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Winter/Spring 2018

Is the Reformation Finished? | 4
Tim Rumsey

2017 Evangelism Report | 2
Bring some SHINE to your church! | 3
"Pictures of the End" Expands to New Radio Stations! | 8
2017 Evangelism Report SHINE Family Campmeeting
This has been a busy year for Pathway to Paradise Ministries! April 7 to Is your church blessed with chil- SHINE Family Campmeeting pre-
May 6 we conducted Living in the Final Week, a four-week public evangelism dren and youth? Do you want to see pares families to share what they
series, in Canon City, Colorado. On June 24 Tim Rumsey spoke at the Franklin, them grow in their understanding have learned and provides practical,
North Carolina, SDA church, and the following week, June 25 to July1, we held of the Bible and their ability to share
hands-on practice in sharing their
our first SHINE Family Campmeeting. This event was sponsored by Pathway their faith with other people? Con-
sider hosting SHINE Family Camp- faith.
to Paradise Ministries and hosted by Fletcher Academy and the Hendersonville
meeting at your church! We are very Activities include Bible marking
SDA Church. We spent five action-packed days listening to speakers like Scott
Ritsema and Pastor David Wright, building models of the Hebrew sanctuary, excited about this action-packed and cross-referencing, sharing litera-
learning how to conduct Bible studies and share literature door-to-door, and one-week event designed specifically ture door-to-door, training in how to
enjoying outdoor recreation in the beautiful North Carolina mountains. The for local churches and busy families. lead a small-group Bible study, and a
weekend of July 8 we conducted a two-night revival meeting at the Roanoke, This unique event meets in the
mock trial at the end of the week. To
Virginia, SDA church. This three-part series, recorded live, is available on the evenings during the week, and it is
designed to ground youth (and their learn more and schedule SHINE at
“Division” DVD from Pathway to Paradise Ministries. On August 4, Tim and
parents!) in the basics of the three- your church in 2018, please contact
two participants from SHINE, Esther and Nicole Murray, had the opportunity
angels’ messages. Just as importantly, us or visit!
to share on live TV about SHINE during the ASI national convention in Hous-
ton. Finally, from September 15 to October 14 we conducted another four-week
evangelistic series in Hayden, Idaho. The
meetings were well-attended, and we were
blessed with five baptisms at the end of the 4
meetings. Thank you for your prayers and
support, which have made all of these out-
reach activities possible!
1 James Hartley, Tim Rumsey, Nicole Murray
and Esther Murray at ASI
2 Aiden Wilhelm preaching at SHINE
3 James
Rumsey and
Lyndon Stock 2
enjoying Ign
the water at iting ren!
SHINE the f our child
ire of evangelism in
4 Tim Rumsey
preaching at
Hayden, ID

1 Don’t miss the national SHINE Family Campmeeting!
June 11-16, 2018, Fletcher Academy, Hendersonville, North Carolina.
2 3
Visit to register and learn more.
Tim Rumsey
This article contains excerpts from Tim as heretical in the Middle Ages, and Is the Reformation finished? Was it writings by the church fathers. Making
Rumsey's new book, Is the Reformation Pope Innocent VIII ordered its exter- simply a passing family feud, an insig- them appear to agree with each other
Finished? mination in 1487. Pope Francis apolo- nificant historical footnote with little and the Bible was nearly impossible. Af-
Is the Protestant Reformation gized for this persecution, and then relevance to modern life? This book ter nearly two decades of meetings, the
finished? In 2010, Eric Bergman, a appealed for unity: “On behalf of the suggests otherwise and argues that the Council of Trent had not yet provided a
Catholic priest and former Episco- Catholic Church, I ask forgiveness for primary issue behind the Reforma- clear reason why this mass of writings,
palian minister, stated, “if we look at the un-Christian and even inhumane tion—the question of spiritual author- and church tradition in general, should
histories, heresies run themselves out positions and actions taken against you ity—matters more today than it did be regarded as more authoritative than
after about 500 years. I believe we are historically. In the name of the Lord Je- 500 years ago. Scripture. “[T]hus far they had not been
seeing the last gasp of the Reformation sus Christ, forgive us!”3 The Protestant Reformation nearly able to orient themselves to the inter-
in the mainline Protestant groups.”1 A Later in 2016, Pope Francis visited died in its infancy at the conclusion of changing, crisscrossing, labyrinthine,
surge in ecumenical activities during Malmo, Sweden, to observe the 499th the Council of Trent, a series of meet- twisting passages of an older and newer
the last few years appears to support anniversary of Luther’s protest. A joint ings convened between 1545 and 1563 concept of tradition.”6 The Protestant
Bergman's claim. In 2014, Tony Palmer, declaration issued by the Pope and Lu- in which the Church addressed many of position, with its professed reliance on
an Episcopalian bishop and personal theran leaders stated, “We long for this the abuses of power and doctrinal ques- the Bible as a single and ultimate source
friend of Pope Francis, addressed a wound in the body of Christ to be tions that had led to the Reformation. of authority, appeared to be quite logi-
gathering of evangelical leaders. Refer- healed. This is the goal of our ecumeni- The Council ultimately asserted the cal in comparison.
