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The port of Sweden

Tommy Niklasson – TMY Consulting

Xuezhu Åberg – Åberg Consult

Björn Sällström - BSAB
A unique opportunity to
create the future together
with Chinese investors and
construction companies
The port of Lysekil is strategically located on
the West coast of Sweden, in the middle of
The ports of Lysekil
 Unique location on the Swedish West Coast
 By far the best located port on the Swedish West
 With a deep harbour in Brofjorden and an industrial area
which is of a national interest in the establishment of heavy

Huge potential for cargo, cruising ships and
new Industry
A Lysekils future ports

A New deep port in Brofjorden (Container)
(A prerequisite for the total investments)

C B Expand existing port in Lysekil including warehouse
and new quay for cruising ships

C Industrial area including logistic center

D Expand the harbour and build a bridge to


 Expand the road network (161 and 162)
 Bridge over Gullmarsfjorden
 Reinforce the railroad
 New railroad between Lyse to Brofjorden
 Expand the road between Lyse to Brofjorden
 Become the most modern and environmentally-friendly
port in Europe
 High tech and silent port with high automation level
while keeping Lysekils character
 Become an central hub, sourcing goods in and out by ships,
railway and trucks
 Go for the international tourists (Chinese, Americans,
Russians….....), not only the Europeans
Additional Investments
 Service center area for both business and living,
update the welfare standard ( hospital, schools
and elderly care)

 Build a new village area including Hotel
 Health resort, both summer and winter with
Michelin Star restaurants
 Lysekil will be perceived as a serious commercial
port in Sweden
 Lysekil will be more attractive for new industries,
businesses and tourism
 Increased tax income for the community
 Will increase number of citizen and keep the
existing young generation
Sunbase Group

China Communications Construction
Financing, Construction and Project development

The Sunbase Group and China Communication
Construction(CCC) Group will invest, build, manage
and operate the infrastructure of the project as well
as develop and construction of residential
communities out of a wholly owned investment.
新恒基集团联合中交建集团 出全资投资 建设 管理 运营 该码头的基础设施 生活配套及住宅
小区的开发和 建设
Sunbase Group See Appendix 1

 In addition to Hong Kong and mainland China, the Sunbase
International group's business development focuses on a wide
range of investments in the United States, Europe, Australia
and southeast Asia.

 The Sunbase International group and its affiliates have total
assets of HK $200 billion.
See Appendix 2

China Communications Construction
Is a leading global integrated service providers of mega
- In transportation, manufacturing, real estate and urban development

- Provide customers with investment and financing, advisory planning,
design, construction, management, operating a package of solutions and
integration services.
China merchants group
 China merchants group provides strong guarantee
for port construction, business integration,
business development and operation.
 Is China's largest transport fleet, ranking among the
largest in the world.
Container trade
 Large container ports in the world (TEU/year):
 Shanghai (1) 37 milj
 Qingdao (8) 18 milj
 Rotterdam (12) 12 milj
 Antwerp (15) 10 milj
 Hamburg (19) 9 milj
 Gothenburg (+100) largest port in Scandinavia abt 0,8 Milj
Container Mega Ships
 Capacity +18000 TEU
 Length 400 metres
 Beam 59 metres
 Draft 16 metres (Gothenburg 13,5 metres)
 Typical port rotation Asia (4 ports) –Europe (4 ports)
 Typical discharging/loading volume at Gothenburg 2500 TEU
 Typical discharging/loading time at Gothenburg 24 hrs
Container Feeder vessel
 Capacity 300-1000 TEU
 Length 90-200 metres
 Beam 10-14 metres
 Draft 5-8 metres
 Typical port rotation 4-6 ports
 Typical discharging/loading volume 50-200 TEU
 Typical discharging/loading time 6 hrs
Next steps
Sunbase Group will plan to set up a project team and
Steering committee
An overall high level project plan will be developed.
The project plan and team will be presented to Lysekils
kommun not later than XXXXXXXX
Lysekils kommun will be asked to agree to participate in the
development of the overall project plan
Lysekils kommun will be asked to prepare necessary
competences to participate in different areas of the project.
Next steps, continue

