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Rhyming Words: RAIN


1 syllable:

-caine, aine, ane, ayn, bain, baine, bane, bayne, beigne, beinn, blain, blaine, blane, blayne,
brain, braine, brane, brein, cain, caine, cane, cayne, chain, chaine, chane, cheyne, crain,
craine, crane, crayne, dain, daine, dane, dayne, deign, drain, draine, drane, drein, duan,
duane, dwain, dwayne, fain, faine, fainne, fane, fayne, feign, fein, feyne, flain, flaine, frain,
fraine, frane, frayn, frayne, frein, freyne, gain, gayne, ghain, glane, grain, graine, grainne,
grane, grein, hahne, hain, haine, hane, hayn, hayne, heyn, heyne, jain, jane, jayne, kain, kaine,
kane, kaneh, kayne, krain, krane, krein, lain, laine, lane, layne, ln, main, maine, mane, maneh,
mayne, meyn, neyne, paign, pain, paine, pane, payne, phane, plain, plane, prane, quain,
quoin, raine, rainn, rayne, reign, rein, reine, sain, saine, sane, sdain, sdeign, shain, shaine,
shane, shayne, skain, skane, skein, slain, slaine, slane, spain, spane, splain, splaine, sprain,
stain, stane, strain, strane, strein, svane, swain, swaine, swayne, sweyn, taine, teyne, thain,
thaine, thane, thayne, train, trane, tshwane, twain, uaine, vain, vane, vein, veine, veyne, vrain,
wain, wane, wayne, zain, zane

2 syllables:

a-train, abhainn, abstain, again, ahane, ahlen, airplane, air lane, ajwain, akane, alain, alaine,
alane, alayne, allain, allein, alleyne, almain, almayne, amain, arcane, arraign, artane, asain,
attain, atwain, augean, aven, awane, azane, bahrain, baleine, balmain, beauchaine,
beauchene, berain, bestain, bi-plane, biplane, birdbrain, biscayne, block plane, bloodstain,
boat train, boudain, brain drain, branched chain, brattain, brisbane, buntain, butane, cabane,
cacaine, cafeine, calf's brain, campaign, car train, casgrain, catain, certaine, chamfrain,
champagne, champaign, champaigne, champain, champlain, chanfrein, charlayne, charmain,
charmaine, chastain, chest pain, chicane, chlordane, cholane, chow mein, christain, clephane,
closed chain, cobain, cobaine, cocaine, codeine, coffeine, coltrain, complain, constrain,
contain, costain, courchaine, culhane, dahrain, decane, decrane, defrain, degrain, delaine,
demain, demaine, denain, deplane, deraign, derain, dereyne, deschaine, despain, destain,
detain, detrain, devane, devein, dewayne, disdain, disdeign, disjoin, distain, distrain, dizain,
dizaine, dogbane, domain, domaine, douzaine, draw rein, duchaine, dufrane, dumaine,
dumbcane, dumb cane, dunblane, duquesne, durain, dushane, duwayne, efrain, elain, elaine,
elane, elayne, emane, emplane, enchain, engrain, enplane, espagne, essoin, ethane, explain,
eyestrain, fast lane, feed grain, fishbaine, floodplain, fontaine, food chain, food grain,
forebrain, fore plane, fort wayne, fountaine, free rein, freight train, furane, galane, gallein, gas
main, germain, germaine, germane, gitane, great dane, haleine, helane, henbane, horse grain,
hossain, hossein, huitain, humaine, humane, hussain, hussein, iain, igraine, immane, inane,
insane, intein, in vain, jack plane, jermaine, jet plane, jourdain, jyishane, kahane, l-cysteine,
laraine, larraine, left brain, lehane, lennane, lesbain, lindane, lithane, long plane, lorain,
loraine, lorrain, lorraine, louvain, lurdane, lutein, machain, maclaine, maclean, magrane, mail
train, maintain, mallein, mansplain, martain, matane, match plane, mauveine, mcbain,
mcbane, mccain, mccane, mcclain, mcclaine, mcclane, mcgrain, mcgrane, mcguane, mckain,
mckane, mclain, mclane, mclean, mcquain, mcshane, mcswain, mcwain, membrane, methane,
migraine, migrane, misfeign, mistrain, mondain, mondaine, montaigne, montane, morain,
moraine, morane, morgane, mud stain, mullein, mundane, murein, murrain, mustain,
narceine, navane, nonsane, o'kane, obtain, oil stain, okane, orcein, ordain, ossein, outgain,
papain, parrain, partain, pentane, pertain, petain, poleyn, pottain, poulaine, powertrain,
procaine, prochain, prochein, profane, propane, prophane, pull chain, punane, quatrain,
quintain, quinzaine, refrain, regain, remain, restrain, retain, retrain, ricain, rifain, right brain,
rogaine, romain, romaine, romane, romeine, ronayne, roseine, roumain, rowaine, ruane,
sahelian, samain, samhain, sarbane, sartain, sartrain, scrub plane, seatrain, sea lane, seed
grain, sejein, seldane, serbaine, serein, silane, sixain, slow lane, small cane, smooth plane,
straight chain, surrein, sustain, switch cane, sword cane, sylvain, terrain, terrane, tirane,
tolane, tompane, torain, touraine, tremaine, tromethamine, tulane, ukrain, ukraine, unchain,
ungain, unsane, unslain, unstrain, untwain, uptain, urbain, urbane, verlaine, vervain, verveine,
vilaine, warplane, watch chain, wave train, wind vane, wolf's bane, yeargain, yvain

3 syllables:

accutane, acquitaine, ad campaign, al amein, anchor chain, appertain, aquitaine, ascertain,

asiain, badelain, ball and chain, basal vein, bearing rein, black henbane, bonvillain, candy cane,
cellophane, cell membrane, cestoidean, chamberlayne, charlemagne, charles's wain, coastal
plain, compass plane, cotton strain, coup de main, cullinane, cystic vein, dado plane, daisy
chain, discount chain, dovetail plane, enflurane, entertain, express train, facet plane, facial
vein, flower chain, fluoresceine, g-protein, gastric vein, giant cane, golden chain, gravy train,
hurricane, inclined plane, inhumane, interchain, interreign, in the main, keohane, kwajalein,
lafontaine, lafountain, lafountaine, lamontagne, lawyer cane, leading rein, liner train, london
plane, lumbar vein, mark of cain, mary jane, matabane, mcelvain, mcelvaine, mcelwain,
mcelwaine, mcilvain, mcilvaine, mcilwain, mental strain, messiaen, metric grain, monoplane,
mountain chain, nervous strain, noble cane, nondecane, open chain, otocrane, ouabain,
overlain, overtrain, pellicane, petrolane, picture plane, piperocaine, pontoon plane, portal
vein, power train, preordain, quarantaine, quiche lorraine, railroad train, rattan cane, reattain,
rectal vein, renal vein, reobtain, retail chain, rotaxane, sales campaign, sewer main, smoothing
plane, spinal vein, splenic vein, st germain, st germaine, submontane, subway train,
sugarcane, sugar cane, take in vain, tangent plane, thyroid vein, traffic lane, tramontane,
transpadane, transrhenane, undecane, urethane, vortex vein, wagon train, water main,
weather vane, whooping crane, windowpane
4 syllables:

angular vein, apparel chain, bronchial vein, capital gain, cardinal vein, carpenter's plane, castle
in spain, cerebral vein, cervical vein, chemical chain, chymopapain, circular plane, common
dogbane, commuter train, cross of lorraine, digital vein, electric main, engineer's chain,
femoral vein, fetal membrane, financial gain, hepatic vein, hexacosane, hexeikosane, hospital
train, isopentane, jugular vein, knowledge domain, left gastric vein, legerdemain, malacca
cane, mangiapane, mineral vein, mucous membrane, mujahadein, mycoprotein, nautical
chain, naval campaign, ophthalmic vein, orbital plane, palatine vein, passenger train, pectoral
vein, plasma membrane, propeller plane, public domain, radial vein, restaurant chain, right
gastric vein, senate campaign, spreading dogbane, stilpnomelane, sulfurophane, temporal
vein, thoracic vein, tracheal vein, tympanic vein, uterine vein, vertebral vein, visceral brain,
woodworking plane, yellow henbane

5 syllables:

alpine golden chain, american plane, capillary vein, capital of maine, capital of spain,
combination plane, common facial vein, deep cervical vein, deep temporal vein, egyptian
henbane, eminent domain, emissary vein, frankfurt on the main, great cerebral vein,
hypocarpogean, innominate vein, labyrinthine vein, laryngeal vein, mesenteric vein,
metacarpal vein, methoxyflurane, middle thyroid vein, occipital vein, oriental plane, ovarian
vein, pancreatic vein, petersburg campaign, poinsettia strain, polyurethane, pulmonary vein,
testicular vein, tympanic membrane, umbilical vein, whispering campaign, wilderness

6 syllables:

accompanying vein, advertising campaign, alphafetoprotein, capital of bahrain,

chlorofluoromethane, common cardinal vein, embryonic membrane, external nasal vein,
hepatic portal vein, middle cerebral vein, middle temporal vein, military campaign, okinawa
campaign, political campaign, rocky mountain dogbane

7 syllables:

anterior facial vein, capital of the ukraine, deep middle cerebral vein, external jugular vein,
inferior thyroid vein, internal cerebral vein, internal jugular vein, posterior facial vein, superior
thyroid vein

8 syllables:

accessory vertebral vein, anterior cardinal vein, anterior cerebral vein, anterior jugular vein,
anterior vertebral vein, inferior cerebral vein, inferior ophthalmic vein, internal auditory vein,
posterior cardinal vein, superficial temporal vein, superior cerebral vein, superior ophthalmic
9 syllables:

inferior pulmonary vein, superior pulmonary vein

10 syllables:

superficial middle cerebral vein


Examples in Literature
From Doctor Foster (Mother Goose rhyme):
Doctor Foster went to Glo'ster,
In a shower of rain;
He stepped in a puddle, up to his middle,
And never went there again.
From "Two Songs Rewritten For The Tune's Sake" by William Butler Yeats:
Alone and alone nine nights I lay
Between two bushes under the rain;
I thought to have whistled her down that
I whistled and whistled and whistled in vain.
From "TO DAFFADILS" by Robert Herrick:
Like to the summer's rain;
Or as the pearls of morning's dew,
Ne'er to be found again.
From "Corinna's Going A-Maying" by Robert Herrick:
And as a vapour, or a drop of rain,
Once lost, can ne'er be found again,
From "A CONJURATION: TO ELECTRA" by Robert Herrick:
By dews and drizzling rain,
That swell the golden grain;
If you can see that drop of rain
Lost in the wild sea once again;
And that this pleasure is like rain,
Not sent ye for to drown your pain,
From "GOOD PRECEPTS, OR COUNSEL" by Robert Herrick:
Clouds will not ever pour down rain;
A sullen day will clear again.
From "L'envoi" by Rudyard Kipling:
And the thresh of the deep-sea rain;
You have heard the song -- how long! how long?
Pull out on the trail again!
Ha' done with the Tents of Shem, dear lass,
From "Troopin'" by Rudyard Kipling:
They'll turn us out at Portsmouth wharf in cold an' wet an' rain,
All wearin' Injian cotton kit, but we will not complain;
From "What the People Said" by Rudyard Kipling:
He sent the Mahratta spear
As He sendeth the rain,
And the Mlech, in the fated year,
Broke the spear in twain.
From "Red Maples" by Sara Teasdale:
Or keep the fragrance out of the rain
Now that April is here again?
From "The Garden" by Sara Teasdale:
And golden tulips, goblets holding the rain --
The garden will be hushed with snow, forgotten soon, forgotten --
After the stillness, will spring come again?
From "Pain" by Sara Teasdale:
And raindrops the children of rain,
But why for my shimmering body
Have I a mother like Pain?
Night is the mother of stars,
From "Spring Rain" by Sara Teasdale:
The passing motor busses swayed,
For the street was a river of rain,
Lashed into little golden waves
In the lamp light's stain.
From "Alchemy" by Sara Teasdale:
I lift my heart as spring lifts up
A yellow daisy to the rain;
My heart will be a lovely cup
Altho' it holds but pain.
From "Embers" by Sara Teasdale:
Like a fire beaten out by the rain,
That will never sway and sing
Or play with the wind again."
I said, "It is no great sorrow
From "Epitaph" by Sara Teasdale:
Serene descent, as a red leaf's descending
When there is neither wind nor noise of rain,
But only autum air and the unending
Drawing of all things to the earth again.
From "The Snail" by Richard Lovelace:
Then after a sad dearth and rain,
Thou scatterest thy silver train;
From "When The Sun Come After Rain" by Robert Louis Stevenson:
WHEN the sun comes after rain
And the bird is in the blue,
The girls go down the lane
Two by two.
From "I Do Not Fear To Own Me Kin" by Robert Louis Stevenson:
That gives and takes with wind and sun and rain
And feels keen pleasure to the point of pain.
From "To Marcus" by Robert Louis Stevenson:
While storm and gusty rain,
Again and yet again,
From "Acquainted With The Night" by Robert Lee Frost:
I have been one acquainted with the night.
I have walked out in rain -- and back in rain.
I have outwalked the furthest city light.
I have looked down the saddest city lane.
From "Thatch, The" by Robert Lee Frost:
Out alone in the winter rain,
Intent on giving and taking pain.
From "My November Guest" by Robert Lee Frost:
Thinks these dark days of autumn rain
Are beautiful as days can be;
She loves the bare, the withered tree;
She walks the sodden pasture lane.
From "Autumn" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow:
Thou comest, Autumn, heralded by the rain,
With banners, by great gales incessant fanned,
Brighter than brightest silks of Samarcand,
And stately oxen harnessed to thy wain!
From "Voices Of the Night" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow:
Low lispings of the summer rain,
Dropping on the ripened grain,
From "Rain in Summer" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow:
How beautiful is the rain!
After the dust and heat,
In the broad and fiery street,
In the narrow lane,
From "Rain in Summer" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow:
Of the incessant rain.
He counts it as no sin
That he sees therein
Only his own thrift and gain.
From "Rain in Summer" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow:
The showery rain,
As the farmer scatters his grain.

From "Midnight Mass for the Dying Year" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow:
Tell their beads in drops of rain,
And patter their doleful prayers;
But their prayers are all in vain,
All in vain!
From "To A Sexton" by William Wordsworth:
And, should I live through sun and rain
Seven widowed years without my Jane,
From "Hap" by Thomas Hardy:
--Crass Casualty obstructs the sun and rain,
And dicing Time for gladness casts a moan....
These purblind Doomsters had as readily strown
Blisses about my pilgrimage as pain.
From "The Peasent's Confession" by Thomas Hardy:
But what was this that broke our humble ease?
What noise, above the rain,
Above the dripping of the poplar trees
That smote along the pane?
From "Thorn, The" by William Wordsworth:
Head-foremost, through the driving rain,
The shelter of the crag to gain;
From "Morning" by Paul Laurence Dunbar:
The dew-drops shine like fairy rain,
The coquette rose awakes again
From "Lover and the Moon, The" by Paul Laurence Dunbar:
And ever the moon wept down in rain,
And ever her sighs rose high in wind;
But the earth and sea were deaf and blind,
And she wept and sighed her griefs in vain.
From "An Easter Ode" by Paul Laurence Dunbar:
There will come a time of rain,
And the brook will flow again;
From "A Florida Night" by Paul Laurence Dunbar:
San' a little heavy f'om de rain,
All de pa'ams a-wavin' an' a-weavin' slow,
Sighin' lak a sinnah-soul in pain.
Alligator grinnin' by de ol' lagoon,
From "Chilterns, The" by Rupert Brooke:
And the brave sting of rain,
I may not meet again.
From "Twins, The" by Robert Browning:
``Poor, who had plenty once,
``When gifts fell thick as rain:
``But they give us nought, for the nonce,
``And how should we give again?''
From "My Spectre Around Me" by William Blake:
Through the wintry hail and rain.
When wilt thou return again?
From "I Heard an Angel" by William Blake:
Down pour'd the heavy rain
Over the new reap'd grain ...
From "The Talking Oak" by Alfred, Lord Tennyson:
"I swear, by leaf, and wind, and rain,
(And hear me with thine ears,)
That, tho' I circle in the grain
Five hundred rings of years---
From "Giaour, The" by George Gordon, Lord Byron:
Though raves the gust, and floods the rain,
No hand shall clasp its clasp again.
From "Mazeppa" by George Gordon, Lord Byron:
And the hot lead pour down like rain
From off the scorched and blackening roof,
Whose thickness was not vengeance-proof.
They little thought that day of pain,
From "Mazeppa" by George Gordon, Lord Byron:
And my cold sweat-drops fell like rain
Upon the courser's bristling mane;
From "Silet" by Ezra Pound:
What if the wind have turned against the rain?
It is enough that we once came together;
Time has seen this, and will not turn again;
And who are we, who know that last intent,
From "Winter Song" by Katherine Mansfield:
Rain and wind, and wind and rain.
Will the Summer come again?
From "Spring Wind in London" by Katherine Mansfield:
Of yellow blossom on the grass!
You feel that golden rain?
Both of you could not hold, alas,
(both of you tried, in vain)
From "There is a Solemn Wind To-Night" by Katherine Mansfield:
There is a solemn wind to-night
That sings of solemn rain;
The trees that have been quiet so long
Flutter and start again.
From "Humanitad" by Oscar Wilde:
Nay, nay, we are but crucified and though
The bloody sweat falls from our brows like rain,
Loosen the nails--we shall come down I know,
Staunch the red wounds--we shall be whole again,
From "Quia Multum Amavi" by Oscar Wilde:
Ah! had'st thou liked me less and loved me more,
Through all those summer days of joy and rain,
I had not now been sorrow's heritor,
Or stood a lackey in the House of Pain.
From "Madonna Mia" by Oscar Wilde:
Like bluest water seen through mists of rain:
Pale cheeks whereon no love hath left its stain,
From "In Memory" by Joyce Kilmer:
It is a burst of Heaven-shaking thunder;
It is a linnet's fluting after rain.
Love's voice is through your song; above and under
And in each note to echo and remain.
From "Tamerlane" by Edgar Allan Poe:
Which fall'st into the soul like rain
Upon the Siroc-wither'd plain,
From "Al Aaraaf" by Edgar Allan Poe:
The sound of the rain,
Which leaps down to the flower-
And dances again
In the rhythm of the shower-
From "The Eve Of St. Agnes" by John Keats:
Blinded alike from sunshine and from rain,
As though a rose should shut, and be a bud again.
From "Far, far away is mirth withdrawn" by Emily Jane Brontë:
They deluge my heart like the rain
On cursed Gomorrah's howling plain -
From "A little while, a little while," by Emily Jane Brontë:
There is a spot 'mid barren hills
Where winter howls and driving rain
But if the dreary tempest chills
There is a light that warms again
From "Song" by Hilaire Belloc:
For O! not Vera veil’d in rain,
Nor Dian’s sacred Ring,
With all her royal nymphs in train
Could so lead on the Spring.

From "Drinking Song, On the Excellence of Burgundy Wine" by Hilaire Belloc:

Rain or no rain,
To crack your old jokes, and your bottle to drain.
From "Stanzas from the Grande Chartreuse" by Matthew Arnold:
The autumnal evening darkens round,
The wind is up, and drives the rain;
While, hark! far down, with strangled sound
Doth the Dead Guier's stream complain,
From "Eviction, The" by William Allingham:
The little army moves through drizzling rain;
A 'Crowbar' leads the Sheriff's nag; the lane
From "Another" by Anne Bradstreet:
The leaves in th' woods, the hail, or drops of rain,
Or in a corn-field number every grain,
From "Court of Love, The" by Geoffrey Chaucer:
Amid the sea in tempest and in rain,
Than bide here, receiving woe and pain
From "Bob's Lane" by Edward Thomas:
Many years since, Bob Hayward died, and now
None passes there because the mist and the rain
Out of the elms have turned the lane to slough
And gloom, the name alone survives, Bob's Lane.
From "Of the Mean and Sure Estate Written to John Poins" by Sir Thomas
That when the furrows swimmèd with the rain,
She must lie cold and wet in sorry plight;
And worse than that, bare meat there did remain
To comfort her when she her house had dight;
From "Gilbert" by Charlotte Brontë:
ABOVE the city hangs the moon,
Some clouds are boding rain,
Gilbert, erewhile on journey gone,
To-night comes home again.
From "Presentiment" by Charlotte Brontë:
She left, 'mid winter's sleet and rain,
This world for Heaven's far shore.
On Beulah's hills she wanders now,
On Eden's tranquil plain;
From "Song" by Christina Georgina Rossetti:
I shall not feel the rain;
I shall not hear the nightingale
Sing on, as if in pain:
And dreaming through the twilight
From "Culprit Fay, The" by Joseph Rodman Drake:
Till the hoof-strokes fall like pattering rain.
The clouds roll backward as he flies,
Each flickering star behind him lies,
And he has reached the northern plain,
From "The Cloud" by Percy Bysshe Shelley:
I silently laugh at my own cenotaph,
And out of the caverns of rain,
Like a child from the womb, like a ghost from the tomb,
I arise and unbuild it again.
From "Goblin Market" by Christina Georgina Rossetti:
Dropping like rain
After long sultry drouth;
Shaking with aguish fear, and pain,
She kissed and kissed her with a hungry mouth.
From "The West Wind" by John Masefield:
And bright is the sun brother, and warm is the rain,--
Will ye not come home, brother, home to us again?
From "The Yarn of the Loch Achray" by John Masefield:
The wives and girls they watch in the rain
For a ship as won't come home again.
From "The Seekers" by John Masefield:
Only the road and the dawn, the sun, the wind, and the rain,
And the watch fire under stars, and sleep, and the road again.
From "Bereavement of the Fields" by William Wilfred Campbell:
March with rudening madness of wild gales,
April and her wraiths of tender rain,
And all he loved,—this soul whom memory veils,
Beyond the burden of our strife and pain.
From "Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair" by Stephen C. Foster:
Sighing like the night wind and sobbing like the rain, --
Wailing for the lost one that comes not again:
From "Forgotten Dead, I Salute You" by Muriel Stuart:
The gentle history of the rain
Has been unfolded, traced and lost
By the sharp finger-tips of frost;
Birds in the hawthorn build again;
From "In the Orchard" by Muriel Stuart:
'Yes, it's late. There's thunder about, a drop of rain
Fell on my hand in the dark. I'll see you again
From A Plum Pudding (Mother Goose rhyme):
Flour of England, fruit of Spain,
Met together in a shower of rain;
From "Green Eggs And Ham (Curtain Call)" from "Green Eggs And Ham
(Curtain Call) Lyrics - Seussical musical":
Could you? Would you? In the rain?
Could you? Would you? On a train?
From "Rah-Rah, Tip-Top" from "Rah-Rah, Tip-Top Lyrics - Pirate Queen, The
Ev'rything's right as rain
Rah-rah, tip-top
Here in the Queen's domain
Sea to sea to sea
From "Wake Me Up When September Ends" from "Wake Me Up When
September Ends Lyrics - American Idiot musical":
Wake me up when September ends
Here comes teh rain again
Falling from the stars
Drenched in my pain again
From "If We Only Have Love" from "If We Only Have Love Lyrics - Jacques
Brel Is Alive and Well and Living in Paris musical":
Love that's falling like rain
Then the parched desert earth
Will grow green again
If we only have love
From "The Fall" from "The Fall Lyrics - Xanadu musical":
I see the autumn rain
Falling on my window pane
From "How Deep Is Your Love" from "How Deep Is Your Love Lyrics -
Saturday Night Fever musical":
I feel you touch me in the pouring rain
And the moment that you wander far from me
I wanna feel you in my arms again
Then you come to me on a summer breeze

