((It's shorter, because I don't feel that you all should have to read as much as I had typed last time

. It's still long, and that's because I can't help but to focus on details.)) Empire Name: The State of Anima Primary Race: There is no true 'primary race', because the Forerunners are a biologicallysuperior, assimilable species. However, the unofficial primary race is currently 'Animal'. (Or 'Animarian' in some cases) Empire Description: An empire of creative, intelligence God-beings, that may be weak in 'godterms', but powerful in current intergalactic terms. They seek to collect and learn-- forwarding themselves as a whole in the process. Empire History This is a long, intricate, and extensive history. I feel that it would be more appropriate in the 'Races' category-- but I'm going to discuss the wars that led to the formation of the separate empires. The 'Whole Shite' Think of this section as a preclusion. Long ago, there was a god-race called the 'Forerunners'. Their home-world was a planet called 'Nagas'. As a god-race, they can carry-out a myriad of abilities, but can't tap into their 'full-power', the lack-of-knowledge about their ensemble. They were fascinated by Earth, and chose to base their current ensemble off of many Earthen aspects. They were especially interested in the Animal Kingdom, and assimilated all life-forms into their 'gene pool' using their 'assimilable' attributes. Long story short, they've come a long way in the history of the universe-- existing during the age of the dinosaurs. Because of their choices, they contain every Earthen species in their gene pool, can transform at will, and shape-shift (on occasion). They also have immunities to just about every illness, disease, and infection that exists, as well as cures. They are a wise race, and wish to learn all that they can. They were so attached to the Animal Kingdom, that they've changed their planet name to 'Anima', and their demonym to 'Animal'. (Every Animal has their own 'heritage', the same way the humans have their 'heritages' and 'ethnicities'. You may also match this fact up with the knowledge of different Earthen animal 'breed' or 'subspecies'.) The Beginning The old days. I mean the OOLLLD DAYYS-- as in, 'when-the-universe-first-got-here', days. A godrace that called themselves the 'Forerunners' existed. The the Forerunners are credited as 'the creators of Latin'. Xel Naga means 'Race of Gods' in Latin, anyway. This very-loosely suggests that the Forerunners did in-fact, have a significant role in the formation of the Latin language. Forerunners didn't have a knowledge of peace and war, good and evil, life and death. Before things changed, the Forerunners spent their days discussing what little they could of philosophy. More or less sharing how they felt, what they thought, etc. (Note that in these days, there really wasn't too much shite to think about.) The Forerunners loved learning things, and learned about the universe a lot quicker than most. The universe during this time was quiet-- too quiet. I'm Bored, What Do You Want To Do? Of course, a god-race that can't even 'know everything', with nothing to do, will become bored. Ah, yes. Boredom is the only 'non-existent entity' that affected even the greatest of beings. (Even Gods) Accordingly, the Forerunners were eventually influenced to find something else to do. The small, quiet planet of Nagas would soon be the first planet to have 'astronauts'. The Forerunners eventually looked towards the stars to find other worlds-- maybe with life on them that were greatly-similar to themselves. The Forerunners had though of everything else that they could do-- to no avail. The the Forerunners that were seen as 'Wisers'-- those who were or seemed smarter than the general populace, acted as leaders, of sorts, and the rest of the Nagan race looked to them for the word on what to do next. The Wisers were -apparently- so bored, that they could not think of new ways to stave-off their boredom. With both the populace and leaders asking what the other wished to do, someone had eventually decided to see what else was out there. The soon-to-be 'astronauts' prepared to visit other worlds-- to find other life-forms.