Lysekils kommun will be asked to prepare necessary
decision process that should be integrated in the Project
Plan with timelines and gateways.
Sunbase group project Team will work out a
communication plan and align with Lysekils kommun.
Sunbase group will outline a financial investment plan
based on the project plan.
Next meeting that includes the items above should be hold
with Lysekils kommun not later than January 2018.
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Appendix 1
Sunbase Group
Sunbase Group Profile 新恒基集团简介

 Sunbase International ( Holdings ). LTD, is a company based in
Hong Kong, operating in Hong Kong, mainland China, Macao
region, in the US and Europe as an integrated transnational
investment consortium. 新恒基国际(集团)有限公司,是一家以香港为基地,以

 Since its inception, the Sunbase
group pursues a new era, the new
ideas, new fields, new models, new
business strategies, new goals and
always uphold the “persistence”
pioneering spirit, strive to
constantly create new inheritance.
 自创立以来,新恒基集团一贯奉行新纪元、新理念、新领域、
Business area业务领域
 The Sunbase International group business involves in seven
key industrial sectors. 新恒基集团业务领域涉及七大重点产业板块
● investment management and capital operation
● urban services and property management
● construction of infrastructure and urban commercial complex investment operations
● new energy and energy resources
● commodity management and international trade
● biological life science and technology and modern health pension industry
● culture, sports and tourism, etc
Business introduction业务介绍
 Investment management and capital operation投资管理与资本运营
The Sunbase International group has a wide range of business
contacts and good relationships with international financial
institutions, international investment Banks in the United States,
Europe, Australia and Hong Kong. 新恒基集团与美国、欧洲、澳洲及香港的国际性金
Investment management and capital operation

 The capital operation of the Sunbase International group is
engaged in the business of key enterprises, the main business of
these companies include investment advisory, asset management,
corporate restructuring, mergers, acquisitions, securities,
investment, etc.新恒基集团下设从事资本运营业务的重点企业,这些企业的主要业务内容包括投资咨询、资产管理以及企业重
组、并购、各种证券投资等,尤以为中国各级地方政府负债资产管理为突出 。
Investment management and capital operation

 Sunbase International group and its
affiliates in addition to its tens of
billions of funds and assets
management, has invested in several
industrial funds, the network finance,
the third party payment, online
payment, factoring guarantee, life
insurance, financial institutions and
financial assets transaction centers.
Business introduction业务介绍
 Urban services and property management 城市服务及物业管理

The Sunbase International group and its affiliates in the United States;
New York, Chicago and Las Vegas, has 500000 square meters of property
and 2000 acres of ecological livable real estate. Engaged in large golf
courses, rental property, retiree village, etc. and a serie of city services
and property management services.
Urban services and property management
 In Hong Kong, the group's Sunbase international property management
company is one of the largest property managements.
 在香港,集团属下的新恒基国际物业管理有限公司为当地最大规模的物业管理公司之一。

 Sunbase international property management co., LTD. has a large
professional service team with all kinds of professional qualifications and
rich experience in property management.新恒基国际物业管理有限公司拥有庞大的专业服务

 They can proved 21st century high quality property management services
including new ideas and became Hong Kong‘s first certified ISO9001-2000
Business introduction业务介绍
 Infrastructure construction and urban commercial complex