From "Guys and Dolls" from "Guys and Dolls Lyrics - Guys and Dolls musical":
When you spot a John waiting out in the rain
Chances are he's insane as only a John can be for a Jane.
From "Happiness" from "Happiness Lyrics - Rooms":
Hard British nights, cold in the rain
Never gonna see my Mommy again
From "The Big Time" from "The Big Time Lyrics - Will Rogers Follies, The
Wear your boots, it?s gonna rain
Do your homework on the train!
From "Soon It's Gonna Rain" from "Soon It's Gonna Rain Lyrics - Fantasticks,
The musical":
Then we'll let it rain.
Why complain?
From "Tell Me On A Sunday - Marti Webb" from "Tell Me On A Sunday -
Marti Webb Lyrics - Andrew Lloyd Webber Divas musical":
Don't run off in the pouring rain.
Don't call me as they call your plane.
From "Side by Side/What Would We Do Without You?" from "Side by
Side/What Would We Do Without You? Lyrics - Company musical":
No rain.
We're so crazy, he's so sane.
From "Singin' in the Rain Finale" from "Singin' in the Rain Finale Lyrics -
Singin' In The Rain musical":
I'm singin' in the rain
Just singin' in the rain
What a glorious feelin'
I'm happy again.
From "Singin' in the Rain Finale" from "Singin' in the Rain Finale Lyrics -
Singin' In The Rain musical":
Everyone from the place
Come on with the rain
I've a smile on my face
I'll walk down the lane
From "If I Can Dream" from "If I Can Dream Lyrics - All Shook Up musical":
With too much rain
We're trapped in a world
That's troubled with pain
But as long as a man
From "The Bells" from "The Bells Lyrics - Notre Dame de Paris musical":
In thunder or hail, or in wind or in rain.
Their song will never fail, singing through joy, singing through pain.
From "D.W. Washburn" from "D.W. Washburn Lyrics - Smokey Joe's Cafe
before the next big rain.
D W Washburn: you're gonna wash right down the drain.
From "Another Hundred People" from "Another Hundred People Lyrics -
Company musical":
"Can we see each other Tuesday if it doesn't rain?"
"Look, I'll call you in the morning or my service will explain."
From "I'm Always Chasing Rainbows" from "I'm Always Chasing Rainbows
Lyrics - Irene musical":
I always look and find the rain
Some fellows make a winning sometimes
I never even make a gain
Believe me, I'm always chasing rainbows
From "Singin' in the Rain" from "Singin' in the Rain Lyrics - Singin' In The Rain
Just singing in the rain
What a glorious feelin'
I'm happy again
I'm laughing at clouds
From "Wasteland" from "Wasteland Lyrics - Children Of Eden musical":
And there came a day, in a chilly rain
A child was born in sweat and pain
From "River in the Rain" from "River in the Rain Lyrics - Big River musical":
River in the rain
Sometimes at night you look like a long white train
From "I Miss the Mountains" from "I Miss the Mountains Lyrics - Next to
Normal musical":
And soaking you with rain
I miss the mountains
I miss the pain
From "Hit It, Lorraine" from "Hit It, Lorraine Lyrics - 70, Girls, 70 musical":
But now I'm right as the rain.
The kind of fun I've found
Has caused a happy sound
To spin around in my brain.
From "See Her Smile" from "See Her Smile Lyrics - Tick, Tick... Boom
But on a sunny day, I find the rain
Let's give it a try, I say
We can dance all through the pain
From "I Have Confidence" from "I Have Confidence Lyrics - Sound of Music,
The musical":
I have confidence in rain.
I have confidence that spring will come again!
From "Just Go to the Movies" from "Just Go to the Movies Lyrics - A Day in
Hollywood / A Night in the Ukraine musical":
Cooper in "Wings", Cowford in "Rain",
See Tarzan beat his chest when he meets Jane.
From "Lift Me Up" from "Lift Me Up Lyrics - Ark, The musical":
From "It's a Sign" from "It's a Sign Lyrics - If/Then musical":
And rainbows in the rain
One more clue, there for you
Do I have to explain
That it's a sign?
From "If I Only Had A Brain" from "If I Only Had A Brain Lyrics - Wizard Of Oz,
The musical":
I could while away the hours, conferrin' with the flowers
Consultin' with the rain.
And my head I'd be scratchin' while my thoughts were busy hatchin'
If I only had a brain.
From "Mr. Witherspoon's Friday Night" from "Mr. Witherspoon's Friday
Night Lyrics - Lucky Stiff musical":
Ten pairs goulashes for the rain,
And one shoe salesman going quietly insane
From "Stars And The Moon" from "Stars And The Moon Lyrics - Songs For A
New World musical":
No strings, just warm summer rain."
And I thought, "You know, I'd rather have champagne."
From "Our Last Summer" from "Our Last Summer Lyrics - Mamma Mia!
Laughing in the rain
Our last summer
Memories that remain

From "Love Like That" from "Love Like That Lyrics - Passing Strange musical":
The Sun and the Moon and the rain
My domain
From "Grow for Me" from "Grow for Me Lyrics - Little Shop of Horrors
I've given you sunlight.
I've given you rain.
Looks like you're not happy,
'Less I open a vein.
From "Rock of Rages" from "Rock of Rages Lyrics - Leader of the Pack
But I can't keep the tears from fallin' like the rain.
It's insane. All this pain.
From Macbeth: Act I, scene I:
When shall we three meet again
In thunder, lightning, or in rain?
From "I BELIEVE IN YOU" by Bob Dylan:
Don't mind the driving rain
I know I will sustain
From "VISIONS OF JOHANNA" by Bob Dylan:
The harmonicas play the skeleton keys and the rain
And these visions of Johanna are now all that remain
Through this open world I'm about to ramble,
Through ice and snows, sleet and rain,
I'm about to ride that mornin' railroad,
P'raps I'll die on that train.
Then they rolled his body down a gulf amidst a bloody red rain
And they threw him in the waters wide to cease his screaming pain.
From "BORN IN TIME" by Bob Dylan:
You were snow, you were rain
You were striped, you were plain,
From "SILVIO" by Bob Dylan:
I can snap my fingers and require the rain
From a clear blue sky and turn it off again
From "CARIBBEANWIND" by Bob Dylan:
Told about Jesus, told about the rain,
She told me about the jungle where her brothers were slain
From "MAGGIE'SFARM" by Bob Dylan:
Well, I wake in the morning,
Fold my hands and pray for rain.
I got a head full of ideas
That are drivin' me insane.
From "Meditations In Time Of Civil War" by William Butler Yeats:
Stand at my door, and I complain
Of the foul weather, hail and rain,
From ""Back To The Army Again" by Rudyard Kipling:
An' -- any pore beggar that wants it can draw my fourpence a day!
Back to the Army again, sergeant,
Back to the Army again:
Out o' the cold an' the rain, sergeant,
From "The Thorkild's Song" by Rudyard Kipling:
Oh, hear the benches creak and strain!
(A long pull for Stavenger!)
She thinks she smells the Northland rain!
(A long pull for Stavenger!)
From ""Birds Of Prey March"" by Rudyard Kipling:
'Course it's blocked the bloomin' gangway up again!
Cheer, O cheer the 'Orse Guards watchin' tender o'er us,
Keepin' us since eight this mornin' in the rain!
Stuck in 'eavy marchin'-order, sopped and wringin' --
From "In the End" by Sara Teasdale:
All the heart broke to forego
Shall be ours without pain,
We shall take them as lightly as girls
Pluck flowers after rain.
From "May Day" by Sara Teasdale:
I shall see again
The world on the first of May
Shining after the rain?
From "Spring Rain" by Sara Teasdale:
I thought I had forgotten,
But it all came back again
To-night with the first spring thunder
In a rush of rain.
From "Sleepless" by Sara Teasdale:
My blood cries out to you all night in vain
As sleepless as the rain.
From "Spring Torrents" by Sara Teasdale:
Every spring must I bear it all again
With the first red haze of the budding maple boughs,
And the first sweet-smelling rain?
Oh I am like a rock in the rising river
From "Summer Storm" by Sara Teasdale:
And love and pain,
Why should we fear
The wrath of the rain!
From "On Sanazar's Being Honoured With Six hundred Duckets By The
Clarissimi Of Venice, For Composing An Eligiack Hexastick Of The City. A
Satyer" by Richard Lovelace:
How many battels, sung in epick strain,
Would have procur'd your head thatch from the rain
From "It Blows A Snowing Gale" by Robert Louis Stevenson:
A flash of sun is on the veering of the vane.
Autumn leaves and rain,
From "O Dull Cold Northern Sky" by Robert Louis Stevenson:
O sun desired in vain,
O dread presentiment of coming rain
From "Come, Here Is Adieu To The City" by Robert Louis Stevenson:
COME, here is adieu to the city
And hurrah for the country again.
The broad road lies before me
Watered with last night's rain.
From "This Gloomy Northern Day" by Robert Louis Stevenson:
This comforts under pain;
This, through the stinging rain,
From "Blueberries" by Robert Lee Frost:
To pick where they're picking. But we won't complain.
You ought to have seen how it looked in the rain,
From "A Line-Storm Song" by Robert Lee Frost:
The roadside flowers, too wet for the bee,
Expend their bloom in vain.
Come over the hills and far with me,
And be my love in the rain.
From "A Line-Storm Song" by Robert Lee Frost:
And it seems like the time when after doubt
Our love came back amain.
Oh, come forth into the storm and rout
And be my love in the rain.

From "On Looking Up By Chance At The Constellations" by Robert Lee Frost:

For the shocks and changes we need to keep us sane.
It is true the longest drouth will end in rain,
From "Generations of Men, The" by Robert Lee Frost:
"Where shall we meet again?"
"Nowhere but here
Once more before we meet elsewhere."
"In rain?"
From "Voices Of the Night" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow:
The dreams of youth came back again,
Low lispings of the summer rain,
From "Day is Done, The" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow:
A feeling of sadness and longing,
That is not akin to pain,
And resembles sorrow only
As the mist resembles the rain.
From "Rain in Summer" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow:
Grows calm again,
And he breathes a blessing on the rain.
From "Hap" by Thomas Hardy:
But not so. How arrives it joy lies slain,
And why unblooms the best hope ever sown?
--Crass Casualty obstructs the sun and rain,
And dicing Time for gladness casts a moan....
From "Guilt and Sorrow" by William Wordsworth:
They looked and saw a lengthening road, and wain
That rang down a bare slope not far remote:
The barrows glistered bright with drops of rain,
Whistled the waggoner with merry note,
From "Morning" by Paul Laurence Dunbar:
The mist has left the greening plain,
The dew-drops shine like fairy rain,
From "A Christmas Folksong" by Paul Laurence Dunbar:
Dey's Allen on de hillside,
An' Marfy in de plain;
Fu' Christmas was like springtime,
An' come wid sun an' rain.
From "A Dedication. To Charlotte Cushman." by Sidney Lanier:
Perchance such folk as mark the blur and stain
Will say, `It was the beating of the rain;'
From "Corn." by Sidney Lanier:
He sowed his heart with hopes of swifter gain,
Then sat him down and waited for the rain.
From "Chilterns, The" by Rupert Brooke:
What's left behind I shall not find,
The splendour and the pain;
The splash of sun, the shouting wind,
And the brave sting of rain,
From "Busy Heart, The" by Rupert Brooke:
Women with child, content; and old men sleeping;
And wet strong ploughlands, scarred for certain grain;
And babes that weep, and so forget their weeping;
And the young heavens, forgetful after rain;
From "Dawn" by Rupert Brooke:
One of them wakes, and spits, and sleeps again.
The darkness shivers. A wan light through the rain
From "A Serenade At The Villa" by Robert Browning:
Sultrily suspired for proof:
In at heaven and out again,
Lightning!---where it broke the roof,
Bloodlike, some few drops of rain.
From "By The Fire-Side" by Robert Browning:
Come back with me to the first of all,
Let us lean and love it over again,
Let us now forget and now recall,
Break the rosary in a pearly rain,
From "A Lovers' Quarrel" by Robert Browning:
All is blue again
After last night's rain,
From "Porphyria's Lover" by Robert Browning:
For love of her, and all in vain:
So, she was come through wind and rain.
From "Sir Launcelot and Queen Guinevere" by Alfred, Lord Tennyson:
The maiden Spring upon the plain
Came in a sun-lit fall of rain.
From "Siege of Corinth, The" by George Gordon, Lord Byron:
Like a cinder strew'd the plain:
Down the ashes shower like rain;
From "To --------" by Anne Brontë:
And shed a bright and burning beam
Athwart the glittering main,
'Ere noon shall fade that laughing gleam
Engulfed in clouds and rain.
From "Winter Song" by Katherine Mansfield:
Though they run with might and main.
Rain and wind, and wind and rain.
From "Loneliness" by Katherine Mansfield:
A strange wind flows... then silence. I am fain
To turn to Loneliness, to take her hand,
Cling to her, waiting, till the barren land
Fills with the dreadful monotone of rain
From "Song of Karen, the Dancing Child" by Katherine Mansfield:
(O little white feet of mine)
Never a light on a window pane,
(Red, red shoes the colour of wine)
And the wild wet cry of the rain.
From "Charmides" by Oscar Wilde:
Of coming storm, and the belated crane
Passed homeward like a shadow, and the dull big drops of rain
From "La Bella Donna Della Mia Mente" by Oscar Wilde:
Than to cry bitterly for pain,
Are tremulous as brook-water is,
Or roses after evening rain.
Her neck is like white melilote
From "Madonna Mia" by Oscar Wilde:
A LILY-GIRL, not made for this world's pain,
With brown, soft hair close braided by her ears,
And longing eyes half veiled by slumberous tears
Like bluest water seen through mists of rain:
From "Queen Henrietta Maria" by Oscar Wilde:
She stands with eyes marred by the mists of pain,
Like some wan lily overdrenched with rain:
From "Trees" by Joyce Kilmer:
Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
Who intimately lives with rain.
From "In Memory" by Joyce Kilmer:
Love is made out of ecstasy and wonder;
Love is a poignant and accustomed pain.
It is a burst of Heaven-shaking thunder;
It is a linnet's fluting after rain.
From "Daphnis And Chloe" by Andrew Marvell:
Who for parting pleasure strain
Gather Roses in the rain,
From "Mourning" by Andrew Marvell:
And, while vain Pomp does her restrain
Within her solitary Bowr,
She courts her self in am'rous Rain;
Her self both Danae and the Showr.
From "On The Victory Obtained By Blake Over the Spaniards, In The Bay Of
Scanctacruze, In The Island Of teneriff.1657" by Andrew Marvell:
A happy People, which at once do gain
The benefits without the ills of rain.
From "The Eve Of St. Agnes" by John Keats:
Blissfully haven'd both from joy and pain;
Clasp'd like a missal where swart Paynims pray;
Blinded alike from sunshine and from rain,
As though a rose should shut, and be a bud again.

From "Drinking Song, On the Excellence of Burgundy Wine" by Hilaire Belloc:

Hoofed it amain
Rain or no rain,
From "Heroic Poem in Praise of Wine" by Hilaire Belloc:
Was there not one that did to Heaven complain
How, driving through the midnight and the rain,
From "Memorial Verses: April 1850" by Matthew Arnold:
Went o'er the sun-lit fields again;
Our foreheads felt the wind and rain.
From "Then And Now" by John McCrae:
Upon the casement; but the nodding leaves
Sweep lazily across the unlit pane,
And to and fro beneath the shadowy eaves,
Like restless birds, the breath of coming rain
From "The Unconquered Dead" by John McCrae:
Before our eyes a boundless wall of red
Shot through by sudden streaks of jagged pain!
Then a slow-gathering darkness overhead
And rest came on us like a quiet rain.
From "The Dorchester Giant" by Oliver Wendell Holmes:
They flung it over the plain,
And all over Milton and Dorchester too
Great lumps of pudding the giants threw;
They tumbled as thick as rain.
From "S. I. W." by Wilfred Owen:
And misses teased the hunger of his brain.
His eyes grew old with wincing, and his hand
Reckless with ague. Courage leaked, as sand
From the best sandbags after years of rain.
From "Of the Mean and Sure Estate Written to John Poins" by Sir Thomas
Would needs go seek her townish sister's house.
She thought herself endurèd too much pain;
The stormy blasts her cave so sore did souse
That when the furrows swimmèd with the rain,
From "Teacher's Monologue, The" by Charlotte Brontë:
To aching grief, so void and lone
Is Life and Earthso worse than vain,
The hopes that, in my own heart sown,
And cherished by such sun and rain
From "Presentiment" by Charlotte Brontë:
The snow will whiten earth again,
But Emma comes no more;
She left, 'mid winter's sleet and rain,
This world for Heaven's far shore.
From "Culprit Fay, The" by Joseph Rodman Drake:
And his courser follows the cloudy wain
Till the hoof-strokes fall like pattering rain.
From "Goblin Market" by Christina Georgina Rossetti:
Tears once again
Refreshed her shrunken eyes,
Dropping like rain
After long sultry drouth;
From "Dream Land" by Christina Georgina Rossetti:
Ripening on hill and plain;
She cannot feel the rain
From "Beauty" by John Masefield:
I HAVE seen dawn and sunset on moors and windy hills
Coming in solemn beauty like slow old tunes of Spain:
I have seen the lady April bringing the daffodils,
Bringing the springing grass and the soft warm April rain.
From "Witches' Frolic, The" by Richard Harris Barham:
She put off her hat and her mantle again,--
'He'll never expect me in all this rain!'
From "Bereavement of the Fields" by William Wilfred Campbell:
Yea, she who grieves not, neither faints nor fails,
Building the seasons, she will bring again
March with rudening madness of wild gales,
April and her wraiths of tender rain,
From "Avenging Angel, The" by William Wilfred Campbell:
And again and again,
My death-dealing rain,
From "Cleopatra" by Algernon Charles Swinburne:
The purple days of drouth expand
Like a scroll opened out again;
The molten heaven drier than sand,
The hot red heaven without rain,
From "Dark Stag, The" by Isabella Valancy Crawford:
Away! his white doe, far behind,
Lies wounded on the plain;
Yells at his flank the nimblest wind,
His large tears fall in rain;
From "The Raggedy Man" by James Whitcomb Riley:
I drived him wunst way down our lane
An' he got skeered, when it 'menced to rain,
From "Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep" by Mary Elizabeth Frye:
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.
From "Born In Time (live Version)" by Bob Dylan:
You were snow, you were rain
You were striped, lord and you were plain,
From "J.J. Sneed" by Dolly Parton:
The good old days are over as we stand here in the rain
JJ I'm gonna shoot you now I hope you'll feel no pain
From "Slow Healing Heart" by Dolly Parton:
I made my escape from the rain
Still a prisoner of hurt
I had months worth of work
Just freein' my mind of the pain
From "When You Tell Me That You Love Me" by Dolly Parton:
I wanna hold you close under the rain
I wanna kiss your smile
And feel your pain
I know what's beautiful
From "When You're Smiling" by Dean Martin:
You bring on the rain
So stop your sighing, be happy again
From "You Belong to Me" by Dean Martin:
See the jungle when it's wet with rain
Just remember 'til you're home again
From "Young And Foolish" by Dean Martin:
Laughin' in the rain
I wish that we were
Young and foolish again
From "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" by Elvis Presley:
Blue eyes crying in the rain
When we kissed goodbye and parted
I knew we'd never meet again
From "My Love Is Forever" by Prince:
You're the wind and the rain
You've got a river that takes away my pain
From "Ain't It Funny" by Loretta Lynn:
Running barefoot through the fields in the rain
Chasin' pretty butterflies in the lane
From "Riders To The Stars" by Barry Manilow:
Christy wants a millionaire, a miracle in the rain
Everybody's lookin' to find their heaven, never come back again
From "Riders To The Stars (Live)" by Barry Manilow:
Christy wants a millionaire, a miracle in the rain