Going The Distance, Go The Mile The the Forerunners didn't go too far-- staying well-inside of this universe, mainly in the Milky Way Galaxy. Mars, Venus, Pluto-- you name it. The Forerunners even visited planets that wouldn't have been discovered for eons. They went to the universe's Outer Rim -the edge of space- just to find life. When they had reached one planet, and failed to find life, they went to the other. Their new 'one more' policy was becoming unhealthy-- neglecting their home-world, Nagas. Earth? Are you sure? Many years have passed. Things happened, life-forms were 'spawned'. As bored as the Forerunners were, they were still gods, and, thought that beggars could be choosers. For some reason, it was decided that Earth would be skipped in the Forerunners' search for intergalactic life-forms. Why was Earth skipped? Who knows? It is in the same solar-system as Mars, Venus, Pluto, and numerous other planets that were visited. I guess it could be aligned with those times you're in the store looking for one item, find it, but don't like the colour, so you discard it and become picky. In any case, the the Forerunners were indeed guilty of this act, and, it would have cost them their entire search-- making them destined for damn-near eternal boredom. (At least until they developed the gusto to go out and search again.) The the Forerunners were feeling strange, and -not knowing why- decided to land on Earth. The search-party figured it to be some kind of 'exhaustion' (or what they knew of it at least), and thought that a brief period of rest would fix this. A few Forerunners thought that Earth might have something of interest. The rest thought the few were crazy, and asked again to verify that they meant Earth, as in, the planet that they were nearing. So, it was agreed. The the Forerunners would travel to Earth for resting, while trying to find anything of interest. It's...Beautiful Xel Nagan Lore -'Lorem Novi'- is quoted as saying: “We had seen this planet-- Earth, and its beauty beheld our sight and attentions. What have we, that this lush and lavish world have been hidden under our sights for a multitude of times.” If you want the “English” version, they said: “How in the hell could we have ignored such a beautiful planet? How long would we have missed such...splendor?” And, the Forerunners did indeed find Earth to be the most beautiful of planets that they'd been on. Some even thought it to be more of a beheld sight than Nagas. Earth (at this time) was...perfect-- a...'haven', if you will. Lorem Novi described the first actual on-ground sight of Earth as: “A perfectly-harmonious collaboration of life. Trees that seemed to touch the sky. The sky here was actually a perfect shade of blue, with the perfect balance of clouds in it.” After the the Forerunners had arrived and rested, explorations and excursions began. T'was not until their third day that the first life-form was discovered, however. A Forerunner had stepped in a puddle. The odd sensation of 'loose-ground' surprised them. The Forerunners could see their reflection in it. The water really caught the entirety of the Forerunners' focus-- clearly in awe of this 'loose-ground', and the fact that it could show them what they looked like. Earth Has Life! Our Search Is At-Last...Over! In a nearby bushel, an animal -a Raptor- was stalking the Forerunner. Of course, a dinosaur doesn't know what a 'God' is, so it's would naturally treat one the same way it would treat any life-form that was moderately-sized-- as prey. The lone Forerunner heard the Raptor's growl, and was startled by it. Turning to the left, the Nagan caught eye of the dinosaur-- as if waiting for an introduction. After the Raptor had growled a second time, the Forerunner met the animal's eyes. Once-again, becoming fascinated, they stood there-- simply watching this beast behave naturally. The Raptor eventually attacked the Forerunner-- appearing to bite the left-arm of the latter being. As a god-race, the Forerunners were fairly-weak, due to their self-containment. Sure, they may have been Gods, but they weren't trying too hard to keep it that way. The Forerunner felt pain, but barely tried to move-- eventually doing so after 60 seconds had passed. The Forerunner had begun to realize what was occurring-- he was being attacked, the dino saw them as food. Fearing for....well....whatever semblance of life that the Forerunners knew of at the time, the Forerunner feared for his overall well-being. He knew he was being attacked, and the painmessages started to rise. The Forerunner began trying to shake the hungry predator loose, but to no avail. After what would have seemed like 10 minutes to anyone watching the struggle, the Forerunner did something that could not be explained. From the outside-looking-in, the

Forerunner had began to 'open' some type of hidden ability. There was a flash of yellow-white light -the source of said light being the Forerunner's arm- and began to strobe, even. The Raptor kept going for it, obviously ignoring the light, but the Forerunner was in a state of confusion-- not having the foggiest idea of the ongoing ensemble. Discovery The strobe light, slowly becoming an orb of light, was beginning to change into many different color and hues. The Forerunner that was being made lunch of (we'll call him Hhorus), was still in shock-- in relation to the situation. The growing orb of light soon engulfed the attacking Raptor, and then, Hhorus as well. The light-orb was now one color, red. The red orb had 'peeled-off' of both the Raptor and Hhorus, forming a cube above the head of Hhorus. The Raptor was scared of the light-- as red wasn't a pleasant color to it, I guess, and ran away. The red cube took the shape of the Raptor that was now going without lunch for the day, and Hhorus saw it. He flinched-thinking it were the same animal, going to attack him again. Instead, the red light object had began to lower itself-- to about the would-be eye-level of Hhorus. (If he had actual eyes.) Then, this light hovered at the same level, not doing anything but glowing. Hhorus felt 'connected' to this object-- as though it 'called-out' to