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It was a blessing to make another trip to Cuba.The
tropical climate is welcoming, and the balmy air is
invigorating. I love the ocean, walking along the seawall,
watching the waves splash up against it. But it’s heartbreaking
to see the poverty in the country and how such a beautiful
place can be so rundown. Streets are lined with beautiful
buildings of Spanish architecture, each of them unique, but
decay is readily seen as rusted rebar is exposed by broken
Yet, in the midst of the poverty and despair, it is evident that
God is working. I’m always encouraged to see our brothers
and sisters in the Lord. It brings great joy to my heart when
we can deliver the materials they need. The Church in Cuba
is growing in spite of difficult circumstances. This time, I saw
so much joy in the Christians, and how, while having so little
materially, they have so much in the Lord.
In every church service we attended, I saw faces shining so
brightly with Jesus, contrasted against the long faces of the
people without God, without hope. The praise and worship Several men were standing
in the churches is lively and uplifting. The music was outside the door and
contagious, and before long my foot was tapping and hands windows to listen to the
either clapping or raised in praise to God. Messages were message.
powerful and convicting. After the services, believers lingered
We were asked if we
enjoying fellowship with each other.
would like to share a word
THE HOUSE CHURCH WE of greeting. We told them
how the Christians in
ATTENDED ON SUNDAY America love and pray for
MORNING WAS PACKED. The men’s them, which encouraged
Bible study and children’s ministry met on the rooftop, while their hearts. I was able to
the ladies met downstairs. Another group was praying for the share how God is at work
service and the youth were meeting across the street in in China, Vietnam, and
another house. When the service started, we wound our way Laos. After the service, a
back down the narrow staircase to a room packed with man approached me and,
plastic chairs. Walls were lined with chairs as well, and the through an interpreter, told me that he had walked away
keyboard and drums in the front of the room left very little from God, but today while walking by the house, he felt
space for the pulpit. Nobody complained as they packed in, compelled to stop and listen. We were able to pray with him
rather they were grateful to get together to worship the Lord. to recommit his life to Jesus. Praise God!
During the week, we IT IS EXCITING TO HEAR
visited several prayer
meetings. The people CUBAN PASTORS SHARE HOW
were praying for each THEIR CHURCHES ARE
other, for their country,
and for the rest of the
GROWING. Every month, several are praying to
world. I was blessed to receive Christ and every quarter more are baptized. With
hear so much prayer their limited ability to travel, church groups engage in mission
being lifted up to the projects within the country. Each church has outreach
Father. Everywhere we ministries, e.g, baseball games in the parks and witnessing to
visited, the pastors the neighbors who come out to play ball with them.
would ask about our
brothers and sisters in
China and Vietnam.
They pray for our
persecuted brothers and
sisters daily. The Cuban

Our team met with one or two pastors everyday. I saw tears
in the eyes of a pastor when given a flannel graph set,
because he had been praying for one for his Sunday School
program. I heard prayers for more Bibles and people willing
to bring them in. One pastor prayed for the money to pay for
the materials needed for his parsonage foundation, and God
told him someone would knock on his door with the money:
we did just that.
We were also the answer to many prayers as we delivered
money for pastors’ support. It is a humbling experience to
hear them pray that God would bless us and our families
because they are so grateful for the work we are doing. When
possible, they cooked the very best meal they could afford to
Church is a praying and worshipping church! - - Patrick
show us their appreciation.
What a privilege to see the work of God in Cuba and to be
the answer to people’s prayers. I am grateful God gave me the VBB HAS STARTED A
ability to go and the passion for Cuba. I’m also addicted to PROGRAM CALLED VISION FOR
getting Bibles and supplies into a restricted country.
PASTORS which provides an opportunity to support
This was my third trip to Cuba. Ever since my first one, I a pastor in Cuba for $25.00 per month. The average couple
have carried a Peso in my pocket as a constant reminder to in a city makes about $20 per month. According to the ration
pray for the church, its leaders and the people. I pray that the books we saw, the monthly ration per person in Cuba
church body will be so strong that, if religious groups are (contingent upon the government having these items)
ever allowed to freely enter the country, it will be able to consists of:
stand up to cult groups; that when false doctrines are
presented, Christians would be able to show, from the Bible, 5 pounds of rice
where the cults are wrong. 5 pounds of sugar
SINCE BIBLES ARE SCARCE, 1 pound of black beans
PEOPLE HAVE TO EARN THEM. 1 pound of cooking oil
Discipleship is very strong in Cuba, and when someone is led 1 half of a chicken leg
to Christ, they are discipled for one year. They learn what to
believe, why to believe it, and how to share their beliefs. 5 eggs
After a year, they understand their relationship with Christ, 1 bar of soap for bathing
and then they are baptized. After baptism, they are eligible to
receive a Bible – if one is available. Every pastor I talked with 1 pack of matches
has believers who don’t have Bibles. Two shipping containers 1 dinner roll per day
of Bibles were delivered to Cuba and VBB contacts report
they were received and distributed among the churches. 1 roll of toilet paper
Vision Beyond Borders • P.O. Box 6770 • Sheridan, WY 82801 • Phone: 307-672-5995 • NON PROFIT ORG

A lady walks around the neighborhood offering brooms for

sale, but if you call her over, she will tell you what is
available on the black market that day, such as vegetables,
meat, or a four-roll pack of toilet paper costing about $1.75,
or a bar of soap for 80 cents.
We currently have over 100 pastors who could use support.
For only $25 a month, or what we might spend on one
dinner out, a Cuban pastor can be supported for an entire
month, and the offering collected in his church can be used
for other things. If you would like to be a blessing in this
way, please contact us. We will match you up with a pastor
or pastors and give you their name(s) so you can pray
specifically for them. - - Donald

Please pray for our teams headed to China and SE Asia

as they deliver God’s Holy Word to hungry people
throughout this region of the world.
God bless you! VBB Staff