Everybody's lookin' to find their heaven, and never come back again
From "If We Only Have Love" by Barry Manilow:
Love that's falling like rain
Then the parch desert earth
Will grow green again
From "Stranger In A Strange Land" by Barbra Streisand:
I will walk you through the pouring rain
I will help you learn to live and love again
From "Kingdom Come" by DAVID BOWIE:
Well, I walked in the pouring rain
And I heard a voice that cries, "It's all in vain"
From "Waiting In the Wings" by Diana Ross:
I need you like freedom, I feel you like rain
I see you like silver rails across an endless plain
From "Bad Meets Evil" by Eminem:
Cold enough to make the seasons change into freezing rain
He's insane, no I'm not, I just want to shoot up
And I'm pissed off 'cuz I can't find a decent vain
From "Blue Eyes" by Elton John:
Laughing in the rain
Baby's got blue eyes
And I am home and I am home again
From "Return to Paradise" by Elton John:
Leaving sunshine and heading for rain
But we'll return to paradise again
From "Baby I Miss You" by Elton John:
Remember when it didn't rain
Will I ever see the sun again
From "Walk Out in the Rain" by Eric Clapton:
Just walk out in the rain
Walk out with your dreams
Walk out of my life if you don't feel right
And catch the next train
From "Love You Inside Out" by Bee Gees:
It's enough to leave me crying in the rain
Love you forever but you're driving me insane
From "Blue Island" by Bee Gees:
You can see the rain
You can feel the pain
From "Voices" by Bee Gees:
They spoke of fire and falling rain
Of health and wealth and death and pain
From "Don't Let It Happen Again" by Bee Gees:
You let me stand in the rain
So here I am , on my knees and I beg you
Don't let it happen again
From "Portrait of Louise" by Bee Gees:
But I still need the rain
All your vines will overgrow
And winds will blow insane
From "Who We Are" by Bad Religion:
It's cold again, it looks like rain
A procession of humanity, strikingly simian
Saunters by, I can't explain
Why it's troubling to see them so
From "Promenade" by U2:
Earth, sky, sea and rain
Is she coming back again?
From "Hawkmoon 269" by U2:
Like thunder needs rain
Like a preacher needs pain
From "Please" by U2:
Shards of glass, splinters like rain
But you could only feel your own pain
From "Bullet the Blue Sky" by U2:
In the howling wind comes a stinging rain
See it driving nails
Into the souls on the tree of pain
From the firefly, a red orange glow
From "I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself" by Elvis Costello:
Like a summer, rose needs the sun and rain
I need your sweet love to beat all the pain
From "Just My Luck" by Babyface:
You'll get caught up in the rain
But that's the last time
That you'll come my way again
Just my luck
From "Born In Time" by Babyface:
You were snow, you were rain
You were striped, and you were plain
From "A Little Push" by Gloria Estefan:
What started as a little rain
Grows into a hurricane
From "Et Je T'Aime Encore" by Celine Dion:
Here the autumn ends bringing back the rain
The old Chevy's dead they tried to fix it in vain
From "Peterborough And The Kawarthas" by Barenaked Ladies:
I left you in the rain
Peterborough and the Kawarthas
Your reflection in the pane
Peterborough and the Kawarthas
From "In The Drink" by Barenaked Ladies:
Up like a rocket, down like the rain
Back an' forth like a choo choo train
From "The Way Young Lovers Do" by Van Morrison:
We strolled through fields, all wet with rain
And back along the lane again
From "Bottomless" by Bette Midler:
My sorrows washed away like rain
The lonely simple joys remain
From "Color of Roses" by Bette Midler:
To the tears in the rain
For that's what the color
Of roses contain
From "P.S. I Love You" by Bette Midler:
Yesterday we had some rain
But all in all I can't complain
From "I'm Gonna Sit In 'Til You Give In" by B.B. King:
Nighttime, day time sunshine or rain
I'll be ridin' that freedom train
From "Wichita Lineman" by R.E.M.:
But it doesn't look like rain
If it snows that stretch down south
Won't ever stand the strain
From "Smile for Me" by Olivia Newton-John:
Smile your smile of total tenderness
Smile the smile that takes away the rain
Smile away my total emptiness
For I never wanna have to cry again
From "Let It Shine" by Olivia Newton-John:
Now I'm like a flower that's been standin' in the rain
Hopin' and a-prayin' that the sun would shine again
From "Knights In Shining Karma" by XTC:
Shield your soul from this rain
Knights in shining karma will remain
From "Country Girl in Paris" by John Denver:
Memories of Tennessee, Nashville in the rain
It's such a contradiction, a heart that's filled with pain
From "Over The Rise" by Bruce Springsteen:
Well i woke last night to the sound of rain
The wind rustling branches against the window pane
From "Adam Raised A Cain" by Bruce Springsteen:
We were prisoners of love a love in chains
He was standin' in the door i was standin' in the rain
With the same hot blood burning in our veins
Adam raised a cain
From "Dry Lightning" by Bruce Springsteen:
Kickin' in the corral smelling rain
There's a low thunder rolling'cross the mesquite plain
From "Downbound Train" by Bruce Springsteen:
Where all it ever does is rain
Don't you feel like you're a rider on a downbound train
From "Beat Goes On" by Madonna:
(Here comes the rain)
Wash away all the pain
From "Mary Mary" by Chumbawamba:
Wear next to nothing in the pouring rain
Be a bad example and do it all again
From "Blaze of Glory" by Bon Jovi:
You ask me if I've known love and what it's like to sing songs in
the rain
Well, I've seen love come, I've seen it shot down
I've seen it die in vain
From "Hearts Breaking Even" by Bon Jovi:
Hide my tears in the pourin' rain
Had my share of hurt and pain
From "Songs From The Wood" by Jethro Tull:
Poppies red and roses filled with summer rain
To heal the wound and still the pain
From "Coffee Shop" by Kottonmouth Kings:
Slapped on my shades as I step into the rain,
Try to regain up your ??? and refrain,
From "Crazed Institution" by Jethro Tull:
Clear your throat and pray for rain
To irrigate the corridors that echo in your brain
From "Nick Of Time" by AC/DC:
Slow plane, hard rain
Cold sweat and I feel the strain
From "Hells Bells" by AC/DC:
I'm a rolling thunder, a pouring rain
I'm comin' on like a hurricane
From "Windy Town" by Rod Stewart:
I held your face as you shivered in the rain
Girl, I'll always love you and I'll love you again
From "All for Love" by Rod Stewart:
From the wind and the rain
From the hurt and the pain
From "Earth Song" by Michael Jackson:
What about rain?
What about all the things?
That you said we were to gain
From "Jurassic Park" by Weird Al Yankovic:
Someone shut the fence off in the rain
I admit it's kinda eerie
But this proves my chaos theory
And I don't think I'll be coming back again
From "Can You Fool" by Glen Campbell:
Every day, the hate of rain
Every memory's a pain
From "Rhinestone Cowboy" by Glen Campbell:
Well, I really don't mind the rain
And a smile can hide all the pain
From "Grace" by Michael W. Smith:
And beauty grows in the driving rain
Your ode of gladness in the times of pain
From "Through the Rain" by Mariah Carey:
I can make it through the rain
I can stand up once again
From "Everytime" by Britney Spears:
I may have made it rain
Please forgive me
My weakness caused you pain
And this song's my sorry
From "Breakdown [Radio Edit]" by Mariah Carey:
But it looks like rain (rain, rain, rain)
Lord, I just wanna maintain
From "Write Me A Letter" by Aerosmith:
hidin' from the wind and the rain
but you could write me a letter
for to save me from a-goin' insane
From "Over And Over" by Black Sabbath:
But lately I feel like I'm just gonna rain
and it goes over, and over, and over, and over again
From "Hard Life To Love" by Black Sabbath:
You're standin' in the rain
With no cover but you never complain
From "7-11" by Ramones:
Standing out here in the rain
The crash, shattering glass
The sirens, and pain
Is driving me insane oh-yeah
From "Take The Pain Away" by Ramones:
I went out today for a walk in the rain
I was so sad and blue I could feel any pain
From "Bravado" by Rush:
There's only the sound of the rain
All the hope and glory
All the sacrifice in vain
From "Love Is" by Backstreet Boys:
Or kissing in the morning rain
The only thing that keeps me sane
From "Hold Back the Rain" by Duran Duran:
(Hold back the rain)
No time for worry 'cause we're on the roam again
From "Hold Back the Rain" by Duran Duran:
(Hold back the rain)
The clouds all scatter and we ride the outside lane
From "Out Of My Mind" by Duran Duran:
Sure as silence follows rain
The taste of you upon my lips
The fingers in my brain
From "The Blue Mask" by Lou Reed:
Wash the razor in the rain
Let me luxuriate in pain
From "This Life" by Tech N9ne:
I live in the rain
I'm an angel but the devil's
Possessing my brain
From "Fire Ice And Dynamite" by Deep Purple:
Don't you worry if it starts to rain
Step aside if you can't stand the pain
From "April" by Deep Purple:
Still falls the April rain
And the valley's filled with pain
From "Happy Hawaii" by Abba:
Early this morning I drove in the rain
Out to the airport to get on the plane
From "Bedtime Story" by Tammy Wynette:
And tears of joy came pouring down like rain
Then the castle rang with laughter
They lived happy ever after
Knowing he would never leave again
From "Another Town, Another Train" by ABBA:
Waiting in the morning rain
Lord, just give my restless soul a little patience
Just another town, another train
Nothing lost and nothing gained
From "Alive Again" by Cher:
I only wanna learn to feel the rain
Then maybe I could stop the leaves from fallin'
I only wanna learn to freeze the flame
I know I'll be alive again
From "Wife" by Nick Cave:
There she runs, through the rain
Through cities of packed dirt and bone
She's prepared to accept the burden of the world's great pain
From "Maria" by Blondie:
Won't come in from the rain
She's oceans runnin' down the drain
From "The Bottom Line" by Depeche Mode:
Like a cat dragged in from the rain
Who goes straight back out
To do it all over again
I'll be back for more
From "Control" by BoA:
You want my cherry kisses, I'm like a purple rain
Caus' I'm your fantasy, the one that you can't contain
From "Rain" by Alanis Morissette:
And we were, were standing in the pouring rain
If i had known it was the last time i would see you again...
From "King of Pain" by Alanis Morissette:
I have stood here before inside the pouring rain
With the world turning circles running 'round my brain
From "Famous Last Words" by Billy Joel:
Sitting here in Avalon, looking at the pouring rain
Summertime has come and gone and everybody's home again.
From "Jeans On" by Billy Joel:
You and me, we'll go motorbike ridin' in the sun and the wind and
the rain
I got money in my pocket, got a tiger in my tank
And I'm king of the road again
From "Travellin' Prayer" by Billy Joel:
Ummm, don'tcha give her too much rain,
Try to keep her away from pain
From "You May Be Right" by Billy Joel:
Even rode my motorcycle in the rain
And you told me not to drive
But I made it home alone
So you said that only proves that i'm insane
From "Downtown Trains" by Tom Waits:
All of my dreams just fall like rain
All upon a downtown train
From "Nobody" by Nina Simone:
When life seems full of clouds and rain
I am filled with an awkward pain
From "Our Love (Will See Us Through)" by Nina Simone:
So when some clouds bring the rain
We've no cause to complain
From "Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain" by Hank Locklin:
I see her blue eyes crying in the rain
As we kissed goodbye
And parted I knew we'd never meet again
From "Am I Right?" by Erasure:
Laughing off the rain
Shaking their umbrellas
'Till it starts again
From "Down To You" by Bonnie Raitt:
You step out on the track in the pouring rain,
When you get run over will you blame the train?
From "40 Days And 40 Nights" by Tim McGraw:
Hey, well drip, drip, drip, goes the sound of the rain
The four winds are blowin' like a hurricane
From "Love Sneakin' Up On You" by Bonnie Raitt:
And might as well try to stop the rain
Stand in the tracks of a runaway train
From "Love Sneaking Up On You" by Bonnie Raitt:
And you might as well try to stop the rain
Or stand in the tracks of a runaway train
From "Going Nowhere" by Oasis:
Here am I, growing older in the rain
Here am I, going nowhere on a train
From "Some Might Say" by Oasis:
In need of education in the rain
You made no preparation for my reputation once again
From "Blue Motel Room" by Joni Mitchell:
Here in Savannah, it's pouring rain
Palm trees in the porch light like slick black cellophane
From "Sleeping Single" by Roxette:
For all the love you poured like rain
Toujours l'amour over again
From "Love Spins" by Roxette:
I cover up the teardrops In the pouring rain
My heart has been run over By a runaway train
From "Love Is Free" by Sheryl Crow:
You go to church and pray to God for no more rain
A Cadillac, a paper sack, well, hey there Jack
You want some bourbon for the pain?
From "Wherefor and Why" by Gordon Lightfoot:
And the rain can touch me but can I touch the rain?
So much to lose, so much to gain
From "Bells of the Evening" by Gordon Lightfoot:
The streets of the old town are covered with rain
I think I might never know true love again
From "No Way Out" by Goo Goo Dolls:
Every time I'm waiting for you in the rain
My mom says our love is sunk in a God damn vein
From "Now or Never" by Kenny Loggins:
Just when I thought I was out of the rain
Suddenly I'm in a hurricane
From "Gandhi/Buddha" by Kenny Loggins:
Feel this wind blow, scatter all these leaves like paper rain.
Feel these days roll back into our winter lives again.
From "Set It Free" by Kenny Loggins:
I can see the rain,
Come into my room again.
From "Just Breathe" by Kenny Loggins:
I'm falling rain
Into your eyes
A hurricane
Into your eyes
From "The Liar" by Ozzy Osbourne:
Burning bridges in the rain
The crying embryo
I seem so blissfully insane
But still the pain won't go
From "Fallen Ones" by Heart:
Dancing with the smoke dancing with the rain
So cold being here again
From "Secret" by Heart:
Walking in the pouring rain
I can't help looking at you
Wishing I could stay away
So many times I've tried in vain
From "World in perfect harmony" by Kim Wilde:
Just like the flowers need the rain
Pleasure needs the pain
From "Isn't This A Lovely Day?" by Ella Fitzgerald:
Isn't this a lovely day
To be caught in the rain?
You were going on your way
Now you've got to remain
From "The Way It Used To Be" by Pet Shop Boys:
Don't sell me New York in the rain
Let's leave our promises behind
Rewind and try again
From "New Way To Fly" by Garth Brooks:
Above the clouds and the rain
The memories and the pain
From "In Lonesome Dove" by Garth Brooks:
Then she saw him ridin' through the rain
He took charge of the wagons and he saved the train
From "Waymore's Blues" by Ben Harper:
Well, I woke up this morning it was drizzling rain
Around the curve come a passenger train
From "Lost In France" by Bonnie Tyler:
As I stood there in the morning rain
I had a feeling I can't explain
From "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" by Counting Crows:
Blue eyes crying in the rain
When we kissed goodbye and parted
I knew we'd never meet again
Love is like a dying ember
From "I Need You" by America:
I need you like the flower needs the rain
You know I need you, guess I'll start it all again
From "A Horse With No Name" by America:
It felt good to be out of the rain
In the desert you can remember your name
'Cause there ain't no one for to give you no pain
From "Nowhere To Go" by Annihilator:
And no protection from the rain
No asylum from the freeze
Just need to kill the pain
Hiding from the bad kind,
From "I'll Never Play Jacksonville Again" by Graham Parker:
Two young girls were swept down the culverts in the rain
St. Petersburg was flooded again
From "To Make Me Who I Am" by Aaron Neville:
But I've been through the fire and I've walked in the rain
I've felt the joy and endured the pain
From "Well Well Well" by Graham Parker:
The mud and the rain
The ticks and the bugs
And the rugged terrain
From "Temporary Beauty" by Graham Parker:
And hope to God that it doesn't rain
You need temporary beauty
Even though it might be love in vain, vain, vain, vain
From "One Fine Day" by Marillion:
Listenin' to the pouring rain
Waiting for the world to change
Beginning to wonder if we'll wait in vain
For one fine day
From "Tux On" by Marillion:
It was eyes down in the parlor, they prayed it wouldn't rain
A brother pulled his cuffs down to hide the blue-black vein
From "Coming Around Again" by Carly Simon:
(Out come the sun and dried up all the rain)
(And the itsy bitsy spider climbed up the spout again)
From "Heavy Cloud No Rain" by Sting:
Heavy Cloud No Rain
Turned on the weather man just after the news
I needed sweet rain to wash away my blues
He looked at the chart, but he looked in vain
From "Brand New Day [Cornelius Mix]" by Sting:
You're the flower I'm the rain
You're the tunnel I'm the train
From "Vortex" by Megadeth:
Curse the falling rain
The vortex of pain
From "Someone Up There" by Joe Jackson:
Someone up there makes the wind and rain
(Someone up there)
Someone up there took her back again
From "Rain on Me" by Ashanti:
I'm so tired of the rain
In my life
And I'm so tired of the strain
And now you're gonna lie
From "Hurt Me" by LeAnn Rimes:
You left me, like a child in the rain
Now, I'm mending myself in the pain
From "911" by Kirk Franklin:
(This rain)
I just got laid off, and to top it off the rent's due
So tell me what I got to gain?
Well, see, trials come to make
From "When You're Smilin'" by Louis Armstrong:
But when you're cryin' you bring on the rain
So stop your frownin', be happy again
From "When You're Smiling (The Whole World Smiles with You) [1958 Single
Version]" by Louis Armstrong:
But when you're cryin,' you bring on the rain
So stop your sighin' baby and be happy again
From "When You're Smiling (The Whole World Smiles With You)" by Louis
But when you cryin' you bring on the rain
So stop your sighin' baby and be happy again
From "Spitting in the Wind" by Badly Drawn Boy:
Now the drought is crippled by the rain
That hammers on my pain
From "Long Way Round" by Badly Drawn Boy:
And the walk in the rain
Makes you feel young again
From "In Your World" by Twista:
Drop the top and leave haters wishin' the cool rain
Let's keep it a hood thang, you get busy in your wool grain
From "Sun Showers" by Louis Armstrong:
It might rain
Sun will shine again
From "Too Many Miracles" by Badly Drawn Boy:
There's a rainbow forming without any rain
A new dimension again
From "Just Look At Us Now" by Badly Drawn Boy:
Yes, I've seen a rainbow and I felt the rain
Woke up to a sunrise and I felt the pain
From "Just Look At Us Now" by Badly Drawn Boy:
Woke up to a sunrise, made it through the rain
Seen the world through your eyes there and back again
From "Guitar Medley" by Badly Drawn Boy:
And I've felt the rain
Woke up to a sunrise
And I felt the pain
From "Man On A Mission" by Gamma Ray:
From the never ending rain
'Til the sun will shine for all of us again
From "Heroes" by Gamma Ray:
On the road to nowhere in the falling rain
I've come to makin' my mind up to get to the point
And here I go again
From "Dirty Dream Number Two" by Belle & Sebastian:
A choice is facing you as you stare through the rain
A choice is facing you but I choose to refrain for today
Tomorrow we'll be back in trouble again
From "Ketchum" by Ben Lee:
I'll slowly let her kill me with her lonely wind and rain
Her lonely tears and pain
From "5000" by Nelly:
Make it rain
Ain't a thang
When it come to money I got it Mayne
You the next best thang
From "5000" by Nelly:
That money's fallin like rain
I'm VIP that's champaigne
From "Blood On The Rooftops" by Genesis:
The outlook's fine though Wales might have some rain
Saved again
From "Burn-Stormbringer" by Whitesnake:
Driving like rain
Stormbringer dance
On the thunder again
Dark cloud gathering
From "Ain't Gonna Cry No More" by Whitesnake:
But I feel the tears of rain
Falling down to wash my sins away
I'll try hard to remember
So I won't be fooled again
From "The Age Of Miracles" by Mary Chapin Carpenter:
Marching thousands strong into the rain
Now if courage comes dressed in red robes and bare feet
I will never be fearful again
From "River" by Mary Chapin Carpenter:
River full of stones when there's no rain
River full and rushing when the clouds let loose again
From "Other Streets And Other Towns" by Mary Chapin Carpenter:
The whippoorwills were crying in the falling rain
Far away a whistle hailed a passing train
From "Key To My Life" by Boyzone:
Stop the thunder and the pouring rain
You're the one that's going to stop the pain
From "All That I Need" by Boyzone:
And just like a flower needs rain
I will stand by your side through the joy and the pain
From "Jungle Love" by Steve Miller Band:
But the patterns of the rain
And the truth they contain
From "Blue Rain" by Glenn Miller:
Then there'll be no more blue rain
Just the sound of my heart's refrain
From "My Love" by Whitney Houston:
The rain
(The joy)
Take the joy and endure the pain
From "Get A Room" by Lloyd:
Hot like the summer, wet like the rain
Type of thang that make you fall in love with the pain
From "Spitting Venom" by Modest Mouse:
And we sat in the rain
Well, looking all direction and waiting for a train
From "21st Century Jesus" by Fear Factory:
Blood runs like rain
Drowning for this world in vain
From "Love Calls You By Your Name" by Leonard Cohen:
Between the snowman and the rain
Once again, once again
From "Victimized" by King Diamond:
Through the dark and the rain
The priest, he was mildly insane
From "And Then There Was Silence" by Blind Guardian:
We have been betrayed by the wind and the rain
The sacred hall's empty and cold
The sacrifice made should not be done in vain
Revenge will be taken by Rome
From "Alone Again" by Dokken:
Now the tears, they fall like rain
I'm alone again without you
Alone again without you
Alone again
From "She's Gone" by Foghat:
Standin' by the window, starin' through the rain,
I built my world around her, now I'm on my way again.
From "Home In My Hand" by Foghat:
Standing in the fallin' rain
Getting dirty looks
Wish I could've took a train
From "Coming Down" by David Gray:
Holding me close through nights of winter rain.
And I'm trying to spell what only the wind can explain.
From "Garden in the Rain" by Diana Krall:
T'was just a garden in the rain
Close to a little leafy lane
From "Garden in the Rain" by Diana Krall:
T'was just a garden in the rain
But then the sun came out again
From "Fire (Sexy Dance)" by Paulina Rubio:
Even in the pouring rain
Even in the stars above
I'm here with you again
Even if we're not in love
From "Changes" by Santana:
There will be no more rain
And all the beauty of all things
Is uncovered again
From "I Wonder" by Chris Isaak:

I keep on praying for a blue sky, i keep on searching through the rain.
I keep on thinking of the good times, will they ever come again?
From "Sparks of the Tempest" by Kansas:
Spreading like wildfire, fallin' like rain
Though they may promise, they only bring pain
From "Everyday Faces" by Travis:
Danced in the rain
They're in pain
From "Another Rainy Night" by Queensryche:
Remember making love in the rain?
Strange how laughter looks like crying with no sound.
Raindrops taste like tears,
without the pain.
From "City In The Rain" by Travis:
City In The Rain
If you find the time to get away
Opportunity may come your way
You can take a bus or catch the train
From "Everywhere Is All Around" by Ash:
The dust the world has gained is washed away by rain
Some stains cannot be moved, mistakes you cannot lose
But the circle never ends, it all comes round again
Round and round and round and round
From "Renegade Cavalcade" by Ash:
As I walk in the dirty rain
Acid seeping through my brain
From "Clearwater Highway" by Bad Company:
Through the driving rain
Gonna strike like lightning
Be a while, be a while till I'm back again
From "Qué Será" by ACE OF BASE:
Simply disappeared in the rain
Those were bad times so it was high time
She knew she'd do it again
She wonders how she's going to make a living
From "In The Rain" by Madness:
Standing here in the rain
Maybe the weather will change again
From "Changes IV" by Cat Stevens:
There will be no more rain
And the beauty of all things
Is uncovered again
From "Blown By The Wind" by Alan Parsons Project:
And we'll drive through the rain
We don't where we'll get to
Or if we'll get back again
From "When It All Goes Wrong Again" by Everclear:
I will be singing in the rain
When it all goes wrong again
From "Call Of The Wild" by Alan Parsons Project:
Well i've talked to the wind and i've listened to rain
I have climbed to the clouds and i've cried out with pain
From "Thor (The Powerhead)" by Manowar:
God of thunder, God of rain
Earth shaker who feels no pain
From "Many Men (Wish Death)" by 50 Cent:
Some days wouldn't be special, if it wasn't for rain
Joy wouldn't feel so good, if it wasn't for pain
From "Being Followed Home" by Pulp:
A face in the rain
The pavement shines wet
In focus again
From "Good Girls" by Joe:
Suddenly my sunshine turn to rain
I dunno if it'll ever come back again
From "Honey" by Hole:
Pray for the rain
Oh, are you up there, do you listen?
It's the terror and the pain
And I just wait 'til you have risen
From "Bullet the Blue Sky" by P.O.D.:
In the howlin' wind comes the stingin' rain
You see it drivin' the nails into the souls of the tree of pain
From "Flower in the Rain" by Jaci Velasquez:
Willing to be opened up and broken like a flower in the rain
Tell me what have I to do
To die and then be raised
To reach beyond the pain
From "Rhythm of the Rain" by Jerry Jeff Walker:
Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain
Telling me what a fool I've been
I wish that it would go and let me cry in vain
Let me be alone again
From "Flying on the Edge [DVD]" by Saxon:
Waiting in the thunder, lighting and the rain
We ain't going nowhere we need a bigger plane
From "(l-o-v-e) Four Letter Word" by Billy Squier:
V is for the vengeance that's left out in the rain
And e is each and every night you crumble in pain
From "Home Again" by Blackmore's Night:
Dancing in the moonlight, singing in the rain
Oh, it's good to be back home again
From "One Nite Stand (Of Wolves and Sheep)" by Sarah Connor:
'Cause I've too been through the rain
And I can feel your pain
From "Christmas in My Heart" by Sarah Connor:
Just like the desert's always waiting for the rain
Oh baby, I wish the holy night would come again
From "Between Me And You" by Mya:
When that startin' to rain
I pop the roof and the champagne
From "Asylum" by Supertramp:
In the morning or when the day's begun
"Do you think it looks like rain"?
In the evening or the noonday sun
"You know I nearly missed my train"
From "Nothing In This World" by Avant:
I can picture us runnin' in the rain
After a movie the spark a flame, oh, how I love it
When you scream my name, goin' 60 in a 3rd lane
From "Down By The Seaside" by Led Zeppelin:
Pray hard for the rain
And show your love for Lady Nature
And she will come back again
Yes she will, yes she will
From "Runaway" by Ultima Thule:
I´m walking in the rain
Tears are falling and I feel a pain
From "Visions (Southern Cross)" by Stratovarius:
The sun is shining brightly after the rain
The land is green and full of life again
From "Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns N' Roses:
She's got eyes of the bluest skies
As if they thought of rain
I hate to look into those eyes
And see an ounce of pain
From "Don't Go" by Doro:
Are running away like rain
I'm trying to hold on
Even though it's in vain
Off and on
From "Even Angels Cry" by Doro:
Do you really think it's rain
It's nothing more than heaven's pain
From "Defense and Desire" by Blues Traveler:
Step in from the rain
It's the nightingales on 2nd Avenue
And I can't complain
It's a busy night
From "How Deep Is Your Love" by Take That:
I feel you touch my hand in the pouring rain
And the moment that you wander far from me
I wanna feel you in my arms again
From "Sparks Fly" by Taylor Swift:
Drop everything now, meet me in the pouring rain
Kiss me on the sidewalk, take away the pain
From "Waterfalls" by TLC:
That it keeps them in the pourin' rain
Who's to blame for tootin' caine into your own vein?
From "Flood" by Take That:
We were holding back the flood,
Learning how to dance the rain.
We were holding back the flood
They said we'd never dance again.
From "Without You" by Dixie Chicks:
I've sure enjoyed the rain
But I'm looking forward to the sun
You have to feel the pain
When you loose the love you gave someone
From "Thunderheads" by Dixie Chicks:
Just like the years when we had rain
Then you'll feel the need to let me
Near your heart again
From "Loving Arms" by Dixie Chicks:
I've been too long in the wind and too long in the rain
Taking any comfort that I can
Looking back and longing for the freedom of my chains
And lying in your loving arms again
From "I've Seen a Love" by Edwin McCain:
I've seen a love that rolls like thunder
I've seen a love that falls like rain
That kind of love, it makes me wonder
Why my love caused me so much pain
From "Masterfade" by Andrew Bird:
I saw you standing all alone in the electrostatic rain
I thought at last, I'd found a situation you can't explain
From "Zephyr & I" by Suzanne Vega:
And the wind kicks up with the smell of rain
And the kids are gone but the souls remain
From "Polytoximaniac" by Sodom:
Dullness in my eyes turns all the sunshine into rain
And I deceive myself that I could never fall again
From "No Shame" by Tina Arena:
I'd go beggin' in the rain
If I could spare you any pain
From "Song For Me" by Doro Pesch:
And I stood there in the cold and in the rain
And thought of how the water turned to wine
And somehow it always seems to ease the pain
To sing a song for a soul who once touched mine
From "Pleasantly Disturbed" by Simple Minds:
Can you see me, I'm in the lukewarm rain
Tried so very hard, you know I just can't explain
From "I'm Back" by AZ:
I'm like a, rose in the desert but how can one grow without rain?
How can one experience happiness without pain?
From "Made For Loving You" by Blue:
I've been there through sun and rain
I've been there to ease the pain
From "Back to You" by Jessica Simpson:
How will you find me through the thunder and rain.
"thunder and rain" Cast away these clouds, to feel so much pain.
From "Lies" by Gareth Gates:
I waited in the summer rain
I waited till my tears stop falling
You never came along
You had to do me wrong again
From "Secrets" by Good Charlotte:
If you could dance with me through this rain
And we will fight, we'll fight again, fight again
From "Say It Isn't So" by Gareth Gates:
Skies are dark, it's time for rain
Final call, you board the train
From "Take Away My Pain" by Dream Theater:
I guess he won't be singing in the rain
Just take away all my heroes
Will you take away my pain?
From "Slave Song" by Sade:
And tears will come that fall like rain
I pray that it's swift
Though tears will fall as cold as pain
From "Every Monday Morning Comes" by Suede:
Feel the morning rain
Piss our money down the drain
From "The Color of Roses" by Beth Nielsen Chapman:
To the tears in the rain
That's what the color of
Roses contain
From "Whatever It May Take" by Michael Learns To Rock:
I'll keep singing in the rain
'Till your back again
From "Are You Sure Waylon Done It This Way" by Clint Black:
Woke up this morning, it was drizzin' rain
Around the curve come a long black train
From "Crying Over" by Patty Griffin:
We go straight for the thunder, straight for the rain
Love leaves a mark and life leaves a strain
From "Angel [Metro Mix Album Version][Version]" by Lionel Richie:
Give me shelter from the rain
You breathe life in me again
From "Crown" by Everlast:
Some pray for rain
And some are just praying for relief from the pain
From "Letter" by Everlast:
I'm goin' outside into the rain
Like Keith Sweat
'Cause I can't house this pain
We was workin' for years
From "Sally Maclennane" by Pogues:
We walked him to the station in the rain
We kissed him as we put him on the train
From "Sit Down By The Fire" by Pogues:
They sing in the rain
They dance on your eyes
They dance in your brain
From "Oretown" by Pogues:
Thunder and rain
Open drink madness
And purple mad pain
The circus is over
From "Don't Let It Bring You Down" by Annie Lennox:
Red lights flashin' through the window in the rain
Can you hear the sirens moan
White cane lyin' in a gutter in the lane
And you're walkin' home alone
From "Sea Shanty" by Pogues:
Dear dirty London in the pouring rain
I wish to God I was back on the sea again
From "Tangled Up In You" by Staind:
You're my world, the shelter from the rain
You're the pills that take away my pain
From "Nemo" by Nightwish:
Oh, how I wish for soothing rain
All I wish is to dream again
From "Open Your Eyes" by Staind:
Soaking up the acid rain
Underneath the taxi cabs
I hear the streets cry out in vain
From "Let the Pain Remain" by Lea Salonga:
I'll let the pain bring on the rain
If that's the only way
If there's no other way to be with you again
From "When You Tell Me That You Love Me" by Julio Iglesias:
I wanna hold you close under the rain
I wanna kiss your smile and feel your pain
From "Swimming Ground" by Meat Puppets:
They'd send showers of pouring rain
Get everything wet again
From "CDFF-Lucky This Time" by Mr. Big:
I've watched you cry in the rain
I wanna bring back the joy again
From "Jeans On" by Keith Urban:
In the sun and the wind and the rain
I got money in my pocket, I got a tiger in my tank
And I'm king of the road again
From "I Call It Love" by Concrete Blonde:
And the rhythm of the rain
And the rhythm of a heartbeat
And it [Incomprehensible] you again
From "The Rain" by KELLY PRICE:
Oh, I'd rather stand in the rain
It is pouring down on me
But it's washing all my pain
Washing all my pain away
From "It's Gonna Rain" by KELLY PRICE:
It will rain
(Oh, ho)
There'll be pain
(Only for a little while)
From "End of the Line" by Concrete Blonde:
Take a walk out in the rain
Called you time and time again
From "Ain't That Peculiar" by Marvin Gaye:
I know flowers go through rain
But how can love go through pain
From "Tomorrow" by A1:
You know when you stop the rain
And we will be together once again
From "Walking In The Rain" by A1:
Feels like I'm walking in the rain
I find myself trying to wash away the pain
From "Fixing A Broken Heart" by a1:
I held a taxi in the rain
Looking for someplace to ease the pain
From "Feral Children" by Beth Orton:
[Incomprehensible] in the pouring rain
For every constellation she might navigate again
From "The Prisoner" by Beth Orton:
Here comes the rain
Just when you never thought
You'd lose your way again
From "Runaway" by Gary Allan:
I'm walkin' in the rain,
Tears are fallin' and I feel the pain,
From "I Have Seen The Rain" by Pink:
I have seen the rain
I have felt the pain
From "Empty" by Anathema:
Empty vessel, empty veins, empty bottle wish for rain
That pain again wash the blood off my face
The pulse from my brain, feel that pain again
And I feel that pain again
From "No Fear" by Fishbone:
There's a storm coming, but there will be no rain
Bringing clouds of anger from a thousand years of pain
From "Mona Lisa" by Guster:
I used to sit and watch the pouring rain
I used to wish to be back home again
From "Garden Song" by Arlo Guthrie:
Grain for grain, sun and rain
Find my way in nature's chain
From "Family" by Dar Williams:
We stood outside in the summer rain
Different people with a common pain
From "9 To 5" by Beenie Man:
Even if it looking like rain
We go jump up in it again
From "Home" by Switchfoot:
I've been rain
I've been fooled again
From "Again" by Peter Hammill:
Linger like the patterns on the window after rain
A past that lives, if only for the present
Which is gone and will never come again
From "Itzy Bitzy Spider" by Aqua:
up came the sun and dried up all the rain.
Itzy Bitzy Spider crawled up the spout again.
From "Afterlife" by Avenged Sevenfold:
Perfect skies with no rain
Can leave this place but refrain
From "Because of Who You Are" by FFH:
You bring the sun, You bring the rain
You bring the peace amidst the pain
From "As The World Burns" by Bolt Thrower:
None shall escape the fall-out rain
Our future life shall be steeped in pain
From "Overlord" by Bolt Thrower:
Fallen as the rain
To the last with life pain
From "Eternal Flame (Video Edit)" by Atomic Kitten:
Say my name, sun shines through the rain
Of all life so lonely
Then come and ease the pain
I don't want to lose this feeling, oooh
From "Am I High" by N.E.R.D.:
120, speedin' in the rain
Meanin' of a hydroplane
Play both sides of the field
See I know pain
From "Eternal Flame" by Atomic Kitten:
Say my name sun shines through the rain
My whole life so lonely and come and ease the pain
From "Runnin' Out" by Ozark Mountain Daredevils:
Drivin' in a hard rain
Passin' up a fast train
From "Oklahoma Sweetheart" by George Thorogood And The Destroyers:
Standin' all alone in the rain
And when I looked into her face
There was not a trace
Of heartache, of sorrow, or of pain
From "Taxi" by Harry Chapin:
It's a shame you ruined your gown in the rain
She just looked out the window, she said
"Sixteen Park side Lane"
From "No Rain" by Blind Melon:
I like watchin' the puddles gather rain
And all I can do is just pour some tea for two
And speak my point of view but it's not sane, it's not sane
From "Get On My Feet" by B.G.:
Like Pac, I'm in so much pain, I'm broke, I'm slangin' in the rain
14, strugglin', pocket full of crack cocaine
From "Steady As She Goes" by Voodoo Glow Skulls:
Through heavy rain
Through all the pain
From "Apple Scruffs" by George Harrison:
In the fog and in the rain
Through the pleasures and the pain
From "Evilangelist" by Extreme:
Little lamb come out of the rain
You'll catch your death in the cold
A helping hand, come ease your pain
In peace, you'll rest in our fold
From "Lines Of My Earth" by Sixpence None The Richer:
It should be our time. This fertile youth's black soil is ready for rain.
The harvest is nigh, but the well has gone dry.
And they in the habit of saying the same things all over again,
about the money we shall make.
From "The Voice" by Celtic Woman:
I am the voice in the wind and the pouring rain
I am the voice of your hunger and pain
From "Carry My Urn To Ukraine" by Army Of Lovers:
Under the banner we march in the rain
Like when you carry my urn to Ukraine
From "Come to Me" by Tesla:
But I'll be your shelter from the rain
Until it's time to swim
Be there to help you share the pain
While never giving in
From "For Every Field There's A Mole" by Bonnie Prince Billy:
for every drought there's a rain
and when my earth's in pain
From "Trust Your Heart" by Kinks:
I bring thunder, lightning and rain
For those who administer injustice and pain
From "What Are We Doing" by Kinks:
What are we doing in the pouring rain
Walking hand in hand, I gotta be out of my brain.
From "What Are We Doing" by Kinks:
Why are we standing in the acid rain
Watching industrial waste trickling down the drain?
From "24 Hours" by Tom Jones:
Sweated pores like rain
I can feel the attack
But I'm known to pain
From "Long Time" by Angel:
I walk the streets, though they're raked with rain
Through lonely days, the lonely nights won't stop the pain
From "On And On" by Angel:
Like a violent summer rain
It goes on, and on, and on
Can you feel my pain?
From "Twenty-Three" by MC Lars:
We bike to class in the autumn rain
He tells me that he's fine but I know he's in pain
From "Life In A Northern Town" by Sugarland:
The evening had turned to rain
Watched the water roll down the drain
From "The Hanging Garden" by The Cure:
Creatures kissing in the rain
Shapeless in the dark again
From "The Walk" by The Cure:
And woke up in the rain
And everyone turned over
Troubled in their dreams again
From "Closest Thing to Heaven [UK Radio Mix]" by Tears for Fears:
Twenty eight days of rain
Flash floods in February
Back in our boats again
Bath water and the baby
From "Closest Thing to Heaven" by Tears for Fears:
days of rain
Flash floods in February
Back in our boats again
Bath water and the baby
From "Made Of Scars" by Stone Sour:
But I remember blood and rain
And I never saw it coming again
From "Starface" by White Zombie:
September in the rain
Her sweat come a frozen onto my skin
Eliminate the outer space and come and get
I'm swing'n down it again
From "Apple Of My Eye" by Ed Harcourt:
You walk in the rain
You walk around the house
Then walk around it again
From "Crying Clown" by Peter Frampton:
Floating away, day in the rain
The lady you love can't sustain
From "Moody's Mood for Love" by Amy Winehouse:
Now if there's a cloud up above us come on and let in rain
I'm sure our love together will endure a hurricane
From "My Mother In Darkness" by Skyclad:
Her velvet shadows in the rain,
disturbs the stillness of the hour.
Each crimson kiss a tender pain,
like plucking petals from a flower.
From "Miss You Like Crazy" by Christina Milian:
I need you like the desert that needs the rain
And baby it's drivin' me insane
From "God In An Alcove" by Bauhaus:
Once he spread the rain
So they dreamt in vain
From "Solitaire" by Edenbridge:
Pylon in the rain
Beacon in the strain
From "Solitaire" by Edenbridge:
Pylon in the rain
Diamond in the chain
From "Life By The Drop" by Stevie Ray Vaughan:
We played outside in the pouring rain
On our way up the road, we started over again
From "Badges, Posters, Stickers, T-shirts" by Dire Straits:
We hitch-hiked here in pouring rain
Now we've missed the frigging train.
From "October Sky" by Edenbridge:
Through this old skylight our eyes are open wide
The sky bespangled in the rain
And we feel called upon but interests collide
Not much to lose, a lot to gain
From "Hurricane Jane" by Beverley Knight:
Dry season's over, here comes the rain,
Sweeping over your plain, blazing as I go
Call me Hurricane Jane,
This kind of weather's hard to contain,
From "At the End of the Rainbow" by Hammerfall:
Let's fly away through the rain
Fly high, to ease the burning pain
From "Tales Of The Crown" by Axel Rudi Pell:
We're searching for a shelter, a cocoon from the rain
We break the chains of tragedy, fear and pain
From "Circle Of The Oath" by Axel Rudi Pell:
I walked through sunshine and was singing in the rain
Before judgement day
I heard birds crying, crying out their pain
On judgement day
From "Blue Lines" by Massive Attack:
I feel the colours fill my room beneath the patter of the rain
I can't stand the drops they're dripping down my windowpane
From "Never Too Late" by Hedley:
Don't settle for the cold and rain
It's not too late to start again
From "The Ruin After The Rain" by Adrian Belew:
The Ruin After The Rain
When it first began
In the light of sacred things
And you felt oblivious to any sort of pain
From "The Ruin After The Rain" by Adrian Belew:
Do you hear the rain
So insistent on the windowpane?
From "I Wanna Be The Only One" by Eternal:
(Protect you from the rain)
I wanna be the only one to soothe you
(Erase all the pain)
From "Grace Under Pressure" by Eternal:
Who's responsible for making sure the farmer gets his rain?
Why is a victim fighting for each day of his life in vain?
From "Sweet Funky Thing" by Eternal:
I need you boy, like a flower needs the rain
When you wash away the hurt and ease my pain
From "Livin' 4 The Moment" by Geto Boys:
Above the fallin rain
Let me explain, in these streets no pain
From "Moody's Mood for Love" by Elliott Yamin:
Go on and let it rain
I'm sure our love together will endure a hurricane
From "Broken Dreams" by Lita Ford:
But why must we be lonely on this night full of rain?
Hold me in your dreams and leave me breathless once again
From "Nothing To Lose" by Against All Authority:
Insane, poking his veins, he's standing in the rain
With nothing to lose but everything to gain
From "Crazy English Summer" by Faithless:
The sky is victorious but here comes the rain
Friday is taking me home again
From "The One That Got Away" by Natasha Bedingfield:
We're alone on a platform in the rain
There's a chance and it won't come again
From "Globes & Maps" by Something Corporate:
And dreams came around you in a hazy rain
You opened your mouth wide to feel them fall
And I write a letter, from a one-way train
But i don't think you'll read it at all
From "My Spirit Will Go On" by Dragonforce:
In the land of a thousand souls we will carry on through the rain
In the sun we will move along with the memories of the slain
From "The Flame Of Youth" by Dragonforce:
Close your eyes, hear the thunder and rain
Fear inside of the torturing pain
From "Revelations" by Dragonforce:
Through the dark night, through the rain
Fighting machine we are risen again
From "Northern Lights" by Ian Brown:
If I'm your rose, you are my sun and rain
And the northern lights
Will shine again and again
If I'm your rose, you are my sun and rain
From "Cry for Eternity" by Dragonforce:
Our steel will shine forever through the dark and falling rain!
We'll see them face their fears; it's time to rise again in
everlasting pain
From "Song And Dance Man" by Warrant:
Beautiful women and warm summer rain
Honolulu has starts of fire
Words alone cannot explain
Open up your eyes
From "Let Her Cry" by Hootie & The Blowfish:
And just let her cry, if the tears fall down like rain
Let her sing, if it eases all her pain
From "Tell Me Is It True" by UB40:
She pours the rain
She touches me in places that I can't explain
From "I Still Believe" by Jeremy Camp:
But it's now that I feel Your grace fall like rain
From every fingertip washing away my pain
From "Pure" by Enchant:
The echoes of your laughter fall upon me,like the calming rain
They intimate a surreal world,smooth-surfaced and free of stain
From "Victorian Vigilante" by Abney Park:
Pacing slowly round each other in the rain
Our eyes are locked as you unsheathe your sword cane
From "Broken" by Enchant:
Fear of wind, fear of rain
We built this house on shifting sand
Fear this might, leave a stain
Of my own blood on my hands
From "Boomtown Blues" by Bob Seger:
You can't miss that freezin' rain
You'd have to be insane
From "Don't Preach" by Drake Bell:
You're drilling a hole in my ceiling,
Too bad it won't rain
But who's living without any feeling,
So don't you complain,
From "Gone" by Bob Seger:
Two forms appearing ghostly in rain
One red marble the other blue pain
From "Biochemistry" by Eleanor McEvoy:
Put it down to the way I hate the rain
Put it down to compatibility
And put your lips to mine again
Oh, put your lips to mine again
From "Feels Like Rain" by Peter Cetera:
Feels like rain
Feels like I'll never fall in love again
From "In Her Arms" by Beseech:
Praying for the rain
To wash me down to her
And to end my pain
Forever in her arms again
From "Sunny" by Frankie Valli:
Sunny, yesterday my life was filled with rain
Sunny, you smiled at me and really eased the pain
From "Don't Take Away My Heart" by Bad Boys Blue:
Electrify my life, electrify the rain
Tell me the number of heaven again
From "Truth Untold" by Odds:
And waiting for the rain
Well I call and you answer
And I answer you again
So remember to answer
From "Healing Love" by Louise:
Sunshine in the rain
Feel the healing love baby
Feel the healing love rush over me
I don't want you, getting the pain
From "The Sun Always Reminds Me Of You" by Marissa Nadler:
where is the rain
cause some spring lovers
are bringing me down again
From "15 Minutes" by Michelle Williams:
It should've been me left standin' out in the pourin' rain
All of my hopes and dreams burned up in a burst of flame
And it should have been a once in a lifetime
I'm still here wondering why and here you come again
From "Safe And Sound" by Azure Ray:
Through the eyes of another
We'll meet at night wet from the rain
And surprise each other
With how we take away the pain
From "Silverfuck" by The Smashing Pumpkins:
And I hear your rain
And I failed your summer ways
And I feel no pain
From "Shotgun Blues" by Blues Brothers:
Ev'ry night I go to sleep,
The blues fall down like rain.
Takin' pills and cheap whiskey,
Just to try to ease the pain.
From "Shotgun Blues" by Blues Brothers:
The blues is fallin'
Fallin down on me like rain.
I'm gonna good shotgun, now, good people,
And disconnect my brain.
From "Shotgun Blues" by Blues Brothers:
The blues is fallin'
Fallin down on me like rain.
My life is like water,
Just swirlin' down the drain.
From "To Tell You The Truth" by Gretchen Wilson:
You know sometimes I pray for rain
I think somehow it hides my pain

From "Luckenbach, Texas (Back To The Basics Of Love)" by George Canyon:

Newberry's train songs and blue eyes cryin' in the rain
Out in Luckenbach, Texas ain't nobody feelin' no pain
From "Belle And Sebastian" by Belle And Sebastian:
Crashed his car in the rain
Oh Sebastian wrote his diary that
He would never be young again
But you will
From "Cry 4 You" by Lasgo:
I´m not gonna cry 4 you or standing in the rain
I´m not gonna waste my tears cos you´re not worth to pain
From "Summer Rain" by Anna Ternheim:
Last summer was mad, remember the rain
I know people complained I had something else in mind
Not the sound of rain against my window pane
All I could hear was you hammering in my head
From "Things In My Life" by Men Without Hats:
And I'm walking through a forest in the rain
And I wonder if I'll fall in love again
From "Happier" by Paul Anka:
And meadows washed in rain
We cast aside the tears we cried
And lived to love again
From "Prisoner Of Pride" by Balance Of Power:
Your prisoner of pride, come on feel the rain
Come taste another kind of freedom
Your prisoner of pride, you conceal the pain
Come see the other side of freedom
From "Itsy Bitsy Spider" by Barney:
Out came the sun and dried up all the rain
And the itsy bitsy spider went up the spout again
From "The Crying Scene" by Aztec Camera:
I see the straights in the rain
I gotta keep on movin'
Before they drag me down again
From "Creature" by Moist:
Sucks my weakness down like rain
We'll come again
From "Not Yet Free" by Coup, The:
In the winter there's a splinter with the smell of the rain
And the scent of the street, but all i smell is the pain
From "Why Try To Change Me Now?" by Fiona Apple:
I'm sentimental, so I walk in the rain
I've got some habits, even I can't explain
From "Say Hello, Wave Goodbye" by Soft Cell:
Crying in the rain
It was a kind of so so love
And I'm going to make sure it never
Happens again
From "Intro / Me And You And A Dog Named Boo" by Lobo:
How it stuck to the tyres after the summer rain
Will power made that old car go
A woman's mind told me that it's so
Oh, how I wish we were back on the road again
From "The Silence Remains" by 3 Doors Down:
From the storms and the rain
And from all of your pain
From "Miss Ghost" by Don Henley:
And I howled at the rain
And I cursed the weakness of the flesh
This breath and bone and this brute reptilian brain
From "Two Clouds Above Nine" by Deee-Lite:
After the rain
Rainbows find my pot of soul
I can't complain
I'm just in from the cold
From "I Wanna Be a Hillbilly" by Billy Currington:
I wanna be a hillbilly prayin' for the rain
Drink corn whiskey, raise a little cane
From "Somebody Waits" by Blue Rodeo:
You lose your touch
Out there standing in the rain
When it's all too much
You feel like slipping down again
From "River Man" by Nick Drake:
For when she thought of summer rain
Calling for her mind again
From "Man in a Shed" by Nick Drake:
For his shed was rotten let in the rain
Said it was enough to drive any man insane
From "Here come the blues" by Nick Drake:
Monday is shining, you know 'em Tuesday's rain
Well, the days go by me like a southbound train
From "Bird flew by" by Nick Drake:
The wind and the rain
Shook hands again
From "Last Night 10,000" by M People:
Out in the rain
Bellowing silence
Maybe it's now or never again
From "Release Me" by Mae:
I heard the old man say we need the rain
And I can feel it in my bones they're aching
I watched the sky and wait and wish these waters ease my pain
Because my will is breaking
From "No More Faith" by Andrew Peterson:
So I will drive these roads in thunder and in rain
And I will sing Your song at the top of my lungs
And I will praise You, Lord, in glory and in pain
And I will follow You till this race is won
From "A Music In My Soul" by Dark Moor:
I try, in despair, to find a reason
When I have collapsed under the rain,
I have better wait on other season
To be able to stand up again.
From "Indian Summer (Beat Happening)" by Luna:
Cover me with rain
Walk me down the lane
From "Cry No More" by Charlie Wilson:
You came to me that day, I was standing in the rain
You steeped into my life when the storm returned again,
From "Since The Last Goodbye" by Alan Parson Project, The:
Remember all the leaves were falling
Walking hand in hand, standing in the rain
Remember distant voices calling
Whispers in the dark, i can hear them again
From "Crashin' A Party" by Lumidee:
You see its summa sunshine its summa rain
Its some love and some joy and some pain
From "France Chance" by Ry Cooder:
Drop down, baby, just like showers of rain
I hate to hear my fair brown call my name, yeah
I hate to hear my fair brown call my name
Well, she calls so loud and the poor girl calls so plain
From "Piano" by Tricky:
Make it rain
Make it sane
From "Keepsake" by Bettie Serveert:
Like the smell of falling rain
Or mow grass in the park
The kind of things you can't explain
But feel them in your heart
From "Don't Let It Bring You Down" by Angie Aparo:
Red lights flashing through the window in the rain
Can you hear the sirens moan?
White cane lying in a gutter in the lane
If you're walking home all alone
From "Hard Woman" by Angie Aparo:
She walks out in the rain
So you won't forget
She's got room to complain
Now that she's soaking wet
From "Always in the Rain" by Dion:
You'll always find me in the rain
I've done some things I can't explain
From "Ramble" by Jack Frost:
The headlines were rain
Go walk outside and clear my head
Down on Albion Lane
I know you live around here somewhere
From "Eternal Flame" by Bangles, The:
Say my name, sun shines through the rain
A whole life so lonely
And then you come and ease the pain
I don't want to lose this feeling
From "Another Night" by Dionne Warwick:
Find me a cloud that never brings you rain
And I'll show you a man who never, ever brings you pain
From "Spectacle" by Velvet Revolver:
It begins to rain
And I'll knock you right back down again
From "Hudson Line" by Mercury Rev:
Just enough to keep yourself from sleeping in the rain
Satellites are chasing silver clouds away
Technicolor raindrops wash gum balls down the drain
From "The Crystal Ship" by The Doors:
Enclose me in your gentle rain
The time you ran was too insane
From "Opus 40" by Mercury Rev:
And scratching her wrists in the pouring rain
She collapses down upon the ocean floor again
From "Heartbreaker" by Dionne Warwick:
I'm crying in the rain
I could be searching my world for a love ever lasting
Feeling no pain, when will we meet again?
From "The End Of Days" by Lord:
Black shockwaves herald toxic rain
And all who died
More fortunate than those who still remain
From "Lifted" by Lighthouse Family:
It doesn't really matter 'bout the rain
'Cause we'll get through it anyway
We'll get up and start again
From "Maldito" by Blood For Blood:
I want to end this pain, my luck drains away like rain
There's only endless pain
From "Bring Back My Memories" by Haddaway:
You're too hot for the rain
Let the sun shine again
From "Right Here" by SWV:
There's gonna be some rain
Gonna be some pain
From "Grace" by Lloyd Cole:
Out in the summer rain
You will begin again
From "Undressed" by Lloyd Cole:
Tears caressing me like rain
And I'm not even thinking, I feel fine in your pain
From "Fool You Are (Demo)" by Lloyd Cole:
And there's always the rain
From Southport Beach to Sunday in the Hamptons
Never could complain
And there's always the rain
From "Fire And Rain" by Badlands:
Well, I've seen fire and I've seen rain
I've seen sunny days that I thought would never end
I've seen lonely times when I could not find a friend, yeah
But I'd always thought that I'd see you again
From "Chain Lightning" by Don McLean:
And I hear the explosion, of thunder and rain,
The water is falling, the ashes remain.
From "Everything Is Fine" by Josh Turner:
Through the sunshine and the rain
I got a peace of mind
You know I can't complain
I make it a point to thank the Lord
From "All Fall Down" by OneRepublic:
Step out the door and it feels like rain
That's the sound (that's the sound) on your window pane
From "My Last Journey" by Ablaze My Sorrow:
Without noticing the pouring rain
I sliced my wrist with my knife
I couldn't ignore the endless pain
The last thing in my dreary life
From "Captain And The Hourglass" by Laura Marling:
The sky and I, we’ve had our fights and I’m coming down
to rain,
If the rain come round and it don’t come out, then I’ll never
have to speak again,
From "Rain" by Betchadupa:
I sit outside the theatre in the rain
The air is cool & hugging to my brain
From "Rain" by Betchadupa:
To run away in the rain
Cannot think, I can not talk,I cannot explain
From "That Kind Of Girl" by Victoria Beckham:
I wanna be kissin' in the rain
Fallin' in love over and over again
From "Plastik Heads" by Dirty Pretty Things:
How do we escape the great pails of pouring rain?
Go to a foreign island or a house in Spain
From "Come in Out of the Pain" by Doug Stone:
I can't stop the wind and I can't stop the rain
But I can promise you that I can stop your pain
From "Shotgun Blues" by Blues Brothers, The:
The blues fall down like rain
Taking pills, cheap whiskey
Just to try to ease the pain
From "Shotgun Blues" by Blues Brothers, The:
Falling down on me like rain
I'm gonna take a shotgun now people
And disconnect my brain
Matt 'guitar' murphy!
From "Shotgun Blues" by Blues Brothers, The:
Falling down on me like rain
My life is like water
Just swirling down the drain
From "Her Northern Majesty" by Ancient:
Her majesty is crying tears of ice cold rain
I see my brazen brothers
Come to claim their hill and plain
They take my hand and guide me
From "I, Madman" by Ancient:
I, a madman walking in the rain
A rotting corpse that feels no pain
From "Rain" by Heather Headley:
You're love is like rain
Come a little closer let me explain
From "High Lights" by Aceyalone:
Bubble kush, cat piss, purple rain
Hash plant, Thai stick, white [incomprehensible] the train
From "I Can't Complain" by Aceyalone:
(I see you troopin through the streets tryin to dodge the rain)
But I'm healthy, I'm alive, I can't complain
From "Moonlit Skies" by Aceyalone:
Your indian dance don't make it rain
But it make it little harder try to break the chains
It's all the same, it's all in vain
All-City, all-state, all Terrain
From "Blood Sweat & Tears" by V:
Gonna be sunshine and rain
Gonna be pleasure and pain
From "Hey Man" by Babylon Zoo:
Are we shadowboxing in the rain
My girlfriend and me were sittin' on the pavement
Oh my make-up's running down the drain
I heard the news, they think it's big enough for two
From "Something Was Missing" by Anointed:
I only felt the rain
Something was missing
Until I let You in my life again
From "Stand" by BeBe Winans:
You go through the storm and through the rain
You stand through the hurt and through the pain
From "If You Say" by BeBe Winans:
Shower down just like the rain
You be the healing for my pain
From "Kismet" by Flowing Tears:
Calm down my child, tell me 'bout the scent of the rain
Something has died, silent and in absence of pain
From "Thy Kingdom Gone" by Flowing Tears:
Black horizon, for the night will bring new rain
Pale disorder for the souls impure and sane
From "I'm Going Down" by Blige Mary J:
And the sound of the rain
Against my windowpane
From "Multi Colored Lady" by Gregg Allman:
Midnight came and brought more rain
Nothing seemed to ease her pain
From "Watching The Wildlife" by Frankie Goes To Hollywood:
Now people go home in the rain
Familiar faces on the train
From "Thin Air (Smells Like Mississippi)" by Widespread Panic:
Drivin' in the walkin' rain
Let's go, let's go
Stream down my windowpane
Through the fields, where does all the water go?
From "Caught In The Rain" by Quarterflash:
That shows me, back through the rain
I find you again
From "Habbanan Beneath The Stars" by Summoning:
…and caught the meteors' fiery rain
If I am dead and gone, would you remain
From "Morri¤a" by Creatures:
cats that sound like babies crying
magpie feathers in the rain
christmas in your hair reclining
moving on again
From "Highway Of Love" by Billy Burnette:
Through the dust and the driving rain
Through the eye of a hurricane
From "Asphalt Dream" by Tomlinson Michael:
We have walked in the mountains and run in the rain
Given time on this earth we would do it all again
From "So Long Garden Dream" by Tomlinson Michael:
Let tomorrow rain
Leave us here to build this life
And to love this place again
From "Angelenos" by Tomlinson Michael:
In these streets that call out for rain
Let a storm come on uproot us from here
And plant us all once again
Oh her spirits heard me singing
From "Hollwood" by Marina And The Diamonds:
You wanna kiss it in the rain
Oh oh, I’m living in a movie scene
Thinking American dreams
Hollywood infected your brain
From "River Alive" by Tomlinson Michael:
Oh the gently falling rain
Such a natural reminder
We're forgiven once again
And I cry like a baby
From "By A Friend" by Tomlinson Michael:
In the laughter, in the rain
In the sunlight, in the pain
From "Safe At Home" by Tomlinson Michael:
Face Up In The Rain
Safe At Home
I saw it in the mirror again
Buried in my eyes
From "Love Never Ends" by CRYSTAL BERNARD:
Sun sets, she looks like a rose in the rain
Waiting and praying he's coming again
From "Strange Disease" by Prozzak:
Now, I'm standing in the rain
Water soaking through my brain
From "How Many" by Luba:
no sound of thunder
no threat of rain
can keep me under
underneath all this pain
From "Come Lie With Me" by Holly Palmer:
For sending down this rain
And I've been wondering who do I thank
For sending you back again
From "I Will Be Your Friend" by COCO LEE:
I'll be the shelter in your rain
Help you find your smile again
From "Dying Day" by Barren Cross:
Hit the sirens, nuke the town, drink the acid rain
Peace will be here late next week, ups on train
From "Gotta Get Thru This (acoustic version)" by Daniel Bedingfield:
when your love is pouring like the rain
I close my eyes and its gone again
From "Ho-Down" by Abdul Paula:
She sprays her lies around her like the clouds release the rain
An endless stream of promises that vaporize again
From "Angel On My Shoulder" by 69 Eyes:
i wanna feel you now, like an august rain
kissing summer goodbyes, i wanna see your pain
From "Sleeping With Lions" by 69 Eyes:
dreaming of silence of the gentle rain
sleeping with lions in the temple of pain
From "Exodus" by Darius Rucker:
Once I thought things were fine, it would rain
This is how it is each and everyday I live
Things I thought would be my joy, turn to pain
From "Come Back Song" by Darius Rucker:
And wouldn't you know it, pouring rain
I went and burned a pot of coffee
And like us I poured it down the drain
From "Not Alone Any More" by Traveling Wilburys:
I'll see you through the rain
(Not alone)
Through the heartache and pain
From "Thunder" by Boys Like Girls:
So bring on the rain
Oh, baby bring on the pain
From "All That To Me" by One Voice:
Like walkin' in the summer rain
Like goin' in front of a fire place
When winter comes back again
From "London Irish" by Divine Comedy, The:
They love the sun, but pray for rain
They drink to take away the pain
From "Shelter For A Rainy Day" by 2 Unlimited:
If inside your heart it starts to rain
Just call me up, I'll ease the pain
From "Auto Kalaha" by Ariel Kill Him:
Leafs are floating in the symphonies of rain
It's here to wash the summer away again
From "Break The Chain" by 2 Unlimited:
On a mission we go, sunshine or rain
Set your soul free, we gonna break that chain
From "Promise" by Nu Flavor:
Through the storm and the rain
Through the joy and through the pain
From "Mourning Train" by The Wallflowers:
So, look out into the morning rain
'Cause I'm on the mourning train
From "Autumn" by Yearning:
Gone - with freezing rain
Gone - with deadly pain
From "Hollywood" by The Wallflowers:
Drainpipes are filled up with dirty rain
And the leisure train is speeding in the diamond lane
From "Rain" by Harmony:
I hear the sound of rain
Relieving me again
From "Honeybee" by The Wallflowers:
She stood tall in the fallen rain
Right off an orphan train
From "Bad Day" by Belvedere:
Well I just washed my car and I think it's gonna rain
I'm not gonna quiver or complain
From "Stand" by Arrested Development:
Children playing in the dirt, getting wet in the rain
Falling till they learn that part of life is pain
From "The Dragon's Lair" by Human Fortress:
Wizards burn in lightning rain
They writhe in an infernal pain
From "Highway Song" by Taylor James:
And I notice there's a sign of rain
So I grab my bags and I pack my clothes
And I'm back on the road again
From "Youth" by MGMT:
Make it rain
For stars will rise again
From "Mandatory Suicide" by Decapitated:
Begging, pleading bullets drip like rain
Minds explode pain shears to your brain
From "Ganja Smuggling" by Eek-A-Mouse:
Money jus' a pour like rain
Me jus' a mogel up the lane in a rolled gold chain
From "Later" by Fra Lippo Lippi:
Later than the sunset, later than the rain
Later than I never to love you again
From "The Log Train" by Hank Williams:
Winter or summer, sunshine or rain
Every mornin', he'd run that ole log train
From "Workin Man" by Hank Williams:
i work outside in the pouring rain
when it's cold as ice when i'm full of pain
From "On Your Face" by Earth, Wind & Fire:
Wish upon a sunny day, it'll turn to rain
Use the sunshine in your heart to ease the pain
From "True Emotion" by Jennifer Warnes:
filling the hollow that swallows the rain
and carrying you home to the ocean again
From "It's On Again" by Olivia:
Remember that we loved in the pouring rain
And it's on again
From "Raining" by Jake:
In the desert, I need Your rain
Won't You help me out of this pain
From "Life is mine" by Beth Hirsch:
For midnight will fall rain
To pour down beads of promise
And wash away the pain
So sleep in, sleep in calmness
From "Our Last Summer" by A Teens:
Walks along the seine, laughing in the rain
Our last summer
Memories that remain
I can still recall our last summer
From "Because of You" by 98 Degrees:
You're my sunshine after the rain
You're the cure against my fear and my pain
From "Theatre Of Ice" by Theatre Of Ice:
Out in the night, out in the rain
There is no love, there is no pain
From "All Day Rain" by Greg Brown:
All day rain-
Plenty of
Nothing to explain
A lifetime love
From "All Day Rain" by Greg Brown:
We need the rain
The garden's dry
Kiss me again
'cause so am I
From "I Want To Live With You" by Arena Tina:
In the pouring rain
A broken hearted child is watching him
Through the window pane
These are the images that
From "Thru My Heart (The Arrow)" by Az Yet:

wondering if i turned the clouds... happy the moment i tasted your rain
tonight was the night... that i saw my first sight
of how pleasure wins over pain
now i know what i know... dont wanna ever let you go
From "Tonight" by Handsome Devil:
This kind of shelter can save us from rain
But doom is impending, I'll say it again
From "Eye Of The Hurricane" by Alarm, The:
I walk away in the wind and the rain
Into the eye of the hurricane
From "Young and Foolish" by Four Tops:
And crying in that rain
Oh I wish that we were young
And foolish again
From "Do It All Again" by B Jon:
(Just let it rain)
You don't have to fight your feelings anymore
(We can learn from the pain)
When I'm all alone I count the reasons why
From "Housewarming" by Small Fred:
And sometimes you'll need a vacation (I'll need one too)
Sunning on the sand, running in a blinding rain.
After the recreation
We can sleep in our own bed once again.
From "Ray Of Light" by Spain:
When you left into the pouring rain
I knew I would never see you again
From "How Deep Is Your Love" by Adeaze:
I feel you touch me in the pouring rain
And the moment that you wonder far from me
I wanna feel you in my arms again
From "One Chance" by Eddie Money:
(Gotta get out of the rain)
Just give me one chance
(You're the one who can kill this pain)
From "Heart Without A Past" by Mila Mason:
But you just can't stand the rain
And so you're falling out of love again
From "Love Hurts" by B Jon:
But you know it's as sweet as a summer rain
But it can hit you like a train
From "Shadows In The Rain" by Police:
We're just dancing in the rain
I tell my friends there when I see them
Outside my window pane
Shadows in the rain
From "Ain't No Thing" by Bucky Covington:
So I'm standin' in the pourin' rain
Ain't like I never been here before
I'm just here again
Ain't no thing, ain't no thing
From "Anything for You" by Jake Owen:
Box of sunshine, bottle of rain
Fist full wind from a west Texas plain
From "Waiting For The Rain" by Billy Falcon:
Yeah, you see, you're waiting for the rain
You said you had our hard luck you could handle
Baby can you see it, you're slipping down again
From "Waiting For The Rain" by Billy Falcon:
You deserve the sunshine and not the rain
You deserve the rainbow, you've had enough pain
From "Is Never To Die" by Conflict:
Within our hands and was washed away,
Like teh fleeting summer rain.
Gentle memories of our finest day,
Can we ever hope to regain?
From "Where Are You" by Kavana:
Like a flower needs the rain
I've got to see your face again
From "As The Sky Turns Black Again" by Abyssos:
Love me eternal
Sleep with me in the autumn rain
Love me infernal
As the sky turns black again
From "Beyond the Pale" by Big Audio Dynamite:
Through the smoke of war and rain
Papers out of order on a military train
From "Uproar" by Blazin' Squad:
R to the B in the pourin rain
Eyes blood shot + clothes blood stained
Edge draws near but i dont complain
M-I-C thats my domain
From "Crossroads" by Blazin' Squad:
with the pour with the rain
why take that man's chain
From "Lewn Together" by Divit:
Keep each other from the rain
When one of us bleeds
We share the pain
From "Never Did Say Goodbye" by Lisa Brokop:
Now every time they call for rain
I reach out to touch the sky
Maybe I'll see you again
Maybe that's the reason why you never said goodbye
From "Angel" by Ellis Paul:
Can't you see the driving rain
Take a break from the storm in the eye of the hurricane...
From "Windowpane" by Coil:
See the rain
See the window
See the pain
See the sun and
From "Windowpane" by Coil:
See the rain
See the birds eye
See the brain
Ancient cities
From "Steelheart" by Steelheart:
I've been sleeping in the doghouse, I shower in the rain
I fought through all the fire, no no no I feel no pain
From "Going Back To Georgia" by Griffith Nanci:
Well, I been blinded by the sun, washed in the rain
Scattered in America, I'm scatterin' again
From "Shine" by Aswad:
I burn like a fire left in the rain
As I run the race, oh, yes, I feel the pain
From "Shrapnel Rain" by Legion Of The Damned:
Unleashing the bullet rain
Nailbombs being detonated
Hundreds of victims slain
From "From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea" by Cure:
wake up in the rain
head in pain
From "Leak It Out" by EMC:
I'm gonna rob the first idiot that's makin' it rain
No need to be poppin' them thangs
We can Scrap,
Like that dude that was dancin' with Kane
From "Greenhouse" by Phillips Anthony:
Standing by a harbour soaking rain,
Why must the sky bring rain back again?
From "Change in the Weather" by Buddy Guy:
Storm warnings and it looks like rain
Be nothin' left after the hurricane
From "Tears In the Rain" by Triumph:
Tears in the rain
Here it comes again
From "Plastic People" by Atomship:
The window sill, drowned by the rain
Swallow the pill, it kills the pain
From "That's What Love Will Do (They Say)" by i5:
They are wrong or right as rain
But love is so insane
From "Losing Your Way In The Rain" by Mike Batt:
When you're losing your way in the rain
Don't want to go back there again
From "Cry, Cry, Cry" by Bobby :
Let your tears fall like rain
And then I'll know
My love for you wasn't in vain
From "Liquid Sovereignty" by Eyedea & Abilities:
Everyone wants to get out of the rain
We cannot avoid nature's bleeding vein
From "Liquid Sovereignty" by Eyedea & Abilities:
Harvested love only comes after rain
Even though it brings overwhelming strain
From "Liquid Sovereignty" by Eyedea & Abilities:
Harvested thought only comes after rain
Artists may talk and give it different names
When they appear wet, they may feel ashamed
So they don't walk but instead take the train
From "I Must Have Been Crazy" by Berg Matraca:
Of the lamp post in the alley, dancing in the rain
And when the sun goes down tomorrow, we'll do it all again
From "Hate Me Now" by D:
im so damn scared of doubt
as i am listening to the rain
until i figure out
i don't think ill get up again
From "Bluebird" by Helen Reddy:
I'm out in the rain
The moon has gone behind the cloud again
From "Born On The Fourth Of July" by Bernie Taupin:
Outside my window in the rain
I play checkers, I'm sick of checkers
I'm sick of pain
From "Put on Your Red Dress" by Martin Page:
Where we sheltered from the rain
Somehow I knew someday
We'd come here again
From "I Once Was Blind" by Bane:
You stick out your tongue and taste the rain
Because there will be no going home again
From "Want You Back In My Life" by Alice Deejay:
look at me in the rain
call me I won't leave again
From "First Time" by Corey:
All my sunshine turned to rain
I don't want to feel that way again
From "All That Talking" by The Cat Empire:
Horns in the rain
Misty seas and mysteries
A dog with no name
It's that time again
From "The Crippled Lion" by Michael Nesmith:
Slowly, I walk through the gently falling rain
I know that I will never pass this way again
From "Walking In A Hurricane" by Fogerty John:
I'll come crawlin' in a drivin' rain
I'll keep searchin' 'til I go insane
From "Electrify" by Mortal:
sunlight and the Rain
but every hate and every love
Staggers from the strain
From "Lullaby" by The Cat Empire:
it’s like tears in the rain
burning spears in my brain
From "Spanish Flea" by Sherman Allan:
'Cause the rain
Falls mainly in the plain.
From "One True Love" by Cassidy David:
Can't let myself think about the rain
Or the cold empty night starin at me again
From "Life In Vain" by Basic Element:
I don't wanna walk the streets of rain
I don't wanna feel this pain for chain
From "In The Spell Of Midnight's Grace" by Amortis:
See my Tears fall like Rain
Creating a River which carries my Pain
From "Any Direction" by Fyfe Dangerfield:
is firing bows and arrows wherever he thinks it should rain
Yeah he's drunk too much coffee once again
From "5000 Ones (Explicit)" by Drama:
That money's fallin' like rain
I'm VIP that's champagne
From "A Sad Song" by Ten Years After:
The love that you gave me has gone with the rain
The joy that just filled me has turned into pain
From "Severed" by Nuno:
From "I Remember" by L:
With loneliness, i wonder 'round in shame
As memories of you run down like rain.
Asleep at night i still call out your name.
As the storm clouds beat a cold refrain
From "Tears In May" by Missing Heart:
Like the rain
Tears in May - tell me why
Was our dream born to die
All in vain
From "Numb" by Amanda Ghost:
Felt the sting of acid rain
Sweet Messiah come again
From "Night Of Darkness" by Shultz:
And then the rain
Can't see the storm
But feel the pain
She violates us
From "The Answer (Sambora, Foster)" by Sambora Richie:
There's a world in every drop of rain
Embracing oceans sweep us home again
From "Thumbelina" by Pretenders:
And the thunder and rain
For the desert sun
We're gonna be born again
From "A Hard Hand To Hold" by Ace Young:
I will hurt you, just to hold you
Standing in the rain.
Thorns come with the roses
And I will bring you pain.
From "Hard Times Come Easy" by Sambora Richie:
There's gonna be thunder, there's gonna be rain,
There's gonna be times, we both get caught up in the pain.
From "A Long Time Ago" by Jennings Waylon:
Don't ask me about the years I spent out in the rain
About the ones I spent in love or the ones I spent insane
From "Again" by Evans Faith:
I wouldn’t take away the rain
Cause I know it made me how I am
If I had to do it all again
I learn so much from my mistakes
From "My Shoes" by Bobs:
My shoes have never done this kind of thing before
They would not go out in the rain
It was not me who tracked that mud across the floor
I don't know how I can explain
From "Next Level (Intro)/Enter Hempstead" by A Plus:
So I’ma maintain and let it rain let it rain
And just like the MethTical I can bring the pain
From "Hey, Bobba Needle" by Chubby Checker:
But there was some rain, rain, rain
And there was no flyin', flyin', flyin'
So I took a train, train, train
From "I'll Get By" by Harry James:
Have you
Though there be rain
And darkness too
I'll not complain
From "Vicar In A Tutu" by Smiths:
as natural as rain
he dances again
From "Who Needs The World" by Carter Nick:
Too much cold and too much rain
Too much heartache to explain
From "Face For The Radio" by The View:
PC on summer night and football in the rain
Doesn't matter how far he is, he has always money for the train
From "Runaway" by Allan Gary:
I'm a walkin' in the rain
Tears are fallin' and I feel the pain
From "Vanity" by Girl Next Door:
I'm inspired by the rain
It's raining, it's pouring the mirror man is snoring
I'm inspired by the rain again and again
From "After the Pain" by Betty Wright:
And after the rain
And all that I have been through
I still can't explain
How I can still love you like I do
From "After the Rain" by Aaron & Jeoffrey:
After the rain
You can look to the sky again
From "After the Rain" by Aaron & Jeoffrey:
After the rain
You know that you've made it through
And you'll finally see the joy from the pain
After the rain
From "Summer Dance" by 9811:
Summer dancing in the rain
kind of feels like back home again.
From "Rain" by The Wreckers:
Rain, rain, rain, rain
Is falling down
But will the sun come out again?
From "Arizona Rain" by 3 Of Hearts:
My heart is like a desert gone too long without rain
And your love is like the water that makes the river run again
From "Arizona Rain" by 3 Of Hearts:
I wanna feel your love like the Arizona rain
Pouring down like a hurricane
From "A Little Fall Of Rain" by Les Miserables Soundtrack:
A Little Fall Of Rain
Eponine: Don't you fret
M'sieur Marius
I don't feel any pain
From "Love And Pain" by Captain Hollywood Project:
Taking a walk out in the rain
Life is love and pain
From "Love And Pain" by Captain Hollywood Project:
Love and pain a day with sun and rain
I'm talking live long lane
From "Too Good To Be True" by Connelly Chris:
a million to one in the rain
a thorn in the side of my sanity
silence a background of disdain
who in the world will comfort disaster?
From "She Is The Heart" by Bacon Brothers, The:
Like light and wind, and rain
She brings a child
And he is born again
From "Flowers" by DJ Tonka:
I'll bring you flowers in the pouring rain
Did you know living without you is driving me insane
From "Flowers" by DJ Tonka:
And all those flowers they would wilt in the rain
And it would cause me misery and pain
From "I Need a Girl (Part Two)" by P. Diddy:
So let's stop the pain, stop the rain
Put, stress to rest girl stop the games
Name the spot, mommy I got the plane
Roll through rough, I got the range
From "Thorn In My Heart" by Bob Wills:
Causing tears to fall like the rain
A thorn was left in my heart by a rose
Whose leaving left sorrow and pain
From "I Wanna Be There" by Blessed Union Of Souls:
I wanna be there in the pouring rain
I wanna be there when you call my name
Gonna light your fire, I'm gonna feel your flame
I wanna be there when you go insane
From "One Long Pair Of Eyes" by Hitchcock Robyn And The Egyptians:
She falls on you like rain
When will she fall again?
From "Cross My Heart" by The A-Teens:
You are my laughter in the rain
A shelter from the pain
From "You Never Even Call Me By My Name" by Goodman Steve:
Well I was drunk the day my mama got outta prison
And I went to pick 'er up in the rain
But before I could get to the station in my pickup..truck,
She got runned over by a damned old train.
From "Escape" by Placid:
And getting caught in the rain
If you're not into yoga
If you have half a brain
If you like makin' love at midnight
From "Born To Die" by Lana Del Rey:
let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain
you like your girls insane
From "What If Jesus Comes Back Like That" by Raye Collin:
He jumped off in the pouring rain•
Everybody said he's insane
From "Big Umbrella" by Big Umbrella:
Sometimes I use you like a shield,
Cut down the rows of stinging rain.
Sometimes I use you like a pillow
Bury my face and I shout the pain.
From "Rain" by 3 Deep:
you left me standing out in the rain
you left me with so much pain
From "The rain" by Samira:
The rain
Tossing and turning another sleepless night
A rain crashes against my window pane
Don't ..................................
From "Stand In The Rain" by Superchick:
So stand in the rain
Stand your ground
Stand up when it’s all crashing down
You stand through the pain
From "Let It Rain" by Heavy D & The Boyz:
(Let it rain)
And I'll ease your pain
From "The Rain" by Horrorshow:
It'll all wash away in the rain
Hush child, from the joy to the pain
From "The Rain" by Horrorshow:
It'll all wash away in the rain
From the million dollar brands to the tags on the train
From "The Rain" by Horrorshow:
It'll all wash away in the rain
What's been and gone will come again
From "Knock Me Down" by Vito Rick:
I ain't got the sense to come in out of the rain
'Cause a fool in love always loves the pain
From "You Make Me Feel Loved" by Zucchero Fornaciari:
Everytime I feel the rain
I don't know why
I'll never get the pain
From "I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover" by Art Mooney:
One leaf is sunshine, the second is rain
Third is the roses that grow in the lane
From "Rain" by The Cult:
Here comes the rain
Here she comes again
From "Pure" by Chandelier:
Sweet, my love, like rain
That strokes our window pane
From "The Flight of the Earls" by Liam Reilly:
And the paper boys are singing in the rain
Not too long before they take us to the airport and the noise
to get on board a trans-Atlantic plane
We've got nothing left to stay for and no more left to say
From "Was It Rain?" by Frances Langford:
Was it tears that fell or was it rain?
There we stood as lovers would;
Did parting bring you pain?
Was it tears that fell or was it rain?
From "When You Tell Me That You Love Me" by Westlife Feat. Diana Ross:
I wanna hold you close under the rain
I wanna kiss your smile and feel the pain
From "Livin' La Vida Loca (Trackmasters Remix)" by Big Punisher F/ Ricky
Martin, Terror Squad:
Going dancing in the rain
She'll make you live her crazy life
The girl will drive you right insane
From "Nothing In This World" by Avant Feat. Keke Wyatt:
I can picture us runnin' in the rain
After a movie then we spark a flame
Oh, I love it when you scream my name
Goin' 60 in a 30 lane
From "came home" by harrie blommesteijn:
in this land of swamp and rain
Find myself a stranger here
With not much more to gain
So I’ll go out in the open land
From "Cold Days" by Stoney Phizz:
I was safe from the rain
Never had I tasted blood
And never screamed in pain
From "911" by Kirk Franklin feat. TD Jakes:
And I'm getting so sick and tired of all (this rain)
I just got laid off, and to top it off the rent's due, so tell me what I got
to gain?
From "Breakdown" by Mariah Carey F/ Wish, Krayzie Bone:
rain, rain, rain, rain.
Lord, I just wanna maintain.
From "Cracklin' Water" by OP8:
With the wind and rain
They love to erode what you love to sustain
From "Eternal Flame" by Bangles:
Say my name sun shines through the rain
A whole life so lonely
And then you come and ease the pain
I don't want to lose this feeling---Lyrics powered by LyricFind
From "Rah-Rah, Tip-Top" from "Rah-Rah, Tip-Top Lyrics - Pirate Queen, The
So goes the old refrain
Rah-rah, tip-top
Ev'rything's right as rain!
Ev'rything's right as rain!
From "Inutil" from "Inutil Lyrics - In the Heights musical":
And everyday he cut the cane
He came home late and prayed for rain, prayed for rain
From "A Little Fall Of Rain" from "A Little Fall Of Rain Lyrics - Les Miserables
I don't feel any pain
A little fall of rain
From "Stranger to the Rain" from "Stranger to the Rain Lyrics - Children Of
Eden musical":
I'm a daughter of the race of Cain
I am not stranger to the rain
From "Some Cats Know" from "Some Cats Know Lyrics - Smokey Joe's Cafe
these mysteries one cannot explain
this old black art
so queer and quaint
like making love, or making rain
From ""Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street" Script - Broadway
musical" from ""Sweeney Todd":
How can you remain,
Staring at the rain,
From "What Am I Doin'?" from "What Am I Doin'? Lyrics - Closer Than Ever
and the thought of it drove me insane
so i find up a tree i can creeping
to the roof over where she is sleeping
and i sit there all night in the rain
From "If I Had Any Sense" from "If I Had Any Sense Lyrics - Five Guys Named
Moe musical":
I remember the day I caught the train
I was standin' out at the railway crossin',
soakin wet with rain
fortune and fame is not for me
From "Getting Married Today" from "Getting Married Today Lyrics -
Company musical":
Slipping down the drain.
And bless this day in our hearts
As it starts
To rain.
From "The Origin Of Love" from "The Origin Of Love Lyrics - Hedwig And The
Angry Inch musical":
To blow a hurricane,
To scatter us away,
In a flood of wind and rain,
And a sea of tidal waves,
From "Boy Falls From The Sky" from "Boy Falls From The Sky Lyrics - Spider-
Man, Turn Off the Dark musical":
Our love is like lights on a midnight train
Hearts like thunder with no sign of rain
From "Rain on the Roof" from "Rain on the Roof Lyrics - Follies musical":
It's not a hurricane.
Listen "plink" to the
(kiss kiss)
Lovely rain.
From "All Good Gifts" from "All Good Gifts Lyrics - Godspell musical":
He sends the snow in winter, the warmth to swell the grain...
The breezes and the sunshine, and soft refreshing rain...
From "I Do Miracles" from "I Do Miracles Lyrics - Kiss Of The Spider Woman
For each purple stain
And my hair sweeps your chest
Like the cool, black rain
You can't explain, though you will see
From "The American Dream" from "The American Dream Lyrics - Miss Saigon
are you surprised we went insane
with dollars pouring down like rain?
From "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" from "Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Lyrics - Smash musical":
Leading from your window pane
To a place behind the sun
Just a step beyond the rain
From "Happiness" from "Happiness Lyrics - Rooms":
Ali made arrangements, I took the pain
Hard British nights, cold in the rain
From "Let's Have Another Cup Of Coffee" from "Let's Have Another Cup Of
Coffee Lyrics - As Thousands Cheer musical":
Why worry when skies are gray
Why should we complain
Let's laugh at the cloudy day
Let's sing in the rain

