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by Malayan Banking Berhad pursuant to a license from American Express.

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Panasonic Steam Oven Corelle 20pcs Set
NU-SC100 - Rosetta
• 15L • Quick, healthy steaming 20V-RST-P Blueair Sense+
• Convection cooking • 16 Auto menus
• Dimension (W x D x H) :
• 4 x Dinner Plate, Air Purifier
4 x Bread & Butter Plate, Sense +
355 x 455 x 351 mm 4 x 21cm Soup Plate,
4 x Cup & 4 x Saucer • Room size : 194sq.ft. (18m² )
RM1,199 RM1,158 • Dishwasher safe • HEPASilent Plus™ technology
• Active carbon filter sheets
RM96.50 x 12 mths RRP
RM829 RM800
TreatsPoints: 463,200 HotDeals: RM579 + 231,600 TP
Code: HE2331 Code: HHE2331 RM133.33 x 6 mths RRP
RM2,399 RM2,199
TreatsPoints: 320,000 HotDeals: RM400 + 160,000 TP
Code: HE2335 Code: HHE2335 RM183.25 x 12 mths
Electrolux Microwave Oven
EMX3087X TreatsPoints: 879,600 HotDeals: RM1,100 + 439,600 TP
Code: HE2338 Code: HHE2338
• 30L MWO with grill • 900W
• 5 cooking functions
• Grill, convection, steam

RM1,029 RM973
RM162.17 x 6 mths
TreatsPoints: 389,200 HotDeals: RM487 + 194,400 TP
Code: HE2332 Code: HHE2332

Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner Stand Mixer 900W with Multi Attachment KM283 WMF Saphir 4pcs Cookware Set 0725106380
• 4.3L stainless steel bowl • 1.6kg cake • Material : Cromargan® stainless
• Silent Air Technology™ concept capacity • Max 8 egg whites capacity RM1,499 RM1,399 steel 18/10, polished RM779 RM686
• Noise protective Sound Shield™ • 500g dough capacity • Dishwasher safe
• HEPA filter : Cleans the exhaust air • 450g flour capacity (Pastry) RM116.58 x 12 mths RM114.33 x 6 mths
• TransTherm® universal base
from the tiniest of particles
TreatsPoints: 559,600 HotDeals: RM700 + 279,600 TP TreatsPoints: 274,400 HotDeals: RM343 + 137,200 TP
RRP Code: HE2336 Code: HHE2336 Code: HE2339 Code: HHE2339
RM1,609 RM1,474
RM122.83 x 12 mths
TreatsPoints: 589,600 HotDeals: RM737 + 294,800 TP
Code: HE2333 Code: HHE2333
DeLonghi Air
Dehumidifier DeLonghi Pump CM
Visions 4pcs Decorated Set DEX16F ECP35.31
- Sakura VS-346-SR • 2.1L tank capacity • 15 bar pump pressure
• 2.5L & 3.5L • Made of a • 16lt/24h dehumidification capacity • 1100W
non-porous glass-ceramic material • 75m³ coverage • Coffee and steam
which won't absorb food odors or • Washable filters • 1.1L water tank
flavors or react with acid-based foods
RM609 RM600 RM1,599 RM1,481 RM999 RM930
RM100 x 6 mths RM123.42 x 12 mths RM155 x 6 mths
TreatsPoints: 240,000 HotDeals: RM300 + 120,000 TP TreatsPoints: 592,400 HotDeals: RM741 + 296,000 TP TreatsPoints: 372,000 HotDeals: RM465 + 186,000 TP
Code: HE2334 Code: HHE2334 Code: HE2337 Code: HHE2337 Code: HE2340 Code: HHE2340
Longines Gents Conquest Quartz Calvin Klein Women’s
Stainless Steel Watch L36594766 Window Watch K2M23107
• Quartz movement • Stainless steel • Stainless Steel Case
• 300 metre water resistant • Sapphire crystal • Leather Strap
with a single layer of anti-reflective coating • Swiss Quartz

