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Journal of Basic and Applied Engineering Research

p-ISSN: 2350-0077; e-ISSN: 2350-0255; Volume 2, Issue 22; October-December, 2015, pp. 1957-1960
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The Advantages and Disadvantages of
Green Technology
Monu Bhardwaj1 and Neelam2
TIT & S Bhiwani

Abstract—Meaning of green technology is the technology which is 2. WHAT IS GREEN TECHNOLOGY?
environment friendly, developed and used in such a way so that it
doesn’t disturb our environment and conserves natural resources.
Green Technology is the development and application of
Some people refer green technology as environmental technology and
clean technology. The present expectation is that this field will bring
products, equipment and systems used to conserve the natural
innovation changes in daily life of similar magnitude of information environment and resources, which minimize and reduces the
technology. Green technology is based on the four pillars on various negative impact of human activities.
sectors. Government takes initiatives to promote green technology.
Green Technology refers to products, equipment or systems
Government introduced many fiscal incentives that generate
electricity from renewable sources. Import duty and sales tax which satisfy the following criteria:
exemption for solar systems equipment, sales tax exemption for the a) It minimizes the degradation of the environment;
purchase of solar heating system equipment from local
manufacturers. Ministry of energy has also implemented national
b) It has zero or low greenhouse gas (GHG) emission is safe
level annually month to raise awareness about renewable energy & for use and promotes healthy and improved environment
promote green technology. for all forms of life;
The goals of green technology are as follows: To meet the needs of c) It conserves the use of energy and natural resources;
society in ways without damaging or depleting natural resources on
earth is the main objective of green technology. The idea is to meet d) It promotes the use of renewable resources.
present needs without making any compromises Focus is being
shifted on making products that can be fully reclaimed or re-used. By 3. IMPORTANCE OF GREEN TECHNOLOGY
changing patterns of production and consumption, steps are being
taken to reduce waste and pollution, as one of the important goals of Green technology, an environmentally friendly technology is
green technology. It is essential to develop alternative technologies to developed and used in a way that protects the environment and
prevent any further damage health and its advantages and their conserves natural resources. A part of the renewable energy
disadvantages of the green technology. Many companies have branch of the environmental technology movement, the green
committed to establishing business & manufacturing practices. These technology importance cannot be ignored. We have come to a
are: Dell, IBM, Intel, Nike, and Johnson& Johnson. point, where we need to pause and reflect on the growing
1. WHAT IS TECHNOLOGY? green technology importance and why it is going to be
important for humanity.
The word "technology" can also be used to refer to collection With many reasons behind green technology importance,
of techniques, skills, methods and processes used in the perhaps volumes can be written and spoken on the subject.
production of goods or services or in the achieving of Whether it is the growing importance of green technology in
objectives, such as scientific investigation. Technology can be the industry or at homes, it is certain that things need to be
the knowledge of how to combine resources to produce done fast. It does not take a rocket-scientist to state that
desired products, to solve problems, fulfill needs, or satisfy mankind has to do something about clean environment and
wants; it includes technical methods, skills, processes, save energy resources.
techniques, tools and raw materials., etc. or it can be
embedded in machines, computers, devices and factories, Going green can only help us come out of the present tough
which can be operated by individuals without detailed situation. Before things turn for the worst, we should realize
knowledge of the workings of such a collection of the green technology importance to solve this problem.[5]
techniques. In this context, it is the current state of technology
is the application of math, science, and the arts for the benefit
of life as it is known Technology. [1]

