and has become a fez-wearing Shriner himself. “I never really knew how to join the Shriners until the second year I participated in National Pancake Day,” Wang said. “The wife of a Shriner said, ‘Just ask one of the men and they will show you the way.’” Now for this year’s National Pancake Day, Wang is continuing to participate as both an IHOOP owner and a Shriner. On Feb. 23, from 7 a.m. through 10 p.m., Wang will be giving away pancakes and collecting donations for Shriners Hospitals for Children. Learn more about becoming a Shriner at www.

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