The Sunbase group and its affiliated companies have participated in
highway construction and investment management in Guangdong, Hebei
and Shanxi provinces, the total length is over 1000 kilometers. 新恒基集团及其
Infrastructure construction and urban commercial
complex investment基础设施建设与城市商业综合体投资
★Operating international railway ★Cooperating with relevant parties
vehicles and urban rail vehicles, railway transport and investing heavily in the
marketing, leasing business. 铁路运输
establishment of swan airlines in 1992,
Committing to invest in rail transit which initiated the merger of China‘s
constructions civil aviation enterprises and state-
租赁业务,并致力于投资地铁、 owned enterprises.1992年与有关方面合作,
轻铁等轨道交通建设 经国家民航总局批准,投入巨资筹建天鹅航空公司,
urban infrastructure construction air transport
城市基础设施建设 航空运输业
★Committing to selecting the
★working with various governments suitable Chinese cities for
in China to participate in the large-scale and ultra-large
investment and construction of modern commercial complex
large-scale infrastructure. investment construction and
与中国各地政府合作,致力于参与大型基 urban commercial complex operations.致力于选择中国合适
础设施(PPP)的投资建设 城市商业综合体 城市进行大型、超大型现代新型商
Business introduction业务介绍
 New energy and energy resources新能源与能源型资源
Sunbase group with the international famous energy group, has a close business
relationship with the international energy group. have invested a huge sum of
money abroad and in China in natural gas, coal bed gas, liquefied petroleum gas
and other joint investments The Sunbase group have also gas, coal-bed methane
development companies and energy companies and many other subsidiaries. Is
committed to the international and China new energy investment business. In
addition the Sunbase group is actively investing in clean new energy and energy
resource projects in China and Australia.
Business introduction业务介绍
 Commodities management and international trade大宗商品
The Sunbase group has been working closely with the world‘s top 500 companies for
international and domestic market operations, with more than 10 years of practical
experience in the industry. The group has set up offices in many cities to conduct
commodity trading and international and domestic trade operations. Its main
business is divided into three major parts, namely: nonferrous metals,
petrochemical products, rubber tree categories, annual turnover over 100 billion
Hong Kong dollars. 新恒基集团长期与世界五百强企业紧密合作,进行国际大宗商品交易的国际、国内市场运营。
现有大宗商品交易专业营运团队300余人,在行业内具有十年以上的实践经验。集团在北京、上海、 深圳、广州、厦门、
Commodities management and international
 With the rich experience and excellent professional team of the subdivision,
the sales network has been established throughout China. They hold big data
statistics and have the general and professional knowledge;
 With perfect risk control measures and relatively flexible quotation systems,
quick feedback on market situation and timely and effective adjustment of
sales strategy;具备完善的风险控制措施及相对灵活报价制度,对市场行情迅速回馈,实时有效调整销售策略;
 Have stable supplier resources and expand business through stable supply
channels and high quality sales platforms;
 It has a mature network location layout in key cities such as Beijing, Shanghai,
Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Qingdao.拥有成熟的面向北京、上海、广州、深圳、青岛等重点城市并辐
Business introduction业务介绍
 Life science technology and modern health care industry

Modern health pension industry is rising
worldwide industry The Sunbase group
committed to the development of the health
care industry, cosmetic industry, food industry,
pension industry, choose beautiful cities to build
international medical health and longevity type
appropriate leisure livable modern health
Business introduction业务介绍

 Cultural sports and tourism industry文化体育与旅游产业
21st century popular culture of sports tourism The Sunbase
group and the local governments in China have a close contact
and friendly relations, is committed to choose appropriate urban
developments of cultural sports, tourism and theme park
industry, to create fashion tourism destinations for the world.二十
Leader profile领导人简介

 Dr. Gao Jingde, the President of Sunbase international group is
a famous businessman of International reputation.
 He is concerned about the country and Hong Kong's social and
public welfare undertakings, disaster relief, poverty alleviation,
economy, education, scientific research, sports, culture and art,
patriotism education base and so on. Have donated more than
120 million yuan.
 As chairman of the Hong Kong cultural community Dr. Gao Jingde
is determined to carry forward the Chinese culture, for the successful
practice of "one country, two systems", for the stability and prosperity
of Hong Kong, has made outstanding contributions.
 He also served as the President of China peace and unification
promotion association and made an important contribution to the
reunification of the motherland.
Social posts 社会公职

