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General Info about the Nurse

1. What are your long term goals as a nurse? ( Nicely asking what kind of nurse they

2. How long have you been a nurse?

a. Was this before HIPPA was instantiated, and ask for a comparison before
and after.

3. How long have your worked at this hospital? Do you work at other hospitals?
a. Do different hospitals have different way they interpret HIPPA standards?
i. Later when asking about HIPPA stuff they hate, ask them to
compare how it works in other hospitals.

HIPPA – Were trying to understand how HIPPA affects nurses so we can design a more
efficient work environment.

1. How has HIPPA changed your work? –specific examples

a. I.E how has it made it more difficult – specific examples

2. Before HIPPA how were *x* used?

a. Charts
b. Notes
c. Reminders
d. Alerts
e. Computers
f. Communication
g. Anything that they can think of specifically

3. Before HIPPA was there information displayed in areas that would now be
HIPPA sensitive that you wish you still had.

4. Ask how the above is used now in comparison

a. Ask for nurses ideas about how the above can be improved.

5. How private is the whiteboard on the inside of the room, and if special
information can be put on that.
a. How much information can be posted in the room?
b. What about rooms with more than one person?

6. Have you ever unintentionally done something you didn’t mean to do, due to a
lack of information because of new HIPPA regulations, that you could
elaborate on?
7. Has HIPPA made the cell phone system difficult to use because of the
possibility of being overhead while using the cell phone?

General Work Related Questions

1. Reminders and Alerts, lets say there used to be a reminder out side someone’s
door. Ex. Food guy knows not to give him these three things because it says on the
door. Now HIPPA says you can’t have that anymore because HIPPA says you can’t
have it, and now because you can’t have them and mistakes happen. So what do you
use now, and what can’t you use that you used to use?
a. Complete list of magnetic door things.
b. What magnets would you want if you didn’t have any restrictions.

2. Has a patient ever done something they were not suppose to do, i.e. eat something
that was not allowed. What allows this to happen? What would you suggest to
keep this from occurring, i.e. some kind of reminder.
a. Similar to above?

3. Would you be interested in a digital solution to your notes, some kind of light
weight tablet pc?

4. Can you think of anything that you find particularly disruptive during your shift
that you would like changed?
a. Ask if they have suggestions for how it could be made better.


1. If you can have any kind of information at any time, where would like it?
a. Example stat order

2. Ask for a brief summery of their day as a nurse

a. specifically get information about LVN/RN pairing.
1. Shift change when pared
2. Quick check when pared
a. how do they split up patients.

1. * Show picture of binder in the door *
a. How often does this occur
b. Why does it occur?
c. Suggestions for how to keep the situation from occurring?