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Since the creation of industrialization, the cost of energy generation has

increased rapidly with the increase in the number of people on earth. It is
known that energy consumption is much more and Fossil-based resources will
not be able to provide energy for the whole world because these resources will
be preserved in the near future, so as to prevent environmental pollution and
to meet the necessary energy needs, it plays an important role in the
management of renewable energy.

Wind power remedies on the environment are strong winds, it is important to

research earlier and make all kinds of decisions. In many countries, renewable
energy is being made or green energy generation, the negative feeling of air
energy is increasingly apparent that prevention of some wind power
installations. In some countries. They realize the environmental effect of wind
energy. This paper also includes air comparison research, the effect of the
atmospheric pressure on the surface of the wind turbine and the negative
effects of wind power are widely interpreted as. It has been reported that this
energy source will reduce environmental pollution and water consumption. So
for this the environmental effect and economic effect, Pollution, and wildlife
surveillance have been given both positively and negatively.


Power is important for national economic development and people's

livelihood. Based on coal, oil, natural gas and other fossil fuels for the last 200
years, there has been a great deal of progress in the development of human
society on the basis of energy system. But people use fossil fuels at the same
time, but they are harmful to environmental pollution and ecosystems.
In recent years, the countries of the whole world have realized the importance
of the destruction of environment and ecosystems in the process of using the
power of human life and conventional energy. Countries have started on the
basis of national conditions, governance and mitigation environment have
been polluted, and use as a significant part of renewable, non-polluting new
power development and sustainable development. Air generation systems are
a new type of power .Air power supply system that is compatible with wind
energy and has a good application expectation. The scene is supplemental, a
system set of power generation, the system will be used to use the storage
capacity of the air turbine (current current) battery will be transmitted, when
the user needs electricity, the invert battery is saved through the transmission
line and the battery is stored on the AC power through the user load. One type
of wind turbine class are two types of electricity generating equipment,
general power generation.

Development process editor the main wind and generation process is a clear
combination of wind turbine and PV modules, because of the lack of detailed
mathematical calculation models, when the system is used only to ensure low
rates of users, which is the result of long service life.

In recent years, with the expansion of wind power generation, the rate of
guarantee and better economic requirements, foreign countries have imbibed
the performance of supplemental power generation systems of several wind

power, large equipment packages. Implement different system configuration
performance and power costs. It is a very complex simulation of air simulation
operation, supplemental power generation system, wind speed load
characteristics and installation site according to the input

There are two main ways to design energy for the wind: First, the power
milling system, the power of the fan power and load power associated with
different radiation and wind speed, mainly with optimal control; The other is
the power-matching method, which is different from fan power generation
with different radiation and wind speed, mainly for the power consumption of
the system than load power. This research paper will define the wind
turbine causes about the problems in the habitat of birds and other animals,
and the sound created from the wind turbine is harmful for human health but
due to renewable energy it is important for us.

Literature Review

Energy is a fundamental element of financial improvement and monetary

development. Sustainable power sources like wind Energy is indigenous and
can help in decreasing the reliance on petroleum products. Oil and gas powers
contaminated our condition. Wind is caused by differential warming of the
world's surface by the sun. It has been assessed that approximately 10 million
MW of energy are persistently accessible in the world's wind. Wind energy
gives a variable and ecological cordial choice and national energy security
while diminishing worldwide stores of petroleum products debilitates the long
haul supportability of worldwide economy.

This paper reviews the wind resources assessment on environmental effect like
as effect on wildlife, Reduction of water utilization, carbon dioxide, emission
Energy Diminished utilization of nonrenewable, less land uses etc.


The research paper is composed as a qualitative research. Two way I collecting

all information. There are:
Primary Data:
The primary information had been collected from observation, seeing some
interview videos of different specialists
Secondary Data:
Maximum data collected from different research article and arranged them

 Pressure group databases, news items and reports

 Peer reviewed papers in academic journals and papers presented at
 Effect on human life and (negative and positive) effect on environment
books on wind energy
 Video of wind turbine impacts on environment.
 Research theses

Research Question

 How is the energy in the wind captured?