RM2,920 RM2,499 RM954 RM813
RM208.25 x 12 mths RM135.50 x 6 mths
TreatsPoints: 999,600 HotDeals: RM1,250 + 499,600 TP TreatsPoints: 325,200 HotDeals: RM407 + 162,400 TP
Code: HE2341 Code: HHE2341 Code: HE2345 Code: HHE2345

Philips 55” 4K Smart LED TV 55PUT6102S/98

Longines Ladies Conquest Quartz • 1000Hz PMR, 4 HDMI, 3 USB RRP
Stainless Steel Watch L32774766 • Pixel Plus Ultra HD, Ultra HD TV RM4,299 RM3,851
• Micro Dimming, Nature Motion RM320.92 x 12 mths
• Movement – Quartz
• Case Diameter - 29.5mm
TreatsPoints: 1,540,400 HotDeals: RM1,926 + 770,000 TP
• Dial Colour – Grey Code: HE2348 Code: HHE2348
• Water Resistance - 300m
RM2,920 RM2,499
RM208.25 x 12 mths
TreatsPoints: 999,600 HotDeals: RM1,250 + 499,600 TP
Code: HE2342 Code: HHE2342 Wireless Headphones
Philips Fidelio Nano Cinema Soundbar B1/12 MDR-XB950B1
• 5.1 CH wireless subwoofer RRP • Over-the-Ear design
Fitbit Surge™ Fitness • Bluetooth® aptX and AAC RM1,899 RM1,814 • Bluetooth 4.1 interface
Super Watch ZUSG4061 • 1 HDMI in and HDMI out ARC
RM151.17 x 12 mths • Extra Bass
• Microbeam technology
• GPS tracking • PurePulse™ heart rate
• All-day activity tracking TreatsPoints: 725,600 HotDeals: RM907 + 362,800 TP RRP
• Wireless Syncing Code: HE2346 Code: HHE2346 RM799 RM742
RM123.67 x 6 mths
RM1,280 RM1,226 TreatsPoints: 296,800 HotDeals: RM371 + 148,400 TP
Code: HE2349 Code: HHE2349
RM102.17 x 12 mths
TreatsPoints: 490,400 HotDeals: RM613 + 245,200 TP
Code: HE2343 Code: HHE2343

BOSE Wireless Speaker

Calvin Klein Men's SOUNDTOUCH 10
Window Watch K2M21107 • Built-in Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth
• Wireless network compatibility: 802.11
• Stainless Steel Case
b/g/n • Supported audio formats: MP3,
• Leather Strap
WMA, AAC, FLAC, Apple Lossless
• Swiss Quartz
Philips 49” 4K Ultra HD TV 49PUT5801/98
RM1,113 RM947 • 4 HDMI, 2 USB, Pixel Plus Ultra HD RM2,999 RM2,622 RM1,190 RM1,157
RM157.83 x 6 mths • Ultra HD TV, Digital TV : DVB-T/T2 RM218.50 x 12 mths RM96.42 x 12 mths
TreatsPoints: 378,800 HotDeals: RM474 + 189,200 TP TreatsPoints: 1,048,800 HotDeals: RM1,311 + 524,400 TP TreatsPoints: 462,800 HotDeals: RM579 + 231,200 TP
Code: HE2344 Code: HHE2344 Code: HE2347 Code: HHE2347 Code: HE2350 Code: HHE2350
How To Redeem With POINTS
Principal Cardmember’s Name:

NRIC No. (New): NRIC No. (Old):

Delivery Address:


Tel. No. Office: Home: Mobile:


Maybank Card No.: Card Expiry Date:

Please process my TreatsPoints redemption request and deduct the required number of TreatsPoints and debit the cash amount
(if applicable) from my Maybank American Express/Mastercard/Visa account.