him, and he reached for it. As he began to reach for it, another Forerunner called his name. The usual “are you lost”, and “why are you alone”, were asked. But before Hhorus could reply, his traveling kin-mate noticed the red orb. Reaching for it, the Forerunner's hand was briefly slapped by Hhorus-- advising his kin not to touch it, because it was an 'unknown object', and was potentially dangerous. The kin looked at him and scoffed, making a second attempt at touching the light when Hhorus wasn't paying attention. The raptorlight combusted upon contact with the Forerunner's hand, sending both Hhorus and his kin flying backward. Hhorus got up, and regained composure. “Did I not tell you to abstain from touch?” He asked, impatiently. But his kin wasn't recognizable. What Hhorus saw in front of him was an odd version of the attacking Raptor from a few minutes ago. This one had four limbs that seemed to mimic that of the Xel Nagan appearance. Hhorus immediately grabbed the strange figure. “What have you done with my kin!? Speak!” Scratching his head, Hhorus's kin (Signit), looked as a confused, anthropomorphic Velociraptor would. “Hhorus, 'tis I, Signit. Do not play dumb.” The creature seemed to speak the tongue that Hhorus and his kin did, as well as, match Signit's voice. However, Hhorus didn't seem to buy it. “Liar”, he spat. “Disclose the location of my kin, or...I shall do something unsavory!” Hhorus was grabbing the figure even harder this time. “Argh. Hhorus! Do not trifle! 'Tis I...Signit. Unhand me.” Signit was surprisingly calm, for someone being prehistorically assaulted. Hhorus looked hurtfully confused. He didn't understand. “Signit...” he said, in psuedo-awe. “Y-you're...” “What am I?” Signit asked, impatiently. “You're...not carrying our rightful appearance.” “What do you mean?” Signit began looking around. He didn't know exactly what he was looking for, but he was thinking of a way to see what he looked like. In his haste, he stepped in a puddle-- as his kin did. The soft, weak sensation surprised him-- again, in the same way as his kin. “What is this!?” He yelled. “Hmm. It...it is...me?” He reached for the calm-again pool of water on the ground after he had knelt. The ripples distorted Signit's reflection, then restored it. Signit saw himself, and was shocked. He stumbled back, losing balance. “What happened?!” He asked. “Unreal”, was all that Hhorus could manage to express. “Hhorus, do not stand there like an idle being of no significance. Call our brothers!” Though, Signit had forgotten -in his haste- that this was unnecessary, as the Forerunners could 'sense' an 'uneasy' event when kin were involved. In a matter of seconds, the remaining Forerunners of the search-party were there. All in total shock when they caught sight of Signit. The onlookers of the search-party all had questions and statements of their own... What is it? What happened? What a creature...

What a creature, indeed. Hhorus had opened some kind of hidden ability of the Forerunner race. Signit -obviously- had been on the receiving end of this ensemble. This ability would come to be known as 'assimilation'. Hhorus didn't know it, but he opened that door when his fascination blended with his escalated state-of-awareness. Of course, passion + concentration = some shite happening. But I digress. Signit was just staring into the sky, in total shock yet still, of his new appearance. Whoever seemed to be in-charge of the search-party, spoke-up, and began demanding answers to questions. “Who, or what, has done this to our kin?” Numerous “i have not the foggiest” and “i wish that such an answer existed” escaped the group, save Hhorus, who slowly began connecting events together, and backed-out of the main circle. Hhorus seemed to forget that he was the equivalent of being second-in-command, and, because of this, was directly asked when the question arose the second time. “Hhorus! What have you to explain of this?” Asked the apparent commander. He tried to look innocently confused. “Well...it is possible that I could be responsible for a certain series of events that transpired to-” “So, you actually know how this happened? “I have a general conception.” “Well,” said the commander, extending his arms. “Please share that conception with us.” “I know not how to explain this with perfect sensibility. But about three days after our arrival, I-” Hhorus didn't get to finish because Signit, the strange dinosaur, totally legged-it. The search-party, commander, and Hhorus stared. After a while, the commander spoke-up. “Well, don't just stand their in a useless idle manner! Pursue him! We have to find out what occurrences are taking place within his being. With an outstretched hand, similar to that of military generals that signal frontal assaults, the search-party commander gestured the group in a general direction. Though, it were unnecessary. Because the search-party saw which way Signit went. The Chase, The Assessment, The Answer Signit was running, as fast as his scaled legs would let him. He was running not because of fear that he would be mistreated, but because he wanted to be alone to 'assess' this whole ordeal. He felt as though introspective thought was required in order to keep his sanity. He didn't get too far, as Forerunners were Gods, and faster than Earthen life-forms-- who were scientifically 'more dense' than the beings of Nagas. Two members of the search-party had gained-on, and eventually tackled Signit-- who was thrashing about and roaring plenty until the search-party's commander caught-up. Eyeing Signit, in part-awe, part-disgust, he sighed. “Signit” he said calmly. “Why don't you calm down, and hear Hhorus's explanation about what exactly transpired here during this day.” Still roaring, Signit didn't fully hear what his commander had said. “Argh. I said...SILENCE YOURSELF!” Signit ceased the noise and antics immediately. Once he appeared to be calm enough for coherent conversation, the two search-party members released him. “Behold”, he said upon his release. “There wasn't too much need nor necessity for that much contact.” “Silence, as Hhorus is about to speak, Signit.”

