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1&1 Internet Inc.

701 Lee Road

Suite 300
Chesterbrook, PA 19087

Date: 12/18/2017
Cuidado Technology Pvt. Ltd. Customer ID.: K503216970
Mr. Rajan Neupane
Bafal Help & Contact
Kathmandu, BA 446109
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Phone: 1-877-300-8316
International: +1 (816) 621-4797
Payment Failure Notice
Customer ID: K503216970
Contract: V62789991
Dear Cuidado Technology Pvt. Ltd.,

Thank you for doing business with 1&1 Internet! We would like to make you aware that our recent attempt to
collect payment for your account has failed due to the following reason:


Please use the following link to log in to your PayPal account and contact PayPal to resolve the issue:

Alternatively, you can use the link below to update your payment method to pay by credit card:

Below of a summary of your outstanding invoice(s) due to the failed payment attempt:

Customer ID/Contract ID Invoice ID Date Amount

K503216970/V62789991 202019236969 15.12.2017 $ 95.88
Total: $ 95.88

Please DO NOT send cash, check or money order.

Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter.

Customer Service
1&1 Internet Inc.

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