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The problem was observed 4 months ago when the staff was beginning to
complain about the heavy workload and made it worse because of the absence of some
vital positions on the job and the ongoing attitude problem of the employees towards
The real issue was when Peter Muñoz observed the performance of his staff which
was trending down due to unfinished jobs (some complains because of the heavy
workloads) as well as personal issues of other staff which affects their productivity on
their jobs.

The worsening productivity of A-1 unit staff or the unclear assignment
arrangement between the mother unit/A-1 and the group’s attitude as a whole

* To increase the productivity of the concerned units
* To provide an exact and clear assignment for each unit and respective duties for
the staffs like creating a formal organizational structure for their areas of responsibility.
* To improve policies that will also provide disciplinary actions for misconduct or
unprofessionalism towards work especially to those employees or staffs who are not
doing their job well.
1. The A-1 units gained popularity because of its Impressive performance in its first
eight months of operation and of course because of its consistent coordination
with other agency.
2. They have a good reputation when it comes to their customers’ service and they
are also getting good feedback from their clients.
1. The common issue is that A-1 has no formally established staff and others
members are also dealing with the other jobs aside from getting jobs from their
own unit.

Heavy workload due to urgency of some assignments 2. gaining expert knowledge. . including improving communication skills. networking with others and renewing motivation and confidence. Attitude towards work THREAT 1. It will also allow employees to promote their potential skills. 3. Offering professional development training programs allows employees to perform better and prepares them for positions of greater responsibility. 4. Professional development training on the other hand is for me one the best thing that everyone must be consider as well same with seminars however it is sometimes overlooked and underappreciated as an employee retention and recruitment tool. 2. They don’t have an organized structure or proper arrangement of areas of responsibility OPPORTUNITIES 1. To recruit more staffs to fill-in positions for the appropriate jobs. Behaviors and attitude of staffs 8) ASSUMPTIONS: It can be inferred that the underlying issues on why there is a decline in the performance in A-1 unit in particular is because of the workloads and assigned tasks of each employees that leads to a negative outcome. It has numerous benefits. Deteriorating efficiency or performance due to presence of several and unfinished jobs. 3. Staffs needs to undergone developmental programs or training seminars 2. There should be a proper coordination or line in command between supervisors and its subordinates to disseminate information and to recruit more efficient staffs to fill in positions necessary to finish the job. Proper communication among departmental heads and proper coordination. 9) ALTERNATIVE COURSES OF ACTION *To provide seminars and professional development training *To create an Organizational Structure 10) ANALYSIS OF ALTERNATIVES COURSES OF ACTIONS a) For the company to achieve its goals attending seminar is one of the most important thing to consider.

(2) No Overlapping of Work: Everything moves in an orderly manner. leads to stability to the organization. No work overload. (4) Easy to Get Goals: It is easy to achieve the goals of the organization because there is an optimum use of all the material and human resources. all information and assigned jobs will be disseminated appropriately.b) To create an organizational structure to promote efficiency. such as follows: (1) Easy to Fix Accountability: Since the supervisor and responsibility of all the employees have been already fixed. 6th month – continuous = For tenured employees 6 months and above will undergo seminars every 6 months which includes refresher programs or courses that will increase employees productivity. attendance and behaviors) After 6months of regular program = for newly hired employees will conduct qualifying exam for tenure ship or for employees’ regularization. in turn. 11) FINAL DECISION . there is no possibility of any work being left out or unnecessarily duplicated. This leads to the establishment of good relationship which. . (3) Unity of Command Possible: It is possible to observe the principle of unity of command in view of the presence of scalar chain of authority therefore. inefficient employees can easily be apprehended and in this way their accountability can be fixed can provide disciplinary action if necessary. (5) Stability in Organization: All the people work by observing rules and remain confined within the domain of their authority.will implement the preferred ALTERNATIVE COURSES OF ACTION 12) PLANS OF ACTIONS 1st – 6th months – training courses (knowledge or expertise. Therefore.