 Why wind turbine are important for environmental effects?
 How wind turbines are hazardous to birds and bats?


Wind turbine or wind power is the largest source of renewable energy around
the world today. We can find this report as negative and positive effect for two
reasons. The positive effects of wind power are more than negative effects.

 It helps to clean up our environment and is cheaper than other power

 Wind turbines have no negative impact on human health without noise
 It damage the movement of birds otherwise it is the best power
 Installation of wind turbine is simple but need to lot of place
 It depend on flow of wind but many place flow of wind are no same.


Wind turbine, power created from wind control this power is delivered by
turning the turbines through a substantial fan which streams from the wind.
Since 2008, narrative creation of 121.1 Giga watts of photovoltaic power is
accessible. 1.5 percent of the aggregate power delivered on the planet. Its
generation is expanding step by step as it is recyclable and non-fuel proficient.
A considerable measure of cutting edge nations utilizes it. Getting many
propelled nations is being utilized broadly. By May 2009, business air
contamination is being utilized as a part of 80 nations around the world. If the
wind speed is no less than 7-10 miles, at that point power is possible. If this is
the greatest favorable position of power, at that point there is no cost spare it.
It doesn't have any fuel costs as it goes in air. Electricity age is conceivable if no
less than 7-10 mph (miles every hour) of wind speed is conceivable. Open
spots, grounds, estuaries, slopes or slope tops and so on.

We can separate the environmental effect of wind turbine around two ways.

1. Positive effect on wind turbine and

2. Negative effect on wind turbine

Positive effect on wind turbine

Energy created by wind turbines does not deliver contaminations like different
wellsprings of energy (i.e. coal, gas, and oil based fuel). Wind energy may
diminish the air contaminations be supplanting the present wellsprings of
traditional energy. Thus, discharges particularly carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide
and sulfur dioxide can be decreased. It has been found in the literary works

That the outflow of these gasses is in charge of corrosive rain and worldwide
warming which causes ozone depleting substance effect, ascend in ocean level,
and fluctuating climate conditions. Wind energy is a boundless sort of energy
that can be gathered either in the terrain or on the sea. It was evaluated that a
2.5 kW framework can spare 1– 2 tons of CO2 what's more, a 6 kW framework
can spare 2.5– 5 tons CO2 .In a reasonable site, wind turbines speak to a
moderately ease strategy for smaller scale inexhaustible power age. They can
bring expanded security for power supply to non-framework associated areas
and give some security against power value rises. Sustainable Commitments
Authentications (ROCs) can be gotten by producing power. These would then
be able to be sold to power generators to enable them to meet their objectives
to infer a predefined extent of the power they supply to their clients from
sustainable energy sources [19]. A buyer can profit by on location age of
energy by meeting all requirements for exception from the Environmental
Change Require. One can likewise be paid for any excess of power to supply to
the lattice. As per the fourth evaluation report discharged by the
Intergovernmental Board on Environmental Change (IPCC), the warming of the
earth over the past 50 years has been caused by human exercises. The primary
guilty parties are the nursery gasses transmitted by consuming of petroleum
derivatives, specifically carbon dioxide (CO2). Wind power can give energy
while decreasing the discharge of CO2. As indicated by the World Energy
Commission, utilization of one million kWh of wind power can spare 600 tons
of CO2 outflow. Hence, huge utilization of wind power will help moderate
environmental change. The utilization of wind power can likewise maintain a
strategic distance from provincial natural issues realized by consuming coal

Reduction of water utilization

In an inexorably water focused on world, water utilization is fundamental and

is an extraordinary concern particularly for nations like Bangladesh where
clean water is exceptionally important and rare. It might be specified that
traditional power plants utilize a lot of water for the gathering segment of the
thermodynamic cycle. For coal control plants, water is likewise used to clean
and process fuel. Sum of water utilized can be a huge number of liters every
day. By decreasing the use of water, water can be safeguarded and utilized for
different purposes.

