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Student’s Name : Faradilah Binti Ajma’in

Matric Number : 2016691966

Faculty/ Group : PEH2245A1

Lecturer’s Name: Mdm. Rosmaliza Binti Mohamed

Speech Title : Managing of money important for college student.

Organizational Pattern: Monroe’s Motivated Sequence

Visual Aid : Power point slides

General purpose : To persuade

Specific purpose : To persuade my audience to manage their money wisely

Central idea : Financial problems among students in college can be handled by

managing of money wisely and will gain a lot of benefits.


I. “No money no talk”

II. Money. Money. Money.
III. People always mentioned this word in their life.
IV. Money is one of the most essential aspect in everyone’s life.
V. We need money to buy smallest to biggest thing for ourselves.
VI. Money is also the cause of economic balance or imbalance in any country.
VII. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, Eleventh Edition, money is a medium of exchange
in form of coins and bank notes, while manage means in charge of or the process of
managing something.
VIII. Do you think money is important in our life besides food, shelter and love? If you think so, then
why we need it?
IX. Nowadays, we always heard about bank robbery, snatch theft, loan sharks and others through
A. It is because they have financial problem in their life until they involved in crimes.
X. Based on my survey, financial problem always happened among the students especially when
they further their study away from their hometown.
A. They always complaint about short of money.
XI. After doing extensive research for this speech, student can prevent their financial problem like
lack of money by following a few steps of managing of money with systematically and they will
get a lot of benefit via it.
XII. Today, I hope to persuade each of you for managing your money wisely and you will gain a lot
of benefit.

(Transition: Before we go further, let me share with why college students always facing money

I. The data shows the financial challenge faced by students from six of university in Malaysia
which are UiTM, UM, UIAM, UKM, UUM and UTHM where conducted by Muslim Volunteer
Malaysia. From the survey, there are 97 percent of students need assistance on their
financial management, 74 percent of them do not have money to buy meal, 41 percent only
have instant noodles for meal, 96 percent felt burdened by economic situation, 44 percent
only had rice egg and soup for meal and 57 percent of them only have RM 5 a day for buying
their meal. From the survey, there are several reasons on why college students always facing
the financial problem.
A. Firstly, poor financial management is the main cause students are facing financial
1. Students do not have discipline in their budgeting and spending money.
a. Some students like to buy things without considered about the price.
b. Which means students do not make the best buy that can help students
spend less money.
B. Second, students always make excessive spending behavior.
1. They like spending more than what they need and have no self-disciplined in using
of money.
a. For instance, most college students have spent money from earning or
b. They spend their money at expensive place which in directly make their
money gone so fast.
2. Students nowadays like to follow their friend’s trend and lifestyle.
a. For example, when their friends have a new mobile phone then the
individual start to feel envy and make a desire to buy more trendy phone
than their friends.
C. Lastly, living away from family is one of the causes money problem among students.
1. For majority students who already finished their high school, it is a first time they
are living in college which need to independence and support themselves.
a. So, when entering the college, they cannot handle their finance and do
not know how to spend their money wisely.
b. Without experience in handling their own financial, it is seemed hard to
control their budget and expenses.

(Transition: These causes can be prevented by following a few steps of managing of money. Let
me share with you on how to manage your money wisely).

II. There are several steps to manage your money.

A. Budgeting is the first step to manage your money. The chart shows on how much
percentage you need to follow in your budgeting of money which 20 percent for savings,
30 percent for wants and 50 percent needs. There is another chart which showing the
budgeting guidelines by the categories.
1. Track your expenses for a month to determine where most of your money going
on, then look for the areas where you need to reevaluate your spending.
a. For instance, you may be spending too much on food when you already
have a prepaid meal plan in college.
2. Take advantages of plan and put that money towards something else in your
budgeting like clothing or entertainment.
B. Secondly, developing a habit of saving.
1. Spending money wisely on budget is not enough. You need to develop saving
a. According to the John Poole, he said “you must learn to save first and
spend afterwards”.
b. You need to set a goal on how much you want to save in a month or year.
c. For instance, now I already saving RM 2 in a day after I am spending my
money for food, printing, laundry and others. It looks small amount but
when I save it day by day the amount will increase.
d. In a roughly calculation, in a month I will get RM 60 while in one year I will
get RM720. It is huge amount, right?
e. And I can use that savings money for travelling or food hunting.
C. Thirdly, spending money like a college student.
1. Before spending your money, you need to know the ‘need’ and ‘want’.
a. Students nowadays like to spend their money to buy expensive clothes
that have style and name like Edwin, Padini Concept, Brands Outlet and
b. They also like to spend their money to eat at expensive place like
Starbucks coffee, Pizza Hut, McDonald and others.
c. These only the ‘want’, you need to avoid spending too much money on
2. Giving priority on the ‘need’ which the things you cannot do without it such as
books, foods, cloth and others.

(Transition: By managing of money, we will gain a lot of benefits, let me tell you about the
benefit you will get when you manage money wisely).

III. There are a few benefits when you can manage your money wisely.

A. Firstly, giving protection if anything happens in the future.

1. According to the M.K. Soni, he said “all days are not same. Save for a rainy day.
When you do not work, saving will work for you”
a. By saving the money, it wills give protection for unexpected things or
emergency case in the future such as car breaking down, not enough
money to pay a bill and others.
b. If there is no saving it may dangerous for you because saving is for
future. We did not know what happen in the future it may be have an
accident, or you may have lack of money and there is no people want to
help you. Saving money is very important at that time.
B. Second, can avoid over spending of money.
1. By creating the budget, you will avoid spending the money over limit.
a. For example, when you had plan the budget, you will know the things that
you should buy or not and the things that you ‘needs’ or ‘wants’.
b. So, you can control your money, not your money control you.
c. When you do not have a budget, it easy for you to spend much more
money on food, entertainment and others. It is because you do not have a
goal or limitation when spending your money.
C. Lastly, by managing money wisely, we can reduce stress and conflict on money.
1. According to the Ohio State News, National Student Financial Wellness have
found that seven out of ten college students feel stressed about their finances.
a. Almost 60 percent said they worry about having enough money to pay for
college, while remaining are concerned about paying their monthly.
b. If you do not manage your money, you may have lack of money and from
that you will make a loan from your friends or other family members. It will
give stress to you to pay back their money.
c. Managing of money from early can reduce the stress and conflict about
money from the beginning.

I. In conclusion, many of college students have a lot of money problem.
II. They must know the right ways to manage their money to prevent they from getting suck into
the money problem.
III. If they know the proper way on how to manage their money, they will gain a lot of benefit
from there.
IV. Money is very important in our life. Everything need money. Without money we cannot live
but with money we can die.
V. If you are good to your money, it will be good to you.

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