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Statement of purpose

Respected Sir

My name is Mohamed elsir Ibrahim, a 26 years old Sudanese graduate student. I wish to be a Student
to pursue my studies in the electrical engineering department, Specialist in communication in your
University king Fahd of petroleum and minerals. I am fascinated with new technology in technical
telecommunication and my aim is to become a successful professor who can contribute to the
advancement of this field.

If there is something in this world that can never be taken away from a person. I believe that it is
education. I wish to introduce myself, I'm a graduate student aspiring to pursue studying in your
university. I’m seeking admission to the PhD program in electrical engineering in communication.
Through this statement of purpose, I intend to put forth my personal and educational background,
research interests, goals and reasons for choosing your esteemed university.

I come from a family that highly values education, actually, my mother being an assistant professor
in Taibah University, my father doing an English translation and my only sister is medical and all my
aunts have PhDs and working in universities. Family background of mine has been a source of
inspiration for me. The choice for pursuing a career in teaching was largely influenced by my consistent
good performance in the subjects of science and mathematics, my interests and my family background
motivated to obtain a master of science in telecommunications and information systems with
excellent grade. I possess a good idea in communication, electromagnetic and skills research.

I want to pursue my postgraduate with my specialisation communication engineering. I was quickly

absorbing and assimilating information and knowledge in topics like computer architecture, wireless
networks, microwave engineering and signal processing to name a few.

After finishing my Bachelor study in 2013, I started my teaching career in the faculty of engineering
electrical Department of Khartoum University as teaching assistant, then .After finishing my master
study in 2016, I upgrade my teaching career in the faculty of engineering electrical Department of
Khartoum University as lecture part time. I am also working in technical track as a fixed network
implementation in Middle Sea modern wire telecom Company with STC Projects Company.

In masters and Bachelor, I have researched in antenna and digital signal processing field. I am
outlining below my academic contributions: Paper in Design of Microstrip Antenna for dual frequency
mode in X band and Project in Design and Implantation of Forward error detection correction code
using FPGA.

As I have stated earlier, I plan to further my graduate study at your university majoring in
communication engineering and in the hope that after obtained PhD I will become a professor at the
University of Khartoum. And my long future plan I wish to establish a university and give scholarships
to distinguished students because my grandfather was used to be charity to teach Quran in my home

I am so happy that I took this step as I am approaching the same culture and Islamic environment
for me and I can see the potential life-changing experience that would enrich me as a human. I am
excited to study with you because I was born in this kingdom in the eastern region of Jubail Industrial

I looked at different universities in the king of Saudi Arabia. I selected the King Fahd University of
petroleum and minerals as it is one of the leading universities that provide top engineering programs.
My friends who studied in your university have recommended this university and highlighted to me
its international achievements in technology and innovation.

The PhD degree program "communication engineering" is 4 semesters. I will be studying a variety of
relevant modules including math, mobile communication, electromagnetic, antennas, computer
architecture, programming, electronics, In addition, the program includes research and publish at
least four papers, which is fantastic. I am very excited and ready to study in this program. I am
confident that I am going to successfully complete my studies without any delays or problems. I will
be following my passion which I have already made some steps towards it.

In the future, I see myself as a person who can contribute to the advancement of education in my

I trust that you will take my request in serious consideration

Yours faithfully

Mohamed Elsir Ibrahim