ring to the joint declaration signed in cal endeavors.”4 One year later, on Oc- authority of the pope, condemned the The Roman Church’s answer to this
1999 between Lutherans and Catholics, tober 31, 2017, the Lutheran World principles and positions of Protestant- dilemma came in 1562 on the opening
Palmer said, “Luther’s protest is over. Is Federation and the Pontifical Council ism, and issued dogmatic declarations day of the last series of meetings. This
yours?”2 He then shared an iPhone re- for Promoting Christian Unity issued defending virtually every doctrine con- day was the festival of the chair of St.
cording of Pope Francis inviting evan- a joint statement that read in part, “We tested by the reformers. The result was Peter at Rome, a feast established four
gelicals to “come home” to the Roman recognize that while the past cannot be a revitalized Roman Catholic Church years earlier by Pope Pius IV to cel-
Catholic Church. The crowd’s response changed, its influence upon us today in many parts of Europe. Yet it almost ebrate the power and authority of the
was enthusiastic, and several months can be transformed to become a stimu- didn’t succeed. The question of author- Bishop of Rome and the Holy See. The
later Palmer led a group of evangelical lus for growing communion and a sign ity nearly unraveled the entire Council. German historian Heinrich Holtzmann
leaders to an unprecedented meeting of hope for the world to overcome di- The principle of sola scriptura, or tells the story:
with Pope Francis at the Vatican. vision and fragmentation. Again, it has “the Bible only,” formed the vital back- Finally, at the opening of the
The year 2016 brought an accelera- become clear that what we have in com- bone of the Protestant Reformation. last session, January 18, 1562,
tion of ecumenical activities aimed at mon is far more than that which still di- Many people within the Roman Catho- all scruples were cast aside; the
vides us.”5 lic Church began questioning whether archbishop of Rheggio made
healing the wounds between Rome and
the Bible did in fact have more author- a speech, in which he openly
Protestantism. In June of 2016, Pope 3 http://w w ticle/ ity than tradition. The Church’s prima- declared that tradition stood
Francis became the first pope to visit us-pope-turin-waldensians-idUSKBN-
0P214F20150622 http://www.oikoumene. ry sources of authority were tradition higher than the Bible. For this
a Waldensian church. The Waldensian
org/en/press-centre/news/reformation- and the mass of often-contradictory reason alone the authority of the
movement, an early precursor to the celebrations-will-be-ecumenical-and-in-
Protestant Reformation, was branded ternational-says-german-protestant-leader Promoting Christian Unity on the conclu- 6 Heinrich Julius Holtzmann, Kanon
4 sion of the year of the common commem- und Tradition (Ludwigsburg: Druck and
1 world/europe/pope-francis-in-sweden- oration of the Reformation, 31st October Verlag von Ferd. Riehm, 1859), p. 263,
news/is-the-reformation-over-11626846. urges-catholic-lutheran-reconciliation. 2017”; accessed November 1, 2017; http:// quoted in Seventh-day Adventist Bible Stu-
html html?_r=0 dent’s Source Book (Washington, D.C.: Re-
2 h t t p s : / / w w w . y o u t u b e . c o m / 5 “Joint Statement by the Lutheran World bollettino/pubblico/2017/10/31/171031a. view and Herald Publishing Association,
watch?v=uA4EPOfic5A Federation and the Pontifical Council for html 1962), pg. 888.
4 5
Church could not be bound to day sacredness, Rome’s openly admit- of the wine of the wrath of her forni- ine. It is time to restore the institution
the authority of the Scriptures: ted sign of authority, remains coiled cation, and the kings of the earth have God established in Eden, and fully
because the former had changed around virtually every Christian committed fornication with her, and claim His authority over our lives.
