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Which of the five major cities in Canada is suitable for


Toronto , Montreal , Victoria , Vancouver , Ottawa … Which of the five largest cities in
Canada to emigrate is best?

No.1 Toronto:-
According to Vancouver Harbor News reported that Toronto is Canada’s largest city, is Canada’s
birthplace of culture and economy, but also traffic hub, and the heart of the manufacturing industry.
On the other side of Toronto is the United States, New York State, the world famous Niagara Falls,
only 100 kilometers away from Toronto. Come to Toronto, its exquisite rich products, the world
famous shopping streets, definitely can greatly stimulate your shopping desires, but also fully meet
your needs. Among the famous downtown business districts are Brewer Street, Yonge Street,
Yorkville Street and Eaton Mall.

Toronto is Huron Indian language, “meeting place” means. Toronto enjoys the reputation of being
the most diverse city in the world. It encompasses immigrants from over 100 countries. People
walking around the street have different colors and social, diet, entertainment, arts, shopping and
entertainment features to unify cultural diversity.
Climate: Toronto has four seasons and a mild climate. The average temperature in January is -6.7 °
C and in July it is 20.5 ° C. Spring is usually a short season, followed by a wet, hot summer with
thunderstorms. Autumn sunshine, pleasant temperatures, afternoon temperatures will reach the
summer level. If you come to Toronto in the winter, you need to wear a thick coat or coat,
waterproof boots, gloves and wool hat. If you come in summer, the wide, thin clothes are the most
comfortable. The morning is more cool, should bring a sweater.

No.2 Montreal:-
What kind of city can you get when you combine vibrant, neat North American life with laid-back
European life ? Beautiful, 350- year-old villages or cosmopolitan cities with high-tech and high-
quality living ? Two distinctive cities. From the local festivals, amazing food and traditional
nightlife, Montreal can definitely bring the most joy and the best entertainment for people’s life.
Montreal, known as “Paris of North America,” is Canada’s financial and commercial center and the
second-largest city in the country. Unique French cultural heritage, so Mengcheng become the
world’s second largest French-speaking city of Paris, France. Therefore, among all the big cities in
North America, Montreal, which belongs to Montreal, is the most European style city and the most
romantic city in Canada.
Montreal’s architecture blends modernity and nostalgia with elegant, historic structures that
complement the modern 21st century look. The visual arts here are also booming, and you can see
many masterpieces in the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Modern History, and
hundreds of the top local art galleries. Montreal has the reputation of a “steeple city,” with many
gothic churches throughout the city, even surpassing the ancient city of Rome, and can see a church
every one or two blocks. In fact, Montréal’s international reputation is to create the ultimate in
perfection, not only in traditional arts but also in cutting-edge technology, multimedia, music and
video. Perhaps because of Latin origin, the passionate people of Montreal bring that feeling to all
parts of the world. If you come here, you will certainly feel the passion of the city – warm, relaxing,
charming and happy.
Climate: Montréal has a pleasant climate, abundant rainfall and moderate temperatures, not as cold
as people think. Spring usually arrives in May, for a short time. Summer heat, thunderstorms.
Autumn is cool and pleasant. The first snow is mostly in late October until mid-March next year.

No. 3 Victoria:-
Known as the “Garden City,” said Victoria City, is named after the British Queen Victoria, officially
established in 1862 , the city’s motto is “eternal freedom.” If Vancouver is a noisy metropolis,
Victoria is a laid-back, gentle and elegant town, is a world exudes charm, the world famous city.
Her beauty, won the “Garden City” “Little Britain” “Retirement Paradise” and other names. For a
long time, Victoria was deeply baptism of European civilization, both in architecture, culture,
customs, it seems very “British.”
For many Canadians, Victoria is like a British rose on Canadian soil. Red double-decker buses and
wagons shuttling along the road, European style, royal atmosphere, historical sites, Jun Wei’s castle
building, modern urban design and leisurely life make Victoria a must Where.
Climate: Victoria has a mild climate with a maritime climate. January temperatures 4 ℃ ~ 5 ℃,
where less rainfall, more sunshine, a good climate makes her an ideal city to live, but also very
suitable for the elderly to enjoy their years.

No.4 Vancouver:-
Vancouver, the third largest city in Canada, has a “gateway to the Pacific” and is surrounded by
water. It is the largest natural harbor on the North American Pacific coast. It has a history of more
than 100 years and is home to a large number of Asians. Vancouver is a beautiful city where modern
urban civilization and natural beauty are brought together harmoniously, infatuating countless
people who have been to this city. There are many large parks, modern buildings, charming lakeside
paths, and beautifully preserved traditional architecture.
Vancouver residents have many immigrants from all over the world. No matter what kind of race
there is, no one in the area thinks you are a foreigner. Therefore, the first impressions of tourists on
Vancouver are mostly “cordial.” The pleasant climate and unique natural beauty make it the most
suitable paradise for life-style activists and has been rated by the United Nations as the most
suitable city for human habitation on many occasions.
Climate: Vancouver’s climate is influenced by the North Pacific warmth, combined with the cold
and dry airstream over the continental shelf in the eastern Rocky Mountains, which makes
Vancouver a pleasant winter, and the coldest of all the Canadian cities in winter January average
temperature of 3 ℃, July average temperature of 17 ℃. Pleasant climatic conditions and stunning
scenery, coupled with the charm of a modern metropolis, attracts visitors from all over the world.

No.5 Ottawa:-
Ottawa, the capital of Canada , is home to the federal government. Hundreds of green-copper roofs
of the Houses of Parliament, the Royal Mounted Police and the famous tulip gardens are considered
symbols of their own country. Each May , Ottawa hosts Tulip Festivals, where you can meet
millions of tulips in full bloom. Tulip flowers of all shapes and sizes compete with each other in the
tulip world. The city is a concentration of knowledge and information, including military history,
science and technology, nature and aviation and other museums and exhibitions. The city is dotted
with parks and galleries, adding a touch of soft color to this serious city. As you browse this city of
commercial start-up, you can admire the architecture of different periods and feel her charm as the
capital of English and French cultures.
Climate: February and May are the best times to visit Ottawa. February Ottawa hosts the largest
winter carnival in North America – the W interlude for winter, ice sculptures and fireworks. Meet
millions of tulips in full bloom in May.
Ottawa’s climate, between the extreme summer and winter. Spring usually arrives in April, a short
period of time. Summer is usually sunny, hot and humid with thunderstorms. Autumn is mostly cool
and comfortable. The first snow will be held at the end of November each year until the middle of
April next year. Ottawa’s winter is extremely cold. With an average annual temperature of 5.7
degrees Celsius, Ottawa is ranked fifth in the capital with the lowest average temperature in the
world and its absolute minimum temperature of -36 degrees Celsius, marking the third-lowest
capitalized absolute temperature in the world. According to meteorological department statistics,
Ottawa each year about 8 months at a temperature below zero, so it was called “cold capital.” If you
come to Ottawa in the summer, bring a sweater or jacket. Even in late spring or early autumn, the
weather is quite cold. Winter clothes, including waterproof boots, thick coats or jackets ( hooded ) ,
warm scarves and gloves.
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