From "The Bilbao Song" from "The Bilbao Song Lyrics - Happy End musical":
Well, I don't know, you might not find it such a strain,
They've cleaned up all the pools of broken glass,
On parquet floors you can't grow grass,
They've shut the green moon out because of rain
From "Singin' in the Rain Finale" from "Singin' in the Rain Finale Lyrics -
Singin' In The Rain musical":
With a happy refrain
Just singin', singin' in the rain...
From "How Beautifully Blue the Sky" from "How Beautifully Blue the Sky
Lyrics - Pirates of Penzance, The musical":
Tomorrow it may pour again
I hear the country wants some rain
From "Five Feet High and Rising" from "Five Feet High and Rising Lyrics - Ring
of Fire musical":
The bus is comin', gonna take us to the train
Looks like we'll be blessed with a little more rain,

From "Oklahoma" from "Oklahoma Lyrics - Best of Broadway, The musical":

Plen'y of heart and plen'y of hope.
Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain
And the wavin' wheat can sure smell sweet
When the wind comes right behind the rain.
From "Another Hundred People" from "Another Hundred People Lyrics -
Company musical":
"Did you get my message? 'Cause I looked in vain."
"Can we see each other Tuesday if it doesn't rain?"
From "Singin' in the Rain" from "Singin' in the Rain Lyrics - Singin' In The Rain
With a happy refrain
Just singin',
Singin' in the rain
From "Git Comfortable" from "Git Comfortable Lyrics - Floyd Collins
like yer swingin' a shovel
or a big ol' chain,
like yer madder 'an hell
an' right as rain.
From "Oklahoma!" from "Oklahoma! Lyrics - Oklahoma musical":
Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain
And the wavin' wheat can sure smell sweet
When the wind comes right behind the rain.
Oklahoma, Ev'ry night my honey lamb and I
From "Someday" from "Someday Lyrics - Memphis musical":
Some night I'll cause you pain.
Some night I'm gonna leave you dry n' cryin' in the rain.
From "Hit It, Lorraine" from "Hit It, Lorraine Lyrics - 70, Girls, 70 musical":
I was in pain, Lorraine,
It looked like rain, Lorraine,
From "Flood" from "Flood Lyrics - Children Of Eden musical":
Is there no escape from the race of Cain?
Except to let it rain and rain and rain!
From "I'm a Believer" from "I'm a Believer Lyrics - Shrek musical":
All you get is pain
When I needed sunshine I got rain
From "Lift Me Up" from "Lift Me Up Lyrics - Ark, The musical":
From "Move Toward The Darkness" from "Move Toward The Darkness Lyrics
- Addams Family, The musical":
Conquering your pain
Let each foreign forest
Offer you its rain
Only at our lowest
From "It's a Sign" from "It's a Sign Lyrics - If/Then musical":
It's perfect and it's plain
And rainbows in the rain
From "All I Owe Ioway" from "All I Owe Ioway Lyrics - State Fair musical":
You're a seed of Ioway grain,
You're a breeze that Ioway blew.
Abel (drunken):
I'm a drop of Ioway rain!
From "In A Foreign City" from "In A Foreign City Lyrics - Adrift In Macao
It's simply insane
When it's time to run for cover
I'm like a fool who thinks it's sunny
When it's pouring rain
From "Getting Over the Storm" by George Jones:
I'm gettin' over the storm, I'm gettin' better
For the first time there's no sign of rain
While this is appearing and my skies are clearing
I feel the harsh wind of first growing pain.
From "Maybellene" by George Jones:
It done got cloudy and started to rain
I tooted my horn for the passing lane
From "Together We Can" by Disney:
Stop the rain
Even ride a hurricane
From "Always There" by Disney:
With shelter from the rain
Always there
To catch you when you're falling
Always there to stand you up again
From "Promise Her Anything" by Dean Martin:
Promise her diamonds that sparkle like rain
Promise her orchids and lots of champagne
From "Rain" by Dean Martin:
Rain let's us cuddle while the rain
Pitter patters on the pane
From "Out in the Cold Again" by Dean Martin:
I wanted your arms around me
To shelter me from the rain
But now I'm back where you found me
Out in the cold again.
From "Just Say I Love Her (Dicitencello Vuie)" by Dean Martin:
Just say I need her
As roses need the rain
And tell her that without her
My dreams are all in vain.
From "Just Say I Love Her" by Dean Martin:
As roses need the rain
And tell her that without her
My dreams are all in vain
From "The Next Step Is Love" by Elvis Presley:
Laughing at each other in the rain
Made some faces at some people in the park
Didn't bother to explain
Fun, fun, look at us run
From "Loving Arms" by Elvis Presley:
Too long in the rain
Takin' any comfort that I can
Looking back and longing for the freedom of my chains
And lying in your lovin' arms again
From "Runaway" by Elvis Presley:
I'm a-walking in the rain
Hear it falling and I feel the pain
From "Julie" by Conway Twitty:
Now I stand here lookin' through that Appalachian rain
Turning Julie over in my mind again.
From "Simply Country Girl" by Conway Twitty:
She was pure as mountain rain
And had never known a pain
From "Note" by Conway Twitty:
My tears fell down like fallin' rain
But they can't wash away the pain
From "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" by Conway Twitty:
In the twilight glow, I see her
Blue eyes cryin' in the rain
As we kissed goodbye and parted
I knew we'd never meet again.
From "Maybellene" by Conway Twitty:
It done got cloudy and started to rain
I tooted my horn for the passin' lane.
From "Sometimes It Snows In April [Live/Alone]" by Prince:
A time 4 lovers holding hands in the rain
Now springtime only reminds me of Tracy's tears
Always cry 4 love, never cry 4 pain
He used 2 say so strong unafraid to die
From "When U Love Somebody" by Prince:
Every now and then it might rain
When U love somebody
With every sun shower there's pain
Whenever something's lost
From "Free [Live/Alone]" by Prince:
Don't sleep 'til the sunrise, listen 2 the falling rain
Don't worry 'bout tomorrow, don't worry 'bout your pain
From "Emancipation" by Prince:
Emancipation - see you in the purple rain
Emancipation - free to do what I wanna
Emancipation - break the chain, break the chain
From "Soft And Wet" by Prince:
You're just as wet as the evening rain
How will I take it when you call my name? (hey, lover)
Your love is driving me...
you're driving me insane
From "Right The Wrong" by Prince:
But I guess the weather man, he likes the rain
Ain't that insane
From "September In The Rain" by Frank Sinatra:
that September in the rain
To every word of love I heard you whisper,
The raindrops seemed to play our sweet refrain
Though spring is here to me it's still September,
From "September In The Rain" by Frank Sinatra:
that September in the rain
That September that brought the pain,
From "Take A Chance" by Frank Sinatra:
Love may the ocean or a drop of rain,
Choosing as emotion or a constant pain.
From "How Are Ya' Fixed For Love?" by Frank Sinatra:
How are ya fixed for someone to watch the rain with?
To stroll down the lane with
From "Where Do You Go?" by Frank Sinatra:
Where do you go when it starts to rain,
where will you sleep when the night time comes
What do you do when your heart's in pain,
where will you run when the right time comes
From "When You're Smiling (The Whole World Smiles With Y" by Frank
But when you're crying
You bring on the rain
So stop your sighing
Be happy again
From "Love's Been Good To Me" by Frank Sinatra:
And she could smile away that thunder, kiss away the rain
Even though she's gone away you won't hear me complain.
From "Love Locked Out" by Frank Sinatra:
Love locked out in all the cold and rain,
Love locked out may never come again,
From "Singing In The Rain" by Frank Sinatra:
I´m singin´ in the rain
Just singin´ in the rain,
What a glorious feeling,
And I´m happy again.
From "Hello Heartache" by Marty Robbins:
Hello teardrops why do you fall like winter rain
It's too late now for she won't be back again
From "Once Upon a Time" by Marty Robbins:
Usually follows the rain
But there's no glow of a rainbow
No sign of sunshine again
From "Don't Let It Bring You Down" by Neil Young:
in the rain,
Can you hear the sirens moan?
White cane lying
in a gutter in the lane,
From "Hello Lonely Woman" by Neil Young:
I know you need me
Like a river needs rain
I won't ask you any favors
Until I pass this way again.
From "Loose Change" by Neil Young:
Built a house of rain
Built a house of love
It's hard to build again
Built a road to reason
From "We Never Danced" by Neil Young:
Floating through the clouds
Dancing in the rain
Eyes that see no lies
Hearts that feel no pain.
From "No Wonder" by Neil Young:
I'm standing in the rain
My overcoat is worn
The pockets are all torn
I'm moving away from the pain
From "See The Sky About To Rain" by Neil Young:
broken clouds and rain.
Locomotive, pull the train,
From "Ambulance Blues" by Neil Young:
in the rain
Will their boyfriends
pass this way again?
From "Will To Love" by Neil Young:
and drown in rain
And never feel the same again.
From "Peaceful Valley Boulevard" by Neil Young:
God was crying tears that fell like rain
Before the railroad came from Kansas City
And the bullets hit the bison from the train
Shots rang across the peaceful valley
From "There Goes My Babe" by Neil Young:
In the cool morning rain
And now my heart
Lies empty and still again
From "Rhinestone Cowboy" by Loretta Lynn:
He really don't mind the rain
And a smile can hide all the pain
From "Ain't Love a Good Thing" by Loretta Lynn:
Ain't it good to know love can take away the rain
And make the sunshine again
From "Leaning on Your Love" by Loretta Lynn:
The flowers couldn't grow without a falling rain
Without the sun the world could not go on
And without your precious love it would all be in vain
For nothing else would matter with you gone.
From "Roving Gambler" by Eddy Arnold:
I wouldn't marry a farmer he's always in the rain
I wouldn't marry a railroad man who's always on a train
From "Shadows of Her Mind" by Eddy Arnold:
I met her sadly in the slowly falling rain
Crying softly in her loveliness and pain
From "Old Porch Swing" by Eddy Arnold:
It's had it's share of rain
Been a witness to some good times
And a like amount of pain
If it could tell it's story
From "Little Girls and Little Boys" by Eddy Arnold:
But tears which fall like gentle rain
Wash away the hurt and pain.
From "Blackjack County Chain" by Waylon Jennings:
And heaven help me to forget that night in the cold cold rain
When we beat him death with thirty-five pounds of Blackjack
County chain.
From "Waymore's Blues" by Waylon Jennings:
Well, I woke up this mornin' it was drizzlin' rain
Around the curve come a passanger train
From "Ride Me Down Easy" by Waylon Jennings:
This highway she's harder than nine kinds of hell
Light there it scares as the rain
When you're down to your last shop with nothing to sell
And too far away from the train.
From "Ain't No God in Mexico" by Waylon Jennings:
If I'd never felt the sunshine
Hell, I would not curse the rain
If my feet could fit a railroad track
I guess I'd been a train.
From "She Comes Running" by Waylon Jennings:
If I stand in someone else's rain
Feelin' forty million miles of pain

From "Luckenbach, Texas (Back to the Basics of Love)" by Waylon Jennings:

and blue eyes cryin' in the rain
out in Luckenbach Texas ain't nobody feelin' no pain
From "Medley: I'm a Ramblin' Man/This Time/Don't You Thi" by Waylon
And Newbury's train songs
And ''Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain''
Out in Luckenbach Texas
Ain't nobody feelin' no pain.
From "Days of Sand and Shovels" by Waylon Jennings:
When I noticed her the first time
I was outside running barefoot in the rain
She lived in the house next door
Her nose was pressed against the window pane.
From "Frisco Depot" by Waylon Jennings:
When you're cold there's nothing as welcome as sunshine
When you're dry there's nothing as welcome as rain
When you're alone there's nothing as slow as passin' time
When you're afoot Lord there's nothing as fast as a train.
From "If You See Me Getting Smaller" by Waylon Jennings:
God bless old Philadelphia
They were standing in the rain
Out in front of a main yard
Wet and lonely train.
From "Norway: Knut Anders Sørum - High" by Eurovision Song Contest:
High, over the rain
There's still a sun that could ease all your pain
From "Russia: Dima Bilan - Never Let You Go" by Eurovision Song Contest:
Heavy clouds, no rain
And every move causes pain

From "Estonia: Gerli Padar - Partners in Crime" by Eurovision Song Contest:

We're standing in the rain
And sipping cold champagne
From "Austria: Manuel Ortega - Say a word" by Eurovision Song Contest:
I can keep you warm in the rain
I'll be there to make you so happy again
From "Ireland: The Mullans - When you need me" by Eurovision Song
To help you through the rain
But this child inside of me
Never let me feel your pain
From "Iceland: Eiríkur Hauksson - Valentine Lost" by Eurovision Song
Passion killed by acid rain
A rollercoaster in my brain
From "Ben Dewberry's Final Run" by Hank Snow:
On the fatal morning it began to rain
Around the curve come a passenger train
From "Whispering Rain" by Hank Snow:
There on my roof my window pane whispering rain
Drive all my blues away
Now that she's gone I'm all alone can't stand the pain
Whispering rain whispering rain.
From "Blossoms in the Springtime" by Hank Snow:
I love the blossoms in the springtime
Kissed by the sunshine and the rain
I love to hold you oh my darling
When kisses bloom in sweetheart's lane.
From "Come the Morning" by Hank Snow:
And turned their ragged collars against the drizzling rain
Back and forth the yard engine goes about the pulling out
The railroad cars that soon will be making up the train
That's gonna be come the morning.
From "How Big Is God" by Hank Snow:
As winter's chill may cause the tiny seed to fall
To lie asleep till waked by summer's rain
The heart grown cold well worn and -?- with life anew
The Master's touch will bring the glow again.
From "I Won't Give Up My Train" by Merle Haggard:
I love my woman fire and rain
But I won't give up my train
From "Railroad Lady" by Merle Haggard:
South station in Boston to the stockyards of Austin
From the Florida sunshine to the New Orleans rain
Now that the rail packs have taken the best tracks
She's trying just trying to get back home again.
From "Where Have All The Hobos Gone" by Merle Haggard:
They might as well rust in the rain
What good's a track without a train.
From "Wet" by Barbra Streisand:
I'm not afraid of melt in the rain
I'm not afraid to be lost at see
I'm not afraid to cry again
Because it's tears of joy
From "Kiss Me In The Rain" by Barbra Streisand:
Feeling the softness of a warm summer rain
I see the reflections of my mind
All the sadness all the pain
Visions of yesterday,
From "Velvet Goldmine" by David Bowie:
Velvet Goldmine, you stroke me like the rain
Snake it, take it, panther princess you must stay
Velvet Goldmine, naked on your chain
I'll be your king volcano right for you again and again
From "Some Other World" by Willie Nelson:
Out of the darkness came thunder and rain
Leavin' my dreams all in vain
From "Luckenbach, Texas" by Willie Nelson:
An' Newberry's train songs,
An' "Blue Eyes Cryin' In The Rain",
Out in Luckenbach, Texas,
Ain't nobody feeling no pain.
From "Who" by Diana Ross:
Who left my lover in the rain
Who washed away the colors in my life again
From "Jennifer Brown - Never Been Here Before" by Melodifestivalen:
She came like sunshine through the rain
Spread her warmth through the heartache and pain
From "My Natural Habitat" by Eminem:
And all I feel is rain
Hitting my overheated brain
From "Singin' In The Rain" by Neil Diamond:
Just singing in the rain
What a glorious feeling
I'm happy again
From "Infatuation" by They Might Be Giants:
You thought that you had left me alone in the rain
But I saw you and my dead heart started up again
From "No Quitter Go Getter" by Lil Wayne:
And they're tied to the game
I stay dry when it rain
I'm tired of the fame
Got everything to gain
From "Oxy Cotton" by Lil Wayne:
No more bitchin' 'bout your day at work and drivin' in the rain
Put up with the fussin' and discussion I plant in yo brain
From "Best Thing Yet" by Lil Wayne:
And you can find me grindin on the days it rain
And thats because i know the sun will raise again
From "Runaway Train (duet with Eric Clapton)" by Elton John:
Standing in a station waiting in the rain
I'm starting to feel a little muscle again
From "I Let You Let Me Down Again" by Brenda Lee:
You left me standing in the rain
And I let you, let me down again.
From "Lovin' Arms" by Brenda Lee:
I've been too long in the wind, too long in the rain
Searching for any comfort that I can
Looking back and longing for the freedom of my chains
Laying in your loving arms again.
From "Out in the Cold Again" by Brenda Lee:
I wanted your arms around me to shelter me from the rain
But now I'm back where you found me out in the cold again.
From "Bring on the Sunshine" by Brenda Lee:
Take away the rain
Bring on the sunshine
My baby's coming home again
Take away the grey skies
From "It Takes One to Know One" by Brenda Lee:
A fool knows a fool
Like a rainbow knows the rain
A fool knows a fool
Like a hurt knows a pain.
From "You Belong to Me" by Jim Reeves:
See the jungle when it's wet with rain
Just remember till you're home again
From "I Heard a Heart Break Last Night" by Jim Reeves:
I heard the pitter patter
Of a slow winter rain
I heard the lonesome whistle
Of a far away train.
From "Lonesome Waltz" by Jim Reeves:
Put in some pretty love words
As fresh as the summer rain
I'll furnish plenty teardrops
And pretend you're mine again.
From "Once Upon a Time" by Jim Reeves:
I've always been told the rainbow
Usually follows the rain
But there's no glow of a rainbow
No sign of sunshine again.
From "Bedtime Story" by Kitty Wells:
Then he was back and safe inside his castle
And tears of joy came pouring down like rain
Then the castle rang with laughter they lived happy ever after
Knowing he would never leave again.
From "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" by Kitty Wells:
In the twilight glow I see her
Blue eyes crying in the rain
And when we kissed goodbye and parted
I knew we'd never meet again.
From "One More Chance" by Eric Clapton:
Well, the sun won't shine and it refuse to rain,
And I bang my heard, but I feel no pain.
From "Born In Time" by Eric Clapton:
You were snow, you were rain,
You were stripes and you were plain.
From "Diamonds Made From Rain" by Eric Clapton:
Like diamonds made of rain
You can find joy inside the pain
From "My Father's Eyes" by Eric Clapton:
Praying for the healing rain
To restore my soul again.
From "Needs His Woman" by Eric Clapton:
You left him standing in the pouring rain.
There's every chance he'll go insane.
From "Southwind" by Johnny Cash:
Southwind, you picked her up in Jacksonville
And left me cold and lonesome in the rain
Southwind, you took her off to Nashville
Left me chokin' in the smoke behind the train
From "Wichita Lineman" by Johnny Cash:
I know I need a small vacation but it don't look like rain
And if it snows that stretch down south
Won't ever stand the strain
From "Highwayman" by Johnny Cash:
Or I may simply be a single drop of rain
But I will remain