Reduction of carbon dioxide emission

Normally, wind energy has zero direct air contamination. A little measure of
CO2 outflows is discharged by the wind energy amid its development and
upkeep stages. Nonetheless, this sum of CO2 is significantly less than other
petroleum product based power plants. This Measure of CO2 created can
really be consumed by the tree by the procedure of photosynthesis. Each unit
(KWh) of power created by the wind dislodges a unit of power which would
something else Have been delivered by a power station by consuming non-
renewable energy source.

It doesn't deliver carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, mercury, particulates, or some

other kind of air contamination, as do non-renewable energy source control
sources. An examination by the Irish national framework expressed that
"Creating power from wind lessens the utilization of non-renewable energy
sources and in this manner prompts outflows reserve funds", and assessed
decreases in CO2emanations running from 0.33 to 0.59 tons of CO2 for every
Mwah. Measure of toxins that can be diminished is appeared in as indicated by
information from the German Government Service for the Condition, Nature
Preservation and Atomic Wellbeing, around 67 million tons of CO2 was dodged
in 2006 by producing power through wind, biomass, photovoltaic and
hydropower. Among these few sorts of power age frameworks, wind energy
assumes the most essential part. Outflow decreases can be figured utilizing
carbon outflow factor 640 g CO2/kWh and following condition

Diminished utilization of nonrenewable energy

Wind energy does not exhaust regular assets. Wind is reestablished each day
as the earth warms and cools. We spare around one pound of coal for each
kilowatt-hour produced by wind. The MGE wind cultivates spares about 13,110
tons of coal every year. This speaks to approximately 131 railroad autos
yearly—a prepare 1.22 miles in length. Acquiring one piece of wind control
every month for a year kills consuming around 2,052 pounds of coal.

Wind power uses less land

Around 5% of a wind cultivate site contains the turbines, gear and access
streets. Existing area utilizes, for example, cultivating and touching, can
proceed unaffected. The MGE wind cultivates is situated on 603 sections of
land of agrarian land. Thirty sections of land are rented for get to streets and
the turbines, their establishments and their transformers. An aggregate of 7.4
sections of land are inaccessible for cultivating or brushing. Customary power
age requires bigger "impressions" to get the fuel (mining, pipelines, and
transportation) and to create power (control plants).

Negative effect of wind turbine

Other than the positive effect, it is vital to think about the negative effect of a
wind turbine innovation. Prior to any choice is made; the most exceedingly
terrible condition must be resolved and anticipated. By doing this, the harm
can be lessened to least. The most noteworthy negative effect of a wind
turbine innovation is the untamed life, commotion furthermore, visual effect
which will be examined in the accompanying segments. Some different effects
incorporate the diversion of radar or TV gathering because of attractive
powers produced by the wind turbine, furthermore, the expanded plausibility
of being struck by lightning

Effects on wildlife

Numerous scientists found that wind energy is one of the most beneficial and
ecological well-disposed choices among all the energy sources accessible
today. Wind energy is the energy source that is most perfect with creatures
and individuals on the planet. In any case, there is some minor untamed life
effect revealed by couple of analysts. The untamed life effects can be ordered
into immediate and circuitous effects. The immediate effect is the mortality
from crashes with wind energy plant while the circuitous effects are evasion,
natural surroundings interruption and uprooting. Be that as it may, the effects
are littler contrasted with different wellsprings of energy. Moreover, analysts
what’s more, ventures are endeavoring to discover insurances and preventions
for the natural life effects of wind energy. Through examines and in light of the
accessible confirmations, many found that the suitable position of wind plants

don't add to a huge number in lessening of flying creatures' mortality.
Concentrates additionally demonstrate that atmosphere changes have
considerably more critical risk to natural life

Effect of climate

In an investigation of Gregory; it was discovered that exclusive 3 out of 48

fatalities happen when the climate is not a factor. Despite the fact that
relocating flying creatures for the most part fly at elevations higher than 150
m, vagrants tend to fly lower amid overwhelming over give climate such a role
as high winds, low clouds, and rain. This increments the feathered creatures'
capability of flying through the wind turbines, particularly at the point when
light fascination might be an issue.