Hhorus nodded. “All right. I was attacked by some kind of....life-form.” Immediate gasps filled the air. “Let him finish!” ordered the commander. “It either detested my presence, or was too hungry. It tried to consume my arm-- to no avail. But, I had eventually began to feel...this very uncomfortable sensation-- it's indescribable. I realized that I was not in the best of situations, and that my well-being was compromised. So, I began to panic-- still in awe of this powerful and fast life-form. Then, this light appeared. The source seem to be my arm, and it eventually increased its size-- which ended-up covering the life-form and myself.” He's seen a life-form, here! But how!? We have finished our journey, at long last! “No, no. My friends. Our journey is not yet complete. Hhorus has to finish his story, and we have to find a way to communicate with this life-form...peacefully.” Said the commander. “Hhorus,” he added. “If you would continue.” “The light eventually shocked the life-form to the point of retreat. Leaving me alone with the now red cube that was hovering above my head. The red cube soon transformed into an image of the same life-form, which I feared would attack me again. Instead, I felt the light call-out to me, and I began to reach for it. That's when Signit had called me, and -long story short- ended up touching it himself. Even though I advised -against- doing that.” The commander, now rubbing what would be his chin, sighed. “I see. Interesting, Hhorus.” He turned to Signit, who was pretending not to understand what was going on. “Which makes you the one with the most fault!” Signit stammered, then scoffed. “Me?! I am at no such fault-- even if you think I am! If not for the curiosity of your second-in-command, I would not look like this in the first place!” “True,” the commander retorted. “But if not for your ignorance, you wouldn't be here, as well.” Signit sighed. “This is true.” “Well, we should report back to Nagas. Our recent-- Hhorus's discovery will be the interest of the Wisers.” “NO!” Hhorus exclaimed. “Hhorus, calm your storm. Try again.” “I do not mean to speak out of turn, but we still know not all of the aspects of Signit's ensemble. I think...I think that I might have opened a hidden door of sorts during my struggle with the lifeform.” “A....a...a door, you say?!” “Yes. And revealing a discovery so sudden would surely disallow us any progress towards the openening of this particular door. Or any door, as far I as I have it said.” “Indeed, Hhorus” said the commander. “However, perhaps we can somehow collect more members for the search-party, when they learn that life has been found!” Before Hhorus could reply, the commander barked the orders to prepare for return to Nagas.

