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Early Life

• Born on December 5,
1901 in Illinois
• Lived in Marceline, Missouri
• Began drawing and painting
• Attended McKinley High School, Chicago
• Was a cartoonist for the school paper
• Discontinued school at 16 and joined the Red Cross

Career Path
• Returned from France in 1919
• Moved to Kansas to work as a newspaper artist
• Opened his own animation business
• First cartoons: Laugh-O-Gram, Alice in Cartoonland
• Bankruptcy in 1923

Period of Fame
• Moved to Hollywood with brother Roy and employee
• Began Disney Brother’s Studio
• Creation of character Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
• Idea got stolen by New York distributor Margaret Winkler
• Disney family produced 3 cartoons with new character:
Mickey Mouse
Later Life and
• July 17, 1955: Opened Disneyland theme park in
• the park increased its investment tenfold
• 1966: Disney was diagnosed with lung cancer
• Death: December 15, 1966
Walt Before Mickey