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Name : Justin Philip N.

Ocampo 11537132
Group # 2: Consiousness; different states of the mind (Drugs, Hypnosis, alcohol and sleep)

1. Without consulting your notes, choose 3 major concepts you have learned in INTROPSY and provide a
simple explanation
a) Consciousness
- an awareness of the things surrounding you, based from both senstion and perception,
however, perception being the most influencial in terms of how your consciousness works. We can be
manipulated in this way with selective seeing, misdirection, change blindness and other similar uses. I
remember my magic show and i think i exploited the "errors" of the human mind well.

b) Cognition
- I see cognition as the way the brain works and thinks. How our mind stores and uses these
infromation from our perception affects how and what the brain proccess. I can never fully and
satisfactorily say how cogniton works other than electrical signals. But The efforts and the workings
behind it are termendous. Even proccessing language fires up former experiences, words that ere not
familiar and a sort of metaphsycial thingy when it comes to these kinds of things.

c) Schema
- My favourite of all is this. This would explain (although not in EVERY SINGLE CASE) how and
why my friends would think or even see another object. Even a friend once told me that when I saw a
guy as pogi, first their appearance, and stuff, it showed what my schema was. This i think greatly applied
here. I see certain things now in a way that other people see certain things as well in a different manner.
Special filters. (this one interested me the most)

2. Give a candid / personal feedback of how the course was conducted.

I honestly had great hopes for this course. This was the meat of my passion and reason why I
was in DLSU. And to be honest, I truly was dissappointed. I imagined going inside a classroom and
wondering why certain thinsg were set on the table or why the chairs are arranged in a certain way. In
some cases, this was fullfilled. But beyond that, my curiosity simply was not satisfied.

For me, knowing stuff beforehand about psychology helped a lot more than the explanation
itslef. I constantly just read the PDF book assigned to our course by your substitute teacher. That was my
reference material. I can't let my 70k go to waste. Especially on a course that I wanted to take up and on
a topic that I wanted to just eat up.

I think one good thing came out of this for me, I see the way of learning as a different set of style
now. I mean, the lecture style wouldn't apply as much to me. I've suffered before with bad grades
because of this. Being artistic and not really wanting to be confined to a calculator and a formula. I really
liked this format honestly. This pushed me to think outside the box, and if it failed, oh well. A mistake is
now ready to be corrected. I think i learned more about my learning style here in this course than
anything else. Pyschology as well but i guess you get the point.

3. What grade do you (honestly) deserve, Why?

Honestly, i would think I deserved a 4 or just below. Despite what else i could have done, i gave
my best when it was my group's turn, and I gave my fullest interest in wherever i could put it in. I also
knew when it wasn't worth listening. I used to bring my laptop when i though it wasn't a subject worth
listening to (presentation wise). No offense. Mostly i would just read the PDF textbook along with the

I really remember the first time I did a hypnosis show. I have done hypnosis in the past, but
these were more on just on the streets and on one person. Never have i ever done so in a classroom
setting. This taught me more about hypnosis as a presentation and hypnosis as a "state of mind" in
termes of experience. That was very exhilerating for me. I couyld almost say it was an immersion for me
in hypnosis. I guess I really have a bit more passion in the subject (not just hypnosis but the whole
course). I can honestly care less about intro to Anthropology. But this one was something I loved and
wanted to do. I guess to recieve an lower grade would be alright. But my want for this subject still
remains, regardless of a number shown on my MLS account.

I guess that's it. I had a medyo wonderful time in IntroPsy. =))