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Province of Antique

Competition Rules and Guidelines
1. Costume/Dress Regulations following the NSA/ DSCPI Rules will be strictly enforced for all competitors
and shall be the responsibility of the competitors. In the care of Juvenile and Junior competitors, it shall
be the responsibility of the couple’s parent’s/guardians, and coaches. Strict costumes will be
- A line dress with one color
- No mesh, no lace, no two color dress
- Dancing shoes and white socks (for Juvenile only)
- Make up should only be light lipstick, blush on and powder only
- Dancing shoes with Cuban heels (Boys) with black socks
- Boys polo/ long sleeves
- Black pants
- Black neck tie/ Bow tie
- No vest allowed
 Please take note that no one will be allowed to dance if they do not wear the required costumes to
pay respect to those who followed the required costume.
 If you are not sure of your costumes, please refer to the technical rules manual or inquire with
Provincial Tournament Manager.
2. Couples: only couples’ endorsers by each cluster can dance and compete.
3. Team: Each cluster will be represented by the maximum of three (3) Juvenile-Latin, three (3) Juvenile-
standard, three (3) Junior- Latin, three (3) Junior- standard, four (4) coaches and four (4) chaperons.
Category Contestants Coach Asst. Coach

Juvenile- Latin 3 couples

Juvenile- Standard 3 couples 1 1
Junior- Latin 3 couples
Junior- Standard 3 couples
4. The organizers reserve the right to disqualify any participant/ competitor whose identity is questionable.
5. Competitors must be present for their event on time. Late comers will be disqualified.
6. The organizers will not accept any liability, claims of injury, damages or loss suffered by the competitors.
7. No change of partners is allowed in the same event.
8. All persons present at the competition, whether as a competitor, spectator, officials or guest be bound by
the competition rules, in their presence automatically agree to adhere.
9. AGE RESTRICTION: a) Juvenile- Elementary up to 14 yr. old
b) Junior- High school up to 18 yr. old
 If a student is more than 14-year-old but they are in elementary level in school, they shall be entered
in the Junior category.
10. Each official coaches and competitors will be issued their corresponding identification cards (ID’s) and 2
Guardians (1 Coach and 1 Asst. Coach).
11. Only Licensed Adjudicator will be on the Panel.
12. Judges decision is final.

I_________________________ of____________ (Cluster) hereby agreed to all written documents stated

above and thereto, understood that any complain will not be entertained thus agreed to the competition
rules and guidelines.