management. housing. achieve and be the difference that makes the difference. Speeding their and group well-being and security. solid waste landfill Energy efficiency has proven to be a cost-effective plan for building economies by minimizing the amount of iv) Transport Sector: Incorporation of Green Technology in energy used. and education the planet. cultural and social. Volume 2. develop renewable energy and reduce participation in cultural. Social . This is critical to the city’s i) Energy Sector: Application of Green Technology in power growth and sustainability and assists us in building a generation and energy supply management. sustainable economy. Clearly. resources.  Economy . in particular. as well as to develop new Technology in the management and use of water technologies to maximize the harnessing of energy. Issue 22. MAJOR SECTOR 3. 2015 . diminishing biodiversity.Conserve and minimize the impact on the and enhance its contribution to the national economy. private. and Sector Energy sectors in India are fundamental to achieving this. OBJECTIVES POLICY • To reduce the rate of growth of energy consumption while  Energy – Seek to attain energy independent and enhancing economic development. steps are being taken to reduce waste and community between individuals and groups in order to pollution. and economic waste. activities. we will build social capital in the consumption. the transportation infrastructure and vehicles. Earlier in this plan. and non‐profit commercial sectors. • To facilitate the growth of the Green Technology industry  Environment . promote efficient utilization. we stress the importance of personal further damage health and the environment. and The goals of green technology are many. Economic Pillar It is focused on the attraction of new businesses and people to India. Technology. 7. ii) Building Sector: Adoption of Green Technology in the 4. ocean acidification. Together. all of society in ways without damaging or depleting natural these issues have economic. introducing services-these being the essential components for full sustainable living. Explore the goals of green technology. You have reached the right destination to know agencies and residents to raise awareness about social all about the goals of green technology. needs and to engage both citizens and community partners to plan and act in response to these needs. wastewater treatment. The recruitment of generation (co-generation) in the industrial and talented people in the public. Conversely. FOUR PILLARS OF GREEN TECHNOLOGY 5. environment. Energy Harvesting An important pillar of green construction. social and cultural element resources on earth is the main objective of green technology. With this.Improve the quality of life for all [2] 1. By changing patterns of production and community. e-ISSN: 2350-0255. and health of the environment will determine and will • To increase public awareness and education on green contribute to the nature and scale of activities in the other technology and encourage its widespread use Green pillar areas of this plan: economic. as one of the important goals of green technology. Journal of Basic and Applied Engineering Research p-ISSN: 2350-0077. Together we can management programs. shrinking natural habitats. including co- strong and vibrant local community. Present ConsumptionApplication of Green Technology in all businesses and the jobs they create are main components sectors of energy consumption and energy demand of a strong.1958 Monu Bhardwaj and Neelam 4. The end result Focus is being shifted on making products that can be fully will be to improve the well-being of the whole reclaimed or re-used. which seeks new buildings innovative ways to extract useful energy from otherwise iii) Water and Waste Management Sector: Adoption of Green useless waste by-products. we noted some of the major global environmental challenges: climate change exhausting 6. biofuels and public road transport. including full access implementation can benefit our environment and truly protect to effective health care. GOALS OF GREEN TECHNOLOGY nonrenewable resources. To meet the needs of increasing human population pressures. Environmental Pillar All human activities have an • To ensure sustainable development and preserve the impact on the environment. and  Green Technology in the field. the relative environment for future generations. maintenance and destroying of technology is energy harvesting. The idea is to meet present needs without making any 2.Enhance the national economic development • To increase the capacity for innovation in Green Technology development and enhance competitiveness in through the use of technology. food. It enable collaborative action on projects of common is essential to develop alternative technologies to prevent any interest. Social pillar The Social Equity Pillar will help social compromises. October-December. environmental.