the Sabbath into Sunday—not church, denomination, and sect. the merchants of the earth are waxed That institution which points to
by the commandment of Christ, The Reformers were adamant that rich through the abundance of her God as the Creator is a sign of
but solely by her own authority. justification comes by grace through delicacies. And I heard another voice his rightful authority over the
This destroyed the last illusion, faith alone, without the need for “meri- from heaven, saying, Come out of her, beings he has made. The change
and it was hereby declared that torious works” on the part of human my people, that ye be not partakers of of the Sabbath is the sign, or
tradition signified not so much beings. Their message of justification her sins, and that ye receive not of her mark, of the authority of the
antiquity, but rather continuing was a message of rest in the all-suffi- plagues” (Revelation 18:2-4). Romish Church. Those who,
inspiration.7 cient merits of the blood of Jesus Christ. Where are the Protestants today? understanding the claims of the
The argument was simple and con- The seventh-day Sabbath, the memorial Where are those that will stand with fourth commandment, choose
clusive: The Protestants as a whole did of God’s work of creation, remains also the courage of Luther and cut the final to observe the false in place of
in fact observe Sunday as sacred and, the sign of His power and authority to tie that holds them to the authority of the true Sabbath, are thereby
therefore, acknowledged in spite of re-create a sinful human being in His Rome? Where are those that will “come paying homage to that power by
themselves the authority of the Roman image. The Bible identifies God’s holy out” and stand on the sign of God’s au- which alone it is commanded.9
Catholic Church. Don’t miss what this day, the seventh-day Sabbath, as the thority as Creator and Redeemer? The Where are the Protestants today?
means! It was on the Protestant’s ob- sign of God’s completed work of salva- day God blessed and sanctified on the Revelation predicts that the world will
servation of Sunday sacredness that the tion: "For he spake in a certain place of final day of creation is still blessed and “wonder after the beast” and “worship”
foundation of Roman Catholic author- the seventh day on this wise, And God sanctified today. What He spoke from a it. The world will, in the end, accept the
ity was finally defined and defended! did rest the seventh day from all his mountain, engraved on stone, and told sign of papal authority, but you don’t
Years ago the Catholic Mirror published works…There remaineth therefore a us to remember, He still expects us to have to. The final battle still lies ahead.
this stunning admission: “The Protes- rest to the people of God. For he that is regard as holy. The Reformation is not finished—it has
tant world has been, from its infancy, in entered into his rest, he also hath ceased This book is a call for all Chris- only just begun!
the sixteenth century, in thorough ac- from his own works, as God did from tians—Catholics, Protestants, and
9 Ellen G. White, The Spirit of Prophecy,
cord with the Catholic Church, in keep- his" (Hebrews 4:4, 9-10). all those somewhere in between—to vol. 4 (Battle Creek, MI: Review and Her-
ing ‘holy,’ not Saturday, but Sunday.”8 Where are the Protestants today? carefully and prayerfully consider the ald, 1884), p. 281.
The reformation, therefore, re- Where are those who will stand on Bible’s claim that the seventh-day Sab-
mains unfinished. In spite of all the God’s chosen sign of authority and bath is God’s chosen sign of authority.
cords of tradition that the Reformers shake off the last remaining dust of Ro- As Jesus said, “No one can serve two
successfully shook off, one last fiber of man tradition? Revelation 18 predicts masters; for either he will hate the one
papal authority remains woven through a final revival and reformation of truth and love the other, or else he will be loyal
the faith traditions of mainline Protes- that will spread across the world before to the one and despise the other” (Mat-
tants, liberal Protestants, evangelicals, Jesus Christ returns. “After these things thew 6:24). For fifteen hundred years
Pentecostals, charismatics, fundamen- I saw another angel coming down from the light and truth of God’s seventh-day
talists, and thousands of Christians heaven, having great authority, and the Sabbath has been largely forgotten, ob-
claiming no denomination at all. Sun- earth was illuminated with his glory.” scured under the dusty cloud of human
7 Heinrich Julius Holtzmann, Kanon (Revelation 18:1). This angel’s message traditions and papal authority. It is time
und Tradition (Ludwigsburg: Druck and is specific, and urgent: to reestablish God’s seventh-day Sab-
Verlag von Ferd. Riehm, 1859), p. 263, And he cried mightily with a loud bath in its rightful position in the hearts
quoted in A.T. Jones, Ecclesiastical Empire
(Battle Creek, MI: Review and Herald Pub- voice, saying, “Babylon the great is fall- and minds of all Christians, and finish
lishing Co., 1901), p. 854. en, is fallen, and is become the habita- the work of reform begun by Wycliffe,
8 “The Christian Sabbath,” The Catho-
lic Mirror, vol. XLIV, no. 34 (2 September
tion of devils, and the hold of every foul Luther, Calvin, and so many others. It is New Book Available!
1893), p. 8, accessed 13 March 2017 at spirit, and a cage of every unclean and time to finish the Reformation, though
See back cover for details. hateful bird. For all nations have drunk perhaps not in the way that many imag-
6 7
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