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(4) ‘The firms poicy at present isto redress the grievances of the employees and to deal with, only those grievances relating tothe terms and conditions of employment and work. (, Does the issue raised by claud’s mother come tude the purview of human resource (Gd, If you were the manager, how will you handle this case? i) Do you suggest any change in HR policy? Ifso, ‘mention the change. cm Printed Pages: 4 : Roll No 576215(76) 676214(76) MBA (2% semester) Examination, April - May, 2016 (New Scheme) Human Resource Management ‘Time Allowed 3 hows ‘Maximum Marks: 80 Minimum Pass Marks: 32 ‘Note :() All questions carry equal marks. (Gi) Attempt any two questions from each Unit. (Gi) Case study in unit V is compulsory Unit-1 1, Explainand define the concept of human resource ‘management and how has it evolved to present day. 8 2 What are the present day challenges of human resource management and as an HR manager how can these challenges be overcome? Explain. 8 ‘3. What are the major functions of HRM? Briefly explain all the functions with suitable examples, § Unit-1 4. Explain the concept of Job Analysis? What are its basic components? Explain with its process. cans (Mien Over) (2) ‘5. What do you understand by Job Specification? Construct @ sample of job specification form ‘Why isi essential? 6. What are HR polisies commonly practiced in organisations? Explain its significance. Unie-m ‘7. What is recruitment and how i it different fom selection? Explain in detail some ofthe selection ‘methods. 8. Write notes on any two : (@) Secialization (@) Performance Appraisal (©) Induction and Orientation 9. Explain the various types of Compensation “Management. How is compensation designed? 10. What do you understand by the concept of Work- life Balance? How ean Work-lfe be balanced in today’s stressful work situations? LL. Whatare the basic features of quality of Work-ife ‘and how can organisation motivate employees ‘through QWL? 12, “Employee _welfure leads to Employee Retention.” How much do you agree with the statement? Explain, om (Concimed) 131 Unit Case Study ‘Claud has been working in. firm and cirtsins forabout 15 years. He hasbeen a sincere worker. “He leaves his house at 7.00 am and works tll 730 pen everyday. If there are heavy orders, he even works till late in the evenings and if necessary even on Sundays. Though other workers leave their work in complete a 5.00 pm, the closing time and resume their work only on the next day, Clatd does not do so. He invariably ‘competes his work before leaving even if its ‘well past the closing time. The manager thus ‘depends on Claud to complete the work left in ‘complete by othe tailors. If there are aditional ‘orders, the manager invariably given them 10 Claud, ‘Claud married Molly about two years back. ‘After his marrage he has been indulging in alcoholism. Claud's maried life was in trouble and not very succesful. He started developing 8 feeling of hatred towards his life. He was Aissatsfied in his persona. life. Seeing. the