Limited Asset

Dissimilar to solar energy, who’s the source is found in all aspects of the world,
wind energy is just ready to be saddled when there is wind accessible, which
isn't as broadly found as one may first anticipate. This reality, alongside the
need to place them in uninhabited districts, incredibly restrains the potential
ranges where turbines can be introduced. For these machines to be as valuable
as could be allowed, they should be put on level grounds, as well as seaside
places. On the off chance that meteorology intrigues you, at that point this
course on the most proficient method to foresee the climate will make them
take your neighborhood climate individual's activity in the blink of an eye.

Visual Pollution

Another broadly detailed hindrance of wind turbines is visual contamination.

Albeit many individuals really like the look of wind turbines, others don't and
consider them to be a smudge on the scene. This tends to boil down to sincere
belief, and as more wind ranches are constructed, open acknowledgment is
getting to be plainly typical.

It has been discovered that wind energy is clean, ecological neighborly, and
less expensive contrasted with different wellsprings of sustainable energy. All
things considered this wellspring of vitality will shield the earth from the
environmental defilement. It was likewise discovered that water utilization can
be decreased with the use of wind vitality thought about to oil based power

plants that deliver vitality. It was too discovered that wind vitality impact sly
affects the natural surroundings contrasted with different wellsprings of
vitality. In any case, vitality created by wind turbine isn't free from negative
effects. It has been discovered that untamed life is executed with the impact of
twist turbines much of the time. This wellspring of vitality likewise makes
sound clamor which is irritating to the region of wind turbine establishment
venture. Visual execution is additionally meddled by the wind turbine. On the
off chance that wind turbines are outlined and arranged precisely, a
considerable lot of these negative effects can be limited.


Organizes explore must be done before sitting and creation and after
generation of wind control workplaces to survey the limit and recognized the
characteristic effect of wind change.
Pre-setting examinations should differentiate the capacity for impacts with
rising and the possible consolidated effects inside the setting of solidify regions
being produced or proposed. Likely impacts will be evaluated in regard to
other conceivably develop destinations or from an inside and out the edge.
Moreover, the investigation needs to balance a picked site with choose if
elective office design cools decrease potential condition impacts.
Setup-creation considers the need to focus on evaluating impacts, authentic as
opposed to foreseen danger, causal parts of impacts, and point of confinement
control measures to lessen risk and recuperation of chafed locales.
Representatives of elected, state, and local governments should work with
wind-vitality engineers, nongovernmental associations, and other intrigue
gatherings and specialists to create rules for tending to tradeoffs amongst
advantages and expenses of the wind-vitality age of power that happen at
broadly unique scales, including life-cycle impacts. Extra examinations are
expected to help affirm the minute and whole deal effect of wind control
workplaces on weakened, endangered, and different species at risk.


Wind energy harvesting is one of the fastest growing sources of electricity and
one of the fastest growing markets in the world today. The electricity produced
from wind power is said to be clean because of its pollution or greenhouse
gases. Wind is a renewable energy resource; it is inexhaustible and requires no
"fuel" besides the wind that blows across the earth. Wind power is a cost-
competitive source of electricity largely due to technological advancement.
Finally, I want to say the advantages of wind energy are more than the
disadvantages so my opinion that wind energy which has many benefits, such
as it is less expensive than factories, less space, are easily available all over the
world and nonpolluting to the environment. So wind energy is also more useful
than the traditional method to create energy.


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