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When I was a young man, long before I was saved at the

age of eighteen, I remember singing this song at Christmas
and would imagine people climbing mountains and hills to
bring the good news of Jesus Christ all over the world.
Years later we Gospel. We are receiving reports that whole villages have
are seeing this come to faith in Jesus Christ through hearing the Gospel on
song fulfilled as one player.
In one area of Nepal over 1,500 people came to faith in Jesus
pastors, teachers
Christ through 16 hand wind tape players. In another area a
and Christian
young Hindu man heard the Gospel for the first time using
workers are
the player. He immediately gave his life to Jesus Christ and
bringing the
trusted Him as
glorious news of
his Lord and
salvation through
Savior. His family
Jesus Christ
kicked him out of
the house for
Some of the most effective tools we have seen over the years
becoming a
to reach people with the Gospel are hand wind tape players.
Christian, but he
It’s been truly amazing how God has used this simple tool to
took the player
reach tens of thousands of people in their own language.
and has played it
Over the past fourteen years VBB has partnered with Global with the Gospel
Recordings ministry to bring the Gospel on tape to many message for over
people who have never heard of Jesus Christ and His gift of 1,000 people.
salvation in their native language. We have provided over
In another area of Nepal a man rode the bus for a long time
10,000 hand wind tape players to reach people in many
before arriving in Kathmandu to get a tape player through
countries throughout SE Asia with the Gospel. Over 5,000 of
our contact. (This is not like a ride on an American bus, with
these have gone into Nepal, Northeast India, Bhutan and
the chickens and goats accompanying the merchants on the
Bangladesh, 1,000 to China and the other players have gone
bus, no air conditioning, and the second level of the bus
into parts of Africa, South America and Mexico. Many of the
being open to the elements and more than a little hazardous
remaining players are being hand carried into Vietnam to
on the curvy mountain roads.) He received a player from our
reach tribal people with the message of salvation.
contact along with a cassette containing the Gospel in his
language, and began the long bus trip back to his village. On
NEPAL the way, the bus crashed and the tape player was demolished.
In Nepal there are over 25 million people speaking over 145
languages and dialects, and many of them are illiterate. The Not easily discouraged, he headed back to the city to get
majority of the people live in villages where there is no another player. At our contact’s office, he was questioned as
electricity or batteries. The hand wind tape players have to why he needed another player and he told his story. They
proved to be a great tool to reach these people with the gave him another player and he returned to his village. Upon
arriving, he played the Gospel cassette on the player for the
people of his village. Hearing the Gospel for the first-time, almost 1,300 players to that area, and from there some are
all the members of his village put their faith and trust in Jesus now being sent into Bhutan and Bangladesh to reach the
Christ. people in these countries.
An interesting story of cultural differences resulted from the
hand wind tape player ministry to the Raute tribe. This CHINA
group is a nomadic people that has been an outreach effort We were asked if we could bring1,000 players to the tribal
for 20 years for our contact. At last the confidence of the peoples in Southern China and by the grace of God we were
Raute people had been gained to the point that their king and able to meet the need. Our brothers and sisters in China and
three others came to Kathmandu to help with the translation Vietnam have been
of parts of the Bible in working to
their language. They transport Bibles
had never been to a and Tape players
large city before and to those in need in
drew a lot of attention remote areas, even
since they do not wear crossing borders
much clothing and do through
not practice much mountainous areas
personal hygiene. to bring the
Gospel to places
that we cannot go.
We are hearing reports now of revival breaking out on the
border between China and Vietnam, as they use the players
and Bibles that have been delivered.

We have been taking players into Laos for over ten years.
There was such a need for these players that evangelists
would check them out for two weeks and use them to reach

They stayed with our contacts in Nepal and preferred

sleeping and lounging in the garden area. While visiting the
zoo, the Raute people could not understand why the monkeys
were there, as their belief is that the monkey was put on earth
as the tribal food supply. Strangely enough, the monkeys
seemed to know that they were meat for the Raute, because
they became frightened with the Raute there. They had
brought carved wooden bowls for any necessary purchases,
as they do not use any form of currency.
When they found out that the Prime Minister of Nepal was in
Kathmandu, the Raute King wanted to meet him, believing
that the Nepal ‘king’ would want to meet with him, since
they were both government leaders. Our contact had a hard
time explaining that this couldn’t be done.
people in remote villages with the Gospel. We recently
NORTHEAST delivered another 55 players and our contact was thrilled as
INDIA they are bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to many
tribal peoples.
We were asked if we could
provide 1,000 hand wind
tape players for the people BURMA
in Northeast India, where Two years ago a good friend in Burma asked if we could send
currently more than 360 some Bibles to a contact who has trained 43 evangelists.
million people live. To date These evangelists travel throughout Burma, Laos and China
we have been able to move to minister the Gospel and plant churches. We immediately
Vision Beyond Borders • P.O. Box 6770 • Sheridan, WY 82801 • Phone: 307-672-5995 • NON PROFIT ORG

We would like to enlist your help. We are currently out of

hand wind tape players and need to purchase more. Our
contacts have requested 8,000-10,000 more just for Nepal.
Through a cooperative arrangement with Global Recordings
we are able to buy these for $12.00 each. VBB is partnering
with a ministry to provide two players for every church in
Nepal, since many people are still illiterate. For every player
we place in the church this ministry will provide a set of
Nepalese New Testament cassette tapes to give people access
to the Word of God.

If every person on our

mailing list would contribute
$24.00 to purchase 2 players
we could meet the need for
sent 600 Burmese Bibles, 200 Chinese Bibles and 13 hand
wind tape players to him. He was ecstatic. He responded
with an e-mail thanking us for the supplies and said, “By the
way-who are you?” He contacted VBB again requesting
another 10,000 Burmese Bibles, 2,000 Chinese Bibles and
every church in Nepal.
said “These hand wind tape players are great! Can I get 250
more?” Several months after supplying the needs, he said he Will you prayerfully consider helping us to provide more
was running out of tape players- could he get 1,000 more. In players so that more people can hear the God in their own
May last year we shipped 450 more players to him and, with language around the world?
the Lord helping us, we will ship 550 additional players to God Bless You!
him in December. Patrick and VBB Staff