★ the People's Republic of China in the Hong Kong special administrative region of the eighth, ninth, 10th,
11th and 12th session of the CPPCC national committee
★ the 11th and 12th session of the national committee of the general body of the committee
★ deputy director of the Hong Kong special administrative region chief executive election committee
★ the legislative council election committee of the Hong Kong special administrative region and the Hong
Kong special administrative region of the National People's Congress on behalf of the members of the
election meeting
★ Hong Kong culture, Hong Kong Chinese culture association President, chairman of China federation of
literature and art
★ China council for the promotion of peaceful reunification, chairman of the Hong Kong association of
Hong Kong and the President, peace and development across the Taiwan straits
★ chairman of Hong Kong and the mainland investment cooperation committee of business promotion
association, Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs
★serve as the people's government of Yunnan province has a long-term economic adviser and other
provinces people's government, a senior economic adviser, as well as many other social duties at home
and abroad.
Appendix 2
China Communications
China Communications Construction

China communications construction co., LTD. is a
leading global integrated service providers of
mega infrastructure, mainly engaged in the
transportation infrastructure investment
operations, equipment manufacturing, real
estate and urban comprehensive development,
to provide customers with investment and
financing, advisory planning, design,
construction, management, operating a package
of solutions and integration services.
China Communications Construction

China communications construction has been listed in
Hong Kong and Shanghai and its profitability and
value creation capabilities are leading in the world. In
2016, China communications construction co., LTD.
made the 110th position in the fortune 500.
In the performance appraisal of the state council's
state-owned assets supervision and administration
commission, the company is ranked 4th in the overall

China Communications Construction

China communications construction co., LTD., has
built more than 60 wholly-owned subsidiaries and
has a reputation as the pioneer of many industries
in China.
The backbone of state-owned enterprises that
have grown up with the republic; There are
modern enterprises emerging in the spring tide of
reform and opening; A rising star that has been set
up to promote the restructuring of the company;
Domestic and foreign advanced enterprises with
mergers and acquisitions.

China Communications Construction

China communications construction co., LTD., has
one hundred years of history, products and
services in more than 150 countries, continuous
efforts by generations of employees, representing
the highest level of transportation infrastructure,
to provide clients with perfect service, world
leading technology and a "pouring your
satisfaction with your heart" service culture.

Partners port 合作伙伴

1、Shanghai Yangshan port 上海洋山深水港
YangShanShenShuiGang District is located in Zhouhan,
the Hangzhou bay estuary Shengsi islands in Zhejiang
province. Yangshan port planning a total area of more
than 25 square kilometers, including the east, west,
south and north four ports. According to a planning
phased implementation plan from 2002 to 2017. Four
implementations projects, a total investment of more
than 83.9 billion yuan, is expected to be completed in

洋山深水港区位于舟山市,杭州湾口外的浙江省嵊泗崎岖列岛,由大、小洋山等数十个岛屿组 成,
Shanghai Yangshan port 上海洋山深水港

The construction time limit for a project建设工期
★The East port district is the energy operation
port area, the second phase construction. The
first phase of the project includes LNG
(liquefied natural gas) receiving stations and
submarine gas transmission lines.
The construction scale is to import 3 million
tons of LNG a year and it can supply about 4
billion cubic meters of LNG to the city of
Shanghai each year. The second phase is to
expand the site.
Shanghai Yangshan port 上海洋山深水港

★The Eastern port district or the far east's largest oil base,
planning and construction, 1900 meters long working in
the oil dock, it is a national strategic reserve depot, is
divided into three periods of construction, the first phase
is the finished product oil depot and the production and
living facilities area put into use in March 2009, to store
product oil, 420000 cubic meters; After the completion of
the long term project, it can store 2.7 million cubic meters
of oil, which will be transported to Shanghai and other
places by small and medium oil tankers.