Used by Shakespeare
The quality of mercy is not strain'd, Merchant of Venice: IV, i

Beard, your orange-tawny beard, your purple-in-grain A Midsummer Night's Dream: I, ii

Through lovers' brains, and then they dream of love; Romeo and Juliet: I, iv

Yet, poor old heart, he holp the heavens to rain. King Lear: III, vii

Like turk to christian: women's gentle brain As You Like It: IV, iii

He hath ribbons of an the colours i' the rainbow; The Winter's Tale: IV, iv

Your mistresses dare never come in rain, Love's Labour's Lost: IV, iii

Unto the rainbow, or with taper-light King John: IV, ii

Though strongly apprehended, could restrain King Henry IV, part II: I, i

Now, youthful troilus, do not these high strains Toilus and Cressida: II, ii

More straining on for plucking back, not following The Winter's Tale: IV, iv

Without more motive, into every brain Hamlet: I, iv

With hey, ho, the wind and the rain,-- King Lear: III, ii

With hey, ho, the wind and the rain, Twelfth Night: V, i

There comes the rain, there begins confusion. King Henry VI, part I: IV, i

Sunshine and rain at once: her smiles and tears King Lear: IV, iii

My brain more busy than the labouring spider King Henry VI, part II: III, i

Most excellent accomplished lady, the heavens rain Twelfth Night: III, i

Like trees bedash'd with rain: in that sad time King Richard III: I, ii
Keep his brain fuming; epicurean cooks Antony and Cleopatra: II, i

If talbot do but thunder, rain will follow. King Henry VI, part I: III, ii

Hath yoked a nation strong, train'd up in arms. Titus Andronicus: I, i

For to strange sores strangely they strain the cure. Much Ado About Nothing: IV, i

Beaten myself into all the colours of the rainbow; Merry Wives of Windsor: IV, v

At tarsus, and by cleon train'd Pericles, Prince of Tyre: III, iv

'tis in grain, sir; 'twill endure wind and weather. Twelfth Night: I, v

Your brain, and every function of your power, King Henry VIII: III, ii

With twenty thousand kisses, and to drain King Henry VI, part II: III, ii

With it beat out his brains! piety, and fear, Timon of Athens: IV, i

With an ordinary fool that has no more brain Twelfth Night: I, v

Wind, rain, and thunder, remember, earthly man Pericles, Prince of Tyre: II, i

Which are the children of an idle brain, Romeo and Juliet: I, iv

What strained touches rhetoric can lend, Sonnets: LXXXII

Unhappy brains for drinking: I could well wish Othello: II, iii

Twenty to follow mine own teaching. the brain may Merchant of Venice: I, ii

To try me with affliction; had they rain'd Othello: IV, ii

To think of what a noble strain you are, Pericles, Prince of Tyre: IV, iii

To knock out an honest athenian's brains. Timon of Athens: I, i

To come thus was I not constrain'd, but did Antony and Cleopatra: III, vi

They were trained together in their childhoods; and The Winter's Tale: I, i

Their brains! that we should, with joy, pleasance Othello: II, iii

The which at touraine, in saint katharine's King Henry VI, part I: I, ii

The very train of her worst wearing gown King Henry VI, part II: I, iii

The rage be his, whilst on the earth I rain King Richard II: III, iii

That thou restrain'st from me the duty which Coriolanus: V, iii

That the property of rain is to wet and fire to As You Like It: III, ii

That so degenerate a strain as this Toilus and Cressida: II, ii

That memory, the warder of the brain, Macbeth: I, vii

That hath a mint of phrases in his brain; Love's Labour's Lost: I, i

That did my ripe thoughts in my brain inhearse, Sonnets: LXXXVI

Straining upon the start. the game's afoot: King Henry V: III, i

Straining harsh discords and unpleasing sharps. Romeo and Juliet: III, v

So brainsickly of things. go get some water, Macbeth: II, ii

Shower of rain as well as jove. Antony and Cleopatra: I, ii

rain sacrificial whisperings in his ear, Timon of Athens: I, i

Pointing to each his thunder, rain and wind, Sonnets: XIV

Perturbation of the brain: I have read the cause of King Henry IV, part II: I, ii

Of two most rare affections! heavens rain grace The Tempest: III, i

Of hope, not longing, mine italian brain Cymbeline: V, v

O, train me not, sweet mermaid, with thy note, The Comedy of Errors: III, ii

Nor rain, wind, thunder, fire, are my daughters: King Lear: III, ii

My heart dropp'd love, my power rain'd honour, more King Henry VIII: III, ii

My father's goods are all distrain'd and sold, King Richard II: II, iii

My doe with the black scut! let the sky rain Merry Wives of Windsor: V, v

More clamorous than a parrot against rain, more As You Like It: IV, i

May run mad; but, if with too much brain and too Toilus and Cressida: V, i

Lovers and madmen have such seething brains, A Midsummer Night's Dream: V, i

Let's leave this town; for they are hare-brain'd slaves, King Henry VI, part I: I, ii

It will be rain to-night. Macbeth: III, iii

It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven Merchant of Venice: IV, i

It drizzles rain; and I will, like a true drunkard, Much Ado About Nothing: III, iii
If a man will be beaten with brains, a' shall wear Much Ado About Nothing: V, iv

If a man's brains were in's heels, were't not in King Lear: I, v

I did suppose it should be on constraint: King John: V, i

I am glad to be constrain'd to utter that Cymbeline: V, v

Good lord, what madness rules in brainsick men, King Henry VI, part I: IV, i

Give not a windy night a rainy morrow, Sonnets: XC

For thou exist'st on many a thousand grains Measure for Measure: III, i

For the rain it raineth every day. Twelfth Night: V, i

Education: you have trained me like a peasant, As You Like It: I, i

Cressid, I love thee in so strain'd a purity, Toilus and Cressida: IV, iv

Crammed with grain; make edicts for usury, to Coriolanus: I, i

Clay-brained guts, thou knotty-pated fool, thou King Henry IV, part I: II, iv

Catch, if he knock out either of your brains: a' Toilus and Cressida: II, i

But where unbruised youth with unstuff'd brain Romeo and Juliet: II, iii

But that achilles, were his brain as barren Toilus and Cressida: I, iii

But rather wishing a more strict restraint Measure for Measure: I, iv

Belike for want of rain, which I could well A Midsummer Night's Dream: I, i

As unrelenting flint to drops of rain. Titus Andronicus: II, iii

As to put metal in restrained means Measure for Measure: II, iv

As stars with trains of fire and dews of blood, Hamlet: I, i

As it rain'd kisses. Antony and Cleopatra: III, xiii

And this brave fellow too, we are the grains: Coriolanus: V, i

And that to the infection of my brains The Winter's Tale: I, ii

And say which grain will grow and which will not, Macbeth: I, iii

And his train; portia, nerissa, and others Merchant of Venice: II, i

And here at hand the dauphin and his train King Henry VI, part I: V, iv
A royal train, believe me. these I know: King Henry VIII: IV, i

A little to disquantity your train; King Lear: I, iv

A halting sonnet of his own pure brain, Much Ado About Nothing: V, iv

For the rain, &c. Twelfth Night: V, i

You train me to offend you; get you in: Toilus and Cressida: V, iii

You strain too far. King Henry IV, part I: IV, i

You lie.what a lack-brain is this! by the lord, King Henry IV, part I: II, iii

Within the book and volume of my brain, Hamlet: I, v

With too much blood and too little brain, these two Toilus and Cressida: V, i

With unrestrained loose companions, King Richard II: V, iii

With sharp constraint of hunger; better 'twere All's Well that Ends Well: III, ii

With rainy marching in the painful field; King Henry V: IV, iii

Will you with free and unconstrained soul Much Ado About Nothing: IV, i

Will rain hot vengeance on offenders' heads. King Richard II: I, ii

Will pack when it begins to rain, King Lear: II, iv

Why, how now, claudio! whence comes this restraint? Measure for Measure: I, ii

Why with some little train, my lord of buckingham? King Richard III: II, ii

Why are you sequester'd from all your train, Titus Andronicus: II, iii

Which we durst never yet, and with strain'd pride King Lear: I, i

Which the brain makes of fumes: our very eyes Cymbeline: IV, ii

Which hoxes honesty behind, restraining The Winter's Tale: I, ii

Which busy care draws in the brains of men; Julius Caesar: II, i

Whereto constrain'd by her infirmity, Cymbeline: III, v

Whereon his brains still beating puts him thus Hamlet: III, i

Where are my tears? rain, to lay this wind, or Toilus and Cressida: IV, iv

When hours have drain'd his blood and fill'd his brow Sonnets: LXIII
Whate'er I forge to feed his brain-sick fits, Titus Andronicus: V, ii

What's in the brain that ink may character Sonnets: CVIII

Were red-hot steel, to sear me to the brain! King Richard III: IV, i

We see each grain of gravel, I do know King Henry VIII: I, i

We'll pull his plumes and take away his train, King Henry VI, part I: III, iii

Was he met there? his train? camillo with him? The Winter's Tale: II, i

Upon the slime and ooze scatters his grain, Antony and Cleopatra: II, vii

Unto a mad-brain rudesby full of spleen; The Taming of the Shrew: III, ii

Unmannerly breech'd with gore: who could refrain, Macbeth: II, iii

Turns to restraint. our natures do pursue, Measure for Measure: I, ii

Too was no good divinity. when the rain came to King Lear: IV, vi

Tongue and brain not; either both or nothing; Cymbeline: V, iv

To you, the liver, heart and brain of britain, Cymbeline: V, v

To weed this wormwood from your fruitful brain, Love's Labour's Lost: V, ii

To taint his nobler heart and brain Cymbeline: V, iv

To know the reason of this strange restraint. The Comedy of Errors: III, i

To ireland, poictiers, anjou, touraine, maine, King John: I, i

To give her princely training, that she may be Pericles, Prince of Tyre: III, iii

To build his fortune I will strain a little, Timon of Athens: I, i

To bear my lady's train, lest the base earth The Two Gentlemen of Verona: II, iv

To an unsettled fancy cure thy brains, The Tempest: V, i

To train ten thousand english to their side, King John: III, iv

To rain upon remembrance with mine eyes, King Henry IV, part II: II, iii

To nature none more bound; his training such, King Henry VIII: I, ii

To grudge my pleasures, to cut off my train, King Lear: II, iv

To dry the rain on my storm-beaten face, Sonnets: XXXIV

Thy gift, thy tables, are within my brain Sonnets: CXXII

Throwing restraint upon us; or say they strike us, Othello: IV, iii

Though now this grained face of mine be hid The Comedy of Errors: V, i

Thou hast affected the fine strains of honour, Coriolanus: V, iii

Thou mad misleader of thy brain-sick son! King Henry VI, part II: V, i

Those children nursed, deliver'd from thy brain, Sonnets: LXXVII

This the very coinage of your brain: Hamlet: III, iv

This strained passion doth you wrong, my lord. King Henry IV, part II: I, i

This rascal, I could brain him with his lady's fan. King Henry IV, part I: II, iii

This can sack and drinking do. a murrain on The Tempest: III, ii

They would restrain the one, distain the other. King Richard III: V, iii

They think they are mine; and though train'd Cymbeline: III, iii

They have the gift to know it: and in his brain, As You Like It: II, vii

These boiled brains of nineteen and two-and-twenty The Winter's Tale: III, iii

There's not a grain of it the face to sweeten The Winter's Tale: II, i

Then do I give volquessen, touraine, maine, King John: II, i

The sea all water, yet receives rain still Sonnets: CXXXV

The petty rebel, dull-brain'd buckingham, King Richard III: IV, iv

The bastard brains with these my proper hands The Winter's Tale: II, iii

The train with them. enter at another door a Pericles, Prince of Tyre: I, iv

The to-and-fro-conflicting wind and rain. King Lear: III, i

The strain of strutting chanticleer The Tempest: I, ii

The rain and wind beat dark december, how, Cymbeline: III, iii

The muzzle of restraint, and the wild dog King Henry IV, part II: IV, v

The mad-brain'd bridegroom took him such a cuff The Taming of the Shrew: III, ii

The enfranchisement of arthur; whose restraint King John: IV, ii

The brain awe a man from the career of his humour? Much Ado About Nothing: II, iii

The brains of my cupid's knocked out, and I begin to All's Well that Ends Well: III, ii

That, when the brains were out, the man would die, Macbeth: III, iv

That will not drink to my niece till his brains turn Twelfth Night: I, iii

That many have their giddy brains knock'd out: King Henry VI, part I: III, i

That loves quails; but he has not so much brain as Toilus and Cressida: V, i

That live in her; when liver, brain and heart, Twelfth Night: I, i

That he was never trained up in arms. King Richard III: V, iii

That both mine eyes were rainy like to his : Titus Andronicus: V, i

That youth's a rare courtier: 'rain odours;' well. Twelfth Night: III, i

That strain again! it had a dying fall: Twelfth Night: I, i

That promises moe thousands: honour's train King Henry VIII: II, iii

That lock up your restraint. for you, posthumus, Cymbeline: I, i

That harry duke of hereford, rainold lord cobham, King Richard II: II, i

That brain'd my purpose. but, peace be with him! Measure for Measure: V, i

That aptly is put on. refrain to-night, Hamlet: III, iv

Than what you should, made you against the grain Coriolanus: II, iii

Than the constraint of hospitable zeal King John: II, i

Take from his heart, take from his brain, Antony and Cleopatra: III, vii

Such as we see when men restrain their breath King Henry IV, part I: II, iii

Such a case as mine a man may strain courtesy. Romeo and Juliet: II, iv

Such groans of roaring wind and rain, I never King Lear: III, ii

Sorry that you are paid too much; purse and brain Cymbeline: V, iv

Sleep rock thy brain, Hamlet: III, ii

Sir, you have shown to-day your valiant strain, King Lear: V, iii

Sir, I invite your highness and your train The Tempest: V, i

Sir, as I told you always, her beauty and her brain Cymbeline: I, ii

Should have kept short, restrain'd and out of haunt, Hamlet: IV, i

Should have him thus restrain'd. King Lear: II, ii

Should by the cormorant belly be restrain'd, Coriolanus: I, i

She hath abated me of half my train; King Lear: II, iv

She have restrain'd the riots of your followers, King Lear: II, iv

Shall rain their drift of bullets on this town. King John: II, i

Shall beat out my brains with billets: I will not Measure for Measure: IV, iii

Seal up the ship-boy's eyes, and rock his brains King Henry IV, part II: III, i

Scarce I could from tears refrain; Various poetry: XXI

Saddle my horses; call my train together: King Lear: I, iv

Richly habited in a mantle, &c., train borne by a King Henry VIII: V, v

Remaineth none but mad-brain'd salisbury; King Henry VI, part I: I, ii

Piercing statutes daily, to chain up and restrain Coriolanus: I, i

Peace, good pint-pot; peace, good tickle-brain. King Henry IV, part I: II, iv

Out of my prains what is the name of the other King Henry V: IV, vii

Our prains together to be revenge on this same Merry Wives of Windsor: III, i

Other slow arts entirely keep the brain; Love's Labour's Lost: IV, iii

Or swell my thoughts to any strain of pride; King Henry IV, part II: IV, v

Or at the least, so long as brain and heart Sonnets: CXXII

Or put upon you what restraint and grievance Othello: I, ii

Operation in it. it ascends me into the brain; King Henry IV, part II: IV, iii

Of them; if th' other two be brained like us, the The Tempest: III, ii

Of its own fail, restraining aid to timon; Timon of Athens: V, i

Of fair demesnes, youthful, and nobly train'd, Romeo and Juliet: III, v

Of charles the duke of lorraine, sole heir male King Henry V: I, ii

Of contumelious, beastly, mad-brain'd war, Timon of Athens: V, i

O, if thou wert the noblest of thy strain, Julius Caesar: V, i

O, there has been much throwing about of brains. Hamlet: II, ii

O earth, I will befriend thee more with rain, Titus Andronicus: III, i

O heat, dry up my brains! tears seven times salt, Hamlet: IV, v

Now, go thy way. faintness constraineth me A Midsummer Night's Dream: III, ii

Note, if your lady strain his entertainment Othello: III, iii

Not drowned i' the last rain, ha? what sayest Measure for Measure: III, ii

Nor let the rain of heaven wet this place, King Henry VI, part II: III, ii

Nor aught so good but strain'd from that fair use Romeo and Juliet: II, iii

Noble lords; you have restrained yourself within the All's Well that Ends Well: II, i

No, sir, 'tis in grain; noah's flood could not do it. The Comedy of Errors: III, ii

No, nor nowhere else but in your brain. Merry Wives of Windsor: IV, ii

No, it is 'lapis:' I pray you, remember in your prain. Merry Wives of Windsor: IV, i

No new device to beat this from his brains? King Henry VIII: III, ii

Nay, I do bear a brain:--but, as I said, Romeo and Juliet: I, iii

Nay, ask me if I can refrain from love; King John: II, i

My love, without retention or restraint, Twelfth Night: V, i

My breast i'll burst with straining of my courage King Henry VI, part I: I, v

My brain i'll prove the female to my soul, King Richard II: V, v

My wit untrain'd in any kind of art. King Henry VI, part I: I, ii

My train are men of choice and rarest parts, King Lear: I, iv

My grained ash an hundred times hath broke Coriolanus: IV, v

More brain than I have in mine elbows; an assinego Toilus and Cressida: II, i

Me seemeth good, that, with some little train, King Richard III: II, ii

Me of my lawful pleasure she restrain'd Cymbeline: II, v

Make dust our paper and with rainy eyes King Richard II: III, ii

Lives not alone immured in the brain; Love's Labour's Lost: IV, iii

Little intoxicates in his prains, did, in his ales and King Henry V: IV, vii

Like foggy south puffing with wind and rain? As You Like It: III, v

Lest my brain turn, and the deficient sight King Lear: IV, vi

Knows almost every grain of plutus' gold, Toilus and Cressida: III, iii

Knight of his train, to trace the forests wild; A Midsummer Night's Dream: II, i

It's monstrous labour, when I wash my brain, Antony and Cleopatra: II, vii

It strains me past the compass of my wits: Romeo and Juliet: IV, i

It rains downright. Romeo and Juliet: III, v

It rain'd down fortune showering on your head; King Henry IV, part I: V, i

It plucks out brains and all: but my muse labours, Othello: II, i

Is there not rain enough in the sweet heavens Hamlet: III, iii

Is in his brain: he bites his lip, and starts; King Henry VIII: III, ii

Is touch'd corruptibly, and his pure brain, King John: V, vii

Instrument and play false strains upon thee! not to As You Like It: IV, iii

Infect the sound pine and divert his grain Toilus and Cressida: I, iii

Infect my brain, being the herdsmen of the beastly Coriolanus: II, i

In thunder, lightning, or in rain? Macbeth: I, i

If the dull brainless ajax come safe off, Toilus and Cressida: I, iii

I would your grace would constrain me to tell. Much Ado About Nothing: I, i

I will confess what I know without constraint: if All's Well that Ends Well: IV, iii

I will drain him dry as hay: Macbeth: I, iii

I warrant you, with pure love and troubled brain, he As You Like It: IV, iii

I take it, she that carries up the train King Henry VIII: IV, i

I have a young conception in my brain; Toilus and Cressida: I, iii

I doubt not but thy training hath been noble. Pericles, Prince of Tyre: IV, vi

I do not strain at the position,-- Toilus and Cressida: III, iii

I am to pray you not to strain my speech Othello: III, iii

I am cut to the brains. King Lear: IV, vi

I'll have my brains ta'en out and buttered, and give Merry Wives of Windsor: III, v

I' th' afternoon to sleep: there thou mayst brain him, The Tempest: III, ii

I train'd thy brethren to that guileful hole Titus Andronicus: V, i

How now! rain within doors, and none abroad! King Henry IV, part II: IV, v

How couldst thou drain the life-blood of the child, King Henry VI, part III: I, iv

How chance the king comes with so small a train? King Lear: II, iv

House is better than this rain-water out o' door. King Lear: III, ii

His brains are forfeit to the next tile that falls. All's Well that Ends Well: IV, iii

Him when hector has knocked out his brains, I know Toilus and Cressida: III, iii

Henry the fifth he first train'd to the wars; King Henry VI, part I: I, iv

He, when he hears of her, cannot refrain Othello: IV, i

He must be taught and train'd and bid go forth; Julius Caesar: IV, i

He is attended with a desperate train; King Lear: II, iv

Have I train'd up: those arts they have as i Cymbeline: V, v

Have I laid my brain in the sun and dried it, that Merry Wives of Windsor: V, v

Have broke their sleep with thoughts, their brains with care, King Henry IV, part II: IV, v

Have strain'd to appear thus: if one jot beyond The Winter's Tale: III, ii

Hath been before, how are our brains beguiled, Sonnets: LIX

Hath here distrain'd the tower to his use. King Henry VI, part I: I, iii

Has page any brains? hath he any eyes? hath he any Merry Wives of Windsor: III, ii

Had he a hand to write this? a heart and brain King Lear: I, ii

Give me your favour: my dull brain was wrought Macbeth: I, iii

From stubborn turks and tartars, never train'd Merchant of Venice: IV, i

For, sure, unless he know some strain in me, that i Merry Wives of Windsor: II, i