Product Description Product Code TreatsPoints RM Quantity Total TreatsPoints Total (RM)
Required Required





Signature of Principal Cardmember Date

(Signature must correspond with specimen signature of your Maybank American Express / Mastercard / Visa Card)

Redeem your points now by calling 1300 88 6688, or fax completed redemption form to 03-7953 8685, or walk in to our Maybank Card Centres. No delivery will be made to P.O.Box addresses as well as addresses
outside Malaysia. To avoid duplication, please do not request for redemption via Maybank Group Customer Care if you have faxed the redemption form to us. Redeemed item(s) will be delivered to you within 2-3
weeks. All prices and points shown are inclusive of 6% GST. This programme is valid from 26 October until 31 December 2017, while stocks last.
For more information or terms and conditions, visit or call Maybank Group Customer Care at 1300 88 6688.
How To Order via 0% EzyPay Instalment Plan
Order by mail: Hit On Sdn Bhd Order by fax: 03-8071 0261 Sales Support:
SS01, 13A & 15, Skypod Square, Persiaran Puchong Jaya Selatan, 03-8080 7715/03-8071 7538
Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47170 Puchong, Selangor Darul Ehsan. Order by email: (Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm)
Direct Debit Authorisation Form Yes, I would like to order the following product(s):
Product Description Colour Unit Price Monthly Instalment Quantity Total (RM)

Note: Choice of product colour is subject to stock availability. Complimentary delivery within Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah & Sarawak.
Grand Total (RM)
Cardmember’s Name: Maybank Visa/Mastercard Credit Card No. :

Delivery Address:
Maybank American Express Credit Card No. :

Card Expiry Date : New NRIC No. :

(Delivery cannot be made to P.O Box address. If Office address, please state company name.) Tel (Hse/Off) : Tel (H/P) :
Email :
By ticking this box, I hereby Hit On Sdn. Bhd.
waive my cooling-off right.
Signature of Principal Cardmember Date Please process my order NOW. Reseller (Mail Order License No.: AJL931953)


1. This programme is open to all Maybank Visa, Mastercard® and American Express® Credit Cardmembers Purchase Amount which will not be available to the Cardmember, but will be progressively restored on
and valid from 26 October until 31 December 2017, while stocks last. a monthly basis as repayment of each instalment amount is made.
2. Payment must be made with Maybank Credit Cards except Maybank Debit and Prepaid Cards. 8. The Bank will, at its sole discretion, demand the Cardmember to settle the full outstanding amount due
3. Maybank 0% Ezypay Instalment Plan is available to Maybank Credit Cards only. It is not applicable to under the EzyPay facility if the Cardmember defaults in payment of any amount due, the Cardmember
American Express Charge Cards. breaches any terms and conditions in the Cardmember Agreement; the Cardmember is deceased/
4. The Cardmember’s signature on the Direct Debit Authorisation (”DDA”), serve as acceptance of the Hit bankrupt; or the Card Account is terminated by the Bank for any reason whatsoever.
On Sdn Bhd’s terms and conditions of sales, Maybank Visa, Mastercard and American Express Cards 9. These conditions are in addition to the Bank’s Visa/Mastercard/American Express Card Agreement,
agreement and all other terms stipulated on which regulates the provision of credit card facility by the Bank to the Cardmember.
5. Fulfillment services will be arranged between the Cardmember and the Merchant and the Bank will not 10. The products and/or services offered herin are supplied by the respective Merchant. The Bank is only
be responsible for any loss/damage arising from the late or non-delivery. Please allow 20 working days providing means of payment for these goods and/or services via the usage of Card.
for delivery. 11. In the event the Cardmember opts to pay the minimum payment of five percent (5%) instead of the
6. Any return of goods and/or cancellation of services by the Cardmember to the Merchant shall be monthly instalment amount, the Cardmember will be liable for the interest/charges on any of the
subjected to the terms for return of goods. outstanding amount.
7. Upon approval of the application, the Bank will debit the Cardmember’s Card Account with the 12. No delivery will be made to P.O. Box addresses or addresses outside of Malaysia.
instalment payable on a monthly basis, for the duration as stipulated as above. The Cardmember’s 13. Visit for more details or terms and conditions.
available credit limit will be provisionally reduced by earmarking an amount, equivalent to the 14. Price stated is inclusive of 6% Goods and Services Tax (GST).