Shanghai Yangshan port 上海洋山深水港

★ The southern port area is centered on the island of DaYangShan, west
to ShuangLianShan, DaTangShan, east to MaAnshan. It will be reserved for
the planning and development of Yangshan port after 2017.

★The west port area was started in 2009 and completed in 2013, with an
annual design capacity of 7 million standard cases.
西港区于2009年开工,2013年全面建成,年设计能力为700万标准箱 。
Shanghai Yangshan port 上海洋山深水港
★The first phase of the project consists of four parts:Harbour district,
donghai bridge, HuLu expressway and LinGang new town. Started in June
2002, completed in December 2005, total investment of 14.3 billion yuan.
The annual throughput capacity is 2.2 million standard cases, operated
independently by the ShangGang group.

北港 区一期工程由港区、东海大桥、沪芦高速公路、临港新城等四部分组成。于2002年6月
Partners port 合作伙伴

2、Qingdao port 青岛港
Qingdao port is composed of four port areas,
including Qingdao old port area, Huangdao oil
port area, former bay new port area and Dong
Jiakou port area.
There are more than 24,000 staff and 15 berths
and 72 berths.
There are so many ships in the world, and the
port of Qingdao has a lot of docks, including the
world's largest container terminal of 19100TEU,
400,000 tons of ore terminal and 300,000 ton oil
Qingdao port 青岛港
Mainly engaged in container, coal, crude oil, iron ore, grain and other import and
export cargo handling services and international domestic passenger service.
More than 450 ports in more than 130 countries and regions in the world trade with
each other, and have been clearly positioned as a modern comprehensive port and a
northeast Asia international shipping hub by the state council.
The import crude oil throughput is the first in China port, the container loading
efficiency and the iron ore unloading efficiency always keep the world first.
Appendix 3
China merchants group

Port business, developed mainly by China merchants port holdings, a subsidiary of China
merchants group co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "China merchants port"). Management
in 19 countries and regions in the world currently with 50 port. China merchants port
adhere to the strategy guide, domestic and overseas, and the innovation strategy, from the
home port construction and port integration, expand overseas, with harmony, business
transformation and business innovation from several aspects a key breakthrough, a
significant achievement, the port's core business and business performance stable growth.
The fleet of commercial vessels, mainly supertankers, is China's largest energy transport
fleet, ranking among the largest in the world. By the end of 2016, the total shipping
capacity of the group's shipping lines reached 34.79 million tons, ranking the third in the
world. The group operates 39 VLCCs, it also owns and manages the VLOC 8 and 20 LNG
vessels. In march 2016 the 400000 tons very large ore carrier "Ming into" (Pacific Winner)
became Hong Kong registered and abreakthrough one hundred million gross tonnage
iconic ship, created a new milestone in the Hong Kong shipping. Merchant ships owned by
professional ship management company - sea macro company, is the pioneer of China's
business super tanker (VLCC combined), is to introduce the supertanker, the pioneer in the
Asia-Pacific region has rich experience of large oil tankers, excellent management team,
enjoying good reputation in the industry.
China merchants' comprehensive logistics business actively develops global service network.
In December 2015, it was approved by the state council, and the company was merged into
China merchants group. Sinotrans is China's largest integrated logistics operator, with third
party logistics and freight forwarding services in the world’s fifth and eigth places respectively.
In April 2016, China merchants group established the integrated logistics division with "two
brands and one set of personnel" with the carrier. By the end of 2016, there were 2,443
logistics operations in the 96 countries and regions, covering the major trading countries and
regions of the world. The logistics business resources of the group have obvious advantages,
and the total area of storage yard in the whole country is 10.23 million square meters. As the
world's leading and China's first public terminal operator, the company is widely recognized in
the international capital market for its scale, layout, management and operating performance.
As the overall development and operator of Swedish port cooperation, China merchants group
provides strong guarantee for port construction, business integration, business development
and operation.