For the rain it raineth every day. King Lear: III, ii

For one poor grain or two, to leave unburnt, Coriolanus: V, i

For one poor grain or two! Coriolanus: V, i

For I was train'd up in the english court; King Henry IV, part I: III, i

For visiting your highness: my best train The Winter's Tale: V, i

For anjou and fair touraine, maine, poictiers, King John: II, i

Figures out of your husband's brains. if they can Merry Wives of Windsor: IV, ii

Fie upon't! foh! about, my brain! I have heard Hamlet: II, ii

Even to the utmost grain: that you shall read King Henry V: II, iv

Even to the court, the heart, to the seat o' the brain; Coriolanus: I, i

Ere I could make a prologue to my brains, Hamlet: V, ii

England, to mope with his fat-brained followers so King Henry V: III, vii

England and ireland, anjou, touraine, maine, King John: II, i

Does pity, as constrained blemishes, Antony and Cleopatra: III, xiii

Did instigate the bedlam brain-sick duchess King Henry VI, part II: III, i

Desired more than constrain'd: to satisfy, Cymbeline: V, iv

Daughter to charles the foresaid duke of lorraine: King Henry V: I, ii

Cudgel thy brains no more about it, for your dull Hamlet: V, i

Could have knock'd out his brains, for he had none: Cymbeline: IV, ii

Constrains them weep and shake with fear and sorrow; Coriolanus: V, iii

Constrains a man to bow in the hams. Romeo and Juliet: II, iv

Canst thou? a red murrain o' thy jade's tricks! Toilus and Cressida: II, i

By many of these trains hath sought to win me Macbeth: IV, iii

By need and accident. what train? The Winter's Tale: V, i

By love's own sweet constraint, and will for ever All's Well that Ends Well: IV, ii

But yet a brain that leads my use of anger Coriolanus: III, ii

But with a grain a day, I would not buy Coriolanus: III, iii

But puts it off to a compell'd restraint; All's Well that Ends Well: II, iv

Break off the parley; for scarce I can refrain King Henry VI, part III: II, ii

Brain of this foolish-compounded clay, man, is not King Henry IV, part II: I, ii

Brain more than he has beat my bones: I will buy Toilus and Cressida: II, i

Both empty; the brain the heavier for being too Cymbeline: V, iv

Blow off thy cap; praise his most vicious strain, Timon of Athens: IV, iii

Bloody constraint; for if you hide the crown King Henry V: II, iv

Because cassandra's mad: her brain-sick raptures Toilus and Cressida: II, ii

Bears all down with her brain; and this her son Cymbeline: II, i

Bear with my weakness; my, brain is troubled: The Tempest: IV, i

Be drain'd! let me embrace thee, ajax: Toilus and Cressida: IV, v

Ay, just; perpetual durance, a restraint, Measure for Measure: III, i

Aside, aside; here is more matter for a hot brain: The Winter's Tale: IV, iv

As with a club, dash out my desperate brains? Romeo and Juliet: IV, iii

As love is full of unbefitting strains, Love's Labour's Lost: V, ii

As if thou then hadst shut up in thy brain Othello: III, iii

As rain to water, or devil to his dam. King John: II, i

As green as ajax' and your brain so temper'd, Toilus and Cressida: II, iii

Are his wits safe? is he not light of brain? Othello: IV, i

And, in this brainish apprehension, kills Hamlet: IV, i

And, in the publication, make no strain, Toilus and Cressida: I, iii

And, good my lord, so please you, let our trains King Henry IV, part II: IV, ii

And, as he drains his draughts of rhenish down, Hamlet: I, iv

And your great love to me restrains you thus: Toilus and Cressida: III, iii

And when the rage allays, the rain begins. King Henry VI, part III: I, iv

And they did fight with queasiness, constrain'd, King Henry IV, part II: I, i

And there is also another device in my prain, which Merry Wives of Windsor: I, i

And there I see such black and grained spots Hamlet: III, iv

And strain what other means is left unto us Timon of Athens: V, i

And strain their cheeks to idle merriment, King John: III, iii

And other strains of woe, which now seem woe, Sonnets: XC

And on the ragged stones beat forth our brains, Titus Andronicus: V, iii

And on his father's; we did train him on, King Henry IV, part I: V, ii

And now my sight fails, and my brain is giddy: King Henry IV, part II: IV, iv

And none serve with him but constrained things Macbeth: V, iv

And more and richer, when he strains that lady: King Henry VIII: IV, i

And make a quagmire of your mingled brains. King Henry VI, part I: I, iv

And let it answer every strain for strain, Much Ado About Nothing: V, i

And in his grave rain'd many a tear:-- Hamlet: IV, v

And in her train there is a gentle lady; Love's Labour's Lost: III, i

And I do think, or else this brain of mine Hamlet: II, ii

And he is bred out of that bloody strain King Henry V: II, iv

And for that cause I trained thee to my house. King Henry VI, part I: II, iii

And all this courtesy! the strain of man's bred out Timon of Athens: I, i

And all the rest look like a chidden train: Julius Caesar: I, ii

And train our intellects to vain delight. Love's Labour's Lost: I, i

And touch thy instrument a strain or two? Julius Caesar: IV, iii

And level of my brain, plot-proof; but she The Winter's Tale: II, iii

And dash'd the brains out, had I so sworn as you Macbeth: I, vii
And buz these conjurations in her brain. King Henry VI, part II: I, ii

All hail, my lords! which of this princely train King Henry VI, part I: II, ii

A saucy roughness, and constrains the garb King Lear: II, ii

A strain of rareness: and I grieve myself Cymbeline: III, iv

A murrain on't! I took this for silver. Coriolanus: I, v

A handkerchief; which, say to her, did drain King Richard III: IV, iv

A hair-brain'd hotspur, govern'd by a spleen: King Henry IV, part I: V, ii

A grain, a dust, a gnat, a wandering hair, King John: IV, i

A diminution in our captain's brain Antony and Cleopatra: III, xiii

A brain that nourishes our nerves, and can Antony and Cleopatra: IV, viii

'tis not the first time I have constrained one to Twelfth Night: II, iii

'tis a good constraint of fortune it belches upon us. Pericles, Prince of Tyre: III, ii

Videlicit, in a love-cause. troilus had his brains As You Like It: IV, i

Uneducated, unpruned, untrained, or rather, Love's Labour's Lost: IV, ii

Suppose, my lords, he did it unconstrain'd, King Henry VI, part III: I, i

Strain were in the same distress. Merry Wives of Windsor: III, iii

Strains his young nerves and puts himself in posture Cymbeline: III, iii

Strain, of approved valour and confirmed honesty. i Much Ado About Nothing: II, i

Strain'd purely from all hollow bias-drawing, Toilus and Cressida: IV, v

Scorn'dst our brain's flow and those our Timon of Athens: V, iv

Sallet, my brainpan had been cleft with a brown King Henry VI, part II: IV, x

Rumble thy bellyful! spit, fire! spout, rain! King Lear: III, ii

Rot half a grain a day! he lies to the heart: Othello: V, ii

Restrain in me the cursed thoughts that nature Macbeth: II, i

Restrained to keep him from stumbling, hath been The Taming of the Shrew: III, ii

Restrained, captivated, bound. Love's Labour's Lost: III, i

Raze out the written troubles of the brain Macbeth: V, iii

raining the tears of lamentation Love's Labour's Lost: V, ii

rain'd from the wounds of slaughter'd englishmen: King Richard II: III, iii

Proceeding from the heat-oppressed brain? Macbeth: II, i

Motley in my brain. good madonna, give me leave to Twelfth Night: I, v

Madding my eagerness with her restraint, All's Well that Ends Well: V, iii

Knocking out his brains. Othello: IV, ii

Inhuman traitors, you constrain'd and forced. Titus Andronicus: V, ii

Grain enough! Coriolanus: I, i

Grains of wheat hid in two bushels of chaff: you Merchant of Venice: I, i

Enjoys it; but in gross brain little wots King Henry V: IV, i

Dissolve, thick cloud, and rain; that I may say, Antony and Cleopatra: V, ii

Dismissing half your train, come then to me: King Lear: II, iv

Constrained in't to call thee knave, knight. Twelfth Night: II, iii

Constrain'd to watch in darkness, rain and cold. King Henry VI, part I: II, i

Burrows, like conies after rain, and revel all with Coriolanus: IV, v

Brains. I will fetch you light and paper and ink. Twelfth Night: IV, ii

Brains! for,--here he comes,--one of thy kin has a Twelfth Night: I, v

Arithmetic but her brain to set down her reckoning: Toilus and Cressida: III, iii

Anne's train. King Henry VIII: IV, i

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a. Water condensed from atmospheric vapor and falling in drops.
b. A fall of such water; a rainstorm.
c. The descent of such water.
d. Rainy weather.
e. rains A rainy season.
2. A heavy or abundant fall: a rain of fluffy cottonwood seeds; a rain of insults.
v. rained, rain·ing, rains
1. To fall in drops of water from the clouds.
2. To fall like rain: Praise rained down on the composer.
3. To release rain.
1. To send or pour down.
2. To give abundantly; shower: rain gifts; rain curses upon their heads.
Phrasal Verb:
rain out
To force the cancellation or postponement of (an outdoor event) because of rain. Used in passive constructions: Theball g
ame was rained out.
rain cats and dogs Informal
To rain very heavily.

[Middle English, from Old English regn, rēn.]

rain′less adj.
American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. Copyright © 2016 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Publishing Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. All rights reserved.

1. (Physical Geography)
a. precipitation from clouds in the form of drops of water, formed by the condensation of water vapour in theatmosphere
b. a fall of rain; shower
c. (in combination): a raindrop. hyetalpluvious
2. a large quantity of anything falling rapidly or in quick succession: a rain of abuse.
3. rain or shine come rain or shine
a. regardless of the weather
b. regardless of circumstances
4. right as rain informal Brit perfectly all right; perfectly fit
5. (intr; with it as subject) to be the case that rain is falling
6. (often with: it as subject) to fall or cause to fall like rain: the lid flew off and popcorn rained on everyone.
7. (tr) to bestow in large measure: to rain abuse on someone.
8. rain cats and dogs informal to rain heavily; pour
9. rained off cancelled or postponed on account of rain. US and Canadian term: rained out
[Old English regn; related to Old Frisian rein, Old High German regan, Gothic rign]
ˈrainless adj
Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged, 12th Edition 2014 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998,
2000, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2014


1. water that is condensed from the aqueous vapor in the atmosphere and falls to earth in drops.
2. a rainfall, rainstorm, or shower.
3. rains, the rainy season; seasonal rainfall.
4. weather marked by steady or frequent rainfall.
5. a heavy and continuous descent or inflicting of anything: a rain of blows; a rain of vituperation.
6. (of rain) to fall (usu. used impersonally with it as subject): It rained all night.
7. to fall like rain: Tears rained from their eyes.
8. to send down rain.
9. to send down as or like rain.
10. to offer or bestow in great quantity; shower: to rain favors upon a person.
11. rain out, to cancel or postpone because of rain.
rain cats and dogs, to rain very heavily or steadily.
[before 900; (n.) Middle English rein; Old English regn, rēn, c. Dutch, German regen, Old Norse regn, Gothic rign; (v.) Mid
dleEnglish reinen, Old English regnian]
rain′less, adj.
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Random House, Inc. All rights reserved.

Water that condenses from vapor in the atmosphere and falls to earth as separate drops from clouds.
The American Heritage® Student Science Dictionary, Second Edition. Copyright © 2014 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Publishing Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. All rights reserved.

See also atmosphere; climate; clouds; lightning; snow; thunder; water; weather.

the study of the geographical distribution of rainfall by annual totals. — hyetographic, hyetographical, adj.
Rare. the branch of meteorology that studies rainfall. — hyetologist, n. — hyetological, adj.
the branch of meteorology that studies rain. — ombrological, n.
an abnormal fear of rain.
the branch of meteorology that automatically measures rainfall and snowfall. — pluviographic, pluviographical, adj.
the branch of meteorology concerned with the measurement of rainfall. — pluviometric, pluviometrical, adj.
an instrument for measuring rainfall; a rain gauge.
raininess. — pluvious, adj.
the measurement of rainfall with any of various types of rain gauges. — udometric, adj.
a self-registering rain gauge.
-Ologies & -Isms. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

the falling or driving of numerous particles; the particles themselves, collectively.
Examples: rain of frogs, 1593; of kisses, 1893; of melody, 1820; of calm moonbeams, 1821; of pearls, 1847; of snow,138
8; of sparks; of tears, 1541.
Dictionary of Collective Nouns and Group Terms. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.



1. As if a mask had been peeled off, the rain ended —Tim O’Brien
2. Big soft drops splash on people’s hands and cheeks, immense warm drops like melted stars —
Katherine Mansfield
3. Drizzle whispered upon Joseph’s umbrella like muffled applause —Rick Borsten
4. Droplets fired upon our windows like bullets of tin —Ira Wood
5. The drops like bugs stuck on the pane —F. D. Reeve
6. A dull rain, like a tap left running —Jean Thompson
7. Fall rain as fine as spray from an atomizer —Harvey Swados
8. Felt the rain like cold tears on his hot face —James Crumley
9. The good rain, like a bad preacher, does not know when to leave off —Ralph Waldo Emerson
10. The gray rain continued to fall, stubbornly and insensibly, like a frozen madness —Amos Oz
11. Hiss in the gutter [the rain] like a thousand coiled snakes —T. Coraghessan Boyle
12. It seemed as if the lowering clouds, heavy with water had burst, emptying upon the earth … melting it like sugar
—Guy De Maupassant

See Also: CLOUD(S)

13. Light rain fell around the big house and its trees like a veil —John McGahern
14. Light through which the slowing rain ran stitches like a sewing machine gone mad —Leslie A. Fiedler
15. The rain as thick as oil on the windows —Albert Camus
16. The rain beat down (on Paris) in endless steady sheets, straight down, like waterfalls —Sylvia Berkman

A nice example of a simile to introduce a story and set its mood.

17. Rain … beating down like a stampede of horses —Paige Mitchell

18. The rain bites like a whip across a prisoner’s back —Anne Morrow Lindbergh
19. The rain came down like glass bead curtains —Joyce Cary
20. The rain came like an explosion in a glass factory —T. Coraghessan Boyle
21. The rain came sifting through the air, and settled like bloom on the fields —Mary Lavin

Another rain simile to set a fictional scene, this one for Lavin’s story, Brigid.

22. The rain came slowly and doggedly down, as if it had not even the spirit to pour —Charles Dickens
23. Rain comes down like the sky falling in skeins and yarny drifts —Marge Piercy
24. Raindrops … as warm as the tears of a child not yet consoled —Marguerite Yourcenar
25. Rain drops down like worms from the trees —Anne Sexton
26. Raindrops hitting like bullets —Joyce Carol Oates
27. Raindrops, plump as Malaga grapes —Paul Kuttner
28. Raindrops pock the surface like a plague —T. Coraghessan Boyle
29. Raindrops sparkled like diamonds falling through sunshine —Rita Mae Brown
30. Raindrops tapped at our backs like insinuating fingers —T. Coraghessan Boyle
31. Raindrops that whined like bullets —Kenzaburo Oë
32. Rained like a cow pissing on a flat rock —American colloquialism
33. Rain falling just past the end of his nose like a curtain —Thomas McGuane
34. Rain … fell like a silver veil from the dim grey sky —Mazo De La Roche
35. Rain … fell like iron swords out of the black sky —Paul Theroux
36. Rain … flowing in streaked silver patterns down the panes of the window nearby, like tears on the smooth shining
faceof a child —Bill Pronzini
37. Rain … flying down like silver needles —Frank Swinnerton
38. Rain glimmered like silver threads being spun from the mist —Paige Mitchell
39. Rain … gold as the planet system —Dame Edith Sitwell
40. Rain hit the roof like pennies from heaven —T. Coraghessan Boyle
41. Rain keeps falling like a curse —Amos Oz
42. Rain knocked at the windows like a smirking voyeur —T. Coraghessan Boyle
43. Rain … like a river falling out of the sky —Donald Seaman
44. Rain … like a deluge from heaven —W. Somerset Maugham
45. Rain, like dark-ruled lines on paper —Stephen Longstreet
46. The rain like pitchforks fell —Delmore Schwartz
47. Rain plastered the land till it was shining like hammered lead —Ted Hughes
48. Rain poured down like a waterfall —Jilly Cooper
49. Rain ran from the roof like a sea —Irving Feldman
50. Rain … rattling hard first on one side and then on the other like someone nailing down a case —Saul Bellow
51. Rains drip like the slow beat of time —Dame Edith Sitwell
52. Rain sheeting down like a giant waterfall —Frank Swinnerton
53. The rains of summer’s end were very like tears, falling warm and gradually chilling where they fell —
Lael TuckerWertenbaker
54. Rain, so loud, like horses weeping —F. Scott Fitzgerald
55. Rainstorms that blacken like a headache —Amy Clampitt
56. The rain struck you so hard that it was like a warm gag in your mouth —Louis-Ferdinand Celine
57. The rain stung like whips, and from underfoot the mud oozed up over shoes and ankles like a live thing —
58. Rain … swept the deck in angry gusts, like a nagging woman who cannot leave a subject alone —
W. SomersetMaugham
59. Rain thudded against the car like rotten fruit —Jean Thompson
60. The rain was blowing down the window glass like silk —Paul Horgan
61. Showers … drifting like scarves of gauze across the landscape —Jules Romains
62. A slanted sheet of rain swept like a scythe across Placid Cove Trailer Park —John Lutz

The scene being set with this simile is for a mystery story entitled Ride the Lightning.

63. The sound of rain seemed … like the repeated attentions of a lover —John Cheever
64. A squall of rain driven around us in gusts like a wet veil —Erich Maria Remarque
65. Through the mist it was as if fine threads of rain were being teased down slowly —John McGahern
66. Torrents of rain streamed through the darkness, like incessant floods of tears which threatened to devour the eart
hand drown it in a deluge of unquenchable grief —Vladimir G. Korolenko
67. The [rain] water was loud as a crowd hissing —Susan Minot
68. When it rains, there’s a wonderful lush wooden wetness in the air, and you feel as refreshed as if you were the ea
rthitself, drinking in the water —Christopher Isherwood
69. The wind-blown rain was smeared like jam on the glass [of the window] —Jonathan Valin

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Past participle: rained

Gerund: raining

Collins English Verb Tables © HarperCollins Publishers 2011

Precipitation falling from clouds in the form of water drops.
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Nou 1 rain - water falling in drops from vapor condensed in the atmosphere
n . rainfall
monsoon - any wind that changes direction with the seasons
downfall, precipitation -
the falling to earth of any form of water (rain or snow or hail orsleet or mist)
raindrop - a drop of rain
rainstorm - a storm with rain
downpour, pelter, soaker, torrent, cloudburst, deluge, waterspout - a heavy rain
drizzle, mizzle - very light rain; stronger than mist but less than a shower
rain shower, shower - a brief period of precipitation; "the game was interrupted by a brief shower"
2 rain - drops of fresh water that fall as precipitation from clouds
. rainwater
fresh water, freshwater - water that is not salty

3 rain -
. anything happening rapidly or in quick successive; "a rain of bullets"; "a pelting of ins
chronological sequence, chronological
succession, succession, successiveness, sequence -
a following of one thing after another in time; "the doctor saw a sequence ofpatients"
Ver 1 rain - precipitate as rain; "If it rains much more, we can expect some flooding"
b . rain down
come down, precipitate, fall -
fall from clouds; "rain, snow and sleet were falling"; "Vesuvius precipitated itsfiery, destructive rage o
n Herculaneum"
drizzle, mizzle - rain lightly; "When it drizzles in summer, hiking can be pleasant"
shower down, shower - rain abundantly; "Meteors showered down over half of Australia"
patter, pitter-patter, spatter, spit, sprinkle -
rain gently; "It has only sprinkled, but the roads are slick"
rain buckets, rain cats and dogs, pelt, stream, pour - rain heavily; "Put on your rain coat--
it's pouringoutside!"
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1. rainfall, fall, showers, deluge, drizzle, downpour, precipitation, raindrops, cloudburst You'll get soakedstanding o
ut in the rain.
2. shower, flood, stream, hail, volley, spate, torrent, deluge A rain of stones descended on the police.
1. pour, pelt (down), teem, bucket down (informal), fall, shower, drizzle, rain cats and dogs (informal), come down
in buckets (informal) It rained the whole weekend.
2. fall, shower, be dropped, sprinkle, be deposited Rockets, mortars and artillery rained on buildings.
3. bestow, pour, shower, lavish Banks rained money on commercial real estate developers.
Related words
adjectives hyetal, pluvial, pluvious
"The rain it raineth every day" [William Shakespeare Twelfth Night]
"It never rains but it pours"
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1995, 2002
To give in great abundance:
heap, lavish, shower.
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A. N (Met) → lluvia f
in the rain → bajo la lluvia
a walk in the rain → un paseo bajo la lluvia
he left his bike out in the rain → dejó la bicicleta bajo la lluvia
don't go out in the rain → no salgas, que está lloviendo
if the rain keeps off → si no llueve
it looks like rain → parece que va a llover
come in out of the rain! → ¡entra, que te vas a mojar!
the rains → la época de las lluvias
come rain or shine (lit) → llueva o haga sol (fig) → pase lo que pase
see also right A5
1. (Met) → llover
it's raining → está lloviendo
it rains a lot here → aquí llueve mucho
to rain on sb's parade (esp US) → aguar la fiesta a algn
it never rains but it pours → las desgracias nunca vienen solas
it rains on the just as well as on the unjust → la lluvia cae sobre los buenos como sobre los malos
2. (fig) ash rained from the sky → llovía ceniza
C. VT → llover
hereabouts it rains soot → por aquí llueve hollín
to rain blows on sb → llover golpes sobre algn
it's raining cats and dogs → está lloviendo a cántaros
D. CPD rain belt N → zona f de lluvias
rain check N (US) (Sport) contraseña para usar otro día en caso de cancelación por lluvia
I'll take a rain check (fig) → de momento, paso
rain cloud N → nube f de lluvia, nubarrón m
rain forest N (also tropical rain forest) → pluviselva f, selva f tropical
rain gauge N → pluviómetro m
rain hood N → capucha f impermeable
rain down VI + ADV → llover
blows rained down on him → llovieron sobre él los golpes
rain off rain out (US) VT + ADV the match was rained off → el partido se canceló por lluvia
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HarperCollins Publishers 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997, 2000, 2003, 2005

(rein) noun
1. water falling from the clouds in liquid drops. We've had a lot of rain today; walking in the rain; We had flooding because
of last week's heavy rains.lluvia
2. a great number of things falling like rain. a rain of arrows.lluvia
1. (only with it as subject) to cause rain to fall. I think it will rain today.llover
2. to (cause to) fall like rain. Arrows rained down on the soldiers.llover
ˈrainy adjective
having (many) showers of rain. a rainy day; the rainy season; rainy weather.lluvioso
ˈraininess noun
ˈrainbow noun
the coloured arch sometimes seen in the sky opposite the sun when rain is falling. arco iris
ˈrain check: take a rain check
(American) (to ask) to do something at a later time. Thanks for inviting me to dinner, but can I take a rain check on
it?dejar algo para más adelante
ˈraincoat noun
a waterproof coat worn to keep out the rain. impermeable
ˈraindrop noun
a single drop of rain. gota de lluvia
ˈrainfall noun
the amount of rain that falls in a certain place in a certain time. We haven't had much rainfall this year; the annual
ˈrain forest noun
a thick tropical forest in a region where it rains a lot. selva tropical
ˈrain-gauge noun
an instrument for measuring rainfall. pluviómetro
keep/save etc for a rainy day
to keep (especially money) until one needs it or in case one may need it. ahorrar para los tiempos difíciles
rain cats and dogs
to rain very hard. llover a cántaros
the rains
(in tropical countries) the rainy season. la estación de lluvias
(as) right as rain
perfectly all right; completely well. estar perfectamente, estar perfecto de salud, estar sano como una manzana
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→ llover, lluvia
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n. lluvia;
v. llover.
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 Do you think it's going to rain? → ¿Cree que va a llover?

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