Volume 2. "Step three is to encourage research and innovation sources and activities and EE. October-December. For Green Technology will involve relevant stake-holders example. the PV industry to contribute 4 and increase awareness and knowledge of all parties on the percent of the income of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). PROGRAM HELD TO BRING AWARENESS TO enhancing the quality of life by ensuring the quality of the THE COMMUNITY environment more sustainable. the solar photovoltaic industry has been identified as including the public and the Ministry / Department of the a new source of economic growth for our country. The newspapers and the mass media to promote energy efficiency. especially among minister while sources or the Renewable Energy (RE) and companies to the second step aims to provide a suitable environment for adopt energy-saving activities of the Energy Efficiency (EE) Green Technology Development. Journal of Basic and Applied Engineering Research p-ISSN: 2350-0077. This is to ensure The Government will provide favorable policies to promote that the programs that will be implemented by the Government green technology. water. market for green technologies and products is very large. INITIATIVES BY GOVERNMENT FOR GREEN 11." he said i. These incentives have been through commercialization Green Technology. He said the third step will help the development of human for an exemption of import duty and sales tax for a period of capital through the provision of training and education one year for machines. In applying green technology. When we use green technology. the biggest benefit is in terms of 10. has introduced various fiscal incentives since 2003 for 1. imported directly used in the generation of electricity from RE 3. and published a series of articles in opportunities "green" products that we have produced. equipment. iii) Exemption of import duty and sales tax exemption on EE equipment such as energy efficient motors (high replace the Ministry of Energy. "The final step is to strengthen efforts to promote and increase public awareness on green technology. 2015 . the first step is to strengthen the companies that generate electricity from renewable energy institutional framework. 9. domestic fans. where they are eligible for tax exemption Investments (Investment Tax Allowance). e-ISSN: 2350-0255. The private sector. Industries that use or develop products carried out during the program Energy Month is holding talks on green technology can provide employment opportunities related to energy efficiency. Governments around the world currently giving priority to iii. The Prime Minister said. the Government success of the National Green Technology Policy. I believe the emphasis on "green technology" is the right efficiency motors) and insulation materials (insulation approach in dealing with environmental problems and material) is given to importers including authorized economic growth. materials and spare parts programs. We as people of the world need to be responsible to domestic refrigerators. Pollution of air. Water and Communications. jointly play a role in making the world a better place to live in. importance of technology Green in our lives.These companies can also apply 2. Green Technology and Water to ii. the National level annually Month to raise awareness about negative impact on the environment is least.The Advantages and Disadvantages of Green Technology 1959 8. iv) sales tax exemption to purchase consumer goods' EE environmental issues in particular the phenomenon of climate approved by the EC such as insulating materials. professionals and in promoting and developing the local Green Technology can researchers should work together to create and commercialize be implemented effectively and appreciated by all sections of green technologies. Issue 22. publishes guidebooks Energy for the local community. change. NGOs and other authentic agencies to educate to our estimates. Among the activities country's development. by 2020. equipment for the use of third parties be given to here today. the Ministry of Energy has also implemented a allowed to continue. the Ministry will undertake a campaign for particularly in the renewable energy or renewable energy. lights and air conditioning. enhanced under the 2009 Budget which exemption may be granted for: 4. import duty and sales tax exemption for solar systems when launching the National Green Technology Policy.[3] importers including photovoltaic service providers approved by the EC. society. noise and so on will affect the quality of life if the problem is In addition. GREEN TECHNOLOGY AND ADMINISTRATION ii) A sales tax exemption for the purchase of solar heating system equipment from local manufacturers. Ballast for fluorescent lamps. On 9 April. We can also explore export Efficiency at Home. renewable energy and promote energy efficiency practices Green technology also has great potential in driving the among the public and private sectors. the Prime Minister announced the establishment of the Ministry of Energy. It is also in line with the agenda of the agentsapproved by the EC. FOUR STEPS OF GREEN TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY BANGI: Prime minister today gave four strategic steps for the For energy efficiency and renewable energy. In the future. According Government.

13.ajcebeats. DISADVANTAGES TO ADOPTING GREEN TECHNOLOGIES • High implementing costs. 5. ADVANTAGES OF GREEN TECHNOLOGY 1.[4] REFERENCE [1] https://en.1960 Monu Bhardwaj and Neelam 12. • No known alternative chemical or raw material inputs • No known alternative process technology • Uncertainty about performance impacts • Lack of human resources and skills. Volume Technology-by-KETTHA-Ministry-of-Energy-Green- Technology-and-Water-a5. 6(1): 97-100 ISSN: 2076-5061 Available Online: http://recent-science. 2015 . Can bring economic benefits to certain areas. e-ISSN: 2350-0255. Does not emit anything harmful into the air [2] http://www. • Lack of information. Renewable which means we will never run [5] www. 3.html [3] http://mylive007. Can slow the effects of global warming by reducing CO2 Emissions.wikipedia. Issue Journal of Basic and Applied Engineering Research p-ISSN: 2350-0077.html [4] Recent Research in Science and Technology 2014. October-December. Requires less maintenance so you don’t have to shell out alot of money to operate it 4.