Return To Nagas...NOW! And this is what happened. The Forerunners were back on Nagas-- and had approached the Wisers with their new...'discovery'. Signit, in his...new state. The Wisers looked at one-another, then at Signit. They'd asked to know what had happened, and Hhorus told them-- concluding the story for the search-party. The Wisers said that they rather unsure of what to do next. The search-party commander recommended that independent studies be taken-out on Earth, to see if it were an able planet for the Forerunner race to inhabit. After many talks, and preparations, the Forerunners prepared to move their entire 'scientific' collective to carry-out studies, and report back to Nagas for the final verdict on what to do. Can We Leave? While the research team was on Earth, two more incidents of 'mysterious change of shape' had occurred. One Forerunner was turned into a frog-like being, the other, some sort of aquatic animal. The one who had changed into an aquatic animal, had somehow changed their shape into the 'true form' of the animal that they had contact with. Of course, this sparked a lot of conversation in interest within the Wisers' ranks and scientific collectives. For a while, it was thought that Earth was 'poisonous' to Forerunners, and sent special Forerunners to 'test' its environment. All of these 'hazmat' Forerunners returned unaffected, but claimed that Earth was just as healthy as Nagas. Of course, the questions of 'The Doors' were still in-play. However, the Forerunners weren't interested in them for now. They were however, ready to 'move' to Earth, to study the life and environment there. The scientific collective gave the green-light, and the Forerunners received the answer to their highly-anticipated question. However, a few Forerunners stayed behind-- not wanting to 'dissolve their true natures', and maintain the Forerunner race as a whole, and as its own. To this day, Forerunners exist. But they are strictly unaffiliated. We're on Earth, Now What? I'll tell you what. The Forerunners went into pseudo-hibernation. That is, they observed from afar-- only interacting when they came-upon a lone life-form. As the years passed, the Forerunners would go-on to catalog every single living -animal, plant, or otherwise- specimen on Earth. They even assimilated plankton and amoebic organisms. They eventually worked their way up to parasites, allowing them to add myriad of parasitic qualities to their gene pool. They did this until humans 'came-around'. Humans & The Animarian Gene Pool By the time the humans popped-up, Forerunners had already successfully assimilated 100% of all organisms in the Animal Kingdom. They were bored-- again. Luckily, humans were around for them to assimilate. Humans fascinated the Forerunner race-- even more-so than animals. The humans seem to 'control' Earth-- going where they pleased, doing what they pleased. A carefree species of seemingly-superior beings. The Forerunners simply had to assimilate their DNA. The first Human-to-Forerunner DNA Assimilation Assessment was a failure. There was something...odd, about the Humans' DNA. It wasn't like animal DNA. It seemed to...'act' differently. Of course, studies were conducted. Forerunners lived amongst the Humans as their pets and things. They didn't kill anything at all-- in their entire Earthen history. (Keep in mind how dangerous their parasitic traits potentially are.) They just 'changed and prayed'. Meaning that they Changed shape to mimic that of any household pet, and prayed that they could fool the owners. Some worked-- able to access a good amount of Human DNA, while others failed-- being stabbed-at, shot-at-- all sorts of horrible things. After the Forerunners had thought that they had received enough Human DNA to conduct a 'Combined Effort Assimilation', they also created a designated name for their exclusive gene pool ensemble. The Human DNA strengthened it. The gene pool was now referred to as the 'Animarian Gene Pool'-- a gene pool that was made to handle any and all living species. Fast-Forward to When The Empire Actually Formed Eventually, Forerunners mastered the Human appearances. They began vocal aspects as well. And, after long and extensive trainings, had mastered all Human languages and dialects. It was

official-- the Forerunners were now on Earth, living amongst the Humans. After Earth broke-out in total warfare, the Forerunners found themselves in the middle. As in, not affiliating with any side or alliance. The Forerunners didn't want the ugly sides of Human affairs-just the good aspects. Besides, as a non-Human race, they really didn't owe shite to anyone-group or individual. They were just there to catalog DNA and knowledge-- nothing more, nothing less. So, eventually, the Animals (having scanned every living organism on Earth) returned to their home-planet of Nagas. After the Forerunners that had stayed behind beheld their power, and their collections, there was a full-embrace of the Animalian Concept, and the planet of Nagas would be known as 'Anima' from that day then until it was decided that it would be changed again. The name 'Anima' was a sort of tribute and thanks to the many interesting and powerful species that inhabited Earth. The State of Anima (and allocation concept) Anima's name was changed when the Animals thought that five individual but yet unified states would increase overall State Productivity. (The state of being in tip-top planetary shape.) There are Five States that focus on doing one, two, or a few, like-minded ensembles. To learn more about this, visit the Anima child-boards. Conclusion The State of Anima is an empire of Gods that managed to stay unified, stay out of wars, and learn all that it could possibly learn about this universe. While the beings themselves are biologicallysuperior, their technology is on-par with that of the current technologically-advanced empires. With a passion for gathering knowledge, collecting artifacts, a militaristic knowledge, and a strong urge to forward their entire ensemble, the Animals are an excellent empire.

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