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Axial and Radial Turbines

This is the first completely new book for more than a decade specifically devoted to axial and
radial turbine design and technology. It starts with the fundamental principles of turbine design,
but also includes the latest developments and understanding, including the essential role that
computer-based analysis plays today. The coverage includes the aerodynamic and structural
analysis of turbine blades, together with the important topics of life prediction, design for durability,
blade cooling, and exhaust diffuser design.

AERODYNAMIC DESIGN AND Advanced Turbine Design

PERFORMANCE OF AXIAL TURBINES • Design Challenges and Technology Trends
Hany Moustapha • High Pressure Ratio and Loading
Turbine Fundamentals and Parameters • Advanced Nozzle Design Concepts
• Components and Applications • Advanced Rotor Design Concepts Axial and Radial Turbines
• Fundamental Principles of Turbine Expansion • Effect of Blade Number Hany Moustapha, Mark F. Zelesky,
Nicholas C. Baines, David Japikse
• Blading Terminology • Stator-Rotor Interaction
• Non-Dimensional Parameters • The Role of CFD in Turbine Design $150.00 Hardback
• Optimization of Turbine Secondary and ISBN: 0-933283-12-1
• Degree of Reaction
Cooling Air
• Airfoil Loading and Diffusion Factors
• Impact on Efficiency and Design Time • The Volute
• Stage Loading
• Incidence and Deviation • The Nozzle
• Off-Design Characteristics Mark F. Zelesky
• Design Governing Equations Turbine Durability and Cooling
Radial Turbine Design
• Turbine Blade Requirements
• Introduction
Aerodynamic Losses • The Need for Cooling
• Loss Classification • Scaling
• Turbine Blade Cooling Design
• Profile Loss • Design Based on Stage or Component
• Analysis of the Internal Heat Transfer Correlations
• Trailing Edge Loss • Film Cooling • Stage Modeling and Optimization
• Secondary Loss • Test and Measurement Techniques • Blade Layout and Design
• Clearance Loss • The Manufacture of Cooled Blades
• Control of Secondary Viscous Losses • Failure Mechanisms EXHAUST ENERGY RECOVERY
• Effects of Mach Number, Reynolds Number, • Turbine Blade Materials David Japikse
and Blade Cooling Exhaust Energy Recovery
• Creep Life
• Incidence Loss • Introduction
• Thermal Barrier Coating
• Loss Model Verification • Turbine Exhaust Diffusers
• Worked Problem in Turbine Durability and
Preliminary and Through Flow Design Cooling • Exhaust Collector Design (Hoods)
• Gas Turbine Overall Design Procedure
• Preliminary Meanline Design
Nicholas C. Baines About the Authors
• Mechanical and Structural Design About the Publisher
Introduction to Radial Turbines
• Fundamentals
• Turbine Ducts
• Turbine Stage Performance
• The Design Procedure
Airfoil Design The Aerodynamics of Radial Turbines
• Design of Airfoil Sections • Basic Analysis of a Stage
• Blade Stacking – Three-Dimensional Design • Rotor Flow Processes
• Airfoil Cooling • Rotor Loss Modeling