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Fever If more than > 100˚ F Tab. Calpol /Crocin / Metacin 1 tab 6 hrly

 Headache, body ache or back ache Tab. Flexon/Combiflam 8 hrly
 Due to injury like sprain, strain etc Tab Flexon MR 8 hrly for 1-2 days, then Tab 8 hrly
 Abdominal pain Tab Baralgan/ Meftalspas/Trigan-d 8 hrly
 Severe Colicky pain Spasmo Proxyvon 8 hrly

Loose Motions
 Many/ Watery /with mucus Tab Normet Twice a day + Electral
 With Vomitting Tab Normet + Electral Powder+ Domstal 10 mg Both twice a day
Cough & Cold Tab Sinerest (if with fever), Syp Deletus-D 7.5 ml 8hrly
( if dry cough only) Deletus-P 7.5 ml( if with
Allergy/ insect bite Allegra (120mg)/ Cetrizine (10mg) Once a day

Acidity Tab Digene SOS (as required) with Tab Pantodac Once a day

Nausea, Vomiting Tab Domstal / Tab Perinorm Twice a day

Throat + Chest infections Tab Azithrzal (500mg) Once a day

Any infection elsewhere Tab Ciplox 500mg twice a day + Supradyne Once a day

Sprain/ Strains Musculoskeletal injury Ice fomentation+ Relispray /Volini gel (gentle application – No massage)
Cut/ wounds a- Clean with savlon, apply piodin ointment +close
with surgipad dressing+ micropore tape.
b- If cut is small, clean with savlon + apply wash
proof band aid
Pain and Injury Tab Flexon/combiflam 1 tab 3 times a day
Allergy and cold Tab Allegra 120 Once a day
Infections (Antibiotic), Like throat etc. Tab Roxid 150 1 tab twice a day
Nausea and Vomiting Tab Domstal 10mg 1 tab twice a day
Sprains Relispray To be sprayed as required.
Sprains & Muscular pain Voline Gel To be rubbed as required.

Antiseptic Ointment Betadine Ointment To be applied locally.

for any type of skin infection like fungal, eczema etc. Surfaz-SN Ointment/Betnovate-C To be applied locally twice a

For dizziness, vertigo Tab Stugeron One tab 3 times a day

For any Eye problem like redness, discharge etc. CIPLOX Eye Ointment BD / Moxiflox eye drop4 to As Adviced
6 times a day
For allergic eye problem without any discharge Terracort Eye Ointment Once a day
For allergic eye problems, itching, insect bite etc. Phenil eye drop 4 time in a day

For injury Assorted Band-aid To be applied locally

For sprains Crepe Bandage 4cm To be Bandaged on sprained
For Stomach ache Tab Trigan-D/ Meftalspas One tab as required up to 3
For any Ear problem like pain itching etc. Candibiotic Ear Drop 2 drops 3 times a day

For throat infection Strepsils As required